Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is – again – promising strict new gun control measures he claims are needed to stop criminals.

A unilateral ban on the import of handguns into Canada was announced, freezing out Canadians that follow the law and purchase handguns legally. Nothing in the measure, though, actually addresses criminals or the illegal networks that smuggle ill-gotten firearms into Canada and perpetuate crime there.

Tyrannical Mini-King

Prime Minister Trudeau slapped a ban on handgun imports until proposed legislation that would ban the sale and purchase of handguns, among other gun control measures, can be voted on by the Canadian Parliament. The import ban was a knee-jerk reaction after Canadians rushed to buy firearms when the Trudeau administration introduced legislation to end handgun sales.

Prime Minister Trudeau isn’t waiting for debate or a vote. He’s operating by executive fiat. He’s acting like a mini-tyrant and it’s not the first time he’s trampled on Canadians ability to own guns or even protest their own government.

Canada doesn’t have their own version of America’s Second Amendment that protects the pre-existing right to keep and bear arms. Gun control laws in Canada are much stricter than that of the United States. Canadians must obtain a license to posses a firearm, and handguns are treated like restricted or prohibited firearms, which means they all must be registered.

Prime Minister Trudeau exploited the tragedy in Uvalde to push the legislation to ban the sale of handguns and when Canadians reacted by buying more, Trudeau’s administration issued the emergency order to ban handgun imports. Since nearly all handguns sold in Canada are imported, this puts a near-total ban on the availability for law-abiding Canadians to legally obtain one. Those already in possession of handguns are allowed to keep theirs, for now.

Blow to Business

The import ban also means it will have impacts on U.S.-based handgun manufacturers that export to Canada. Firearm manufacturers in the United States exported 44,419 handguns (both revolvers and semiautomatic pistols) in 2021 that equaled nearly $20 million in business. Only first half of the year figures are available for 2022, but 33,638 handguns were exported, a 30.7 percent increase over the same time period in 2021, when 24,767 were exported. Exports in the first six months of 2022 is valued at over $16 million, a 45.3 percent increase over the same period in 2021, when it topped $10 million.

Handgun exports by U.S. firearm manufacturers so far in 2022 accounted for 18.4 percent of all international exports and were valued at 17.5 percent of handgun export value.

That’s a business Prime Minister Trudeau wants to shut down, just like he shut down Canadians on the sale and possession of Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs). Trudeau’s administration – again, unilaterally – is still planning their national “buyback” of specified semiautomatic rifles, despite the fact the price tag is ballooning. His initial price tag for the taxpayer-funded government confiscation scheme was at $250 million. Previous similar Canadian government gun grab attempts, however, put the price tag closer to $600 million, and doubters admitted the real cost could be closer to $2.7 billion.

Canada Justin Trudeau

Canada already extended the deadline for MSR owners turn in their rifles or destroy them until Oct. 30. That’s because few Canadians are willing to give up their guns, The Reload reported.

Trampling on Rights

Speaking out against the bans in Canada could be dicey. Prime Minister Trudeau already proved he was willing to jail Canadians protesting COVD-19 lockdowns when he sent police to break up and jail protesters. Canada’s Parliament introduced legislation to regulate user-generated content on the web, like YouTube and Facebook.

Canada’s conservative newspaper, The National Post, warned that Canada doesn’t have strong protections for free speech. Freedom of expression is protected by Canada’s Charter of Rights, The National Post wrote, but, “The preamble to the Charter explicitly mentions that this freedom is subject to ‘reasonable limits.’ There’s also the other part of the Charter where provincial governments can steamroll any freedom they want, provided they publicly announce that they’re doing so.”

Prime Minister Trudeau’s oppressive edict and proposed legislation doesn’t actually address crime or criminal networks. The fact is, the United States government ensures that handgun exports to Canada are for legitimate sales. U.S. exports to Canada are vetted by the U.S. Commerce Department and approved Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) with end-user checks.

That means if the recipient of the exported handguns isn’t a legitimate and lawful business, the exports aren’t approved to leave the United States. Criminals aren’t importing handguns from U.S. manufacturers. Criminal networks are obtaining them illegally. NSSF, as the firearm and ammunition trade association, wants these illegal networks stopped.

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali, Pool)

That’s why NSSF partnered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for Don’t Lie for the Other Guy, to prevent illegal straw purchases of firearms. Firearms must be kept out of the hands of those who are prohibited and not the true purchaser of the gun.

