Bushnell is expanding its AR Optics line again.
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Bushnell has been one of the better-known optics companies in the gun industry for more than 65 years. Since they became a subsidiary of Vista Outdoors several years ago they’ve continued to grow and have – in my opinion – also experienced an increase in quality and design performance. Their AR Optics line is tailored to include a wide range of popular calibers from .22 LR to the latest .224 Valkyrie and is being expanded yet again with a variety of new features.

Bushnell Tactical product manager Bryan Parrish took a moment to list one of the benefits of the options available on the company’s newest optics: “Each scope has a throw-down power-change lever that can be set to two different heights. It makes these scopes as customizable as the rifles they share a name with.” Greater customization always sounds good to me.

Optics are being offered fully multi-coated for greater clarity in a variety of light conditions and can also be purchased with custom BDC – Bullet Drop Compensator – reticles designed specifically for each caliber model. Among other things, the reticles help shooters pinpoint elevation holds. Model-specific features such as illuminated reticles and 30mm tubes are also available. At the time of this writing Bushnell’s AR Optics line now includes 11 models ranging from 1-4x24mm to 4.5-18x40mm and eight choices of reticle.

If you’re a fan of red dots, you might be interested in the new TRS-26. The new red dot has various improvements over its predecessor including longer battery life, sharper dot visibility, and push-button controls. The TRS-26 has a 3 MOA dot and a 26mm tube.

Another red dot to consider is the First Strike 2.0 which also offers an extended battery life. It also has a reflex-style, rugged housing and 4 MOA red dot. Parrish claims the First Strike 2.0 is “two times the red dot its older brother was” and lists its “tool-less side compartment battery removal” as on of its greatest advances. Both the TRS-26 and First Strike 2.0 are waterproof, fog-proof, and shock-proof.

I’m looking forward to reviewing some of the new Bushnell AR Optics in the coming months. When I dropped my first feral hog years ago it was with an AR equipped with a Bushnell scope, so you could say some good memories are attached to the brand. It’ll be fun to see what the line is offering today (and we’ll let you all know the results of the product review).

Check out Bushnell for yourself at www.bushnell.com.

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  1. THIS is the proper way to post a press release with commentary. The other blog should take notes…

  2. what about the warranty

    vortex and now primary arms are hard to beat on that

    primary arms has the better illuminated acss reticle on just about everything they sell anymore

    probably will put one of those pa 1-8x scopes on my .308 build

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