New from Beretta: Pico .380 Pocket Pistol

Beretta Pico, c Nick Leghorn

Beretta is actually showing something NEW new at the NRA Annual Meeting as well as their ARX 100, specifically the Pico line of pocket pistols. These EXTREMELY slim handguns are barely wider than the .380 caliber rounds that they contain, and use a combination of a polymer frame and a shiny Inox slide. The frame, by the way, is being offered not only in the standard black finish but also purple, white and desert tan. The magazine comes in a flush configuration as well as with an extended version to allow a little better grip. I’m not a big fan, as not only is it tiny but also slim, so I can’t imagine it being comfortable at all to fire. But who knows? it could surprise me. MSRP is about $400. Make the jump for more pictures . . .