Daniel Hambrick shooting
Courtesy Nashville District Attorney
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[ED: See the videos that make up the above composite here.]

By Associated Press

Newly revealed police records show a white Nashville police officer charged with fatally shooting an armed black man who was running away had been reprimanded by supervisors months earlier for not shooting another armed suspect in a similar case.

Officer Andrew Delke, 25, had been on the force for about a year when he used a stun gun to arrest an armed suspect, Terry Crowell, who ran from him in November 2017, WPLN News reported.

Sgt. Matthew Boguskie later held an “informal counseling session” with him, telling Delke that he should have used his firearm, the records state.

Delke told the sergeant that he didn’t pull his service weapon because of what he called “the hostile climate towards police use of force throughout the country.” He also told Boguskie that at the time he was thinking of Officer Josh Lippert, the former Nashville officer who shot Jocques Clemmons, a black man, after a traffic stop.

“I discussed with Officer Delke that we cannot allow outside factors to detract us from our training and what we know we should do in dangerous situations, particularly situations that could quickly rise to a deadly force situation,” Sgt. Boguskie said in the report.

In a memo sent later that month, North Precinct Cmdr. Terrence Graves agreed with the sergeant, and suggested more training across the force, but Metro police said that was never implemented.

Delke has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the killing of Daniel Hambrick, 25, who was shot from behind while running from officers in July 2018. A trial has been set to begin March 16.

It’s the first time a Nashville officer will face a murder charge for killing someone in the line of duty, WPLN News reported.

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    • And he probably wouldn’t have even taken the shot had his superiors not admonished him for not taking the shot in the prior incident. No doubt, that was playing out in his head.

      • White Policeman shoots another upstanding Black Citizen.

        Yeah, right.

        Thank you officer that I did not have to shoot him.

    • And departments across the country are wondering why they’re having a hard time hiring. Don’t shoot and you get reprimanded, shoot and your in trouble. To hell with that.

      • “Don’t shoot and you get reprimanded, shoot and your in trouble.”

        Don’t shoot and you get reprimanded, shoot and it’s 20 years in state prison, likely a death sentence for a white cop convicted of killing a black man.

        Yeah, who wants a job where you have to make that choice?

        • And if you ever wonder why the courts are so f**ked up, just listen to what that black female “criminal defense attorney”, in the video said, ” Premeditated murder was the cop stopping to aim”; the dumb beatch doesn’t even know the law!

          This cop deserves a letter of commendation for ridding the population of just one more “poor innocent black child that had a future”!

    • This case is crazy, the officer shot a suspect who was brandishing an actual firearm and fired it previously AND pointed it at the officer. He was shot running away, but he can be seen turning back toward the officer as he ran away. His family’s attorney has done everything including accusing the metro police of planting the gun, of racial profiling for pulling the car over even though they ran a stop sign in front of a marked patrol car, being racist for not immediately firing and arresting the officer before investigation etc. etc. Surreal.

  1. So now pausing for proper grip and stance is now premeditation and not an attempt to avoid hitting bystanders… riiiiiigggghhht.

    Fucking ambulance chaser.

    • Jeff,

      Law enforcement would not be in this pickle if they did three simple things:
      (1) Hold themselves to the same standards as the rest of us.
      (2) Immediately remove the bad apples among their ranks.
      (3) Stop enforcing victimless “crimes” (a.k.a. fiat laws).

      • Hear hear!

        What bothers me the most is so many claims that only a few cops are bad cops. Ye the police unions constantly get them reinstated with back pay, and the so-called good cops never come forward to out the bad cops. When they can be responsible adults and clean their own house, they will earn some respect. Until then, the only proper course is for non-cops to clean their house for them.

        • PTM: do you think all cops are good cops? Do you at least admit that some cops are bad, that police unions ought to stop backing bad cops, and that bad cops taint the others?

        • PTM, your responses are Exhibit 1 in why so many people rag on cops. When the alleged god cops won’t speak up about the bad cops, even to admit that there are bad cops, they have voluntary placed themselves in the bad cop camp.

        • Felix, you know not of which you speak. I testified in federal court and played no small part in sending my former captain to prison for seven years. I got calls from the F.B.I. and F.D.L.E. thanking me for doing a hard thing. And it was hard. I liked Jim. But he fucked up. As for that young officer. I empathize with him. Admonished for not using deadly force. Prosecuted for using it. Of course, facts were thin in the story. I’m glad I got out when I did. So many people out there are arm chair quarterbacking when there only expertise is watching Law & Order reruns. I’ll never forget walking into human resources and telling Ann Marie to start my retirement paperwork. First she tried to talk me out of it. Then she asked that I give two weeks notice. I handed her a letter and said, “Here’s thirty days.” Cost me well into six figures not going into the Florida Retirement System DROP program, but hey, I’m done. Here’s a little advice for some of you out there. Don’t like the way cops do things? Don’t call them. Handle it yourself. See how that works out for you. 😆

        • Felix. That exact argument, ‘the good cops should clean their own house’ has been used verbatim against gun owners. ‘gun owners won’t clean their own house so it’s up to laws to do so.’ We don’t want to go down that logic rabbit hole.

