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“The appalling House vote for concealed carry reciprocity puts all New Yorkers at risk. This legislation would let individuals from out-of-state convicted of certain crimes carry hidden, loaded weapons in New York, in violation of New York’s much better, safer law. Only the NRA could propose something so ill-considered, dangerous and vile. New York passed the strongest gun safety measures in the country, and instead of joining the fight against senseless gun violence, Washington is trying to make New York and the rest of the nation less safe.” – Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on the Passage of the House Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill [via]

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  1. Liberals are so afraid of guns! It’s been said before, I have NEVER seen a gun jump up and do ANYTHING. Criminals will do what they want, so no law will stop them. Got it?

    • ‘Liberals are so afraid of guns!’

      Correction, liberals are so afraid of peasants with guns. I doubt the guns Mr. Cuomo’s armed guards carry bother him in the least.

      • Given the rapidly growing wealth inequality in this country (soon to be exacerbated by the new tax law) is it any surprise politicians want to keep the peasants disarmed, uninformed (fake news), and disorganized (net neutrality)?

    • We have the Constitution which is the foundation upon which all of our system of laws is based. Everything in the Constitution, as it was written and has been legally amended in accordance with Article V. thereof, is law, period!

      The Second Amendment was included for our protection from tyranny by those in government who have become addicted to ill-gotten gains they have realized by showing favoritism to special interests that pad their bank accounts with heaps of cash in return for moving legislation, prepared by special interests, through Congress for the benefit of those special interests, not for the country and/or the people.

      The Second Amendment cannot be changed or altered in any way by anyone, any body, at any time or for any reason. It supports our natural right to preserve and protect our lives and the way we live from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

      We all have the duty for owning and knowing how to safely use the best firearms we can use effectively for that purpose. We should own arms that are equally as effective as those owned by our government should we come to a point where it is the general consensus government has run amok of the Constitution.

      Cuomo is far left and that ideology believes that government must be the ultimate power in control of everyone and everything at all times. The best way to affect control is to disarm those you are want to control so they cannot resist being controlled That kind of control use tyranny to affect its ideology. That is exactly why we have the Second Amendment, so we can protect ourselves from just that kind of control.

      • “The Second Amendment cannot be changed or altered in any way by anyone, any body, at any time or for any reason.”

        Say what?!? What do you think Article V is for?

        And even if you are aware of Article V and your rant is just hyperbole, what do you think courts and politicians have been doing these last 230 years? Everything in the Constitution that doesn’t involve actual numbers (like 2 senators per state) has been twisted to suit political fads, and the Second Amendment is no exception.

      • Joseph,

        “We have the Constitution which is the foundation upon which all of our system of laws is based.”

        That is not entirely accurate. Our nation is supposed to be using Common Law which is not directly specified in any constitution as far as I know. Unfortunately, we have strayed from Common Law, whose most basic principle is, “no victim, no crime”.

        Note: strict application of “no victim, no crime” is fine if the people do NOT have large energies and toxicities at hand. Since every Tom, Dick, and Harry can now acquire devices, systems, and substances with extremely high potential energies and toxicities, we do need some minimal standard of storage, care, and use. This is the tiny crack which governments abuse to bring us unrighteous firearm laws.

        • What are you talking about? We do use common law. Riparian rights for example are flush with common law. Codification of common law is a better way to maintain a streamlined judiciary. Murder, for example, is a common law crime.

          As far as no victim no crime. Are you talking about misdemeanor offenses? Such as speeding and jaywalking? Those are crimes that have to have a witness. A theoretical victim. What are you talking about?

          The last thing that fought my attention was something about because of access to something we have to have certain laws about storage and use. WTF again are you talking about? Nuclear waste? Because surely you aren’t talking about firearms. That’s silly and obtuse.

