Naperville’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Won’t Stop Crime, But It Will ‘Stand for Community Values’

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Law Weapons & Supply
Courtesy Law Weapons & Supply

“They know [an assault weapons ban is] not going to reduce any crime or stop one person from getting a gun or stop anyone from coming into Naperville to commit a crime,” [Law Weapons and Supply owner Robert Bevis] said. “Criminals don’t buy guns from shops like ours.

“It is absolutely political theater.”

But last month, [Naperville, Illinois] Councilman Ian Holzhauer said it was his duty to act on an ordinance like this.

“As an elected official, I can do something,” he said. “It might be something small, but I can do something to help keep our community safe and stand for our community values.”

— Kevin Schmit in ‘Absolutely Political Theater’: Naperville Gun Shop Owner Questions Motives Behind Sales Ban Ordinance

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    • I dunno, Illinois has had a pretty long run with counties or cities selectively banning “assault weapons” and prior to Bruen, the Supreme court has looked the other way. I think highland park banned them in 2013. And even with Bruen, those haven’t been explicitly overturned yet, and by previous precedent they could probably argue that the courts have always allowed them to do so.

      Hopefully the courts will eventually set it to right but it’s not over until it is.

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        • Does she get paid by the number of clicks on the link or by the number of posts made with the link.

          Newsflash Sarah. Those tricks might have worked in the 1990s, but people are now too jaded and wary to click on random links. You’ll have to get more creative with the scam.

        • “…but people are now too jaded and wary to click on random links.”

          You would be shocked at the numbers of people that continue to click on that crap. Dan Z. verified that a number of years back when RF started allowing dick-growth pills to be advertised on TTAG…

    • If they do not obey the constitution then we need to not obey their laws and to resist with force if they try to enforce them. In fact pre-emptive resistance against turds like Councilman Ian Holzhauer might make others think twice about being turds themselves.

      • exactly

        they are winning b/c they know its a war

        they burn down cities >>they skate away eve get the pols t bail them out
        get no sentencing for the majority of them
        have fb twitter nextdoor etc all kicking people off who dont agree with the communists

        so until the weak gop are replaced with real pro americans

        nothings going to change for the better

        and what aobut that the left already knows they can cheat at the ballot box

        sure..some will get through but there is no way to stop their ballot box cheating with the mail-in now normalized instead of it being the exception

        and not allowing observers to look at questionable ballots

        they did that in 2020 and just did it with the Gascon recall

        didnt allow observers

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    • It would not have to come out in the courts if those waiting for it to come out in the courts had long ago defined Gun Control by its Confirmed History of Rot.

      To keep the truth about an agenda rooted in racism and genocide under the carpet is to condone racism and genocide.

      You won’t and you haven’t heard a beep from all the big shot gun guy mouthpieces from S&W to tom gresham define Gun Control by its history for the Gun Control zealots they sat directly in front of. Same old 2A defense, I need a Gun for this, I need a Gun for that apologetic crap. How’s their approach to Gun Control working for you?

      If you want to defend the centuries old 2A then there is one way to do it…You need to define the enemy by its history.

      • the lefts agenda is

        government controls the people

        its that simple

        that is what leads to tyranny

        capitalism is the only way to have freedom from government

    • a law ( second amendment as one example)

      is only worth the blood thats willing to be expended defending it

    • “Any community that values anti-American ideals and prefers communism is not worth living in.”

      ^^^This, more so than trying to constantly battle un-Constitutional edicts in the courts. Even when we seem to win in the court system, there is so much establishment garbage in place that communities, even states create a work-around, which merely returns us to the courts yet again. The amount of money we must raise for each real suit that goes full term pales in comparison to the tax money that muicipalities and states can use against us. And to be sure, in many states and communities- even nationally; there is no agency that will enforce the decisions unless they further hamper Americans and their liberties.

      The only responses that will change this problem is to vote these people completely out of office, as is being done in WY and AK. Defeat these people, and return them to utter insignificance. And if possible, with new administrations in control, seek to discover from where these people have secured their new-found personal wealth, confiscate it via a new and energized IRS, and return it to the coffers of the taxpayers, if only to replenish the money spent on the legal fees.

