Sarah Mayfield will be charged with aggravated assault for pulling a gun on a tow truck driver.
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Put yourself in Sarah Mayfield’s shoes. You look out your window to see a tow truck driver getting ready to haul off your illegally parked car. What do you do? Well you run outside to plead your case, that’s what you do. Unfortunately, she apparently wasn’t sufficiently convincing that the tow truck driver was willing to cut her a break.

That’s when things escalated and . . .

(Authorities) said during the altercation, the owner pulled a weapon on the tow operator.

The sheriff’s office reported the vehicle’s owner then drove the car away with the tow truck cable still attached. They said the incident caused minor damage to the tow truck.

Mayfield was eventually tracked down and arrested. The Adams County, Illinois state’s attorney indicates that he plans to charge her with aggravated assault. Which is likely to be far more expensive and inconvenient than getting her car out of hock would have been. But at least she’ll be able to tell her friends and family that she’s now our irresponsible gun owner of the day.

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    • I believe that’s referred to as the “I need to see your manager” haircut. It’s often seen asking the coach why their little snowflake isn’t playing in the soccer game.

  1. Some jackasses just think the road belongs to them and they can park and drive as they please. Like jackasses who just leave their brights on ALL the time. Or worse everyone that surfs Fakebook while they drive. Now she’ll be in jail where she belongs.

    • ” Or worse everyone that surfs Fakebook while they drive. Now she’ll be in jail where she belongs.”

      So, reading and posting to TTAG while driving is cool, then? 😉

      (Let it be known I *encourage* all on-duty LE manning speed-traps to bury their noses in TTAG while on-duty, especially if I’m lead-footin’ it… 😉 )

    • There is a special place in Hell, right next to the oven, for people who don’t dim their bright lights.

  2. If you’re going to be that irresponsible and show such poor anger management and self control you should not be allowed to own a car.

    • Maybe if we had mandatory training and licensing for drivers, and then mandatory registration and insurance on all vehicles, this wouldn’t have happened… 🤠

  3. Gee I saw that same scenario in Men In Black. The Bug won…but this ain’t a science fiction flick. A worthy winner of IGOD. Was she even a legal gun owner?!?

    • Funny, that flic was on last night, and I watched it.
      The bug lost. Big time. You should watch the whole movie. 🙂

  4. Aggravated assault, mmm 2 years, probably be reduced down to 6 months and year supervised parole. Felony, no firearms 5-10 years depending on state, firearms back after expungment and around 500$ to get it, if the judge says yeh. What a dummie

  5. So, instead of pulling her shirt up, or dropping to her knees, she “feminazi’d” up and pulled a gun…WOW, just wow…

  6. I hate the phrase “draw down on”. I first heard it used in the tv show “Justified” and thought it was stupid then. Sad that ttag is giving relevancy to this phrase.

    • “I first heard it used in the tv show “Justified”…”

      You heard it there, because it’s a classic turn of phrase from dozens (hundreds) of cowboy novels, movies, and whatever media you choose over the last 100-ish years. From what I understand, that show references such stuff. Alot.

      The phrase has been validated hundreds and hundreds of times before today. Perhaps you should broaden your reading list. Or watching fare.

    • I’m not sure why you think the world should change it’s lexicon to suit your individual preferences.

  7. She should count her blessings. At least she didn’t park in front of a fire plug when fire fighters needed access to the fire plug.

    • “If this were, there would have been 1/2 a dozen “I’d do her” comments by now.”

      Now, hang on sec, here – I thought California was the *home* of the free-love, peacenik movement.

      California guys are are so desperate they want jailbirds???

  8. Exact location:

    I’m a little curious why the tow truck would even be out in a small trailer park in a rural area at 7:36pm (after dark). I am extremely curious exactly how she parked that would merit her car getting stolen by the state sponsored private contractor and then held for ransom. Did a vengeful neighbor make the call? Or did a small town body shop and towing company low on funds because there weren’t enough body shop customers decide to go to the local trailer park where the residents frequently park in a manner not consistent with the satisfaction of the public opinion? Or maybe it was a combination of things. Maybe he wanted some money, AND, he just didn’t like them. So those were the people he preyed upon.