          • There are plenty of things that are felonies that are victim less crimes. If I had a client came in 5 times in 1 year, paid cash each time, and each time paid me just over $2,000.00 for a total of just over $10,000.00, I would be committing a felony for not reporting the transactions to the IRS (and I’m not talking about as part of my income). If the last time was in December, and I said just pay me in January, that would also be a felony called “structuring.”

            There was a guy who had an ice cream shop. He regularly had large cash deposits. The teller told him not to bring in $10,000 or more because they would have to fill out paperwork. He didn’t. He got prosecuted for it.

            As for the other part, he is talking about hazardous wastes and such.

    • convicted of what crimes? jay walking and littering? He’s either a liar or an idiot. Probably both

  2. Andrew Cuomo might not be the most morally repugnant politician in America, but he’s in the top 5. True to form as a NYC elitist, he’s showing here how out of touch he is not only with the rest of America, but with the rest of New York State. I wish he’d make the distinction between NYC residents and the rest of us, it’s really embarrassing when he claims to speak for the whole state, considering the counties by NYC are pretty much the only ones where he got a majority vote in his last election and are the reason he’s Governor. It’s sad.

    • +1 to this. As a former western NYer, I know he doesn’t speak for NYers outside the NYC metro bubble and the few urban islands in the rest of the state. And the SAFE Act is a joke. The statistics I’ve read showed a 4% compliance rate across the state, with a number of local governments and police stating they’re not going to bother with enforcement. FUAC.

      • Estimated 5-10% compliance is pretty typical of other “assault weapon” bans, including California. And why would you comply? I still have not heard of a single gun owner charged under the SAFE Act, absent other charges.

        The poor dumb bastards who registered their AWs are probably sorry they did. But they’re all my heroes. Cannon fodder for the first wave of confiscations. They’ll go through that list of names first before they get to me, so I’ll have plenty of notice.

    • Sent this email to Cuomo’s office:

      Dear Gov. Cuomo:

      If you check the map, and Bing search ‘comparison of U.S. States by land area’, you will note that NY does not even make the top half of the list for area. Further your “sanctuary” policies could, illegally, raise NY’s (especially NYC’s) population by a trillion, and you won’t represent another square inch of America, or its values. However, the rest of us know, you would be more than happy to dictate gun possession rules to the rest of us.
      So, save it, we know you hate, and can’t trust, your NY citizens that you begged for your job from not too long ago, and we agree, you obviously have a messed up violent bunch, that definitely do much more stupid with much less than what people out here in flyover country ever seem to manage. Out here, it is much easier to see how broken your (D) [platform and] policies are, it is flat out communism, and about as un-American as you can get, and what Americans have long dedicated blood sweat and treasure to eradicate from wherever we find it.
      We are praying for you all, but are reserved in betting on your overall prospects.
      Either way, we’re hoping the National Reciprocity goes through (without the “fix the NICS” language).

      Regardless of what you have attempted to do with it, NY is still part of America, and if the peaceful people from the rest of America, who have already subjected themselves to onerous and infringing rules to carry, want to carry in NY (and that is the way the Federal law goes) then you better quietly let them.

      You have had an obvious failing record protecting your own from the people that do not lawfully carry, so you should at least honor those upholding the “honor system” that is lawful American firearm possession. The statement put out by you, through your office, against National Reciprocity, as well as all your other anti-gun statements, sounds like a terrible bunch of whining, dictators are usually tougher stuff, so, suck it up. Thank you for your consideration.

      Joe R.

      • Pretty good, Joe. Obviously it won’t do any good, but as Cuomo is a Democrat Goon who has aspirations to be the POTUS someday, it can’t hurt to let him know people in other states have taken notice of his idiocy.

    • If 90% of the people he is constantly surrounded by weren’t Democrats; he would realize that all people in this country aren’t raping, robing, drug dealing murderers…. But, alas that’s his only frame of reference….

    • If you “like” Andy, you should have seen his Father, Mario (also Gov. of NY). What a ‘Sfaccimma’ that one was… Bill Clinton even called him a ‘Mafioso’ in 1992.

