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“After the United States, Canada is one of the largest owners of private guns in the developed world,” Canada’s National Post reports. “There’s about 31 guns for every 100 people, putting Canada in 12th place worldwide — and only three guns short of the rate of firearm ownership in war-torn Iraq.” Uh, good for them! “But compared to our American neighbours, Canadians are disproportionately skilled at keeping these guns from killing people.” Wait. What? Click here or on the image above for the video explanation. And the answer is . . .

“Pistols . . . come with their own strict set of rules. So there’s no Canadians stashing them in their purses or glove compartments . . . But perhaps most importantly Canadians generally don’t see guns as weapons . . . No more than five percent of Canadian gun owners say they keep a firearms around for protection. In the U.S., the rate is 60 percent. It’s a different gun culture around here.”

There’s a really stupid bit about open carrying long guns. More importantly, there’s no mention of the crucial differences in demographics separating The Land of the Free from our neighbors to the north. Does Canada have teeming metropolitan areas with gang bangers running amok? Well, kinda. Toronto suffers from gangs and — wouldn’t you know it — “gun violence.”

Toronto police say there’s been a spike in gun violence this year (2015), with at least 95 people injured or killed by bullets in the city . . .

Police statistics show there have been 147 shootings so far this year, a number that’s already eclipsed the total from 2013 and 2014. In 2012, there were 155 shootings, a figure that will likely be surpassed as well.

So there is that. But let’s be honest. Comparing the U.S. and Canada is ridiculous on a whole lot of levels. Canada has a relatively homogenous culture and a lot less people spread over a huge area. I’m not sure about the relative percentage of sanctimonious gun grabbers who wouldn’t know individual liberty if it hit them in the head like a hockey puck, but I’m guessing it’s higher. Your thoughts?

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    • Ya, and I blame Canada for Mexico too.

      We get why Canada feels a little insecure if they can’t find something they can feel good about, but if you have to compare yourselves to do it . . . [?]

      We don’t ask Canada for anything but arctic air, some migratory birds, and people to laugh at.

      • Canadian Culture is every bit as diverse between east and west as Americans culture is from New York to Texas.
        Judging anyone by how the “news media” today portrays them is ridiculous.

        I think it was Mark twain who said something like “if you dont read the news you are uninformed, if you do you are misinformed.”

  1. “English” Canadians hate the French and want to keep the French disarmed. French Canadians hate the English and want to keep the English disarmed. And they are both afraid of 2.9% of the population and want to keep them disarmed. Its a win-win-win!

    Besides, even in Chicago the murder rate declines during the winter, when it’s too cold to go outside for killin’. And summer in Winnipeg is like winter in Chicago.

    • English hate the French and French the English? What decade are you referencing anyhow? Silliest think I’ve read yet today…

  2. I could say something about the level of certain minorities and gangs in the USA versus Canada, but then I would be non-PC. Oh heck, I thought the White Guilt Video was pure BS. You know, if we start taking numbers for white violence only, we start winding up somewhere around Finland.
    You could say I am a racist Nazi, but actually I do think this is more of a cultural thing.

    • “According to the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment report, gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crime in most jurisdictions, and up to 90 percent in others. ”

      The National Youth Gang Survey Analysis for 2011 shows that of gang members 46% are Hispanic/Latino, 35% are African-American/black, 11.5% are white, and 7% are another race or ethnicity.

      In the US blacks, who represent 13% of the population, commit 52% of the murders. But it’s actually worst since 90% of homicide offenders are male, so in relativity approximately 6% of the population commit 45% of the murders. (Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008, pp-3)

      Facts are not racist. It’s better to confront the reality of the situation and try to make positive change, but the left has chosen to ignore these facts and decided to blame “whitey” instead.

  3. Don’t forget the fact that it’s below freezing 9 months out if the year in most of country. Cold weather stops street hooligans.

  4. Once again a gigantic country with a tiny population. And relatively homogenous…like Kiwiland. What do they have to teach us? NOTHING.

    • Ah, Kiwiland.

      Home of the dingbat who informed me authoritatively that I could walk into a gun store, put cash on the counter, and walk out with a full auto weapon with out any sort of check at all.

      I posted links to form 4s, I told her about 4473s and posted more links…she remained certain she knew what it was like here, better than I do.

    • “Once again a gigantic country with a tiny population. And relatively homogenous…”


      A few years back, I had a Vancouver girlfriend who was 100 percent ethnic Han Chinese.

      Vancouver B.C. has a rather large Chinese population, supposedly the harbor there reminds them of Hong Kong harbor…

      Take off, hoser… 🙂

      • Gee geoff-in my old haunts in Chicago there were at LEAST 50 different nationalities present. And a dizzying array of languages. The Chinese don’t count-except when I get their food across the street. They are literally everywhere. And every continent represented(even had a half aborigine girlfriend). Go back to Canada eh…

  5. You’d be amazed how many Canadians up here actually believe that you CAN’T own a gun legally; they just assume that because we are “better” than the U.S. (we’re not) we have done away with gun ownership entirely.