          Maybe it’s time to rethink policing in America. How do we establish an oversight of police that is timely and effective and won’t be used to get payback on cops that have just done their job?

        • Unfortunately the forum is too frequently full of idiots (several in the replies here) who insist that anything about law enforcement is all or nothing — you have to be either for everyone and everything “blue” or you are automatically against everyone and everything.

          We see this same bullshit from idiots who insist that because one LEO once reported one other LEO from one case, that this single action completely absolves every LEO everywhere for anything they have ever done and absolves every LEO everywhere for supported them.

          Exactly the opposite is obviously true even from the idiot’s own statement.

          Let’s face facts. The vast majority of LEOs are fair-to-middling-honest. The violate a few minor laws (even ones that they enforce) and violate a few departmental policies but they aren’t what anyone with any sense would call “a bad cop.”

          But at the same time, let’s also face facts that there are some bad cops — anyone with a brain knows that.

          The problem comes from the fact that no one inside law enforcement wants to face: Every single one of those “bad cops” is known by several “good cops” who refuse to say anything about it.

          Gentlemen and ladies – let me point out that a Conspiracy of Silence is still a conspiracy and any officer who knows another officer is acting illegally but doesn’t come forward is just as guilty.

        • ” . . .the police unions constantly get them reinstated with back pay, and the so-called good cops never come forward to out the bad cops. . .” When you see this happening you can thank police culture AKA “the blue line” for this. You may be a good cop, see wrong things being done and are appalled by the behavior of the people you work with. But what if the people in the supervisory positions of your PD are as bad as the bad cops you want to blow the whistle about? If you value your job, the practical answer to this question is you continue to do your job the best you can, keep quiet about obvious corruption, and make the usual transparent excuses when the bad stuff happens. Not doing this is a good way to loose what, for many men and women with not a lot of education, is the best paying job they’ll ever have. You can get a good insight into what I’m talking about by talking to a good criminal defense attorney who also has experience as an Assistant DA. The ones I know all greatly admired good cops but absolutely hated the environment most cops work in.

        • Robert Farago, is that you?

          I see Robert Farago everywhere!

          Last month, December 25th, Robert Farago came to me 3 times when I was sleeping.

          Oh that was a scary night…

          Paul T McCain

        • Yeah, “handle it yourself,” and the cops will come get YOU. I support law enforcement generally, it’s a terrible climate for them these days, but one thing i’ve known to be true for years is most all cops are on a power trip, that’s why they’re cops and that’s the payoff instead of money. When you pay Starbucks barista wages, you don’t get the best and brightest, at least for long.

      • Wtf is a victimless crime? That makes no sense what so ever. A crime is a crime. Not sure what type of satisfaction your coochie gets when you label it as victimless

        • NFA laws are a prime example. Owning an unregistered silencer is maybe the most victimless crime possible.

        • Edgar,

          A victimless crime is just that, a “crime” where there is no victim. Your government could pass a law tomorrow which declares that possessing more than 5 umbrellas is a felony. That should never be a “crime” because possessing 5 umbrellas does not harm anyone (neither physically nor financially) nor interfere with anyone’s ability to exercise all of their rights.

          And the reason that governments should not be able to pass laws which define victimless actions as crimes is because that gives too much power to governments which they can use to violate our liberties and suppress political enemies.

        • Edgar,

          Thanks for providing the opportunity to prove you’re a dope. On June 30, 2019, it was still legal – as it had always been for the previous 169 years since CA became a State of the Union – to buy ammo from outside the state and bring it back (import) with you so you could shoot the rest of it at your favorite range. The very next day on July 1, it became a prosecutable “crime” as declared by our Glorious Leaders in Sacramento. Is there any victim if I bring some ammo into CA like I (and many of us) used to do without any harm? Nope. But if you’re caught doing it today, you get a free ride to the pokey with shiny bracelets.

          Some crimes are obvious to all. The Ten Commandments are an excellent example…don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t lie, etc. But today our nation is filled with so many laws declaring so many things as “crimes” (think Ayn Rand) that a person can hardly take two steps without violating one of them somehow.

          Many of CA’s laws are absurd and indeed declare victimless acts as “crimes”.

        • Xaun. this is what the city thinks we ought to do. Let’s get rid of all cops. Every one. You investigate your neighbor’s burglary. Your employer won’t mind you taking the time off and you won’t miss the money. The homicide across town? Jump right in!! I’m sure you know all about that DNA stuff. Let’s dump the fire departm too. Because a garden garden hose can put out a fire. Oh, and EMS! Too hell with that expensive ambulance ride Xaun. We’ll just throw you in the backseat and haul ass to the hospital. You’ll be okay, maybe. Idiot.

