Emergency personnel work near the scene of an explosion in downtown Nashville, Tenn., Friday, Dec. 25, 2020. Buildings shook in the immediate area and beyond after a loud boom was heard early Christmas morning.(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)
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By now you’re aware of the bombing that took place in Nashville, Tennessee on Christmas day. If you’re thinking it isn’t a gun-related issue because, bomb, you’re only partially correct. The way the bombing played out gives us a valuable reminder to be aware of our surroundings and not to fall prey to normalcy bias.

From The Tennessean:

“Nashville is turning from relief to resolve, Mayor John Cooper said Friday evening after an early morning explosion downtown upended Christmas Day and caused destruction for several blocks.

No known suspects nor motive have been announced behind a bomb that detonated inside a parked RV on Nashville’s historic Second Avenue near Lower Broadway.

Police have found what they believe are human remains but had not confirmed any fatalities.”

The source of the bomb was, as stated above, an RV. It’s worth noting the people behind the bombing were polite enough to put a warning on the RV prior to the blast.

This image taken from surveillance video provided by Metro Nashville PD shows a recreational vehicle that was involved in a blast on Friday, Dec. 25, 2020 in Nashville, Tenn. An explosion shook the largely deserted streets early Christmas morning, shattering windows, damaging buildings and wounding some people. Police were responding to a report of shots fired when they encountered a recreational vehicle blaring a recording that said a bomb would detonate in 15 minutes, Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake said. Police evacuated nearby buildings and called in the bomb squad. (Metro Nashville PD via AP)

This from the New York Post:

“The RV that blew up in Nashville on Friday morning was playing a recording that warned it was going to explode, the city’s police chief said.

The recording said “a potential bomb would detonate within 15 minutes,” Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake said during an afternoon news conference.

Officers who had responded to reports of shots fired in the area “decided to evacuate the buildings nearby” and were knocking on doors when the RV exploded, Drake said.”

Yes, there were injuries, but no reporting deaths, even though they found human remains. Let’s move past the horror and outrage of this bombing – of any bombing – and consider what this reminds us as gun owners about normalcy bias.

What is normalcy bias? It’s the tendency to see what you expect to see. It’s when you ignore a threat or warning because it isn’t expected or a normal part of your life. Normalcy bias gets people injured and killed. This time the attacker warned people that the RV was going to explode. How many people ignored that warning, assuming it was a prank or at least something not to be taken seriously?

It’s something Mas Ayoob talks about as well. People have this inherent belief that bad things could never happen to them and end up going through the following stages revolving around an attack: first, it can’t happen to me…second, wait, is this really happening to me?…third…oh, hell, it IS happening to me.

In those spaces do you think the frozen, shocked victim is responding well to the threat or are they getting pummeled or killed due to their complacency?

As gun owners, it’s also a risk that you might feel somehow invulnerable to the threats non-gun-owners are beset by because hey, you have a gun! It doesn’t work that way.

Carrying a gun is an enormous responsibility and it does you no good to have it if you aren’t alert to your surroundings. Can you shoot a bomb? No, but you can pay attention to what is going on and get out of a suspicious area. Just because something seems to ludicrous to be believed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously.

Better to potentially overreact by leaving an area you’re thinking could possibly be dangerous than to be maimed or killed because normalcy bias or ego convince you to stay put.

Beware normalcy bias. Learn to pay attention to your surroundings. Live to fight another day, guys.

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  1. I believe most gun owners are now rid of the normalcy bias, after all that has happened in the past year.
    At least, I hope so,

    • Your points on normalcy bias are well-founded.

      However, Nashville is a horrible example.

      When people started reporting the gunshots, the parked RV was mentioned to 911. There are multiple reports from witnesses that the police had checked the vehicle out by 5:30 am as it is unusual for an RV to downtown and even more unusual for it to be parked. It was noticed, but at that point, the gunshots were the focus. When the messages started playing, peopled believed it and left because of how unusual the situation was.