      • Nobody remembers how bad Mario was. The state hemorrhaged jobs and businesses. Upstate became dotted with ghost towns in the ’80s. And he was a 3-term Democrat incumbent who was voted out of office, losing to a Republican nobody had ever heard of.

        In NY, that’s how bad a Democrat has to be. And he was. Andrew is no different. He loves the sound of his own voice just as much too. The definition of glib.

    • I think the representatives from the five families have vehemently raised their objections to Tamany Hall.

    • Anyone point out the the Gov that NY does not require any live fire as a condition of obtaining your permit? You can’t even touch a pistol in NY without a permit which means you can’t touch the gun you bought to GET the permit until the permit is ISSUED.

      NYS has a zero standard of competency for issuance. His statement is laughable, their process makes people unsafe by his logic. Issuing permits to people who can’t shoot. Just. Wow.

  3. Unfortunately for Andy, facts are not on his side as passage of conceal carry and the increase in permits being issued has not shown an increase in crime but rather, a decrease.

  4. Whenever I read articles or statements by anti-gun people I notice that they are always long on hyperbole and false facts. Personally if I ever find myself needing to lie to make my point, I hope I’d simply realize that I didn’t have a valid point. Scare tactics and lies are not necessary if you have a valid position.

    • They are if you believe that the ends justify the means, and your ends are ones everyone should embrace. (Or, perhaps, if you’re a politician that you should embrace everyone’s ends…)

    • ‘Scare tactics and lies are not necessary if you have a valid position.’

      Scare tactics, lies and euphemisms are the only way liberals know how to speak because they don’t have valid positions.

    • I’m the same way, Mike. I’m no angel, but I do consider myself an honorable man with a genuine interest in seeking the truth and a commitment to legitimate principles. It would be easy for someone adept at wordplay and logic, with even just a passing familiarity of the topic at hand, to weave together a persuasive tapestry of sophistry. That’s even before getting into the outright lies and exaggerations.

      However, if you find yourself having to engage in such tactics to make your points, to win the debate, or to pass a bill, then that’s a huge red flag that you’re probably on the wrong side of the issue to begin with and you should probably reevaluate your position. That was the final, insurmountable obstacle to my pursuing a career in law: I didn’t want to go around lying, denying, and screwing people out of money every day, just because I could make stronger arguments out of weaker materials than they could.

      • “I didn’t want to go around lying, denying, and screwing people out of money every day, just because I could make stronger arguments out of weaker materials than they could.” – You wouldn’t have to do that. Most of the attorneys I know don’t. Most attorneys around here that are skeevy have that reputation and every other attorney avoids dealing with them when they can. I was dealing with one attorney and speaking to a judge (not the one we had a case in front of) the case. The judge said not to trust the other attorney. When judges don’t trust you, it doesn’t matter how well you argue.

        • Yup. Having had to work with a multitude of attorneys and judges for over 25 years, I know which ones to go to if I ever need one.
          There have been some really nice ones and some truely despicable ones.

        • The attorney’s I’ve worked with have ALL been better and smarter people than me (all those who may be thinking that ain’t sayin much, know that you don’t know me, and know that it’s an unecessary disservice to yourself to doubt me on this). Further, they have ALL been shockingly rock solid and immovable when it comes to ethics, and the entire field is professionally diligent in policing their own. If I’ve railed here, against lawyers in the past, it’s my objection to the minutely few self serving and law-harming that we hear about from time to time.

          Most people, if needing to locate counsel that was good, and smart, and just, might not think to set out, into the tall grass in search of a pack of lawyers. But i believe, indoubtably, that you only harm yourself, if you fail to do so.

  5. “…convicted of certain crimes…”

    Which crimes would those be, that are so nefarious that those convicted of them would put NY residents at risk if they were carrying a gun, yet mild enough to pose no risk if they weren’t?

    • Speeding, illegal parking, jaywalking, etc. Very dangerous people, those illegal parkers.