        • Uncommon_Sense
          “And the reason that governments should not be able to pass laws which define victimless actions as crimes is because that gives too much power to governments which they can use to violate our liberties and suppress political enemies.”

          No. The reason governments should not be able to pass laws which define victimless actions as crimes is because under traditional Anglo Saxxon common law if there was no victim, if no one had been harmed and no one’s property had been harmed, then no crime existed. Crime was defined as harm to another person or their property.

      • For real. We have several law enforcement officers who regularly post here in the comments and I have no direct reason to believe they’re shitty cops (except maybe Gadsden Flag), and yet not a single one will ever condemn even the most blatantly messed up shit. Cops DO NOT criticize other cops, no matter the circumstance. Until that changes I’ll continue to view all cops with skepticism and distrust

        • Why should they bother when there are more than enough of you Faragoites still around eager to trash cops?

        • Red, the cop that shot the man on his knees in that infamous hotel shooting video, was pretty thoroughly denounced by a vast number of cops both online and in reality, even though that particular cop was cleared of charges. When I first saw that video I was actually in a class with several officers in it, who all openly stated that if a cop did that to one of their family members they would be out for revenge. My words are much more civilized then the words they used, and I don’t blame them.

        • @PTM,

          Give it a rest. Farago has been long gone for a long time. Most people here don’t even know what you’re talking about. Go beat a dead horse on some other site.

        • Haz, you know what I am talking about as well as most the regular cop bashers on this thread. You bought it, you own it.

      • Uncommon sense,

        And how would you go about doing any of those things?

        I see this kind of rhetoric posted a lot online, not saying some of it is without merit, but absolutely no one ever states how they would go about doing any of those things.

        Remember enforcing laws comes from the legislature and executive, those laws we despise, start there.

        Also “removing bad apples”, is much easier said then done. How do you tell who is a bad apple? Who gets to make that determination? What would the standard be?

        For instance, with regards to your statement on standards, I agree police should be restricted to the same weaponry the populace is restricted to. If NY bans anything over 7 rounds, then that should include government forces. But that has to be enforced by the legislature.

      • They answer to citizen grand juries as well as internal affairs. When complaints begin to accumulate, departments begin to scrutinize very closely. He didn’t do anything you wouldn’t do under the same circumstances if you were in his shoes. Secondly, departments can turn on an individual officer and throw him under the bus in a politically fraught case.
        Secondly, this was a fleeing armed felon. Unless the perp had put down his gun he is still a danger to public safety and assuming this is the case, there is plenty of case law to back the officer. I would opt for a bench trial since judges are more clued in than juries. After the judge rules on the law and not emotions, he needs to sue his department. Your know-nothing animosity for police in general contributed nothing to this discussion.

    • How about pull over and produce your license and registration like a normal person? Is that really asking too much? If you did something wrong, pay your fine like a normal person would. Learn your lesson and don’t do it again. You know, like a normal person. Or grab your gun and run like a friggin idiot.

      • Yes, be a good citizen, tell the good cop about your legit conceal carry weapon, and get shot for your trouble. There’s a plan.

        • Felix it seems you are using a fallacy of an argument that because some cops are bad, all cops are bad. I’ve had the experience of dealing with police both in and outside of the US. Some places better, many places worse. While there are certainly bad and even evil people in LE, America police conduct is typically far better then in most places. Places where literally every LE Officer is corrupt like in Mexico. Or they have total power to do anything to you like in Russia. That doesn’t excuse bad police here but from the way you present your argument you seemingly believe American police are on par with the KGB or Mexico, and that’s simply not true.

      • Dude,

        No matter how you move to obtain and present your driver’s license and registration, police can claim that it looked like you were reaching for a hidden handgun and justify using deadly force.

        The only way that police could not claim to be justified to use deadly force on a traffic stop is if all of the following occur before pulling over and the police officer exits his/her car:
        (1) you open your driver’s side window
        (2) everyone in your car has their hands up
        (3) driver’s license, registration, and proof-of-insurance are already in your hand

        Do NOT dismiss this as hyperbole. Any other movement whatsoever is literally gambling with your life.

        • Open the window. Turn on interior lights. Put hands on wheel. Be polite and respectful. Wait for and follow instructions.

          Oh…do not be stupid.

        • PTM,

          I am very familiar with that protocol and I know that it sounds good.

          Following that protocol perfectly can still justify the police officer using deadly force if anyone moves their hands toward a space that the police officer cannot plainly see, which is MOST of the interior of the vehicle.

          Even if you turn on your interior lights, put your hands on the steering wheel, tell the police officer that your driver’s license is in your wallet in your back pocket, and wait for the police officer to tell you to retrieve your wallet, once you start reaching toward your back, the police can say that they thought you were reaching for a handgun on your side or the small of your back and justify using deadly force. Same applies to a woman who keeps her driver’s license in her purse. The moment she starts reaching for that purse after the cop tells her to retriever her driver’s license from her purse, the cop can claim she was reaching for a handgun in her purse and justify using deadly force.

