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Illinois Gun Ban Bill Timeline: How It Would Go Down

The Illinois state legislature’s Judicial Committee is set to vote on Rep. Edward J. Acevedo’s SB2899 some time today. The 11-member committee’s made-up of seven Democrats and four Republicans; it’s highly likely the unconscionably unconstitutional gun ban bill will pass. And that’ll be it for today. SB2899 will then go to the House for a floor vote on Monday, where gun rights advocates have the best chance of strangling the bill at birth. If SB2899 makes it through the House, that’s it for the day. On Tuesday, the Senate gets its chance to ram the government gun grab down its citizens’ throats. If that happens, and it very well could, SB2899 lands on the Governor’s desk on Wednesday. If so, Quinn will sign it. The very next day, Thursday, the bill’s provision would go into effect. Sales of “assault weapons” and ANY semi-automatic firearm will stop. At that point, the Second Amendment Foundation, the NRA and Co. hit the courts. So Monday’s the big day. Watch this space.


  1. avatar Saul Feldstein says:

    Strange how fast the wheels of govt can turn when it comes to banning guns.

    Maybe they should call a balanced budget, or hordes of illegal aliens an “assault gun” and the next day laws will be passed.

  2. avatar Gs650g says:

    Wow, from requiring Illinois to come up with a carry law to confiscation laws in three weeks. See how fast they can do something? If this was budget problem instead it would take years.

    1. avatar hasdrubal says:

      It doesn’t take them years to create a budget problem.

  3. avatar NukemJim says:

    Illinois resident trying to find out if a “RoadTrip” to Springfield is worth while today. Are the Rep’s offices open? I’d have to leave in the next 3 hours so if anyone knows please respond ASAP.

    And yes, I’ve already posted this question on Illinois Carry.

    1. avatar Too close to chicago says:

      Yes, the representatives will be Springfield, not sure about the Senators though. You will be ble visit your representative (assuming they are in Springfield) if you go.

      1. avatar NukemJim says:

        Thank you, I am leaving for Springfield in about an hour.

        Anyone else going?


        1. avatar squeezed RoseAngel says:

          nukemjim, im here…. 2nd and monroe!

    2. avatar John says:

      Springfield is just the titular/legal capital of the state. Apparently the actual capital is Chicago . My daughter has some friends that live in Springfield and as far as they are concerned they might as well live in another country — whatever Chicago wants Illinois pretty much does. Her friends would like to find a way to seceded from Chicago 🙂

      1. avatar matt says:

        There was a bill introduced not too long ago which would remove Cook County from the state, presumably making it the 51st state

  4. avatar Too close to chicago says:

    TTAG, thank you for continuing to spread the word!!

  5. avatar Slappy says:

    Massachusetts residents pay attention……we will be looking at something VERY similar by the end of this month!

  6. avatar Silver says:

    So, what exactly is the point of the Constitution if politicians can just trample it at will without any consequence?

    There has to be consequences for this sort of treasonous act. If the bill passes and, after months if not years of oppression, it’s found unconstitutional and overturned, what exactly does the politician who introduced it lose? Nothing. He’ll just shrug and try again. I believe that if any bill is found to be unconstitutional, the politician who introduced it and any who voted for it are immediately dismissed from their positions and/or imprisoned for treason.

    Ten bucks says we’d never see another gun control bill again.

    1. avatar Ross says:

      Oh there will be consequences for their Treason

  7. avatar Felix says:

    Any chance of gutting and amending the bill into shall issue carry or something t scare the bejazus out of the gun grabbers?

    1. avatar rangered says:

      ” The 14-member committee’s made-up of eight Democrats and six Republicans; it’s highly likely the unconscionably unconstitutional gun ban bill will pass.”

      I would say there is No, None, Nil Chance of amending the bill out of committee to something other than what the Governor and his people want.

      Any Pro-gun democrat will use up all of his testicular reserves by voting against this bill on the floor of the house, I don’t see any of them using up energy trying to promote an amendment that won’t make it out of committee.

