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Beretta Pico, c Nick Leghorn

Beretta is actually showing something NEW new at the NRA Annual Meeting as well as their ARX 100, specifically the Pico line of pocket pistols. These EXTREMELY slim handguns are barely wider than the .380 caliber rounds that they contain, and use a combination of a polymer frame and a shiny Inox slide. The frame, by the way, is being offered not only in the standard black finish but also purple, white and desert tan. The magazine comes in a flush configuration as well as with an extended version to allow a little better grip. I’m not a big fan, as not only is it tiny but also slim, so I can’t imagine it being comfortable at all to fire. But who knows? it could surprise me. MSRP is about $400. Make the jump for more pictures . . .



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  1. I think the tiny pocket .380 niche has already been filled up by so many other guns. Beretta is a little too late to the game here. The LCP has been out for almost 5 years now.

    • True, but there are plenty of newbies (myself included) who are just entering the gun world. With over 47000 guns being sold per day since Obama entered office, I don’t think there’s much risk for adding more choices. I’ve been looking at the LCP, and I’ll check this one out as well (although not the purple one).

      • I’m wondering if a purple or white or some other strange color wouldn’t be a better idea in a pocket gun, as it would look less like a gun and more like a pack of gum, and therefore more concealable. Maybe?

    • I think there’s room for a high-quality entrant. The LCP is reliable, but the trigger pull is like pulling open a rusty gate. Many of the other pocket 380’s have less than stellar records for reliability. I’m curious to see what Beretta brings to the party.

      • This – the trigger pull on the LCP is what’s kept me from buying one of those so far. I *do* want a 380 pocket pistol, so the Beretta is coming out just in time for consideration.

        • Check out the redesigned LCP 2.0. The trigger (and sights) have been redone, and I think are now the best out there.

    • Their sales pitch claims the Pico has less recoil than other pocket 380s. The LCP is not particularly comfortable to shoot for me.

    • It also has a .32 barrel that can be dropped in. I think that’s a bit unique. My wife hates the recoil on an LCP, but if its a .32 it might be a bit more manageable.

    • Sweet! I’m excited for this gun. My Nano has been my EDC for almost a year now and it’s exceptional.

      I do have a Taurus TCP (their tiny .380) because, as anti-Taurus as I generally am, the truth is that the gun is best-of-breed in this category… maybe tied with Kahr but at $235 brand spanking new it’s hard to justify spending more. The trigger is so dang smooth on the Taurus, it actually has a slide lock, it’s quite accurate and shockingly reliable, it’s thin and light, etc. BUT… now that Beretta’s in the mix, I think I’m going to be trading up.

      • Interesting, because I had nothing but trouble with my TCP. I got rid of it because it required trips to the gunsmith after every single range experience. I probably put less than a full box of ammunition through it, and no more than a box and a half.

        If Beretta makes this one deliver, I may consider it for a backup gun.

      • The Pico is nice, I am also going to get one, but don’t trade your Taurus TCP it is a great little gun, I have mega rounds thru mine and I love it, and plus you can never have enough guns.

  2. just because it’s been done, doesn’t mean it can’t be done better.
    maybe Beretta thinks they CAN do better. or, maybe not and they just want a piece of the mini-pie. in either case more choices are always good.

    now, will they do it in a 9mm?

    • In a caliber that seems to sell out quickly and then stay sold out for long periods of time.

      • Oddly last time I went ammo shopping, .380 was the only popular caliber they had in stock.

  3. Any model in the class that outsells the Beretta will henceforth bear the title: “Purple Pico Eater”

  4. Hopefully we will see a review here soon. It looks like a double action only, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it isn’t too heavy. It is nice to see the external slide release that was missing on the Nano. If it is as soft shooting as the Nano with reliability from start(unlike the Nano), it could be a winner.

  5. The purple grip makes it look a little like a toy gun. Or is it that toy guns are looking more like real guns.

    • i dont think guns should be in red, blue, purple, pink or any other toy colors. that could easily be mistaken for a toy. silver, black, and the earthy green and browns are what guns should be.