    • The greatest tragedy of Canada was that they could have had British culture, French cuisine and American technology, but instead they wound up with British cuisine, American culture and French technology.

      • +1. I went on a Caribou hunting trip in the Canadian Sub-Arctic back in 1994. I had hauled a giant duffle bag with all my hunting gear in it. We walked right through Customs in Montreal carrying our guns,gear, and ammo. They never even looked at our papers, because we were escorted by our outfitter.
        Later in the week, right before we returned to Schefflerville via sea plane (an Otter) from the remote camp, I discovered to my chagrin, I’d accidentally brought along a full 50 round box of .357 magnum HOLLOW POINTS! According to my guide, a French Canadian, this type of ammo was strictly forbidden for private citizens in Quebec. I really did not want to chance flying a second time with this contraband, so he gladly accepted the cartridges as part of his tip. It was as if I’d given him a million bucks. He was the envy of the other guides in the camp, and I saved about $100. Canada has some weird hangups about pistols regarding barrel length, ( no compacts or snubs, or less than 4.25 inches, I think) but you can buy a short barreled shotgun. I don’t think ARs/Ak’s are allowed, either. Maybe a refresher from some other readers?

        • AR is allowed as restricted (range use only), AK and variants are prohibited except the Valmet M78.
          No barrels under 106mm for pistols. Rifle barrel can be any length but is restricted under 18.5″ if semi auto centrefire or if overall length is less than 26″ with a folding stock and semi auto centrefire.
          Shotguns can be had in short barrels because they are usually pump action therefore not restricted by barrel length. A semi auto shotgun would be however.
          Explained better here:

          Hollow points are legal btw. At some point they weren’t legal to import but still legal to own. Explained better here:

        • AK’s are strictly banned but AR-15’s and the VZ-58 are perfectly fine…But you can only have a 5 round magazine, Inventive Canadians have made a magazine that feeds from both ends so you just flip it and feed from the other side, There is also a loophole where you can use .50 Beowulf magazines to load a few more rounds in…

  6. Just from reading the article here (not the actual source I’m too lazy and stingy with my data) whenever I here “X amount of people KILLED BY GUNS” I immediately think how many were justified shoots/suicides/negligent/accidental ect ect…

    P.s. also what type, pistol, bolt action, shotgun and so on and so forth.

    • “whenever I here “X amount of people KILLED BY GUNS” I immediately think how many were justified shoots/suicides/negligent/accidental ect ect…”

      I totally agree with you NikcaP. I had the same reaction. The anti-Liberty crowd has started using the broad “homicide” label to inflate their numbers; including justifiable DGU shoots and police shootings. Anything to further the lie.

      A lie by omission is still a lie.

    • Besides which, using “gun deaths” is completely misleading. If you think about it, it’s painfully obvious that fewer guns means fewer deaths involving guns — but “gun deaths” don’t necessarily have any relation to the murder rate or the rate of violent crime.

      This is why places like Australia, in which very few law-abiding citizens own guns, like to focus on their low “gun death” rate, instead of the fact that they still have the same murder rate — and even more violent crime in general — than they did before their ban-and-confiscate routine.

      • ” “gun deaths” don’t necessarily have any relation to the murder rate or the rate of violent crime.”

        Which is why the hoplophobes concentrate on “gun deaths”. To make it appear that getting rid of guns will stop crime.

  7. I’m going to play the race card here. Sorry. Remove the ghetto hoodlums and illegal aliens from the equation in the USA, and THEN compare the levels of gun -related crime. Probably about the same as Switzerland. Switzerland has a full auto, military style weapon in nearly every home, and nobody is going nuts there, either. Ya know, now that I think of it, they don’t seem to be having ANY problems with the Muslim “refugees” in Switzerland….. As Col Cooper always said ” An armed society is a POLITE society”.

    • Switzerland is actually quite liberal and most shun gun ownership even when they get out of the military, They have the CHOICE to buy their rifle and it’s converted to semi-auto, They only keep it full auto when they are serving…
      There are some pro-gun Switz people but they are like most of Europe a small minority but perhaps bigger than my home country of the Netherlands where (legal) gun ownership is one of the lowest in the developed world but we still have plenty of gun crime, I was there when Prime Minister candidate Pim Fortuyn and Film maker Theo van Gogh got shot…Both with illegally obtained firearms, Pim Fortuyn was assassinated by a far left environmentalist since Pim Fortuyn was not against people wearing fur coats…He was also openly gay.

      • “Pim Fortuyn was assassinated by a far left environmentalist since Pim Fortuyn was not against people wearing fur coats…”

        The far left is violent?

