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Hope Mr. TnB doesn’t mind but we are so stealing that. We’ll make this into a regular series. If you’ve had a DGU, please upload a video of your story to YouTube and send us the link.

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  1. The NRA could do well with an ad campaign highlighting DGUs on billboards and in non-firearms magazines. Something like “a gun saved my life” with a picture of the actual person involved and a SHORT link to a section of the NRA website publishing the details of the good guy prevailing.

    • Good idea. Little common sense things like that (that they could and should be doing) are why I dont support the NRA. I dont care how cheap membership is. They need to reach out to people not already lining their pockets. The MSM may be our enemies but you cant convince me that the NRA can not afford to buy some media allies.

      Flame on.

    • That’s an awesome idea. Maybe put a QR code on it, and make it the first confirmed example of a QR code being useful.

  2. That was a fantastic video. I know how the internet is, don’t let the 7:36 time on it scare you off. It’s worth the watching.

    A couple thoughts:

    mikeb302000: This guy spells out, better than anyone I’ve ever seen, how unquantifiable DGU’s are. I know you’ll probably say he’s lying, or that it’s not really as common as I think. Whatever.

    His comment about not actually pulling the trigger despite thinking he was reinforces the “train how you’ll fight” (or “you’ll fight how you train”) issue, and how dangerous it can be. We stress trigger finger safety all the time, but there is a potential other side to consider. It brings to mind the HSLD trainer (Yeager?) who has the post that gets linked occasionally where he denigrates the whole “ritualistic trigger discipline” idea, saying something to the effect of “if I’m pointing my gun at someone I will potentially have to kill, my finger is already on the trigger. Having my finger on the trigger doesn’t mean I have to shoot, but if I’m pointing a gun at him, I’ve already made the decision that shooting him is likely necessary.”

      • hi Matt & Alpha-G,

        yep, count me in. thank you guys coz your comments got me to watch and bookmark this video!

        in my book, he’s the best spokesperson for responsible gun owners. I’ll be sharing this video w/ all my friends and a few naysayers too.



  3. The only problem with this idea comes from the legal problems around DGU for the citizen. Most lawyers saw stfu until everything passes and any civil action is finished.

    • I’m sure there are plenty DGU’s where the case has already been decided in court and they are free to share without the risk of having charges brought against them

      • Criminal court yes but not civil court (lawsuit).

        IIRC, in most states a lawsuit can be filed up to three years after the incident. Even if you don’t face criminal charges (because it was a lawful use of force), you can still be sued.

        I suspect that your lawyer would tell you to STFU until after the time for filing a civil suit has passed.

        • Rich, I must respectfully disagree with you. In Georgia, our SYG law is specifically written to exempt legit DGUs from civil suit. Basically, if the cops say you were justified, you’re immune to civil suit.

  4. Worth watching.

    Would’ve made a mess of his Pathfinder if things had gone differently.

    And T&B love them some jump cut.

    • I was thinking the same thing about the resulting mess. I would have had to sell or scrap the truck after a splattery incident like the one he narrowly avoided.

    • You are right, but to combat the guns are bad drive we need a guns are good thought stream in the social consciousness

  5. We all need to kick the NRA in the ass and get all of these out there that we can!!
    I am writing Mr. LaPierre today to strongly suggest this!!
    I will strongly but politely let him know that if they want anymore of my money they need to get a lot more pro active with this type of fighting real soon!!

  6. “What is the object of a gun fight? To survive. Whether the other man lives or dies is unimportant so long as you live.” True words spoken to my class over 39 years ago during my first military handgun training class.

    This gentleman survived his gunfight without a shot being fired. The perfect ending. Even if it was more luck than skill.

  7. Thanks for posting my video here. I hope it helps explain what’s really going on out there with armed citizens. It’s not the Wild West, and there is nobody keeping track of these kinds of incidents where nobody gets shot.

    If you find other places to share it, I’d appreciate it. I hope it motivates others to tell their stories, too. We all need to stand up and be counted.

  8. Nice work. I’m sure armchair commandos will give him a hard time, but it sounds like be has done a thorough tactical analysis of the incident and his actions. He is completely correct that this attempted carjacking would not necessarily be registered as an official DGU. The action of the firearms would be recorded, but there is no desperate “DGU” code for the record. In a mass search, the DGU would not show up.

    I’ve done statistical analysis on all sorts of records, but the data itself is limited by the entry points. Different department enter data differently, so cross analysis of data is not always possible. Therefore DGU uses are all estimates. I hope that makes sense after drinking scotch.

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