  6. You had me at “purple.” Had me nauseous that is. I’ll be expecting the model in zombie puke green.

  7. More pics at the firearm blog, and a smidge of info on Beretta’s site. It is a DOA, blow back design. I think I read .71 in wide. Apparently still pre-production. The mag release is that silver thing under the trigger guard–and it has to be pulled down to release the mag.

  8. Nope, you guys can’t show this! Haven’t you heard from Chris, Jericho, and their friends? This is SEXIST to show this gun, because there are some women who like black, FE, and OD Green. How can you expect to get more women into shooting with such blatantly condescending sexism?!

  9. Phooey! It’s a Pico Purple Pocket Pistol!! For one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eaters!!!

  10. Could be good for my fiancee, who said she might let me get her a gun if it comes in a cool color (purple, check) and doesn’t recoil a lot (available in .32, check).

  11. I’ll make the observation that we expert gunnies are but a minority of a much larger population of gun owners.

    Even in States with easy to acquire carry permits,less then 10% of the population exercises the ability to acquire one.Part of the reason why is because carrying a handgun to the layperson is a pain in the rear.For us cognoscenti we see a handgun like a G17 and think “which holster will make it work”. The average Jane sees a G17 and thinks “Holy shit ,where am I gonna hide that thing?”

    That’s not what we want.What we want as cognoscenti is for the laygirl and her husband to find something they can immediately associate as a practical carry gun.Berettas new Pico offers an attractive option that’s inexpensive and doesnt look like a square hockey puck.

  12. Sweet pistol. The Pico looks to be a fine ultra compact with high quality and functionality to the public in mind. I will get one. Still will be hard to beat my mini 1911 Sig-Sauer P238 with night sights and laser of which I got for 50.00 less than the MSRP of the Pico.

  13. Buy the Taurus blued version. In fact for $400, buy two. One for carry, the other for the fastest reload. Here’s the facts.

    $199 new blued version, one mag. Extra mags are $19.95. It has a slide lock, modicum of a sight, 3.3″ barrel however, the cartridge like all small autos, eats up about a third of that. Oh and yeah, it has one of the best triggers in this group. Mucho better than the much valued LCP. The depth of the grip is longer than the LCP and the overall grip much better.

    Bottom line? Buy the taurus(es) and quit listening to the hype. They are 10.2 ounces empty and NOT unpleasant to shoot 95 grainers out of. You can get a Pearce mag pinky extension for abou $10 if so desired. It’s thin (.80 wide). Nice and slim, natural pointer slides in and out of pockets with the greatest of ease.

    All for $200.

  14. Had a Nano which was the most unreliable handgun I have ever owned….found that a brick was a more reliable concealed carry weapon. Beretta’s customer service guy said he had not had any problems with his and never offerred to do anything about it. Sold it for $250 and glad to be rid of it…..expensive lesson learned. My Kahr CM9 has never had a failure regardless of ammo brand including reloads. I suspect the Pico will be just as bad and will not risk my money and life on another compact Beretta.

  15. The .32 is an under rated round, I have a 32, 1903, and it is really fun to shoot.

    I am glad, I do not want to add more calibers, I have a 45, but this makes it easy, I will try one.

    32+P, is a very potent round.

    Buffalo Bore 75 grain and Corbon has a 71 grain.

    There is a video on youtube, this person shot a 32 BB +P through 16 layers of denim and 14 inches of ballistics gel.

    Look it up, there is also another one, that is called the clear gel test.


  16. seems the pico is 11+ oz. about .70 thick. 4in tall with flat plate mag. small groups at 25 and 50ft (probably due to real sights). can be outfitted with laser or white light (without needing a rail). hammer fired, 2x strike. lock back on empty. no mag release safety (can be fired with mag removed). trigger is engineered so dropping the piece cannot fire the pistol, ever. the hydroshock 90gr hits about 930fps, all others have less fps.


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