      A “pipe dream”? Possibly, but if America is to return to its former greatness, the crooks who seem to be running it must be replaced with people of integrity and fairness. It really shouldn’t be all that difficult- whether on the Right or Left, the one thing most non-politicians agree on is that career politicians are, for the most part, phony, and not to be trusted. Sure, there are those at the extremes on both ends that will uphold a known crook to try to retain some perceived values, but for the most part, most Americans just want the tax-and-steal government to have less influence over their daily lives.

      Rather than be quick about discarding those who do not think exactly like yourself as an enemy, spend some real time promoting your ideas and ways of life to them. After all, the times, and rampant lack of prosecution for wanton criminal activities has added 11 million new firearms owners over the past 3 years and the stats confirm that those numbers are still increasing. Neither NRA, nor GOA, nor FPC, NAGR, SAF, or any other firearms organization was as influential to this increase as was our own lax and woke governments. THIS is a crisis gun owners and 2A activists should not let go to waste. Cut the cynicism and get to work.

      • Craig, yep, Wyoming sent dear Liz to the trash heap where she belongs. In an interview afterwards, she is still going to make a run for the presidency in the future… I wonder which side?

      • Let’s get to work and define Gun Control for the ignorant masses.

        The same way history confirms and defines Gun Control as agenda in any shape, matter or form that is rooted in racism and genocide…Obviously anything less amounts to peeing in the wind.

        • It’s more difficult to make a stolen election possible/believable when there’s overwhelming support. You have to vote. You also have to show up for local elections.

        • “How do you convince people to vote when they believe elections are stolen?”

          Giving up is the easy way out, and unfortunately too many on “our side” keep choosing it. Just gather in your basement with a couple of your pals and whine and complain about someone else being the problem. More unfortunately for us, the woke Left never quit after being beaten to a pulp, they’ve just kept hammering away since the early 1960s, one chip at a time out of the wall until it was breached.

          Some of us are old enough to remember when their signature issues, like banning firearms, gay “marriage”, social “justice”, and many other once beyond the fringe issues were laughed at and dismissed by the average American. Some of us also still remember when the only TV current events show host to press all this was Phil Donahue, and he was generally mocked by not only the majority of Americans, but also by many of the MSM at the time. It’s taken 60 years to nearly bring America to its knees and it’ll likely take that many to return things to the principles that have propegated civilizations for 5000 years.

          It takes a lot of effort to turn public opinion, precluded by actions by us that show the the founding American principles are still as valid today as they were in 1791, maybe more so. If we vaule our nation and our offspring, the long battle will be worth it. Too difficult for you? I’m betting you’ll be able to find a lot of like-minded people who would rather sit around and cry in their beers than go out and engage people within their sphere of influence. Those not willing to do so are likely not all that engaged in their own rights maintenance in the first place.

        • Election day is the END of day of making the political system work.

          Your max leverage is working INSIDE the party system. If you’re an idiot try the demtard party. If not, get involved in Rep Party system, candidate activities, party activities, poll worker, caucus participation, primary campaigning for party or candidate, local/count/state platform. You’re the big fish in a small pond.
          If you want/think 3rd party is the solution then you’re too stupid to even try to reform the demtards/stay home on the 2nd Tuesday in Nov and smoke your pot.

          RUN FOR OFFICE.

        • The only reason anyone thinks it was stolen was simply due to so many votes going to Trump. If not for that, none of it would ever be questioned.

        • Trump gave us the 50/50 Senate we have today when many Republicans in Georgia didn’t go to the polls to vote for the Senate a couple months after the Presidential election. He said the Presidential election results were corrupted/stolen and election officials in GA could not be trusted. Both incumbent Republican senators lost to Dems. It was a stupid and selfish claim that continues today and it fucked over the entire country.

        • you must start months BEFORE the elections and have the courts back up the fact that voter observers mmust have equal access

          the left showed how to destroy that in 2020

          and with the recent recall or attempt of Gascon in L.A.

  1. As an elected official, I can do something. It might be something small, but I can do something to help keep our community safe and stand for our community values.” — Naperville, Illinois Councilman Ian Holzhauer

    This is direct evidence of my claim from a few days ago: the Ruling Class readily uses, abuses, exploits, coerces, and deceives the Working Class as necessary to increase the wealth, power, and control of the Ruling Class.