Banning all imports of handguns to Canada doesn’t solve the crime problems north of the border. It only deprives those who can legally purchase a handgun from the ability to do so. It starves Canadians of the ability to protect themselves and doesn’t stop criminals from victimizing the innocent.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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      • What a bullshit thing to say. I was born here. I didn’t see 58yrs ago from the womb that an idiot manchild was going to ban guns so I stayed. All this shit is coming your way as well, indeed your guys started it and are still trying whatever they can. Be damn glad others with more sense than you display had your back two hundred and some years ago. And our stuttering, incompetent idiot was voted in the same way your stuttering, incompetent idiot was. I see he’s still there. But hey, thanks bro for the good wishes and heartfelt sympathies. Bless yer little heart.

  1. They will undoubtedly blame the bans failure on the USA and guns coming across the boarder.
    Libs in this country will then jump on the bandwagon blaming us for Canada’s failed gun laws.

    • Canada should build a wall. They’d probably go thirty feet high and 10 feet thick around NH, ME and VT while not putting anything up around MI because it’d be “racist” to block out Detroit.

  2. An error is to claim this stops Canadians from protecting themselves.
    If any Canadian uses a firearm to shoot anyone ever the government will try them for murder or assault charges as well as firearms crimes (such as having an unlocked firearm, loaded firearm, discharging a firearm not at the range or while hunting). If they are acquitted they will try them again until convicted. If it means dropping the charges on a home invader to improve conviction rate of homeowner they will do so. It is open hatred of any gun owner.

    • Who is this Larry Keane guy? While posing as a conservative, he also writes this in an apparent attempt to stay in the good graces of TPTB:

      “…Firearms must be kept out of the hands of those who are prohibited…”

      Really? Not “dangerous”, but simply “prohibited”? As Ayn Rand famously noted, TPTB will simply expand their own definition of “prohibited” to ensnare as many people as possible into that category. Did you commit a truly violent act against another human being?…then arguably you’re justifiably prohibited from future possession of guns. Did you have one beer too many and playfully pat the waitress on her behind in a manner she found disagreeable? If you’re in the wrong State, you’re now an SO and by default prohibited for life across the entire nation.

      White collar crimes? A plea bargain gone wrong? A disgruntled ex-girlfriend getting revenge on you? Too bad. These now qualify as barriers against your rights to self defense in the 21st century.

    • Richard, there are well documented cases of us using both long guns and handguns for defense. Yes, pandering prosecution/persecution happens but not as a rule. A known drug dealer was even acquitted for shooting and killing an officer during a raid on his dwelling due to improper protocol (announcing their presence instead of climbing in a window at zero dark thirty) on the cops part. I really wish you guys would stop with the rhetoric regarding Canada and gun use/legislation, it’s not a good look. For what it’s worth, I understand, as do all gun people I know up here, that any and all gun control is nothing more than a violation of human rights.

  3. Well, I guess gun sales will necessarily skyrocket in the US as more guns are smuggled into Canada for the “law abiding” criminals..

  4. Are you delusional. CANADIANS did not RUSH to buy handguns and never have. Less than 2 percent of Canadians even owned a hand gun when they were legal though given the Canadian territory it’s hardly surprising that there is a considerably larger HUNTING RIFLE OWNERSHIP but in Canada HUNTING RIFLE means just that not a bloody semi-auto. Given that CANADA has one of the longest Sea Borders and is the worlds second largest country by area it’s hardlly surprising that a determined smuggler will get through but as for smuggling HAND GUNS I doubt it’s worth the trouble or the custommers riskm of some extremelyn heavy risk of jail time if caught . I cannot see why Canadians which do not have a hard gun culture anyway will be forming long queues for hand guns. Then you have to ask why would Canadians need these handguns anyway? The average Canadian does not I think consider him or herself as being somehow ‘less free’ because he or she lacks a bloody MAGNUM Indeed I’d suspect that most of those smuggled guns are destined for the uSA in any case

    • Are you delusional? Smuggling and black market activity happens in places where the items in question are banned. Why smuggle handguns into the USA? There’s no need here.

      • And the Queens gov’t can’t even be bothered to defend the shores of oncegreatbritain from the ongoing invasion by 3rd world trash.

    • more dumb-assery from you Albert. From your life in your modern day version of feudal tyranny ‘across the pond’ where you dream of one day being Queen – not only do you try to examine the United States but now ‘Albert L J Hall Dumb-Assery LLC.’ tries to examine Canada as well – without knowing anything about the subject to begin with.