      Normalcy Basis could have been an issue If the attack used a van, box truck, a food truck, or a bus of some type. Any of those vehicles are common in that part of town and often parked.

      Nashville is strong and we stick together. Lookup any Natural Disaster that has happened in Nashville in the past decade. When something bad happens, we help our neighbors. When they open up the Crime scene I have no doubt that volunteers will show up to help our neighors recover.

    • You really have to be dumb to not get the message when the man is firing off guns and playing a message to evacuate or die. The cops stayed away. Not everyone got the message and had to experience the blast.

      The man wanted to bomb the cellphone building because he thought it was causing harm. He was into all the Trump conspiracies that Trump and his fans put out. Hence why he played the warning message and waited a long time to blow up the vehicle.

      • You don’t actually know any of that.

        You’re just regurgitating wild speculation from social media.

        This guy or girl, or transgender, could’ve done it for any reason.

      • Censor is really a remarkable guy; in an article about the dangers of seeing what you expect to see, he definitively states, absent any evidence that he knows the motives and political beliefs of the perpetrator(s). In other words, he’s seeing what he expects to see, and the article he just read didn’t even cause him to have a second thought about that reaction. It’s a remarkable ability, one that will help advance his career in The Party.

    • I’d like to add for everyone’s awareness, another box truck in TN was recently stopped playing the same, or a similar recording. The driver is in custody. There isn’t much info outside of that right now.

      Could be the start of some wider effort with some organization behind it. As to who or why there really isn’t any info at all.

  2. Everyone who benefits from this kaboom is a democrat or is associated with election fraud. So the Federales nab a dead white guy who didn’t like 5G. I certainly believe that. Millions wouldn’t, but I do.

    • “So the Federales nab a dead white guy who didn’t like 5G.”

      The DNA results need to verified, but it’s suspected the ‘person of interest’ is in tiny decomposing pieces now…

        • We have a winner! And as special thank you, the Chinese government would like to remind you that you never have to work another day in your life and will be sending everyone involved in the investigation a token of gratitude in the form of an electronic transfer of funds…

        • Case closed? How so?
          Who was the (possible) person inside? The owner of the RV? The dead owner of a stolen RV that was then used as an IED?
          Why was the RV blown up?
          Were there any other people connected to the incident?
          The case is far from closed.

      • They call those “smithereens.” It’s a highly technical term. Most people outside of the kaboom business wouldn’t know it.

    • In the UK telephone workers are assaulted and attacked by locals who think anyone with a white truck is installing 5G brain altering equipment meant to cause cancer, or something like that. It’s reached ridiculous levels already. Even plain old telephone men are confronted and have to run out of the town.

      We need more tin hats and spaghetti strainers on people’s heads.

      • Are you not aware of the brain altering radiation that the 5G system is broadcasting 24/7?

        Just how do you think they’re going to control the micro chips they’re implanting in you through the Covid hoax fake vaccine?

        The attack on the AT&T switching Center was actually a Q&Anon drone strike from a standoff position over the grand ‘ol Opry.

        The next part of the attack includes a ‘precipitation bomb’ using dihydrogen oxide over the entire city.

        Never forget, giga-hurts!

  3. This is one of those incidents for which we will never know the truth, just like the Las Vegas massacre. The FBI and the ATF will hide evidence and spin lies. Remember: despite a confession by Eric Robert Rudolph, and evidence accepted in court, the FBI still has not exonerated Richard Jewel.

    The Department of Justice needs to be soaked in Clorox, rinsed, and re-staffed with patriots.

    • The reason they hide evidence and lies because they already know the truth.

      Abolish them both, and take the CIA with them.

      • You know chief, I’m glad you’ve finally decided to just openly be a Democrat now.

        That shit you used to pull about being a libertarian or conservative or independent while shilling for your communist gods was insanely annoying.

      • Biden is a career criminal and sadly you seem to be a fan of his. The CCP in China gave his drug addicted son $1.5 Billion dollars event though he had zero experience in anything other than smoking crack cocaine. That is $1,500,000,000 The money was obviously paid to buy the vice presidents influence.