          And in those situations, there is a good chance that the police officer would prevail in court (claiming self-defense) if the local prosecutor charged him/her with attempted murder.

        • uncommon. Review your own comment. Sounds like you imagine all cops are serial killers. Or at least they look forward to murder.

          Have you actually had a bad experience with a cop or are you just re-acting to antifa type shit stirring on the webz?

        • @uncommon sense…you do not have much sense here. Cite all these incidents where cops have blown away compliant citizens who are retrieving their license after instructed to do so. You must have thousands of examples to justify your claims.

        • Uncommon, I like you but you’re reaching. I remember one time a guy ran a stop sign. I had to stand on my brakes. We have a rule: “When you scare the shit out of the deputy you get pulled over.” When I approached his window he handed me his D.L. And his C.C.W. I asked, “Did I ask you for this?” Him, “No, but I wanted you to know I have a gun.” Me, “I don’t care if you have a gun. This is about you violating my right of way. Do it again and you’ll have a citation!” Him, “Yes, sir.” Me, “Good afternoon and be safe.” That might not be verbatim, but it’s close.

        • My experience with police runs the gambit. When I was in high school one of them scared the living shit out of me (and violated the fuck out of my rights and the law but that’s kind of a side story here). My solution from that time has been pretty simple.

          I changed over to wallets that have a “deployable” piece. It’s a mini wallet that slides out of the larger folding part. The small part holds a few ID cards and up to three credit cards. Every time I drive I put that part of the wallet on my visor (these days with a Tactical Tailor holdamajigger).

          If I get pulled over, which hasn’t happened in a decade at this point, I have everything the cops going to ask for on my visor. License, registration, proof of insurance, my CCW permit and even laminated mini copies of my tax stamps. Flip the visor down and there it is. I can even lay it all out on the dash before the cops makes it to my car.

          A flawless solution? No, but it’s a serious improvement.

        • “License, registration, proof of insurance, my CCW permit and even laminated mini copies of my tax stamps. Flip the visor down and there it is.”

          Love that idea, will use it.

          (TTAG, your crap code just memory-holed another one me.)

        • Open the window. Turn on interior lights. Put hands on wheel. Be polite and respectful. Wait for and follow instructions.

          Oh…I forgot to add…after I’m done “following instructions”, I find the best way to get the blue off my lips is to soak them in nail polish remover.

          A ‘little’ tip from,

          Paul T McCain

        • as a kid barnstorming around the midwest, it was protocol to approach the squad so as not to make him have to get up and out, for sure in the big city, not so much with any rurals that wore blocked hats. pull over immediately and get back to them, especially if it was raining.
          holy crapola how things have changed; now you get the approach from the driver’s side along with the backup on the curb.
          criminy, i gots sturries. i have a drawer full of old yellow tix (few dozen) from my teen hot rod/ sport bike days; let off with warnings probably double that. before greylord (judge devine, etc.) you just had a stream of “supervision considered served” attainable through a phone call and a mailed ten dollar check.

      • How far we have fallen from the men who founded this nation. They smuggled drugs and guns. Evaded taxes. Tarred and Feathered tax collectors. Committed treason. Shot the cops of the day.

        • Chris That is not very accurate. There weren’t police forces of really any kind of those days. The first actual police forces didn’t appear until after the Napoleonic Wars. Before then there was the militia and regular army. In the thirteen colonies most militias sided with the rebellion. The British army and militias of loyalists can’t really be compared to a police force. In comparable terms, if there was a similar event today the local police and guard would be on the side of the rebels, and there would be police/guard on the side of the loyalists. Interestingly this is actually what we are seeing take place in Virgina. Some of you who decry police would be well served to study Virgina more in depth and appreciate the police who are putting their jobs and lives on the line to fight gun control.

  2. “I hope they do what is right” if your son would’ve done what was right and not have ran from a legal stop while holding a handgun he would still be alive and this poor cop wouldn’t have to go to trial because your son was an idiot who ran with a gun. Not guilty! Good shoot

    • What do you expect with crappy parenting and a culture that glorifies violent criminality while demonizing cops?

  3. & if the cop wasn’t white , it would just be another day on the job, doing what he was supposed to be doing.. protect the citizens from dirt bags with more rights than the law abiding citizen.

    • Are you saying if you don’t obey your government you can live a freer life? Wait, I thought you lived in America.

    • Being a deputy is much easier.

      Being part of a political department is only good when it’s good. The wind blows in different directions these days.

  4. Do you see what PC breeds, muddled horse manure in which no one knows how to act because they don’t know what the rules are? And then there is the new Atlanta police chief and her rule of no chasing. Criminals call that a field day.

