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Kimber just dropped a new version of their high cap, single action 9mm KDS9c, the appropriately named KDS9c Rail. If you like the 1911 but want a lightweight, modern carry version then the KDS9c Rail is it. In addition to the new light/laser rail it also comes with Truglo night sights and is optics ready. It uses 15-round magazines and comes with an extra extended 18-round magazine as well. Check out the specs and press info on the KDS9c below, and hit Kimber’s website for more details.

The new KDS9c Rail from Kimber is the next step in this highly popular 9mm-chambered introduction from Kimber. Featuring an ambidextrous safety and Picatinny rail, the KDS9c Rail is a feature rich concealed carry firearm. The barrel is fully fluted, crowned and ramped. Kimber’s proprietary bore sizing process is designed to deliver match-grade accuracy. The company’s engineers chose 7075 aluminum and sculpted a frame for superior ergonomics. Serrations wrap around the front strap and grips or better handling. A reversible magazine release provides for rapid reloading flexibility for left- and right-handed shooters. The KDS9c boasts a crisp 3.5-4.5lb trigger pull and the firearm is fed from a 15-round magazine. The gun also comes with an 18-round extended magazine for more capacity.


  • Height (inches): 6.01”
  • Weight (ounces) without magazine: 18 Rd- 30.3 ounces / 15 Rd- 29.6 ounces
  • Length (inches): 7.75”
  • Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds/ 18 rounds
  • Recoil Spring: 16.9 lb


  • Crosshatch cut front strap with high undercut on trigger guard for improved handling.
  • Finish: 7075 Aluminum
  • KimPro Gray


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Front and rear cocking serrations
  • KimPro Black


  • Length (inches): 4”
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • 30-degree flush-cut deep crowning
  • Twist rate (left hand): 1:10


  • Optic cover plate with dovetailed rear TruGlo night sight and accompanying front night sight
  • Available adaptor plates with RMSc/Holosun K, Trijicon RMR, and Docter footprints


  • Black Crosshatch cut G-10 on two-tone model


  • Factory setting (approximate pounds): 3.5-4.5 lbs

MSRP: $1,903.00

Kimber KDS9c Rail

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    • It’s a bogus deal. A Staccato C2 2011 is the same price. I’ve owned two Kimbers. Both had one of the cheap MIM parts break. Kimbers are like Ferraris, they look pretty, but will spend more time in the shop than in your hands.

      • Unfortunate. This IS more appealing than a Staccato in some ways – no grip safety, better ergonomics, less weight for carry.

        • Then there’s the DWX compact. No MIM parts. I saw one recently for $1600. I had to restrain myself from picking it up. I already told myself I would wait until it was out for at least a year. The feel and trigger were great. I wasn’t a fan of the sights. The front sight completely filled the space between the rear sights. That’s fine for up close and most defensive shots. If I had a pistol like that, I’d want to be able to take some longer precision shots. Also, what new handgun doesn’t come with an optic cut now? I’m not into pistol red dots yet, but I’d like to have that option if I’m spending that much.

      • @Jason,

        Perhaps you’re referring to newer Kimbers? Older ones from the 1990s or earlier are quality items. My brother has one from that time period and has never once had any issue with it, even with three decades of shooting under its belt now. I’ve used it myself several times, and I like it.

        • I heard they went through a bad period, but they fixed the issues. It would be really bad if a company was aware of issues for that many years, and never remedied the situation.

        • Must be. My Elite Pro from the late 90’s has thousands of round through it, with only recoil spring changes.

    • What’s unfortunate about Kimber pricing is that when they originally started making 1911s they made a quality gun at a reasonable price. They almost put Colt out of the 1911 biz. And probably contributed to one of their bankruptcies…Since then their pricing has gone up and up.

  1. I’m happy with my Taurus G3x(for now).It runs great. Basically a glock clone. I could get 6 of these for what I paid. And not be concerned if it was “appropriated” by some cop🙄Oh it’s -10° south of Chiraq. Stay safe!

    • I’m rocking a G3c, very similar. Closer to a G26. I grafted in a gas pedal made out of modified optics riser parts lol and it works great. Wouldn’t fit most holsters but I make my own.

