New AR Optics from Bushnell

Bushnell has been one of the better-known optics companies in the gun industry for more than 65 years. Since they became a subsidiary of Vista Outdoors several years ago they’ve continued to grow and have – in my opinion – also experienced an increase in quality and design performance. Their AR Optics line is tailored […]

New From Bushnell: Impulse Cellular Trail Camera

“Set it and forget it” is great for rotisserie ovens, but what if you didn’t have to forget about your trail cam for a day or two? Instead of returning later to pull the memory card and see what it saw, how about viewing in real time? Remotely, from your phone. Bushnell‘s new Impulse Trail […]

Bushnell Announces Three New AR Optics Laser Sights

Thinking of a new laser for your modern sporting rifle? Bushnell’s just announced three new waterproof models in their AR Optics line; the Chase, the Haste and the Rush. Here’s their press release . . . Bushnell Announces AR Optics Laser Sights Three Laser Sight Systems Join the Popular AR Optics Line OVERLAND PARK, Kansas […]

Gear Review: Bushnell XRS 4.5-30x50mm Scope

If you consider ‘long-range’ shooting to be a discipline that starts at 600 yards and ends in a neighboring county, you’ll need a hell of a rifle, of course. But just as important, you’ll need a hell of a scope to aim it with. I’ll spoil the suspense right now: the Bushnell Tactical Elite XRS […]

New From Bushnell: Lots Of Scopes

Bushnell’s new XRS (for ‘extreme range scope) 4.5-30×50 is the biggest scope I’ve ever seen bolted to a firearm. It rocks a 34mm main tube, a 50mm objective, locking tactical turrets, and enough magnification to see the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. And it lists for $2149, which isn’t that much when compared to the […]

Bushnell Tactical Writer’s Conference: Day One

After a tiring day spent in TSA queues and miniscule airline seats yesterday, the cosmic balance has been restored. I spent an exhausting and awesome day shooting, learning and testing a slew of new gear from Bushnell, at a totally kick-ass shooting resort in southern Kentucky. We did so much shooting today that after an […]