      • Between you and Mr. Consequence, y’all covered everything I was going to say except “weasel words you could drive a truck through.”

    • NY crimes – owning a gun, owning a magazine, carrying a gun. BS that is NOT illegal in a free state only illegal in marxist progtard land.

      • It’s relatively easy to get a carry license in the upstate and western counties of NY. Those folks can carry on Long Island, but I am limited to to–and-from the range only. I’ll have to carry with my UT license if this passes.

      • Well, to be fair, misdemeanor non-domestic assault is not a disqualifying conviction under federal law, but it may be under New York law. Other than that, you are absolutely right.

        • I’m not well versed in what are and are not disqualifying offenses in NY but, I’m sure that if ole Gov Cuomo has a say, it will include building code violations and improperly mowed lawns.

  6. NY letting its residents leave to visit other states does more to increase the crime in those other states than gun owners visiting NY.
    Build a wall Cuomo. I’ll chip in a few bucks.
    If it weren’t for shitheads from NY, CT and MA NH would be literally crime free.

    • Iowa receives a similar diversity benefit from Chiraq residents visiting. Really picked up when obumer determined the Eastern 1/2 of Iowa to be part of the Chicago metro. Over the river and thru the hood to honkies house/bank/store we be goin.

      • Not just eastern IA. Plenty of south-side transplants in Cytown and more often than not, when there’s a murder or drive by, etc. the perps usually get nabbed back in Chicago. Seems like the first thing they do is go home. Last year, after the drive by on Welch St. a lot of libtwits were quick to claim that the perps were from Ft. Dodge not Chicago – until it was discovered they came to Ft. Dodge from Chicago.

        On the other hand, they do help out at Walmart, and unlike the hijabis, they can scan your beer and not make you wait for another clerk.

        • “On the other hand, they do help out at Walmart, and unlike the hijabis, they can scan your beer and not make you wait for another clerk…”

          Say what? What is that about?

        • Some of the hijabis at Walmart can’t scan your beer so you don’t want to get in their lane unless you plan and standing there staring at a non-English speaking foreign national for 4 minutes while she waits for someone else to come and scan your beer. I’m sure they have other admirable attributes, but beer scanning is decidedly missing from their skill set.

  7. Don’t worry Andy, freedom may seem scary at first but pride in personal independence will soon replace that.

  8. That’s right libbies. Might as well hide in your house and never come out again. Especially not to vote 😂

  9. Murder in the United States by state (2015, Wikipedia):

    Arizona– no permit to own, open carry, conceal w/o permit: 309
    New York– permit required to own pistols or long guns (city), assault weapon ban: 609

    Clearly this is working out well for you, Cuomo.

      • To be more fair, New York does not share a border with a failed narco-state and does not have anywhere near the vibrant level of drug trafficking and human smuggling associated with that failed narco-state.

      • I didn’t think it would be necessary to state the obvious nuances like being polar opposites and being a boarder state. Likewise, how total gun control has little to no affect versus a completely permissible environment.

        So yes, the ratios are ultimately skewed by population, but it barely matters since being a gun control totalitarian state does not help them in the least comparatively speaking, let alone as an excuse to deprive citizens of their constitutional rights.

  10. Empty, pointless, misleading rhetoric: If you are convicted of “certain crimes” it is ALREADY ILLEGAL for said individuals to possess/carry. Regardless, laws are obviously irrelevant to CRIMINALS, so what makes Cuomo think they would bother to obey some New York laws over others?

    • I agree. I responded prior to seeing your post. Cuomo really didn’t address any issue. Just redirected his anti gun stance.

  11. Not being able to disable a renegade driver coming at me is putting me at risk. Hopefully reciprocity will preempt the weight restrictions on pistols that the SAFE act has saddled me with, I’d like something with a little heft to it now that I’m fighting goddamn trucks!

  12. Maybe he’s suggesting that most of NY is filled with career criminals, and as such, those that would now legally carry firearms from out of state will now be able to defend themselves against those same career criminals, thus putting a lot of those career criminals at risk.