    So then, uneducated, ignorant, impoverished lady wondering how she was going to get to work the next day, and perhaps losing her job, draws on the guy in a moment of panic, despite ill advised and unjustified. But then again, what does one do when they are watching someone steal their car? In her case, likely her most valuable possession.

    So I don’t like the story. It’s uneducated, moronic impulsive ignorant impoverished trailer lady vs the state sponsored thief, looking to make a buck from his victim, and therefore inherently biased against an objective viewpoint on the gradient between “mildly annoying parking job” and “unacceptably blocking traffic.” Not to mention the weight of the context: A car in a rural neighborhood surrounded by neighbors who likely don’t care how she is parked. Granted there is some speculation here on my part, but I’ve put them both in the same s***bag category, with the impulsive idiot holding a firearm just slightly above the state sponsored thief who initiated it all.

    • Thanks for enlightening us White Knight. It was clearly a conspiracy against this poor woman. I’m sure it wasn’t just a case of her being stupid white trash who added waving a firearm around to a long line of bad decisions.

      It’s amazing the stupidity people will excuse as long the stupid has a pair of boobs attached.

      • I didn’t excuse any stupidity. In fact, I referred to her as a “moron” and “uneducated” and “ignorant.”

        It is not about boobs, she isn’t even attractive to me (your projection?).

        I didn’t say there was a conspiracy at all. I just speculated on multiple possibilities that were all feasible – which is not a conspiracy. There was no “conspiring.”

        So pretty much nothing you said was correct. But you did rush to condemn my statement, and you completely omitted any discussion of the state sponsored thief. So – Perhaps you condone that.

    • ” I am extremely curious exactly how she parked that would merit her car getting stolen by the state sponsored private contractor and then held for ransom.”

      It well could be a locality got sick and tired of people ignoring “No Parking” signs and whipped up a law legalizing tow-offs.

      The tow company gets a nice cut, and there may have been a kick-back to the snitch who made the call…

      • Parking spaces are at an extreme shortage in any large metro area. In years past I lived in Apartments with assigned parking. That was parking that I paid for just like my Apt. I’ve witnessed all sorts of dramatics, including a guy that damaged his vehicle and the tow truck by driving off the hookup. He was arrested, evicted and had his car impounded.

        Poor parking choices are like any other poor choice in life. Take it at your own risk.

      • Or, they wanted to make a buck and was scouting the area.

        In the example below – A tow truck towed a woman’s car right out of her own driveway because one wheel of her Jeep was on the grass in front of her trailer:

        But the state loves these kinds of laws. Everybody gets a cut of the theft because of the perceived offense. Politicians and their opinion nodding followers, just sign a document expressing their opinions, and then opinionated freedom-hating ideologues with no moral scruples about it, come right over and take your possessions and then ransom them. And then later they all call it “order.” Was there a victim? Nope. But there was offended people. And the offended people want them to pay.

    • Our county sheriff’s office got busted for doing just that. Even if car was pulled off to side of gravel road, one hour. It was a racket with a tow service no longer in buisness

    • I don’t know the details of parking enforcement in Ms. Mayfield’s part of IL, but from my experience treating everyone involved as though they were a common criminal performing the same action is an entirely reasonable reaction. To put this in perspective, just yesterday I heard a story of a City resident whose car was towed to make way for a movie shoot… and lost. For 5+ years. Insurance paid her out long before anyone found it at the back of th impound lot.

      I have literally been fined and had the clowns who dress up as judges in Cook County uphold the fine.. for insufficient display of my legitimately paid parking. In other words, to me vigorous non-compliance (albeit perhaps outside of the aggression displayed by the now defendant) is the only correct response to the state sponsored larceny that constitutes parking enforcement in Communist occupied IL.

  9. She actually only moved a bb gun off her seat and the tow truck driver flipped. News went crazy and misreported what the tow truck driver stretched. I know her personally. She made a mistake, but it absolutely isn’t the story above.

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