    • Timothy Toroian,

      Political correctness definitely creates rules. The problem is that the rules are a product of emotion, fantasy, and whimsical claims of virtue which means the rules are constantly changing.

      In a way I suppose you were saying the same thing: no one knows what the rules are because they are constantly changing. Political correctness cares not one iota about timeless standards of truth, logic, respect, responsibility, and right-versus-wrong.

  5. It is refreshing to read a pro-LEO post and, so far, sympathetic comments. This is a big change from the constant stream of Farago’s anti-cop posts, rants and obsession.

    • Paul T McCain, take it easy. We all know there are far to many bad cops in this country. Now with constant video running while a cop is making contact, we are starting to see just how bad it’s become. Just imagine how many bad shoots the cops got away with before video evidence? It’s the same ol story. We investigated ourselves, and found nothing was wrong. It’s the local police, all the way up to the top of the fbi. The top dogs will never be held accountable table. But they will throw a lowly street cop under the bus, to save their hide. The militarisation of the police was an absolute mistake.

      • “How bad it’s become”

        You don’t really have a grasp on policing in America historically or currently. Or what it’s like in other nations. Please do some more research.

      • Speaking of bad cops, another cop just stabbed an elderly dog in Mt. Juliet, TN, six times and left it to die. Thankfully the neighbors ring camera caught everything, including cops lies. Of course, he will face no punishment for the crime.

        Above the law and all…

        All that said, this cop may actually be one of the few good ones and that would explain why hes on the chopping block. Rookie who wouldn’t shoot to kill in every instance is now going to be thrown under the bus and used as a sacrifice to appease Black Lives Matter at the first opportunity.

        He would have been better off shooting a bystander than a black criminal. Might explain why cops miss so much.

      • Tarzan, this is PTM pulling the same crap that got him kicked out of TTAG in the past.

        And no one missed his absence then…

        • Sorry, Geoffy boy. I was never kicked out. I left when Farago ruined this place with his cop-bashing obsession. It is fun riling up his lingering disciples.

        • Paul, we who were there know the truth.

          You can bend, twist, fold, staple or spindle it any way you want, but the cold fact remains you were shown the door. And your absence wasn’t in any way missed… 🙂

        • Geoffy, know, you don’t know the truth and no I was never kicked off TTAG. You may have been there, but you don’t know the truth. But thanks for letting me know I’ve taken up residence in *your* head, rent free.

  6. The prosecutor should prosecute those that pressured him into using lethal force. It could be argue that the leadership was the true culprit that fashioned this cop into a weapon of death with their insistence that the cop rely only on lethal force in such a situation.

    • If he was following department policy and training, it’s probably a good defense and lousy prosecution. The instructors and department are supposed to know the law and teach it to the recruits. If they taught him something incorrect, they should be liable. If he’s doing exactly as instructed, there’s no mens ready. He’d have thought he was doing the correct thing.

    • Trying to use non-lethal force on a criminal who has a firearm in their hand is a good way for a police officer to end up dead.

      The officer really only had two choices:
      1. Let the man with the gun run away.
      2. Shoot the man with the gun.

      The sad part of all this is if the man had dropped his gun he probably would have faced only a few days in jail at best. Even people who are caught after a drive by shooting in many major cities only do a few days is no one is seriously injured.

  7. Wow, the copsuckers are out in force today. It’s a shame how many of y’all support a two tiered legal system

        • A government employee has no authority to give anyone not under arrest a command. You must love the taste of boot polish.

        • Chris…please recharge your mental batteries…you appear to running low.

          Of course police officers officers can and may give lawful commands/orders.

          Here is a little experiment for you. Find a cop. Do something illegal, say, strip naked. Then when he orders you to stop, try out your lawful order theory. Pease video tape the incident and post it here so we can laugh at you.

        • Chris you are letting your emotions get the best of you. Police in the US do have the authority to give you an order and briefly detain you without officially arresting you. What you see in TV shows isn’t really accurate. It is the same with the Miranda warning. The police don’t “have” to read it to you by law. But it’s actually in their best interest if they do, because if they don’t read it to you and you admit to anything it’s not admissible in court.

      • Come to think of it…

        … if I had a dollar every time I asked a guy to strip naked because I was running a “little experiment” and then asked him to “video tape” it.

        Boy o’ Boys o’ Boys, I’d be wealthy!

        Paul T McCain

  8. If someone is running away from me, never threatens or makes any motion to fire at me, and I shoot them in the back as they run, I’m pretty sure that’s murder. Morality is universal and applies the same to everyone, even those wearing government costumes.

    • Chris, sorry to upset your apple cart, but at least in Florida, an LEO can shoot a fleeing felon if the officer thinks he’s a threat to the community. Armed or not. In the back or not.

    • Something being legal does not make it moral. The government should not try to legislate morality, that is for the religious police to do.