        Add the shakedown of Ukraine where Hunter was paid millions to sit on the board of directors of a corrupt energy company called Barisma. Did you see the video of Joe Biden boasting about how he got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was about to prosecute Barisma for fraud? Maybe you simply don’t care.

        The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop that he abandoned proves conclusively that Biden used his son as a bagman to collect money for his influence while he was VP. The entire Biden family can be summed up as a crime family and you as an idiot like him. What the Hell is wrong with you?

        I guess that you must watch MSNBC for your news or CNN. They are an extension of the democratic party. I feel sorry or you that you have been so easily fooled.

        By the way, Trump made the US energy independent and the world’s largest exporter of oil and natural gas. Trump brought peace to the middle east. Look how many countries have made peace with Israel.

        Under the Trump administration more people had jobs than at any time in US history. Trump brought American jobs back from China and many other countries.

        More black and Hispanic people were employed than any time since records were kept until the Chinese virus was intentionally released. The US economy was the strongest in world history.

        Compare all that to that Marxist fairy Obama. How dare you pull President Trump down. He is the best president since George Washington. You are obviously either a complete and utter moron or a paid troll.

        Of interest, Kamala Harris is ineligible for the office of either the vice presidency or the presidency. At the time of her birth both her parents were in the US on foreign student visas. Her father was a citizen of Jamaica and her mother was a citizen of India. You really need to at least try to wake up.

        On final note, what the Hell are you doing on a pro gun site? Biden has sworn to levy huge taxes and regulations on all firearms, ammunition and he wants to put a $200 fee on all high capacity magazines as part of the long term goal to ban all firearm possession. Are you a troll who is being paid to post here?

        I challenge you to write back to me. You can email me at [email protected] and use all the foul language you can come up with. We can fight this out online. You are a moron.

        • “I guess that you must watch MSNBC for your news or CNN.”

          That isn’t even necessary. Have you noticed the level of propaganda in movies lately? I watched a recently made movie last week. An FBI agent was grilling the “bad guy” who of course was a wealthy banker. The banker was talking about his younger brother who didn’t care for big banking. The FBI agent said his brother sounds like a liberal, but you strike as more of someone on the right. Get it? He’s an evil capitalist! The funny part that the useful idiots that believe this stuff don’t realize is that Wall Street and Big Banking is firmly on the side of democrats. They’ve supported the democrat presidential candidate every time since at least 2008. The democrats only market themselves as being against the financial sector. Hillary kept carrying on about sticking it to the hedge fund managers while her son-in-law was simultaneously raking in cash for HIS hedge fund. His fund was a complete failure that had to close after Hillary’s loss. People were only investing with him to buy influence. How do I know that? Because very well known successful investors were investing in a failed fund. Why would they do that?

          Back to the movie, the FBI agent and the evil banker brought up the current situation (2020 election), and the banker said he was going to stay out of it! In other words, the evil republican wasn’t going to vote for Trump. This had absolutely nothing to do with the plot. You don’t even have to watch the news anymore. Everywhere you turn, from movies to sports to music to education to corporations, it’s political, and always in one direction.

        • “Wall Street and Big Banking is firmly on the side of democrats.”

          Dude, you do know that the Löfflers own the New York stock exchange, right?

          “Intercontinental Exchange, owner of the New York Stock Exchange, defended the propriety of stock sales of up to $3 million by CEO Jeffrey Sprecher and his wife Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Georgia.
          The sales came in the weeks after Loeffler and other senators received a private briefing from Trump administration officials in late January about the coronavirus outbreaks.“

          You people are clueless about reality.

          The rich bankers on Wall Street are laughing at you, as you continue to support their chosen candidates, including their fellow millionaire Donald Trump.

        • “They’ve supported the democrat presidential candidate every time since at least 2008.”

          I didn’t just make that up Miner.

          “Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has received more than $74 million in donations from those working in the securities and investment industry, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.”