    I would agree with THAT line of thinking from The Mayor. Anything else… not so much…

    I do find it sad, however, that Congress has to pass a positive law to reinforce the already positive law of ‘shall not be infringed’. If the courts feel that ‘public safety’ is a valid enough reason to infringe, then we, as law abiding citizens, should sue the government for lack of public safety at every opportunity.

  13. “This legislation would let individuals from out-of-state convicted of certain crimes carry hidden, loaded weapons in New York, in violation of New York’s much better, safer law.”
    No it does not.
    It allows law abiding citizens to be freely and legally armed as the “individuals from out-of-state convicted of certain crimes carry hidden, loaded weapons in New York”. Those convicted of a crime are already precluded from owning firearms. Breaking another law is not distinguishable. So Hizzonor Andee was just wanting to make sure that we are as helpless in NY as his citizens are. If you were important enough, you’d have armed guards like a normal NooYolkuhr!!

  14. I would submit New Yorkers are at more risk from other New Yorkers, not out of state visitors.

    • The New Yorkers that prey upon tourists in the city might be at risk of out-of-staters with a concealed firearm.
      Well, maybe tourists would be a little safer there, but other New Yorkers would soon fill the space to get your money.

  15. The only significant risk to New Yorkers is that they might just realize how much you have been lying to them about guns and gun owners. If they do you may find yourself out of a job in a big hurry.

  16. “Only the NRA could propose something so ill-considered, dangerous and vile.”

    Actually, it’s been in America’s founding documents for centuries. It was there when the Cuomos were idolizing Mussolini in The Old Country.

  17. “The appalling House vote for concealed carry reciprocity puts all violent New York criminals at risk.” FIFY.

  18. What percentage of crimes where guns are used (I refuse to use the term gun crimes) in New York are committed with legally obtained guns ? An illegally obtained gun would be illegal with or without national reciprocity.
    Does this fool really expect a crime wave from legal gun owners now able to cross the New York State border armed ?

    • Likely not, but he does believe that running in circles and acting hysterical will get him votes the next time he runs for something. You should remember that he represents the most hysterical bunch of nitwits to ever disgrace an American voting booth!

  19. I support the bill because all americans should have their constitutional rights respected.

    But if this becomes law, I will really really enjoy cuomo and the others in NY, NJ, MA, HI, CA etc. losing their minds. Then 5 years later the public observing that all the chick little the sky is falling, blood in the streets, lies, were completely unfounded.

  20. I havent seen this much hand wringing from the left since The Orange Emperor/Great Orange Wrecking Ball won. Joy.😀

  21. “New York, New York, a helluva town.
    The Bronx is up, but the Battery’s down.
    The people ride in a hole in the groun’.
    New York, New York, it’s a helluva town!”
    – Betty Comden and Adolph Green. 1949

  22. It’s no wonder that all the Cuomos hate the Constitution. The Second Amendment was adopted to allow us to protect ourselves against jut-jawed Mussolini wannabees like Andrew Cuomo and his silver-tongued Fascist father.

  23. New York puts New Yorkers at risk.
    Heck, 15 to 16 bicyclers are killed each year on New York city streets. How many out of state concealed weapon carriers do we honestly think are going to put New Yorkers at risk or otherwise gun down New Yorkers?

    What a load of garbage.

  24. Didn’t know people convicted of crimes got licenses from their state to carry. I though criminals just carried without licenses. Like in New York.
    Cuomo is a despicable pol just like his father was.

  25. This is so amusing! Since this past November, the left has been making this the best year for me. Personally I really didn’t like the Obama years. Let’s just say weak willed, great speaker, but no substance “leadership”. November 2016, the left lost their mind cause Hillary lost and Trump won. Now, the left (Cuomo, Pelosi etc) are losing their minds at the thought of peasants legally with guns nationwide. OMG! They might figure out that we are evil and depose us. Then how are we going to create our progressive socialist future?!!!

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