        This is my shocked face…

  8. “…injured or killed by bullets…”

    That’s true, 95 injured or killed by bullets not guns. but the one pulling
    the trigger of the machine is still responsible for any injures or death’s from misuse.

  9. Your comments are spot-on, Robert, not that they will do much to dissuade gun-controllers from using the Canada factoid to further their arguments. Fortunately, due to our recurrent random acts of violence, not as many people are persuaded that a disarmed populace is such a good idea. It’s just too bad that someone in the Middle Eastern Deli wasn’t carrying when the Somali jihadist decided to attack people with his machete.

  10. Gun owning Canadian here.

    Canada is FAR from homogeneous country…we are full and filling up even more with 1st generation immigrants.

    We do not own guns for defensive purposes because stating so will result in you losing them…only acceptable answers are hunting/target shooting and sometimes collecting.

    To own pistols and some rifles like ARs you first need to get your restricted licence which is another course and fees, can only shoot them at a gun club and at said gun club you need to past a few month probation period and a few practical shoots before you can bring your restricted guns there…and even after that you need to get an ATT (authorization to transport) piece of paper to be able to legally take them anywhere. As we all know, a separate piece of paper prevents crimes from happening.

    Sadly all of this makes Canada a country of FUDDs who do not/cannot own handguns and there for think they are pointless because they can only be used at a range and have a “you can’t shoot a deer with that!” attuide OR worse your handgun is only made for killing! But my duck gun isn’t so I will throw you and your sport under the bus to protect mine!

    • This is it exactly.
      Even at my club which has all shooting disciplines and boasts almost 1000 members its is spit. The double barrel wood staock crowd,the action handgunners and bench rest rifles, all toss each other into traffic.
      I pull out my nice RedLabel to shoot trap and the old guys are like..nice shooting. .. love the grain in the stock. .etc..
      I pull out my AR and they tell me I dont need it and they wouldnt care if they were prohibited any day.
      If we all realized that no matter how much the ticket cost… we are all on the same boat and will sink together..the better our cause would be.
      As for the article. .they don’t take into consideration population density in the stats and never will because it doesnt further the left’s case for disarmament.

    • So, are there laws against self-defense inside your residence in Canada? That’s what I am inferring from your comments.

  11. Excellent news for Canada! That means that the Liberals don’t need to make any tougher laws and confiscate more of our legally-held guns. That means they can leave us alone and let us shoot in peace.

    Oh, wait, they’re already planning another round of bans, and have just handed control of what gets restricted and prohibited back to the RCMP (or so they say, I’m sure they have plans for more bans of their own).

    I’d like to clear up a couple points, however:

    “No more than five percent of Canadian gun owners say they keep a firearms around for protection.”

    Yeah, because if you say that the RCMP takes your guns away, or doesn’t give you a license to begin with.

    Legal Canadian gun owners are generally safe and law-abiding, much like how legal US gun owners are safe and law-abiding. Regarding gun violence in Toronto, in 2012, 40% of all firearms used in crimes were prohibited weapons. In 2005, there were over 220 murders in Canada. Of those murders, perhaps 5% were committed by someone holding a valid firearms license. Gun owners are some of the least likely of all demographics to commit crimes.

    But even so, the anti-gunners in Canada still want to deprive us of our rights and our firearms. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Americans, never ever stop fighting. Do not get complacent.

  12. There is no point tarring the whole nation for the acts of a few obviously out of control cities, like Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit. No point, unless one just wants to trash America.

    Baltimore: 54.98/100,000
    Detroit: 43.89/100,000

    Boston: 9.1/100,000 (in 2013)

  13. It’s not the amount of guns, it’s the amount of criminals. You could have 1 billion guns in Canada and their crime rate wouldn’t change.

  14. Let’s compare the stats of Canada to American NRA and CCW holders.

    Americans don’t kill people. Inner city Obama voters kill people.

    • Canada also doesn’t have a 30% minority (Black & Hispanic) population that commit 75% of the murders as does the USA.

  15. I suspect that their poll of reasons why Canadians own guns may be somewhat skewed. When applying for a gun licence in Canada you’re required to provide a reason for the application, if you list self-defence your application will almost certainly be rejected. As such, many people who do own firearms for self defence will say that they have them for hunting, target shooting or competition instead.

  16. Also can’t you get guns shipped straight to your house in Canada via the internet? Can’t do that in the USA yet the misinformed meme is here is that you can while ironically you can do it in Canada!!

  17. The answer is the same answer the Harvard found from looking at European crime rates. There is no relationship between gun ownership rates and crime.

  18. We have 3 times as many guns, 6 times more overall homicide, but only 5 times more “gun deaths” which is probably not directly comparable to homicides anyway.

    Soooooo if you actually look at and contextualize the numbers they don’t really support his assertions. In fact you can skew them to say the opposite.

    Imagine that.

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