          “By comparison, Wall Street has donated $18 million to Trump’s reelection campaign”


        • Good one dude!

          From the article you cite:

          “At a campaign rally last week, Trump claimed that he could outraise Biden if he wanted to, saying, “All I have to do is call up the head of every Wall Street firm, head of every major company, the head of every major energy company, ‘Do me a favor, send me $10 million for my campaign.’ ”

          Trump said he would not ask for more money from Wall Street because “if I do that I’m totally compromised.”

          Trump said it plainly, he has a deep relationship with the leadership on Wall Street who is ready to fund him millions but he realizes public donations like that would tip his hand and show the American public his true allegiance is to Wall Street CEOs like Kelly Löffler and her husband.

        • Yes, I read the article. As usual, you refuted nothing, but you did admit that Trump said he didn’t want to be compromised by Wall Street unlike that other guy…

    • The truth is already clear where Mandalay Bay is concerned. Paddock was an FBI pilot. It was a government run black market arms deal gone bad that led to an impromptu Islamic terror attack on a target of opportunity. Any other conclusion can only be reached through inadequate research.

      I’m serious, look into it. It’s not hard to find, even now. Unless your threshold for “proof” is a government spokesman saying it, there’s more than enough evidence on the web for you to resch the same conclusion with confidence.

      • “Paddock was an FBI pilot.“

        Involved in an “impromptu” Islamic terrorist attack?

        Clearly, you’ve been standing too close to a 5G cell site and your brain is completely fried.

        You need a better grade of aluminum foil to line your red ball cap, may I suggest oven foil, it’s a heavier gauge and may more effectively stop the electromagnetic radiation.

  4. One of my most embarrassing moments was when I was walking out of a grocery store with my family, heading towards my truck and seeing that a squad car had parked right by my vehicle. I saw it, and instead of stopping and analyzing the situation, I just kept walking my wife and my two young kids towards it. It was only when I was about 15 yards away that I realized that two officers were drawn down on three people in the car beside mine, demanding that they drop the weapons they were holding. I backed up real quick then, but dang it, I felt soooo pathetic. I’d nearly walked my family into a gunfight because I’d assumed that that couldn’t happen in a “good neighborhood.” I’m a lot more cautious now because of it, but man, it still hurts to know how close I, as the supposed protector of my family, had come to getting them hurt or killed through lack of awareness.

    • Two neighbors drew weapons on burglars in my “safe” neighborhood in the past 2 months. I’m not a holstered up carrying gun owner however I’m looking for a comfortable rig to carry one of my compacts around the house. It’s easy to blame the Wuhan flu, economy, BLM, etc but maybe it’s a natural progression of criminals looking for fresh territory.

        • Holy crap, your excellent product placement has helped rid me of my poor situational awareness! Thank you, Random Product!!!

          Ps: diamond d leather actually is awesome. I use their butt cuff on my marlin 336 and friggin love it. No clue who that next brand is though…

      • Milt Sparks, TT Gunleather, Warbird, you’ll have to do some searching for that one. Paul doesn’t have a website and keeps plenty busy.
        Vedder and Garrett Industries for kydex.

      • Look into a “Sneaky Pete” belt holster. They look just like a cellphone pouch and fit right on your belt. they are also legal for concealed carry providing you have a CCW permit. I wear one of two. One carries an M&P.40 and the other a little Ruger LCPII if I am just around the house or the shops. While a .380 micro gun is not the best defense gun it sure as Hell beats throwing rocks.

  5. Regarding normalcy bias: nothing feels normal. Masks, closures, unconsttuional lockdowns, sky-high stock prices in a sinking economy, a dying restaurant industry, BLM and Antifa marauding and extorting with impunity, Unversities telling us we cannot say the word ‘picnic’ because 100 years ago some terrorists used that word to refer to a lynching, parents losing custody of children because the parents resisted gender reassignment treatment for the child, gay transvestites recruiting young children in public libraries, religious freedom under attack, and even the Supreme Court cowed by leftist violence. Fell free to expand its list. There is plenty more.