  8. avatar Larry says:

    Ok Freedom fighters: one of the best ways to defeat the enemy is to out spend them. Politicians respond to money, wine and dinning, and votes moved by advertising campaigns, etc. It’s a much easier fight sending $50 dollars to the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, or another pro-gun legislatively active group; than the alternative. Let’s win these battles so we don’t have to fight the war. Consider pulling out your credit card today and sending them a donation.

  9. avatar SDFreeman says:

    If the legislators will not follow are amendments or try to edit them into some weak handed right. We should hurt them in the pocket-book tax season is upon us, they do not recognise the second I do not recognise the sixteenth.

    1. avatar squeezed RoseAngel says:

      rt on SDF!

  10. avatar mark says:

    The link to the judiciary committee goes to the 95th general assembly not the current one (97th). It is now a 11 member committee with 7 democrats and 4 republicans. The vice-chairman John E. Bradley (D) looks like he’s 2A friendly, but that leaves it 6-5 in the grabbers favor.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      D’oh! Updated. Also I hear tell that the Committee is introducing a second amendment (ironically enough) that will pull back the gun ban. A bit.

  11. avatar rich b says:

    Its really unfortunate that the good people in Illinois wont be able to protect themselves if and when this happens.The cartels already own chicago as it is.what is it with these legislators anyway?maybe they should walk the mean streets without a body guard!

  12. avatar mongo says:

    we in illinois are fvcked,,,we’ve been fvcked by out poiticians,,,we are getting fvcked by out politicians,,,,we sure are fvcked now…as much as i would lie to say…the 2a will never be trampled on…out government is shtting on it,,,and no one is stopping them,,,the voters who voted them in…are ultimately…the reason why we are fvcked,,,so you gun grabbing peta loving tree huggers….FVCK YOU!!!

  13. avatar Capt. Howdy says:

    I took a few minutes to find the NRA Ratings of these people…. I found most of them.

    John A. Fritchey
    John E. Bradley A
    Chapin Rose A
    James D. Brosnahan
    Franco Coladipietro A
    Joe Dunn A
    Careen M Gordon B
    Julie Hamos
    Jay C. Hoffman B
    Lou Lang F
    Sidney H. Mathias B+
    Elaine Nekritz F
    JoAnn D. Osmond A
    Ronald A. Wait

  14. avatar Lance says:

    Keep calling your Resp and Senators keep the pressure and say NO!!

  15. avatar squeezed RoseAngel says:

    Squeezed RoseAngelJan 06 – 14:13ReplyAre there any ISRA members gonna be here at the capitol today Sunday the 06th of January … Im here now! I just drove over from UrbanaChampaign…

  16. avatar squeezed RoseAngel says:

    Squeezed RoseAngelJan 06 – 14:13ReplyAre there any ISRA members gonna be here at the capitol today Sunday the 06th of January … Im here now! I just drove over from UrbanaChampaign… God bless America!

  17. avatar CCDWGuy says:

    While I know it will never happen it would be interesting for some pro-gun legislator to propose the following amendment to any legislation limiting our gun rights.

    Do to the enhanced safety provided by this bill the following provisions are added as an amendment to this legislation.

    All elected/appointed officials, Federal State, and Local shall be subject to the same restrictions as applied by this legislation. In addition, any security personnel provided by taxpayer funds or private funding must be subject to the same weapons limitations provided in this legislation. Due to the reduced threat from the criminal element in our society all law enforcement agencies subject to this bill will be required to meet the same limitations of this legislation.

    If any official is found to be in violation of this statute, they will immediately be removed from office charged with a felony and be prohibited from ever running for elected office again.

  18. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    how come no one @TTAG is discussing Avecedo’s little problems, ie, the current corruption investigation and highlighting how he carved out a little niche for himself??

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Probably because the corruption allegations (which I know nothing about) are “local,” and this bill has potential national ramifications. Even if the allegations are true, and you could prove it unequivocally tonight, this bill has a momentum all its own now, and removing his name from it would make little difference.

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