      • rttgpaul, the asswipe just murdered your children (it’s happened) and he’s running away. He’ll probably do it again. How far do you want me to let him go? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to kill him if I can. Even if you don’t have the ass to do it.

      • We legislate morals all the time.

        Dont kill people – its bad.

        Dont take other people’s things – its bad.

        Dont want to legislate morals – go to Haiti, or Brazil. You dont have concertina wire (or broken bottles on top of your wall in Haiti) = you must want me to take your stuff.

  9. Over charged on this one. Did the suspect/perp fire his gun? I’m just curious as I didn’t see it in the artcle or video. Regardless, if he was fleeing with a gun in his hand the officer can say he shot him to prevent other people from being injured or killed and/or taken hostage. He’ll probably be acquitted but unable to find work as a police officer in the future after his department let’s him go. If politics enters the picture in a big way then he may be convicted of some lesser charge.

  10. These same dicks trashing cops are the ones crying for help from a COP next time there being mugged, robbed, threatened or basically in trouble over their heads.

    • I can honestly say I have never called the cops to help me. It’s not like I lived in a nice all white gated community where everyone is rich and armed. Calling the cops isn’t going to help me if I am in a situation where I need a man with a gun. I rather reach for a gun than a phone.

      If I was a socialist I would totally call the government to help me because I wouldn’t be capable of doing anything due to being reliant on others.

  11. Go watch the Khareem Hunt traffic stop video.
    White cop, young black man in a bad mental state, possibly intoxicated.
    Open bottle of vodka in the car and a bag of weed.
    The cop treat Hunt better than a brother would have.
    Promote this incident to refute the BLM BS.

  12. The fact that the perp was fleeing when he was shot might seal the deal on this one. It seems like when an armed perp flees, they usually just ditch the gun somewhere, and there’s little danger to the public at large. It’s going to be hard to convince anyone that shooting someone who was running away was a good move.

    • Most fleeing criminals don’t want to throw away the gun because they don’t want to give the evidence to the police. They will hold onto the gun as they flee even if it makes it harder to escape.

      If they were so dangerous they would use the gun instead of running only. It’s much easier to get away when you shoot the cop first.

        • I have witnessed many fleeing criminals hold onto the gun even when it’s pulling their pants down. The times I see them toss the gun is when they believe the cops can’t see where they threw it or when they know they can’t escape.

          Why would a criminal throw his gun on the ground knowing he is on camera with it and the cops are going to pick it up? Because if they don’t they will get shot in the back as they run?

          I guess criminals hold on to the gun because they think cops are good guys. What is going to happen when they stop believing that?

  13. All the tough guy keyboard warriors aside, I bet the officer thought (as he got out of his car and started to give chase) “my career is about to be over.”
    Bet he wishes he had just let the guy go. Why should the police try to protect anyone ?
    Why should the police look at anyone they come in contact with as anything but “the enemy.”

    • Young officer in my county I personally know was giving chase and got hit by a car and killed. So his career was over, too.

    • Every cop can choose to act like “everyone is the enemy”, but they should be prepared for every civilian to act like every cop is the enemy……
      Cops choose their profession….. I’m a lowly heating and air service tech….. the reason I’m a lowly service tech is because I knew instantly I wouldn’t be dumb enough to join the military and die for some political bs….I also knew that working for any government entity would not suit me due to quality of the people working for the government…
      I would not be a good fit…. being white and a no nonsense kinda guy…. lol…. I’m sure i’d be charged with some bs civil rights charges…

      This cops first mistake was expecting any government job to be a good fit for any white person…..
      If you’re not a little pansy or some social justice warrior, GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL HAVE YOUR ASS INTACT!

  14. That cop was set up to fail by the jerks who wanted him to be a killer. He shouldn’t be on trial. His so-called superiors should be the ones on trial.

    • The same kind of thing is happening in Army SOF right now. Brass complained that the training wasn’t real enough and operators didnt take it seriously enough.

      So training was made more realistic and a contractor role playing as a terrorist got a concussion when he apparently refused to use the “safe word” during a assault/capture HVT simulation. Which now has led to a general court martial for at least one highly decorated NCO.

    • I partly agree with you.

      All three should be on trial for conspiracy to commit murder. The cop that did the shooting should be charged with the killing too.

      We are always told that you have a duty to not follow unlawful orders.

  15. While there are plenty of screwup cops out there, this one feels like a management issue, without a doubt.

    Although if police management is encouraging cops to shoot fleeing suspects now, that explains a lot.

    Might be time to abolish some of these forces.

    • The police department should have never been created. America should go back to only having a sheriff’s office.

      • Hey, guys, I’m sorry, I have to tell you this. I suffer from high-functioning Downs Syndrome. Thanks for your understanding

  16. Don’t listen to gang members that want you to join them in their criminal activities. Do what is right regardless of the tribulations.