    • My mother was born a Canadian citizen and I have dual citizenship in the US and Canada. A funny little quirk of Canadian law is that if you own a company that rents props to movie studios you can own all the guns you want even machine guns and you don’t even have to keep an inventory list or tell the government what you have. You can also import whatever you want with almost no restrictions whatsoever. I have a house up there and a registered company that owns more machine guns than you can shake a stick at including some really oddball ones. Canada also has a 5,525 mile border with the United States that is completely undefended so there will never be a shortage of guns in Canada.

      • There are still two border crossings out of Mn. where you phone in your ID to Canadian authorities, along with maybe, oh , I dunno, a half gazillion logging and recreational two tracks.
        Good luck Chuck, err Justin.

      • “Canada also has a 5,525 mile border with the United States that is completely undefended…”

        Not quite –

        The reality is, the border is heavily sensor’ed, so the powers to be know when things approach the border, and may dispatch border control folks to check it out…

      • Officer Bill, I have some bad news for you. The United States does not recognize “dual citizenship.” In actuality how can you be loyal to both nations?
        Jesus said it better than I can. “No man can serve two masters: for either he. will hate the one, and love the other; or else. he will hold to the one, and despise the other, Ye cannot serve God and man.”

        • Strict regulation since the 1930s.
          Apparently about 1% of population owns a handgun legally.
          The gangs have quite a few though.

        • The gangs have quite a few though.

          Car bombs have also been a fan favorite of the biker gangs in Canada.

    • “Are you delusional.”

      That is not a correct sentence.

      However understanding what you meant, the answer is we are not delusional at all. You are tho.

      You don’t even know how to stay in character, are your puppets getting mixed up?

    • “in Canada HUNTING RIFLE means just that not a bloody semi-auto.”

      The vast, *overwhelming* majority of “hunting rifles” are “semi-auto”.

      If you include shotguns… the vast majority are still semi-auto.

      Bolt action rifles are not in any significant use today. Break action shotguns (the most commonly known being the “double-barrel” shotgun) see some small amount of use. Pump-action shotguns see some use.

      The rest are semi-automatic. It’s boringly normal. Stop vilifying things out of ignorance.

    • Hand Licker Hall; just please shut up. Over 100,000 handguns were purchased over just two months and still increasing during the last month. The idiot manchild, who speaks much the same nonsense you speak, has effectively ‘sold’ ten times the number of handguns in a mere three months over that which would have normally taken 3rs. I’d call that a rush, in more ways than one. But then, what do you know about it? Nothing, as usual.

    • I have a couple Canadian fakebook friends. Lot’s of open contempt. Don’t bet against a(real) armed insurrection in canuckistan. Castro’s kid wasn’t reelected by a ringing majority! Yeah North America will catch fire🙄

        • Speak: oh, it’s not a thing down there? Funny, I could’ve absolutely sworn left, right, up, down n sideways that it most certainly was and is. Could just be my poor comprehension of things though…

      • Wow, this is the first decent and halfways correct thing you’ve ever had to say about anywhere outside of the USA. Bout time you got a little more smarterer, water walker.

    • He is now protected by loyal servants armed (unless they have changed standard issue) H&K mp5.
      Yet he doesn’t want anyone to have a gun.

  5. The globalists like Trudeau are going all out with their agenda. Peterson has a new video out on this, 26 minutes long.

  6. He proved himself a tyrant when he jailed pastors that refused to bow the knee over his Covid policy they wisely chose Christ over Caesar.

    • Not to mention little ceaser having the Kings Horse run through a crowd of protesters. That went over real well too.

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    • Hmmmmmm.. Got any spare time? I need a “House Mouse” to polish the chrome on my Harley… References required, must be willing to work topless with string bikini bottom and preferably no cat allergies.

        • “Take the Harley to her” could have more than one meaning.

          Do you have a pet name for your, umm … “harley?”

        • Do you have a pet name for your, umm … “harley?”

          I call it “Big Wheel”, an actual “Harley” (one of several) that has become my daily driver since hips and back got worse. Not talking about sex don’t need a stranger for that but I do need some pretty little thing to keep the damn chrome clean and shiny.

  8. US Democrats are so jealous of this twerps power to rule by fiat. It would be their wet dream come true if they could wield unlimited power like that.

  9. Well, trudoh is a fascist. And fascists gotta fascist. Meanwhile only the law abiding are punished. The criminals continue to ignore the law. Geez what a an anal pore.

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