    And since the Ruling Class virtually never seems to ever suffer any penalties for doing so, why would they not continue–and even accelerate and expand their efforts?

      • … City Council … passed the ordinance …

        And why not? The odds of any of the City Council members suffering any personal penalties is statistically zero.

        For that matter, the odds of any of the City Council members losing their next election is likely zero as well.

    • Precisely the point I’ve been making for decades. Our supposed ‘betters’ have dedicated themselves to an unscrupulous hoarding and usurping of the the power of the People, with complete disregard of the restraints placed one them by law.

      Simplified: class war.

      So called racial & lgbtqxyz123 tensions (whilst yes there are some in small measure) screamed from the rooftops nightly by the MSM are nothing but smoke and mirrors to keep the unwashed masses from perceiving what they are doing. Akin to the “OMG! LOOK, A SQUIRREL!” distraction.

      Reading this, ask yourself just one simple question. This being true, what would be the probable endgame purpose? Why quash the power of the People? The only logical answers I can come up with are… scary.

      Stack tall, stack deep.

  2. I had the misfortune to live in Il for a year. At the time I thought it was because I was at Great Lakes NTC, that things were so bad. Turns out the whole state is a steaming pile.

  3. way past the legitimate time to implement this, the window closed at the end of the shall issue bill. just wasting tax money for virtue. the deerfield and highland park ones squeaked in under the deadline but should fall to bruen with strict scrutiny.
    maybe this decade.

  4. The constitution plays no factor in the decision making process of these people. If they want to do something, they just do it. They know if they have enough fellow travelers in the court system that it will stand for years, decades, or forever. .ultipke courts have already thumbed their noses at the Bruen decision and show they won’t give up their crusade to turn you into a serf.

  5. Maybe if the guy specializes in only selling carve-out Springfield and Rock River products to the carve-out cops and military, he can still make a go of it.

  6. This is where we are now? Openly admitting legislation and policy is just virtue signalling for morons?

    Well, at least honestly is winning. Too bad it costs the same as the lies.

    • Speaking of “honesty” the press is doing some CYA, so now they’re saying the Inflation Reduction Act won’t actually reduce inflation. It’s a little late for that isn’t it? Where were you guys months ago? They should have been screaming this. Congress named it that because that’s what Americans are concerned about right now. What a joke.

      • Affordable Care Act, Patriot Act…

        Bills are openly written to accomplish the opposite of their namesake yet people keep falling for it. It’s a running joke for the power structure at this point.

  7. City Council members are often just your neighbors that won a popularity contest. They are no more wise or intelligent than the rest of us. Many of them, especially those drawn to power, often get their information from CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc… They take that information and mix it with their “authority” and we get results like this.

    • Been to Naperville many times on(antique dealer) business. The land of Karen’s. Voted a great place to live(if you’re into extremely high taxes). Kinda like Highland Park,ILLANNOY but much larger. They “banned” the dreaded AR15. How’d that work out on July 4th??? Sorry you got screwed Gunshop owner. Pickup yer shop & leave dude. And vote with your $!!!

    • Elected office holders – or their appointees – aren’t required to be more wise or intelligent than average. In a true republic with a strong faith in the tradition of rule of law they don’t need to be. Unfortunately we no longer live in a true republic and haven’t for quite a while (the 17th Amendment was the final stake through the heart of our traditional form of government – thanks original Progressives) so politicians have become some of the most venal, twisted, authoritarian, rent seeking scum in our society.

  8. Carlin said it best; “At least when I’m done jerking off I’ll have a little something to show for it.”

    I’m sure Chicago will be happy to import its high class denizens and plenty of weapons to Npaerville anyways.

  9. Naperville community value #1: We decide which constitutional rights you get, and to what extent. Have a nice day!

  10. Denial of evidence is of course part of the probem for gun supporters who fail to recognise the statistics. Nobody with half a brain cell would ever suggest that ANY action of any description ever PREVENTS crime. But certain crimes can be made a whole lot more difficult to achieve aand koine of them that a vast reduction in the number of available and an absolute ban of certain firearms would have on gun crime. This is not pie in the sky but proveable.