    Those two “leaders” want their followers to commit murder because that’s how they have been trained and they have immunity when they do it. Sickos.

    The first situation the young cop experienced worked out fine when he used proper force for the situation. Then he listened to a bunch of sinners… Now he is being rightfully judged for his crime. He will likely get off because he is a cop and he will argue peer pressure from leadership made him do it.

    It would be wrong for a cop to get away with killing a fleeing non violent man because he listened to other grown men’s opinions. He is old enough to understand right from wrong. He made a huge mistake pulling the trigger and lying about what happened.

    First time in history a Nashville cop committed murder!? Of course not. It’s just the first time the American people are holding their government servants responsible for their criminal acts. I bet the people that charged him were not all white males.

    No more privileges and immunity will make the government behave like the rest of us. Equality under law is a bitch.

    • Murder 1 is a joke in this case.

      Barring something really strange there’s no way they prove premeditation because there isn’t any.

      • They likely charged him with first degree because that is very hard to prove.

        However, he did admit that he didn’t want to shoot someone he didn’t have to because he heard from the public that such an act would be wrong. Then he admitted that he was ordered to shoot dead the next person he confronts during a similar situation, which means he was planning to kill whoever was unlucky to have him chasing them. He already made up his mind that he would shoot dead the next black guy because he was given the okay by his command.

        Government gave itself the power to murder if the suspect fleeing is a felon or is armed. Doesn’t matter if the person wasn’t an immediate threat to life nor just committed a murder. If you run you die.

        Imagine if you had the government given privilege to shoot fleeing criminals who didn’t commit a crime against you. Wouldn’t that be fun? Well, maybe not for you, otherwise you would be a cop.

        • “Then he admitted that he was ordered to shoot dead the next person he confronts during a similar situation, which means he was planning to kill…”

          Non sequitur. You have no evidence that he planned to follow orders. It’s entirely possible that he was ordered to do something which he generally decided not to do and that this incident simply occurred in a way that forced his hand.

          “He already made up his mind that he would shoot dead the next black guy because he was given the okay by his command.”

          Speculation on your part.

        • @strych9

          If he didn’t shoot the man he would have gotten in trouble a second time after he had been told he didn’t follow his training and the department’s policy. For his career’s sake he did what he was told to do the next time he found himself in a similar situation with another black man. He didn’t shoot the first man because he was afraid he would get in trouble with the public. Once he was told he would get in trouble with his department he made the decision to shoot as ordered/trained because upsetting his department was worse than upsetting public relations.

        • Cool story bro. Unfortunately it boils down to you claiming to know all possible outcomes of a number of scenarios and claiming to read the man’s mind.

          While others may be of a different opinion I’m not buying what you’re selling here for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is that your claim flies in the face of a few million data points.

          You’ve got some minor circumstantial evidence, some assumptions, a bunch of guesswork and an apparent claim to clairvoyance. That’s about it. Personally I’m going to roll with actual data on the topic, evolutionary biology and what’s known about the human psyche.

      • In the Drejka case I made an educated guess as to what the state would argue, I was entirely correct in my “assumption.” I am certain the argument for this case will be very similar to what I laid out.

        Conviction is always hard to get, regardless of the facts, when it comes to police.

        I have been aware of this case since the day of the shooting. I watched the videos and read the statements as soon as they were made available.

        We will have to wait until the court videos come out. I will watch and learn like I did the Drejka case. Then you can tell me how wrong I am.

  17. Not that any of the rabid Faragoite cop bashers would care, but…the man who was shot, Hambrick, has faced more than 40 charges over ten years, most related to drugs and illegal weapons. He had been convicted 11 times.

    Also…a felon in posession of a firearm, aggravated robbery, resisting and evading arrest and criminal impersonation.

    A model citizen.

        • There are two issues.

          1) We might not like the guy’s past but that’s separate from this instance. His previous issues were adjudicated. Whether we or the cop likes the outcome of those cases doesn’t matter. The cop doesn’t get to punish the guy in his own personal way just because he doesn’t like the man’s past.

          2) Unless the cop has personally dealt with this guy before he can’t know the guy’s rap sheet until he’s positively identified the guy and gotten that information.

          So, the dead dude’s past is immaterial either way.

          That leaves us with a fleeing suspect who is armed. I don’t know Tennesee law on the subject but it seems to me that the cop, based on these facts alone, has a decent argument for shooting the BG. In some states the cop would obviously be good to go legally speaking. Either way, Murder 1, is a laughable overcharging here unless there is something really, really strange going on.

          We don’t need to muddle the waters with extraneous bullshit that’s not germane to the situation anyway.

        • if the leo did know of the actor previously i would think that it absolutely might influence action.

    • The government has no legal authority to prohibit drugs and arms. The constitution prohibits government from passing any infringement against owning and carrying weapons. There hasn’t been any amendments to prohibit particular drugs like they did with alcohol.

