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Ever since the advent of the nuclear bomb—and the subsequent rise of political correctness—it’s been devilishly difficult to ID an enemy that you can kill with impunity. Hence the rise of alien and monster movies in the 50’s (and their ongoing presence in pop culture). In the 60’s and 70’s, Italian American lobby groups took the spite right out of mob movies. (Lest we forget the Corleone family were the heros of the Godfather series.) With the fall of South Africa’s apartheid regime, the last remaining PC-compatible baddie disappeared. So . . . zombies. The undead satisfy a basic human need for unreserved violence. But c’mon. Zombie-marking cheap shit is one thing (i.e. “fun”). Sullying SIG’s good name with zombification is, at best, post-modern irony. At worst, it’s tacky, stupid and immature. Now get offa my lawn.

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      • Why all the hate? The demographics for gun ownership are expanding – enough it seems for these to find a market. I don’t care if they dip the damn things in chocolate and cover them in gold foil! The more people that are buying the better for all of us.

  1. Come on sig! I always knew there was a reason I didn’t like you….. it might have made their ugly guns better looking though haha jk nothing could do that. (Bring on the heat sig lovers)

  2. Someone tell the Shark he’s been jumped already.

    Can’t we tool on the Irish? They seem like the last good sports in the world.

    • Lenny Bruce had a routine about how he was going to run for President on a platform of discrimination against Filipinos and midgets, on the grounds that everyone needs someone to irrationally hate and that would give him 99% of the vote.

  3. Really tacky iterations of classic Sig models have been causing face palms for a while now. The Zombies thing may have jumped the shark, but at least it’s attaching itself to something that’s already kind of bottomed out, in this instance.

  4. Ka-Bar Knives has a zombie line out too. Every time I see a lime stuck on the bottle lip of a Mexican beer I now think zombies…

  5. sig already sullied their name with the disastrous 556R guns and poor QC.

    I really don’t care either way about this zombie thing

  6. Can we please stop with all the zombie crap? Manufacturers are taking this stuff way too seriously…SIG, I Love the company very much, but this just hurts to look at…

  7. Prolly been said before, but I wouldn’t want any of that zombie stuff in my collection.

    Seems like it would make it way too easy for a prosecutor to paint you as someone who was itching to kill.

    And it’s dumb looking.

  8. How about gun grips with an engraving or other image of your favorite super model, religious icon, 2A quote, or comic book hero? Enough of the pink guns already: manufacturers need to offer a selection of blue, green, and red color for the barrel, receiver, and grips.

  9. What the hell has happened to Sig Sauer?! They have succeeded in turning a Rolex into a cheap corner Folex… Generations of Swiss and German engineers are rolling in their graves.

  10. The Zombie 1911 is not new; I saw one at a gun show back in June. The rear night sight is kind of strange; almost like old glock night sights. It consists of a typical black “U” shaped rear sight but has a single horizontal tritium stripe across the “bottom” of the U. Real odd sighting system, I guess instead of stacking the dots you put the ball in the middle of the sidewalk or something like that.

  11. Would like to see this gun in the hands of an actor on “The Walking Dead” just as a zombie dines on his/her liver with the empty zombie killer falling to the ground.

  12. There’s a reason gun companies are making zombie kit, because the stuff probably sells. Note that to the modern gaming generation zombies are the enemy usually encountered in online games and violent horror movies, so thus a zombie kitted gun isn’t bad taste to that market. Yesterday a college roommate of a friend of mine wondered if they made a zombie version of the M&P pistol “because that would look badass”. Profiting off of bad taste is still profit.

  13. I just bought one, great price, solid pistol, liked the way it felt in the hand. If I get tired of the zombie fad, I just change the grip and subdue the green Z and you would not be able to tell it’s undead heritage from 2 feet away. Some people just are being snobs, lighten up


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