    No normalcy bias, here. Just an awareness that self-defense is more complex than ever.

    • Lifesavor,

      If anything, 2020 kicked all normalcy bias off the curb, and 2021 will have many of us walking around with our heads on a swivel, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

      • Tru Dat! And upping our carry gear. I used to be happy with a S&W Model 10, and no reloads. Not no more. Now it’s high cap semi auto, spare mags, a BUG, and 2 blades every day.

        • GG,

          Yup. Upped my EDC to an M&P 9c, from a G23. Higher capacity, longer barrel, faster sight-picture. What do you use for a BUG?

  6. Avoiding normalcy bias requires cultivating a healthy sense of paranoia. Given the events of the past year, anyone who is paying attention should have cultivated said sense by now.

    To support that healthy sense of paranoia, eat well and exercise, be aware of current events, talk to your neighbors, and don’t fall into a mindless routine. Personally, I avoid going out after dark and try and get my business done early in the day.

    And I always carry. Always.

  7. It gets tiring to stay in condition “yellow” 24/7. Humans have an innate tendency to get lazy and complacent. It is a constant struggle.

  8. If they determine he was a Republican we’ll hear about this for weeks and Joe and the Ho will come up with some kind of plan. Democrat registration means he’s forgotten by Friday. Neighbors will provide narrative.

    Republican means we need to take a close look at all those trumpers with RVs in their back yard. Call the police if anyone you don’t like has a Trump sign and a camper. Democrat means it’s no biggie and just a one off. Feel sorry for him and maybe the businesses destroyed, as long as the right kind of people owned them.

    That’s the filtering the media has for these things. Why he did it is filtered by whatever they find out about his positions or interests.

    Curious why he gave to houses away to the hottie in California. She’s being guarded with the media, probably for good reasons.

  9. Situation Awareness, Rules of Engagement, Identification Friend or Foe are always in order because complacency kills. As for Nashville, obviously people were not the target but what was and why? These are deep issues. The complexity of things involved with the AT&T resource center spin omni-directional. We are rapidly converging on 5 and 6 Jan 21 where who knows what calamities will result. If you were ever a boy scout it is surely time to “be prepared”.

  10. Relax everybody, it’s just more of the Alex Jones crazy conspiracy theories you guys love so much.

    Of course, it is true that 5G is how they control the micro chips they are implanting in you with the fake Covid vaccine but it’s really for your own good.

    As the Republican congressman said, “just relax and enjoy it.”


    What a bunch of pathetic whack a doodles who do not understand the electromagnetic radiation spectrum and believe the earth is flat.

    • Yes it’s all crazy conspiracy theories. It’s debunked I tell you. Nonetheless, the total deaths from the covid alone are 19800 in the US. This is fact and comes from the CDC. Won’t be reported anywhere. The media is running with 300,000. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see we are being lied to. Where this is headed is going to hurt you as well. It’s not just the crazy “right wingers”

      • Reuters:

        “The claim that the CDC “admitted that only 6% of… (COVID-19-related) deaths recorded actually died from Covid” is false, because the remaining 94% of cases were instances of comorbidity (the existence of two or more conditions or illnesses in a patient). This does not exclude COVID-19, but combines it with other illnesses, often triggered by the new coronavirus itself.

        Iterations of the claim on Facebook include an authentic screenshot of a dataset on comorbidities from the CDC’s provisional COVID-19 death count page ( here ). Although text above Table 3 says, “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned,” the CDC did not mean that the other 94% of individuals did not die from novel coronavirus infection.

        The table’s left-most column, labeled “Conditions Contributing to Deaths where COVID-19 was listed on the death certificate,” includes both serious complications from COVID-19 infection — such as respiratory failure, pneumonia, and adult respiratory distress syndrome ( here ) – as well as pre-existing conditions that increase the risk of severe illness from COVID-19, such as diabetes and obesity ( here ).

