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Have you ordered yours yet? They’ve been popular to say the least. In fact, one very prominent gun manufacturer ordered 1000 and handed them out to their national sales force. So the offer still stands: click HERE to get 20 free cards (you pay one thin dollar to cover shipping and handling) and put your four quarters where your mouth is. Let merchants who make their businesses gun free zones why you won’t be dropping any disposable income there. And to those of you who’ve ordered cards, tell us what reactions you’ve gotten from the lucky merchants you’ve given them to. We’d love to publicize it here.

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  1. I don’t recall ever seeing a merchant sign in Portland banning guns. Even many of the liberals here cc or simply own guns. The Portland metro may be a funny weird mix of new age hippies and good old boy and girl types, however, it is not naive and unrealistic about guns. If I see a no guns allowed sign then I will order the cards.

    • You know, that reminds me quite a bit of where I live, Asheville, NC. My CCW class had a vegetarian option for the included lunch (ain’t exactly hard when it’s sub sandwiches, but still). Only No Guns sign I can think of is one of the public parking structures downtown. Still need to see if the other garages have them, too, or if that one is a special snowflake for some reason.

  2. They don’t have to put no gun signs in Kalifornia. The good guys can’t pack and the bad guys don’t give a fvck about the rules.

    • Otherwise, handing out those paper-based cards to all the KKKalifornication merchants who probably still don’t want guns in their stores would kill off entire forests.

    • as a resident in the heart of Peace & Love & We’re Tolerant If You Belive Like We Do country, I will judicially hand these out with care. if I can reach one person with logic & law, I’ll be happy, otherwise watching their heads explode knowing there is someone standing near them with contrarian views.

      party on, Wayne! party on, Garth!

      also want to add this is good advertising for TTAG, hopefully will bring the curious. thanks for making these available!

  3. Oddly enough, I’ve never seen a “No Guns” sign in MA. Which is unfortunate, since I spent good money to print up 500 “Hey Merchant, Go F^ck Yourself” cards.

  4. Maryland has such fun Gun Laws the only places I have seen with no Gun signs is places that also include scanners and the rule of Law behind them. Might change in 2013 depending on the woolward case.


  5. Not many places that these would be needed in Arizona.

    Regardless, it’s a pretty big leap of faith to think that an anti store owner would read through all that. Remember, the gun-grabber frame of mind isn’t an actual logical thought process…it’s more equivalent to a mental disease, where the person clings to this fantasy as a way of coping with personal shortcomings and/or to ignore uncomfortable reality. Or, they’re just media-indoctrinated fools. Either way, they certainly don’t want the truth. Three words into that card and they’ll shut down, throw a tantrum, and discard it.

    • Costco, the freestanding Sears in Arcadia, all shopping malls and theaters.

      Also Denny’s, IHOP, and 5 & Diner.

  6. I have never ran into any business here that prohibits CCW carry yet have seen a half-dozen that have a sticker on the doors saying CCW holders and their guns are welcome.

  7. I’m sympathetic to the idea here, but the cards themselves are way too wordy. The chances of a shop owner actually reading both sides are slim to none. Cut the verbiage in half at least, and maybe down to “No guns, no sale”. That will get the message across without the finger wagging words.

  8. While an awesome idea, how does one get the card into the place of business to hand it to the proprietor? After all, you can’t enter with a gun. You could include a slingshot to that special offer (sarcasm alert). A balled up card can be fired in when someone else opens the door. BTW, in stupid NJ slingshots are considered a handgun (similar to certain cross bows) and you can’t walk around with them unless you have a carry permit. Come to think of it, no one can get a carry permit here (yet). This may all work out in free America but I’m not sure I’ll be boycotting this weekend here in the Garden State.

    • And, thanks to NJ politicians, possessing, transporting, manufacturing, bla bla bla, the components to make a sling shot is also prohibited.

      Now look at your support hand thumb and index finger (check), a post office rubber band (check) and a paper clip (check) cut in half, and voila! You are a felon-in-the-making! I feel so much safer now.

  9. Imagine if you will, one-hundred-million firearms owner going to a store that bans firearms at the same time Also imagine those same people going to anti-gun states or D.C. It wouldn’t even take all firearms owners to make a difference, maybe as little as ten percent. Until we are willing to do that, nothing will change. Look back at our early history and see the number of metaphorical “you lost money today” cards that the colonists sent to King George. He, like merchants, ignored them all. The thing that the King could not ignore was the colonits being willing to fight, and die if needed, for their rights.

  10. Here in the Salt Lake City area, EVERY major movie theater belongs to the
    Miramark chain, which DOES disallow carry, so I ONLY attend in the small
    town atmosphere of Tooele where the locals have more than just a grain
    of sense! Hunt Greer

  11. How about a “Thanks for allowing me to protect my family and friends by not banning weapons.” That left with a nice tip would also be persuasive letting managers and owners know their decision is generating revenue.

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