      • The G3x is quite similar with a G3 grip. Same 3.25″ barrel. No safety & way better trigger. Glock compatible sights. I gotta Galco belt holster that has Springfield xd 9/40 3″ on it. Fits perfectly. So does my older Taurus G2.

  2. I might own a Kimber at some point. I find the K6S appealing. But not this one and certainly not for $1900. This looks more like a race gun to me than something for any defensive use.

  3. Fortunately, I still have my Kimber ProCarry II. No rails or optics cuts, but still allows me to shoot better than me.

    Also, since I originally purchased it, the price had gone up almost 30%. I would not be able to afford $1022 today…let alone $1900.

    These price ranges remind me of diamond jewelry. PRETTY! AWESOME! And then I would pretty much always be worried about dropping, marring, having it stolen by criminal or the cops (for )

    • Yep, mine was my primary carry for years. Still carry it sometimes, but unloaded a light weight 1911 weights an ounce or two more than one of my current carry rotation fully loaded.

      As for the price of this Kimber, even discounted from MSRP, it is three times the price of a solid reliable carry gun.

    • having it stolen by criminal or the cops (for )

      That right there is the reason to carry a Glock. Throw away gun.

  4. Blasphemous. A 1911 is single stack .45 ACP. John Browning also designed the Hi-Power for those that want a staggered magazine single action 9 mm.

    • Unfortunately John Moses Browning let the patents run out and now just about anybody can do whatever they want and call it a 1911.

      • All patents expire. In any case if you want a weaker round for some reason John Browning designed (mostly) the HiPower for your needs (and dozens of other 9mm options).

        The 1911 is .45 – but yes, chose your mfg (price point) wisely – So far I like my Savage.

  5. It’s interesting that the highly desirable handguns now are SAO with manual safeties. I wonder if this will gradually change the Gluk culture of, “a safety on your gun will get you killed!”

      • Yeah I figured I would offer one of their wood grips as a future gift idea for me haha. That is a good deal.

        • The G10s are probably more practical for every day carry, but then I didn’t buy it for EDC, so might as well keep the inside of my safe pretty.

      • Gov.
        Those are beautiful. Though I don’t have an SR1911, I put a Hogue cocobolo mono grip on my Wiley Clapp SP-101. Nice! And… the recoil with .357 Magnum loads is more manageable.

        • Thanks for setting me off on another bank account depleting tangent, Miss Stein has a blued SP101. The Hogues are a little pricey but Altamont ( – they make the eagle wing grips ) has some stippled rosewood ones that are slightly less pricey. I got a set of Altamont stippled rosewood grips for my Mark IV target and they’re a magnificent thing to behold.

          My affection for really nice wood handgun grips will probably be the ultimate cause of my demise.

  6. Looks nice, too bad it is almost 4x the price of a Glock 43x. As much as I love the 1911 trigger and controls, I don’t think it is worth 4x the price.

    • Quality firearms are heirlooms to pass down to the next generation.
      No one passes down a Glock and says, “Oooohh!” More like, “meh.”
      Think of it this way, a Glock is a base model with no upgrades Toyota Camry.
      The Kimber is a Mercedes Benz.
      Sure. They do the same job. But one is much more refined and classy than the other.
      No one gets a thrill driving a Camry.

      • Pretty much huh! When I die, I want people to come in my house fighting over my stuff, saying “I want that, OH, I want that”
        Not “look at this shit, why did he keep all this junk?” Like you said, nobody is going to look at a Ruger LC9 and say…I WANT THAT. It’s ordinary crap! It’s like having a Corelle dinner plate. So what?

  7. I bought a standard KDS9 for 1300

    Cannot image a rail gun costing 600 more

    it is ok not a Wilson Combat but not as pricey

    • I like Filipino RIA 1911’s myself. Probably made out of recycled WW2 transport vessels but they are good guns. Used in three world wars ..

  8. Any company that would ever employ a Fudd like Ryan Busse as an executive has got some serious issues. I’ll buy my guns from Palmetto State Armory from now on. Kimber just isn’t cutting it by comparison. They will need fo seriously up their 2A game before I ever consider ponying up any cash to shop Kimber again. Overpriced Kimbers underperform at the range as well as in the boardroom for our 2A. PSA leads the pack. Kimber just leads on price gouging.

    Hard pass.

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