Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Allen
Courtesy Humboldt County Sheriff
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Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Allen
Courtesy Humboldt County Sheriff

“They’re taking up a fight against me on something the Legislature has to do, and they think I have the authority not to follow the law. I do oppose this law. However, it’s my not my job to oppose a law; my job is to enforce the law.” That’s the position of Humboldt County Nevada Sheriff Mike Allen as quoted by the Nevada Independent.

That stance isn’t going over well with the locals. Earlier this month, Humboldt County commissioners unanimously declared the county a Second Amendment sanctuary.

But at recent town hall and County Commission meetings, Sheriff Allen didn’t exactly reassure residents about how he’d enforce the law.

Allen said reports that he said he would ‘seize guns out of their homes when they weren’t home,’ took his words out of context.

“What the questioning was is, ‘[Do] you get a SWAT team to go into the house?’ We do whatever we do to make it as safe as possible. And if what’s as safe as possible is to wait for that individual to leave the house, then that’s what we’ll do,” Allen said. “Most of the time there will be other laws that we’ll be able to apply.”

That prompted a group led by gun shop owner Dawn Principe to launch the recall effort. According to the Nevada Independent report, they intend to file a notice with the county on Thursday. They would then have 90 days to get the 502 signatures necessary to move forward.

And the group isn’t only targeting the sheriff.

As they collect signatures, Principe says the Humboldt recall group members have been working with Stand Up Nevada, which plans to file to recall Gov. Steve Sisolak for his support of the new gun legislation. The group also is working with Nevadans Citizen Action Network, which is raising money to get an injunction to stop AB291— the bill that includes the red flag provisions and bans accessories such as high-capacity magazines and bump stocks.

Allen says he is at a loss as how to sufficiently address Humboldt County residents’ concerns, and that he has spoken with Attorney General Aaron Ford and sent two requests this month to schedule a meeting with the governor on how to best enforce the laws, but has not heard back.


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    • He should clean up his own house. “Humboldt Sheriff’s office employee arrested on weapons-related charges.” ( It’s a few years old….but still.

    • I think this sheriff is missing the bigger picture. Yes his job is to enforce law, not make it. However, if that law breaks his oath to the Constitution of the US then he is duty bound to not enforce it.

      • Congrats Nevada, you reap what you sow.
        The real problem is NOT the sheriff, it’s the crappy citizens who voted for him, and the state lawmakers.
        The residents own this problem.

    • As stated throughout this comment section Sheriff answer us this, “DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT SWEAR AN OATH TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION?!” And that is to protect AND defend, If you did then the Right to Due Process is one of the amendments. You are legally bound to oppose any infringement of any Constitutional amendment including this one. Your choice aside from losing your seat as Sheriff is to either side with the legislature which is my guess a couple hundred people or side with the citizens of Nevada which is several million. They will back you and protect you. The choice is yours……for now. FYI sheriff there’s something you should contemplate…if you choose to side with this illegal legislation you and yours will have to live with the consequences of your choice. I know I wouldn’t want that on me. SAVE SOME FACE SHERIFF AND DO THE JOB YOU SWORE AN OATH TO!

    • In the game of chess, there are two major strategies…European (king stays behind and protected) and Celtic (king leads the charge).

      We don’t have enough Celts.

      • I have always thought chess was invented by a woman. Reason, the king is weak, needs to be protected, hidden behind a wall of knights, bishops, rooks, and pawns. In contrast, the queen is the most fearsome warrior on the board.

        Perhaps Humbolt county could do with a woman sherriff.

        • The Queen used to be the Vizier and could only move a single square diagonally.
          The piece was revised to the Queen when it was imported to Europe, until Queen Isabella of Spain around 1475 was the inspiration for buffing the piece to the strongest on the board.

        • No – clearly invented by an authoritarian: put yourself in charge, send out others to die for the cause, make your more competent right-hand woman do all the work, then sacrifice her for the win 🙂

          Seriously tho, the ‘queen’s chess’, with a powerful queen, is a relatively recent innovation (only 500 years old) that made the game more interesting

      • You’re right, there aren’t many Celts left.

        Their scarcity may reveal something about the validity of their tactics.

        • The Irish, some of the Scotts, the Bretons, and the Welch are all Celts. They literally conquered the modern world.

        • Welsh. They were the original Britons, inhabiting the Isle before the invasion of the Normans led by William the Conqueror in 1066. After that, it was a mish-mash of Norse, Danes, Normans (French/Franks), Saxons, etc. The Norman kings pretty much left the Welsh alone due to the difficulty of advancing across the marshes that separated what is now modern-day England and Wales. It was called the Pale, and is the reason we have the old saying “beyond the Pale”.