      Drug and weapon possession laws have no victim. There is no moral authority in passage of such rules. Those “laws” were passed to imprison blacks. Once in prison the 13th Amendment can force them into slavery once again.

      You wouldn’t consider a beer drinking or selling American to be a horrible monster that needs to be put in a cage, right? If you did, that would make you a Muslim.

      • Oh stop it. Inmates in prison is not comparable to slavery. Not in any universe. You are either a leftist troll or have been brainwashed by a university. I recommend you go visit a prison. Seriously. You can contact a warden and ask to visit one for research purposes. You will not be allowed photography but they will show you every place in the prison.

        • 13th Amendment

          Section 1.

          Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

      • Please bear with me here. I suffer from a high-function level of stupidity, they call it “Downs” … thanks.

    • so what you are saying is he was such a bad guy that the Courts did not do due justice by not keeping him locked up…….if this had happened he would still be alive.

  18. “Hambrick’s family filed a lawsuit last March against Delke and Nashville’s government seeking $30 million and alleging Hambrick’s shooting was at least partly motivated by race.”

    The family wants justice $$$.

    • Justice would be three cops in prison. Telling the cops to steal money from residents to pay off your family is not justice at all.

      • You seem like you are simply deranged with hatred for police. You are downright silly. There’s nothing illegal about such hatred, but it is ignorant and self destructing. Men have fought wars against other men with less hatred in their hearts then you have for police. You should look into therapy for such intense emotional despair.

        • Sounds like someone needs to go back in time to the days where the founders of the U.S. government spoke with discontent of men creating such an armed standing force that will take life, liberty and property. If you think I have hatred in my heart you should read their writings.

        • That’s misconstrued. The founders of America were by no means fans of anarchy which you seem to advocating for. The type of revolution you seem to be yearning for is less American and more French.

  19. I think officer Delke did his job by the book and came home alive. This is a horrible political stunt by the DA.

  20. I know a lot of you guys don’t like it, but a a lot of these guys deserve to be shot. Black, white. Chest, back. Head. It doesn’t matter. If he was in your kitchen would you offer him ice tea? He’s a bad guy. Kill him. That is really all that matters.

  21. Guys, you know that an armed threat doesn’t stop being a threat just because they turn their back, right?

    If any of you conceal carriers have to draw your gun, are you going to stand in the middle of the street Wild West style and shoot it out? I hope not. If it’s me, I’m going to get to cover before shooting if at all possible. If that cover is behind me I may very well turn and run towards it. I’m still in the fight. I’m still a threat to the bad guy. If necessary I can turn and fire very, very quickly- and all the better if I can do it from cover.

    Not only that, but an armed suspect trying to flee (as opposed to find cover) is also still a threat. What is the cop supposed to do in this situation? Run after him? What’s the guy going to do if you start catching up? What’s he going to do if another cop comes around the corner in front of him?

    We know the answer, of course- from a practical standpoint, the cop should have let him go. Not shot him, because some elected nitwit is going to try and (legally) crucify him. Not chase him, because that’s an easy way to get murdered because a suspect armed with a gun is still dangerous.

    By far the best solution is to find an excuse to let him get away. Where I worked there was a policy rule that any foot pursuit was to be terminated if conducted by a lone officer on losing sight of a suspect (i.e. around a corner, etc). It was to prevent situations where the bad guy could turn a corner, pull a gun and ambush a pursuing officer. If this cop were smart where he works he would have lost sight of the guy pretty quick. And if he were smarter he and every other patrol cop there would stop doing anything that might actually involve coming into contact with criminals and these damned-if-you-do, dead-if-you-don’t situations.

  22. Will my post post? I just watched 1Adam 12 ,they could have shot the guy but didn’t , when ask why he didn’t shootzen officer what’s his name said he didn’t have to. I’ve noticed over the years the police have become a little more jumpy then they used to be but I think that’s kinda because the criminals are getting a little meaner., and most of them have a gunm now. Back in the 60’s the street gangs fought with chains, ball bats, blades and bottles, now they all got shootzen fasters. Moma don’t tell her kinders ” You can trust a Policeman” anymore either, probably because she’s learned she can’t. It starts with the argument over the speedometer reading and snowballs from there until Moma is face down in the mud with a knee behind her neck. That’s the way you get respect from the younger generation, forced respect is easier to aquire then earning it, and humans seem to take the path of least resistance. I really think society could do without police and laws, that’s not a crazy as it sounds, eventually everything would work out for the better because when you get shotgunmed down for stealing a bicycle , and there’s no law or no one to stop it from happening stealing bicycles just isn’t worth it.

  23. If the perp had dropped the weapon as he was running away…..not good for the po lice. Had the perp dropped it and the po lice was not aware of this…….not so bad. If the perp was still carrying….GOOD SHOT

  24. He ain’t did nuthin. He were a good boy and he be goin’ to collitch to be a brain surgeon.

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