        An emailed statement to Reuters from the Mortality Statistics Branch at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) said death certificates, filled out by a physician, medical examiner, or coroner, list any causes or conditions that contributed to the person’s death, determined based on the medical expertise of that professional. The condition “that began the chain of events that ultimately led to the person’s death” is considered the person’s “underlying cause of death.”

        • You have terrific copy and paste skills.

          Too bad you are just a victim. Miner, if you ever get out of your shell and start looking for things that you don’t like to see, then maybe people here will give a fuck about what you say… I mean, what you copy and paste from biased news sources. That Google algorithm got you by the balls, boy.

          Actual article of biased bullshit:


          Word for fucking word. Troll.

          Saying something as dumb as “if they had not gotten the infection they would still be alive” is the same as saying “if they had not gotten the flu with their already complicated health problems at their ages and physical natures, they would still be alive” Because that is exactly how it was referring to their health. They simply got sick.

          99.97% cure ratio. Argue that.

        • “Word for fucking word. Troll.“

          Monty, did you somehow miss the very top of my post where I credited Reuters?

          “Reuters: “

          I’m sorry, I missed your statement about being an experienced epidemiology who has studied viral outbreaks, sorry about that, would you please share your CV so we have a better understanding of your education and experience?

          Or is it possible your source is Alex Jones and Q&Anon?

          Meanwhile Kelly Löffler and her husband, the CEO of the company that owns the New York Stock Exchange, are laughing at you as you write them checks for their campaign to give control of the United States Senate to the Wall Street bankers.

          Your rubes have been snickered by billionaire city Slickers, how embarrassing for you.

  11. Avatar
    Denny • 6 hours ago
    It was a false flag, there are several videos showing a Missile trail going down right before the explosion.
    Watch this video, just to the right edge of the third pole on the right as soon as the video starts.
    The smoke trail clears just as the explosion begins. Why would they clear the airspace?
    Spread this wide before YouTube takes it down.
    Share ›
    AvatarGeryG • an hour agoThe AT&T building was owned Cerebus Capital, a private equity group made up of Carlyle Group veterans, like Hooten Yagoobzadeh. (Dominion partner).
    In December 2019, it just so happens, Yagoobzadeh acquired Dominion Voting Systems through yet another private equity firm. Coincidence?
    Valerie Biden Owens (Joe Biden’s sister) is married to John Owens. His brother, R. Kevin Owens, is founder of Staple Street Investors, which owns Dominion Voting. Staple Street Capital is a private equity firm founded in 2009 based in New York. The co-founders are Stephen D. Owens and Hootan Yaghoobzadeh.
    People are asking why Nashville? Why AT&T? Some say that AT&T’s Nashville data center is the hub that covers Georgia. An outage map shows that Atlanta is being affected.
    Did the building house the servers that would prove election fraud in that state? Is that why demonrat Nashville Mayor John Cooper was smiling during his televised statements about the bombing?
    Pursuant to the Patriot Act, that data center contains an NSA intercept facility to monitor communications, leading one to ask, have NSA surveillance capabilities been affected by the explosion? Was this a message to the NSA?

        • Did not I tell you it was a drone strike?

          The Soros Airlines drone was positioned above the Grand ‘Ol Opry and used fire and forget avionics to launch the missile once the target was acquired.

          How many letters in Nashville?
          Nine. Number 9, number 9…

          How many justices on the United States Supreme Court? 9.

          Plan 9 from outer space…

          What rough beast, it’s hour come ‘round at last, slouches its way towards Bethlehem…

          The End Times draweth nigh, repent!

        • I had read about one piece of that that story before the bomb which was the tie between Dominion and Cerberus Capital. I haven’t heard about the rest.

          The building was owned by BellSouth which is owned by AT&T, or at least that’s who’s been paying taxes since 2010.
          The deed reference isn’t a property description showing a grantor and grantee, so I’m not sure who owned it before without checking an index. It was filed on 2/23/09, and is nothing but a copy of articles of merger for the Georgia corporation effective 12/31/91.