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “Denial of evidence is of course part of the probem for gun supporters who fail to recognise the statistics.”

      statistics are part of the problem. They are too easily manipulated. For examples;

      1. only 11% of crimes committed in the U.S. show up in official FBI statistics.

      2. The FBI leaves out of statistics very clear cases of ordinary armed citizens stopping mass shootings because the active shooter wasn’t actually shot by the armed citizen because the bad guy stopped or ran away or committed suicide when the armed citizen brandished their firearm and confronted the mass shooter leading to the false claim that armed citizens rarely stop mass shootings only about 3% of the time.

      3. The FBI credits law enforcement with stopping a mass shooting if they show up after the shooting has happened and happen to catch the shooter after they have been stopped by an ordinary armed citizen.

      4. School shooting stats never make mention of the fact that most of those shot are shot within 30 feet of a lock down area and these are the areas most favored for hunting by school shooters, and the school shooter has 3 minutes or more on average of complete target zone dominance before police arrive and on average the majority are shot during that time and there is no one there to deny them that target zone dominance. stats do not reveal that the lock down areas are the most dangerous areas to be while waiting for police, yet school staff will keep kids from fleeing the school when they could have done so safely and send them back into the school to lock down areas in the shooters kill zones. stats do not reveal that if a good guy with a gun had been there and able to confront the shooter when the shooter appeared and started shooting, that the shooter would have most likely been denied, or delayed in, that very crucial 3 minutes on average of kill zone dominance and denied, or delayed, the ability to move freely through the school if even the good guy with the gun fired from behind cover and kept the shooter suppressed by engaging them.

      5. stats never reflect that thousands of crimes are stopped and criminals repelled by ordinary armed citizens using DGU simply because the armed citizen doesn’t fire because armed citizens only fire less than 5% of the time as brandishing is enough to make the bad guy run away. Then when they do shoot it goes in stats as a homicide even though it was adjudicated self defense or defense of others.

      6. Those stats you see as ‘homicides’ on the national level annually for the last 20 years over half of them are adjudicated self defense or defense of others, valid defense. This gives the deceptive impression that the murder rate is higher or climbing when it isn’t.

      7. ‘suicide by firearm’ stats are an almost complete fairy tale. Over 66% of what you see there was later found to be either accident or homicide staged to look like suicide, yet despite this those are never removed from stats.

      the list goes on and on as to why stats are deceptive, they do not tell the story at all. So stop trying to claim stats are evidence because they are not.

      gun supporters are not denying any evidence, they are trying to see to it that all the ‘evidence’ is recognized because anti-gun is trying to deny it to give an false impression they can exploit.

    • Tell us, Albert the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter of a Subject, what percentage of crimes are committed with so-called “assault weapons” (i.e., AR-15s)??? Do you know???

      What percentage of “crime guns” are acquired legally??? Do you know that one?

      Since you masquerade as a Limey, and obviously know NOTHING about firearms, and your “facts” are all bogus, why should we pay any attention to your idiot opinions???

      Just askin’, for a friend.

  11. “It might be something small, but I can do something”. /Kevin Schmit

    “Small” men do “small” things, Kevin is living up to the extent of his capabilities.

  12. Naperville is quietly experiencing increased crime imported from the surrounding area. Scary looking rifles should not be their biggest concern.

  13. I lived in Naperville for a few years, and the crime sheet published in the town newspaper was all shoplifting and drunk driving. They had one murder in like 20 years, and the local cops had to call in the State Troopers.

    Yeah, ban the scary black guns, that will virtue signal to the criminals from surrounding areas.

    This nitwit and the town council should be sued for denying civil rights.

  14. Naperville’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Won’t Stop Crime, But It Will ‘Stand for Community Values’

    So not stopping crime is a “community value” in Naperville?

  15. I don’t believe there is any record in the history of firearms of a firearm going out by itself and killing anybody or anything. If that is the case, then tell me what is the real nature of the problem? Does the problem have a human connection? If it does what types of people would do such a thing? If its sick people then shouldn’t we focus on finding out why they do what they do and prescribe some form of help or punishment that fits the situation? We don’t generally or fairly punish the people who do not commit a crime, we punish those who do. Most laws are not geared for the sick, they are geared to hurt the innocent. Rather simple to figure out that the logic is not very good I think.


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