          Class dismissed.

        • Not quite, so no cigar. Except for what is now Wales and Scotland, the Angles, Saxons and Jutes controlled England from about 500 to 1066. In Caledonia were the Picts, and by the 840s they were overcome by invaders from Ulster (the “Scots,” or Gaels), starting the Kingdom of Scotland. Prior to 1066, the Welch (called by themselves Cymru), who were descendents of the Britons who controlled Brittania before the Romans conquered it, had been pushed into Wales, where they preserved their independence and culture until conquered by the Norman King Edward I in the 1200s. The Welsh were separated from their enemies by boundary lands known as “marches” (not marshes), since it was about a day’s march between the Welch and the Saxons (later the Normans), and by long defensive earthworks known as “dykes.” The Normans, who conquered Saxon England in 1066 under their Duke William the Bastard, were descended from Norwegian Vikings (Northmen) who took over a chunk of northern France in return for becoming Christians, and by 1066 were part of French feudal culture. Once in control of England, they oppressed the Saxons, Scots and Welch, and whomever else they could subdue (like the Irish). BTW, “the Pale” was located in Ireland (not Britain), and was the name for the Norman-controlled area around Dublin after they invaded in the 1100s. Anything “outside the Pale” was considered uncivilized, since it was in lands controlled by the wild and savage native Irish. Just thought you’d like to know…

        • @Orge: The Normans descended from Vikings, an history gets fuzzy on if they were Norwegian, Danish, etc. Most believe the majority of the Norman settlers to be Danes from Danmark (Denmark).

        • @Ogre,

          Oops, you’re right about the Pale. I was thinking of something else that’s located in modern-day Wales and got the two mixed up in my head as I wrote.

          As for the rest, my lineage is from the “UK”, I’m Irish, my father is British, my mother is a Scot, I have family over there, though I myself was born here in the USA. I’m aware of the Gaels, Picts, Danes, etc. The first of them arrived long ago as survivors after the Battle of Troy (thought to be the Tuatha Dé Danann), then the Gaels, then the invasion of the Romans, then the back-and-forth interfighting between the two isles of the Picts, Irish, and Scots, then all the various introductions of the Danes, Norse, Normans, Saecsens, Martians, and now the LGBT+. So as was said above, it’s a fuzzy history.

        • Just realized that the way I worded my lineage didn’t make much sense. Clarification:

          My bloodline is Irish. I was born here in California while my father was in the States with my mother. They later divorced, he moved back to the UK (he’s a citizen) and re-married to a Scot.

  1. So now we have Sheriffs advocating for the intrusion of a citizen’s home, while purposefully waiting for the opportunity to intrude while the citizen is absent, to serve an unconstitutional ex parte warrant based upon the unsubstantiated hearsay of an unknown complainant, to deprive the citizen of his/her rights and property without the benefit of due process?

    All in the name of “safety”? Like I’ve said in past comments, the only way public opinion will be swayed against this monstrosity will be if home security video of a jackboot invasion is livestreamed to YouTube, showing innocent, confused people (and their pet dog) being shot by uniformed invaders screaming obscenities as they serve a bogus warrant because Mrs. Nosy Neighbor across the street didn’t like the way Mr. American Gun Owner mowed his lawn.

    • Guesty McGuesterson,

      … the only way public opinion will be swayed against this monstrosity will be if home security video of a jackboot invasion is livestreamed to YouTube, showing innocent, confused people (and their pet dog) being shot by uniformed invaders screaming obscenities …

      I don’t know if even that will do it: reference at least two recent events where we have video of police shooting innocent people in their homes through a window. Last I checked, there was no crowd of angry people with torches and pitchforks at the associated police stations — or any other police station for that matter.

      • You picked up on an interesting issue. The pitchforks always come out when the cops get a genuine bad guy, but they stay put when the cops get a good guy. Why is that, the world wonders?…

      • The fired cop facing murder charges disagrees with you. True , there was the abomination where the guy was plugged in his house by the lying cop and supported by the gas-lighting department over it but there haven’t been enough incidents to establish a prediction yet.

        These tactics will continue to play out case by case

    • Guesty, well said. From someone who kicked in doors. Of course, I was looking for real felons. That “Sheriff” makes me want to vomit. If my boss had ever told me to do that (he wouldn’t) I would have handed him my star and walked home.