          I don’t know about a drone strike, but there’s footage showing that the explosion originated across the street from the RV.

        • “South Central Bell acquired it in 1971.“

          Of course it’s the phone company!

          Dude, since you like to quote from Hollywood movies so much, I’m surprised you missed the movie that completely explains this conspiracy.

          “The president’s analyst”

          One of Lee Marvin’s best roles, watch and learn, grasshopper.

        • I prefer to check the source documents myself instead of relying on the information gatekeepers to filter the news for me. Take the “Russian disinformation” hoax that the news media pushed recently to help Biden. Top former intelligence officials signed a letter stating that the Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation. They did this because they knew the fake news media would run with the story to cover for Biden. I have a copy of the letter. Within the letter, the “experts” literally say, “we do not have evidence of Russian involvement.”

        • Dude, you mention dominion is owned by Cerberus capital and you also say you like to view the source documents.

          What source document did you find that links those two corporations?

          “Some of the posts attempted to further link AT&T to Dominion by claiming a former owner of the AT&T building was a board member of a firm that owns Dominion.

          Cerberus Capital Management, the firm named in the posts, does not own Dominion, nor does it own the company that does own Dominion, Staple Street Capital.

          “Dominion has no connection to AT&T, the building, Nashville, family members of the Bidens or the Clintons, and Staple Street is not owned by Cerberus,” said Tony Fratto, a partner at the PR firm Hamilton Place Strategies who emailed the AP on behalf of Dominion. “These are conspiracies manufactured out of whole cloth.”

  12. As a teacher, I touch on this in two places in my class. The first is in my introduction where I talk about trust and favoritism. The second is when I do the blind spot experiment with them.

    In both cases I stress to them that the reality is simple, we see what we expect to see.

  13. I’m a bit unhappy with the reporting on this incident. The cops keep saying

    “The recording said “a potential bomb would detonate within 15 minutes,” Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake said during an afternoon news conference.”

    but the video we have doesn’t say that.

    Which is it?

  14. Danger Danger Will Robinson the RV is about to blow.
    Turn the propane stove on, light a candle and wait or whatever. If it isn’t a pressure cooker it’s an RV but never mind any of that it’s those braces we need to be concerned about. Welcome to the crackerbox palace.

  15. ANNNNND as of right now4:04pm cst they have “identified” the mad bomber. So they say. And slow Joe won fair n square. Nothing to see here-move along peasants!!!

  16. You can ban any gun you want but it will never make any difference because guns are not the problem.

    You can label certain places like schools as ‘gun free zone’ but means nothing as criminals don’t obey laws.

    You can love Trump or hate him. It really doesn’t matter because it isn’t about Trump. ‘Liking’ Trump is not a requirement.

    You can install anti-virus software on your computer but it doesn’t do any good if you never run it and persist in going to dangerous sites.

    You can find someone (like Trump) to blame for the Wuhan virus if you want. That won’t change anything. The best way to stay healthy is with good hygiene and better wisdom in the places you go and what you do there.

    We are told to use ‘the science’ but then people forget that the primary drivers for Earth’s climate is the sun, the moon, and the internal molten core of it. But let’s just all go hysterical and claim the extinction of the human race will be for using spray on deodorants.

    The bottom line is…
    Lift your eyes off of Facebook/Twitter for a minute to see a bigger picture. There is a lot more going on.

    • In China there have been mass stabbing attacks at schools which claimed the lives of 20-30 children each. Proves a) guns aren’t the problem and it is the perpetrator, and b) if guns aren’t available, knives, arson, explosives, and other means will be used.

  17. @ President Elect Lifesavor says: “What do you use for a BUG?”

    Sorry, that’s classified. So are any other details besides what I posted already.

  18. Its good to have internet and phone service again. This was an deliberate attack on the communication systems of this country.

    Anyone with ATT had no service since about 1:30pm Saturday. From Kentucky thru Tennessee to Georgia service was disrupted. Giving a warning for people to leave the area,means nothing.

