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From SAR USA . . .

SAR USA by Sarsilmaz, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of firearms, is pleased to announce the new SAR9 Compact pistol. Built on the same platform as the legendary SAR9, it is possibly the most rigorously tested pistol ever developed and is proudly carried by NATO and elite forces around the world.

“The SAR9 Compact was inspired by feedback that we received from elite shooting professionals, dealers and consumers,” said Todd Pearson, COO SAR USA. “We listened to the shooting sports community when they asked for the same incredible durability and performance of the SAR9 in a more compact version.”

Chambered in 9mm, the SAR9 Compact is the perfect balance between a micro and full-size pistol. It’s small and light enough to be easily concealed and comfortably carried, yet has the capacity of a full-size pistol.

Other features of the SAR9 Compact include a hammer-forged barrel with recessed crown for increased accuracy, interchangeable backstrap and side plates, black oxide slide, and comes standard with 15 round magazines with a 10-round option for capacity restricted states. The lightweight polymer framed, striker-fired, SAR9 Compact points naturally, and is a pleasure to carry.

With a choice of three insertable back straps to customize fit, a low barrel axis to grip ratio to lessen muzzle climb and a 20-degree grip angle providing superior control and fast second shot recovery… the accuracy is built in. Couple these features with a safety trigger that is smoother than a double action revolver and the SAR9 Compact becomes the perfect carry-pistol when you want a round in the chamber. All SAR pistols have a live round indicator.

SAR9 Compact Specifications:

Caliber: 9mm x 19
Overall Length: 7.2”
Operating System: Striker-Fired
Barrel Length: 4.0”
Magazine Capacity: 2-15 rd. mags
Width: 1.4”
Height: 5.1”
Weight: 26.8 oz.
MSRP: Black: $452 Stainless: $484

To learn more about the complete product line from SAR USA by Sarsilmaz, please visit: or follow us on Facebook

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  1. It might be the greatest thing since sliced bread. But good luck finding a holster from anyone except a custom holster maker.

  2. I have 4 Sar9s all with ambi safeties and unfortunately the new compact omits that feature making it homonginized like most other striker fired compacts.

    IMO Sarsilmaz screwed up listening to blowbags who whined about the safety for no other reason than wanting to appear manly man for other like minded morons who assume that little gizmo between the trigger is a, “Safety.” A Safety is something that prevents a finger, stick or other such things from pulling on the trigger and making the firearm go bang.

    Put the ambi safety on it Sarsilmaz and we’ll do some business.

    • With 4 in your stable, if one fails, as Mr. Beef (below) seems to imply may happen, you have extras you can grab. There’s solid logic in that…

  3. These look solid and are ergonomic.

    Boch mentioned holsters and I agree that could be an issue.

    I also don’t see magazine generally available. Does MecGar make some.?

    I considered one to play with when they were $279. Looks like they are coming back down.

    • has the 4.4″ barrel Sar9 for $299.00, current production marked USA Miami FL. I have a Glock 17 and if the choice was between a 17 and Sar9 and both were priced $550.00 I would buy the Sar. Out of the box the Sar9 is a good gun, full disassembly clean and lube a very good gun, everything properly tweaked a great gun. For the time being the only thing Glock has over the Sar is aftermarket support. Mine are not for sale, trade or rent.

      • Thanks.
        I have liked what I’ve seen but like to see good magazine availability (preferably inexpensive) to recommend.
        This is kind of the new Walther PPX/Creed IMO.
        Those are great pistols for the money.

  4. I went to the Ft Myers gun show this last weekend and there were 2 or 3 vendors that exclusively made custom kydex holsters.

  5. You can’t watch these literally rattle themselves apart after a few hundred rounds on YouTube (from any non-shill reviewer).

  6. I’ve shot Walthers and Sars, both new and “well” used.
    Have a range buddy who waited for over 6 months for a striker assembly to be shipped from Turkey. This was a current production handgun, and was only a few months old when the old striker failed.

    Current score in my collection……

    Walthers 10
    Sars 0

    Why the lower price on Sar products?
    You pay for customer service/support and parts availability at time of purchase.

    • “I’ve one plastic pistul…”

      Walther and Sar make all metal handguns too.😉

      There are three “plastic” pistols in my collection. A Walther PPQ45, a P99 Gen1 Titanium, and an HK Mark 23 OHWS SOCOM that regularly shoots over 700 ft/lb ME 45 Super 185gr Buffalo Bore.

      “.45 Super Pistol & Handgun Ammunition”

      10mm? 🤣

      Plastic guns make up under 5% of my handgun collection. 👍

  7. Tell your Sar9 pal to do like we did…Instead of paying $80.00 for two additional mags put the $80.00 towards another Sar9. He’ll have 4 mags and no down time waiting for parts. Being bargain and wanting more mags is how we wound up with 4 Sar9s.
    A properly tuned Sar9 trigger will be silk to the wall and break just under 5 lbs. No issues to date.

  8. I suppose coyotes are becoming a problem in larger city’s, but out here in Ruralsville when they light up yodeling it’s just music to my ears.
    They sing of freedom.


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