    • To be fair, he’s not advocating for armed robbery under color of law.
      In effect, he’s saying armed robbery sucks, but he’s going to do it anyway, just following orders and all…

        • Exactly, was going to mention the same thing. They all claimed to just be following legal per their government orders. We jailed and executed many of them, rightfully so.

          Many regular German policemen just followed orders too. They knew it was wrong, but were afraid to say no and just went along quietly.

          The same would and will happen here. Most (2/3 or more) LE will follow orders and go along quietly even though they know it is wrong.

      • when are they going to start wearing the Switzer on their uniforms? This jerk sheriff did not take an oath to enforce laws that are unconstitutional.
        Bout time to vote the trash out of office. Donchuthink.

  2. I beg to differ with the Sheriff. He swore an oath to uphold AND defend the Constitution of the United States of America. He DOES have the authority to NOT enforce an unconstitutional law. If he won’t follow his constitutional duty then He needs to be removed from office

    • Terry Dean,

      That Sheriff’s sacred duty even goes beyond refusing to enforce laws which violate the Supreme Law of the Land: he has a sacred duty to serve justice. And for all the reasons which Guesty McGuesterson listed above, that Sheriff has a sacred duty to REFUSE to enforce Red Flag orders.

      Saying it another way, that Sheriff has a sacred duty to do what is right and refuse to do what is wrong. And I have news for that Sheriff, legislatures do not define right and wrong.

    • Terry Dean,

      Agree. I have trouble believing this sheriff is a strong supporter of the 2A or of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.. If he was, he would recognize the red Flag law as broadly unconstitutional. He wants to meet with the Stage AG for guidance on how to enforce that law. We all know how that will turn out. He, the Sherriff, is clearly not going to defend the Constitution. He is going to say “I am only following orders”.

      • Will he be following orders when he shoots my dogs in front of my kids when they kick down my door? Will I be able to own the sheriff’s department after said invasion? I really wonder how the rest of the department feels about this whole situation.

      • A more intentional statement of a similar sentiment from, I think, Glenn Reynolds. Paraphrasing:

        “The police aren’t there to protect innocent citizens from criminals. They are there to protect criminals from the much harsher justice the citizens would deal out in the absence of the police.”

        • Never forget that “the mob” was in the process of handing out justice to Richard Ramirez, aka “The Night Stalker” before LAPD arrived and saved the criminal’s ass.

          NB that the mob did not have guns or knives. They were literally beating the crap out of him, with hands, feet and anything they could lay their hands upon to beat Ramirez, and the cops rescued him – so he could spend the rest of his days, receiving nude photos from women and eating at the taxpayer’s expense.

  3. The voters are red flagging Sheriff Mike Allen, the very unconstitutional crap they created will be used against their Communist azzes.

  4. *knocks on door*

    Homeowner: Yes?
    Sheriff: We’re here to take your firearms due to this red flag law.
    H: That’s bull****, I haven’t been charged or convicted with anything.
    S: I don’t like this law either, sir, and I oppose it. However, I just enforce the law, I don’t create them.

    What a bootlicker lol

    • “I’m just following orders…”

      That defense worked rather well for the defendants at the Nuremburg trials, didn’t it?

  5. Strange, Leftists consider it a civic *duty* to disobey laws they consider abhorrent, like drug laws…

    • Someone should look into this. Does he pick and choose the laws he obeys? There’s a big illegal population in Nevada. Is there in his area?

  6. It appears this Sheriff forgot his SWORN OATH TO UPHOLD the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    He now thinks his job is to do the (illegal) bidding of his Anti gun, Anti 2nd A, superiors.

    Stick a fork in him…………..

  7. I just a video on YouTube before coming here.
    The video was asking if Beto can and/would come for American’s guns.
    My reply was that I didn’t think most law enforcement would comply and some would be happy to trample rights.
    Here is such a person. I’m sure there’s more but now I wonder how many sheriffs, state patrols and just plain city LEOs would comply to a government order? State or federal.

    • “Nicky Santoro:
      ‘A lot of holes in the desert, and a lot of problems are buried in those holes. But you gotta do it right. I mean, you gotta have the hole already dug before you show up with a package in the trunk. Otherwise, you’re talking about a half-hour to forty-five minutes worth of digging. And who knows who’s gonna come along in that time? Pretty soon, you gotta dig a few more holes. You could be there all f***in’ night.’ “


    • Nope. “All politics are local.” Recall the Sheriff 1st, and you send a message to the State reps that they have to pay attention. Once the Reps are reminded of who they really work for, they’ll fix it. Recall the Governor next, he doesn’t really matter but recall him as a warning to the next Governor that he’d better obey the voice of the people.