    I wonder how many people who couldn’t get 911 service, died unable to get in contact with EMS, fire, or the police? Or how many hospitals who were relying on AT&T for their phone network operations, were not able to talk to each other inside their own Hospital building?

    Did their patients become worse in their condition? Perhaps even die?
    My phone service came back on after 2pm Sunday.

    After the Mandalay Bay attack and the attacks against President Trump by the Deep State, I no longer trust the FBI or the BATFE whatsoever.
    Their investigation will be suspect. I’d believe the local and state cops first.

    • “the Mandalay Bay attack”

      Don’t you know, the shooter was an FBI pilot who was conducting an impromptu Muslim terrorist attack.

      One of your fellow posters has solved the case, his info is above so check it out, it’s fascinating!

        • Hey, I’m just posting with others on this list have commented.

          If it sounds crazy (it is) don’t blame me, it’s your fellow TTAGers opinion, not mine.

    • “After the Mandalay Bay attack and the attacks against President Trump by the Deep State, I no longer trust the FBI”

      And they’ve done nothing since to make people believe that anything has changed. Has all of the RV footage been released? Don’t filter it, release it all. Let’s see the guy pull up. Let’s see any other suspicious activity beforehand. Where exactly did the explosion originate? Where were those shots fired? Why did it take so long to release all of the George Floyd footage? Why didn’t they want people to know he was being put in the car first? It’s almost like they had to build a narrative first.

      • I agree. There will be camera footage of this RV from every street. And on the freeway. The coverup has already started.

      • If you had more familiarity with investigative procedures, you’d realize that the authorities will not release much of the evidence until the investigation has been completed.

        Of course, I understand why many of you were confused, the 39 GHz electromagnetic radiation from the multiple dipole array MIMO can cause ‘mental fog’ in many subjects.

        The worst is yet to come, the next strike will be a ‘precipitation bomb’ that will cover the city with a frozen vapor of dihydrogen oxide, a known threat to all primate life.

  19. I live in Nashville (Franklin, a suburb)

    1. Poor system redundancy….relative small disaster (only ONE facility damaged, not destroyed) knocks out ATT data/internet and cell for much of region. I had no cell or home internet for two days. No that really did not bother me, but you would think a company with the resources and infrastructure of that magnitude would have services back fairly quickly. The airport had to ground flights do to data disruption.

    2. No 911 service in my county and many others……YES you are on your own. Again I am ok with that regarding crime, but what about someone who has a fire or medical emergency.

    Just some thoughts.

  20. So it appears the police knew Warner was making bombs a year ago, they had witnesses who had observed the construction of explosive devices, but the police did nothing but knock on the door.

    Warner refused them entry so they just went away…

    If Warner had been black, they would have brought in the swat team and burned the house down on top of him.

    But thanks to Warners white privilege, the police just said “Sorry to have bothered you Sir”, and left.

    “The police also spoke to Throckmorton, who once represented Warner and was also present at Perry’s home. He told authorities Warner “frequently talks about the military and bomb-making. (Throckmorton) stated that he believes that the suspect knows what he is doing and is capable of making a bomb,” the report said.
    CNN has reached out to Throckmorton for comment about his account — first reported by the Tennessean — but has not yet heard back.
    In the course of their several attempts to enter the home, Warner would not open the door for police, a statement from the department said, and as there was no evidence of a crime, they had no authority to enter.“

  21. Alex Jones and the tin-hat brigade claim another victim:

    “Authorities are exploring evidence that Nashville, Tennessee, bombing suspect Anthony Quinn Warner was interested in various conspiracy theories, sources familiar with the investigation told ABC News.

    The theories include ones involving “lizard people” — a belief that shape-shifting reptilian creatures appear in human form and are bent on world domination.

    Warner, 63, of Antioch, Tennessee, is also believed to have spent time hunting for alien life forms in a nearby state park, sources said.”

    Can anybody here on the TTAG forum recommend an effective hand load for lizard people?

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