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Craig A Wildfeuer Jr. from PA sends us his updated lightweight carry package.  He uses different words but it means the same.

Via Everyday Carry.

He writes:

Just did a few small updated to my Shield. In this case, it’s not night sights and the Apex Trigger.

Not night sights?  Looks like a talk to text issue.  The Apex Trigger?  I too like to do trigger work in my carry guns.

Knife, gun, reload, light.  What’s not to like?

Looks like he found a Concealment Express rig to carry the S&W Shield with the Streamlight weaponlight mounted.


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  1. Needs a light…..oh sorry….just a reflex.

    Looks good to go.

    I understand the trigger thing…..I dont like hinged triggers.

    I’d rather have a little dingus than a hingy thing.

  2. I’m superstitious about modifying my CC weapon. To me, it’s only a question of when, until some Scum Sucking Bottom Feeder in a suit lawyer, pushes the issue that the modifications made the gun “more lethal.” Absurd I know, but everytime a self defense shooting happens, I keep expecting to see a civil suit going after the gun owner. Same reason I carry only factory ammo in my kit. Some legal beagle claiming handloads increased lethality. It’ll hapoen, it’s just a matter of time.

    Nice Kit. Gun, spare mag, holster, Flashlight, knife. The bare bones essentials are all there. I don’t have an issue with the laser, as I’m leaning towards that direction myself. Only complaint with the Sig P365, is having to buy a proprietary laser to fit it.

    Those hinged triggers are a no sale for me too. I can tolerate the bladed trigger, but the hinged didn’t feel right under my finger. One of the reasons I went to the P365 was the absence of both hinge and blade. After carrying my PPK/S as long as I did, the Sig gave me less transition issues.

  3. It’s just the trigger shoe, nothing else was done to the action. And it should have read “has night sights”. I have since updated the post since it has the factory S&W night sights on it. Finally, that is the TLR6 without the laser. It’s just a light.

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