  9. Pretty soon trying to grab them while we’re not home won’t be option either. Securitron robots are starting to become a real thing and you can bet if the government can have robots, so can I.

  10. I am waiting for a employment lawsuit and it’s outcome, when a deputy who is ordered to serve a red flag seizure order, refuses on a 2nd and 4th amendment conflict issue believing that the red flag order is unconstitutional. The deputy is then fired and files suit against the Sheriff for improper dismissal. This will be a interesting court case.

  11. Wow,,!! I’m really disappointed in this so called Sheriff, , there have been a few of them I’ve read about that didn’t like the public to have guns but they are few, usually in a state or county that was very liberal….
    I’d sign that petition…

  12. The question is, what happens if he refuses to follow a court order (which is how this would play out)? I suppose the court could hold him in contempt. Would certainly make for an interesting story.

  13. The sheriff’s job is to uphold the constitution, with red flag laws ignoring due process, they are unconstitutional. If his constituents view him as breaking his oath that he pledged, he must be removed.

  14. AB291 does not contain a mag ban, first of all.

    Second, it was passed in express and multiple violations of both the US and NV Constitutions. Especially the ‘single subject rule’.

    Third, this Sheriff swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, which supersedes this asinine law. He needs to do his job and arrest any legislator who passed this crap if they enter his jurisdiction.

    Also, the obligatory FOAD to both Sisolak and Jauregui.

  15. The Sheriff should avoid the donuts for awhile and do some PT. He will not be kicking in doors that’s for sure.

    Also, they will not be knocking on doors politely asking to come in and have a look at your firearms paperwork and discuss your gun collection. They will come in the night in full combat regalia, break down your door and with guns drawn subdue and handcuff everyone in the home. If you or any family members resist at all or if they think you may resist you will be beaten or likely shot for the sake of officer safety. If you have a pet dog, it will be shot and killed. Just sayin’.

    This red flag idea is major chaos waiting to happen to the citizens of this country. You think women calling the POPO on their man during a fight and what happens to him is bad, just stand by. As the movie title said, “There will be blood.”

  16. I’m starting to wonder if all these people who supposedly take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution ever actually bothered to read the Constitution.

  17. In addition to what everyone has already said, how is he planning to get someone’s guns out if they are not there to open their safe? How much damage is going to be done to the safe and residence? Who is liable for that damage? I think a whole bunch of lawsuits will be available to his first victim if he doesn’t get recalled before ripping someones safe out or sawzall-ing it open.

    • The same people who are reasonable for damage if they execute a no knock warrant and destroy your door. You will be the one that ends up paying for it. They’re covered by massive amounts of statutes and case law. You can try to sue the city/PD, but we all know how that goes.

  18. I side with the people of Nevada. Hiding behind a badge to commit robbery is not what America is about. He should not see it as such a personal thing though. This is more of a message to the state legislature. If it’s personal, it’s disgust for any sheriffs’ flippant attitude. The American people don’t want certain things. It’s what ‘WE THE PEOPLE…’ means.

  19. So…Mr. Allen- IF the law stated that you were to round up all of the Jews and load them in livestock cars to be shipped off to Concentration Camps and assure their deaths, you would do it although you didn’t like the law? Some of you will say that this is an extreme comparison..but is it really? You as a “publically elected” official…a “publically paid” official are going to stomp on the same publics Constitutional Right(s) because someone told you too?
    Come On Man!
    Have you no spine?

  20. I found that every comment I wrote repeated something I had to memorize in 7th grade, so I will just quote it instead.
    When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

  21. You took the oath To protect the constitution of America!!! Doing what a polatican(s). Tell you to do. Well sir; you are a sell Out!!!

  22. This recall will probably be successful. A sheriff who says these sorts of things in rural Nevada obviously doesn’t know his constituents all that well.

  23. …and they think I have the authority not to follow the law.

    You are elected. The people that elect you give you the authority not to follow the law. And the people can take it away.

  24. Ban ALL police unions and Chief of Police Association…BAN authoritarianism..Ban Governmental Paternalism…Capital crime for ALL Authoritarians that clearly violate a US citizens rights. And resulting in a US citizens death…Then Captial Punishment! (re: Example: Hung by the neck till DEAD! Publicly.)

  25. Interesting development this. Might be even more interesting if recall actually comes to pass. What employment might a recalled sheriff find, I wonder.

    • He can always get a job in public transportation. They need help down at the bus depot, looking for someone to suck farts out of foam cushions.


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