Eric Talley Boulder shooting
Bouquets of flowers are placed around a police cruiser in tribute to Boulder, Colo., police officer Eric Talley, who was one of 10 victims in Monday's mass shooting at a King Soopers grocery store, Wednesday, March 24, 2021, in Boulder, Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
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Homer Talley, the father of Boulder Police officer Eric Talley, who was the first law enforcement officer to arrive on the scene, told TMZ his late son owned an AR-15 he used for target practice.

“My son would have been deeply offended to know his death would be used to promote gun control. Before he was an officer, he enjoyed shooting,” Talley told TMZ.

Talley added that the situation his son was in wasn’t one that “the government could protect him from.” While he’s in favor of common sense gun laws, he and his son were against taking away the freedom Americans have to purchase firearms, he said.

“Just because some wacko goes around shooting people doesn’t mean guns need to be taken away,” Talley said. “You can’t take away enough guns to protect this country.”

— Jenni Fink in Officer Eric Talley Would Have Been ‘Deeply Offended’ if Used for Gun Control Push, Dad Says

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  1. He won’t be getting any free Bloomberg private plane rides in the future.

    Condolences and thanks for speaking out.

  2. The Democrats always dance with joy in the blood of the innocent, they view anything that they believe will advance their agenda is good no matter who gets hurt.

    • It is not crazies and criminals they want to disarm. Too hard. It is the ordinary law abiding citizen they want to disarm. Much easier. But the state if tension has to be maintained to create such a climate for this to be possible.

      • Democrats don’t care who they sacrifice including their own.
        My condolences to the family of Officer Eric Talley.

    • All it would have takin was an armed citizen shooting back with good aim ahead of everyone else.

  3. Rest in peace officer and prayers to the family. But now to the cop haters on TTAG. If you’re intellectually honest I would expect that you would support defunding the police. As it has been demanded for well over a year now. By so many people who hate cops.

    I like the police. I have said the police should be shooting rioters dead in the streets. I was told that was wrong. It seems in a Libertarian mind property owners don’t have rights. The only thing Libertarians seem concerned about are legalizing drugs and walking around with a dildo, well fitted for public attire.

    In the old days of the United States ordinary citizens could kill Criminals on sight and display their body with a sign stating “all criminals will be treated just the same, who come to our community”. But in our so-called civilized world, in the 21st century, you have to call the government for help. And sit and wait patiently for the police to arrive. As the murderers are searching for you. As you hide inside your own home.

    Also it’s interesting how so many people are against the death penalty. And are against civilians openly carrying guns. But they have no problem with police being the only ones allowed to openly carry weapons.

    The police kill the innocent and the guilty all the time. But like I said, the same people who are against the death penalty don’t support disarming the police. Something that I have called for years now. Be intellectually honest. Support disarming the police.

    Disarm the cops so that people like me can start killing criminals. And I will leave their bodies out on display for three days for the TV cameras to view. Yeah it’s a line from a movie “The Forbin Project”. But it’s also something like I said we used to do in this country all the time. And it was a great deterrent for criminals.

    This grocery store is a gun-free zone. And Boulder Colorado is a liberal town and liberals don’t support the right of law-abiding citizens to have guns. Those liberal politicians have enabled this crime. Their names should be listed as part of this story.

    • I’m with you. I think crime would eventually go down if the police were disarmed. There would be a period of chaos while things worked themselves out, then the bad guys would learn they shouldn’t be bad guys because it eventually leads to their untimely death.

    • While I don’t support disarming the police. I Do support the Citizenry cleaning up it’s Own streets. The idea that the Government is and will be Our Great Protector has always been a misnomer. The Supreme Court has proclaimed that LE has No Duty to Protect the Citizenry. We have allowed Politicians/Courts to neuter Our ability to protect Ourselves by Law, Edict and Fear. We have Met the Enemy and it is Us. Willing Sheeple driven by Fear and Complacent Cowardice. Willing to trade our Freedom for Their idea of Safety. Unless “We the People” take up the duty of being Our Own Protectors. We deserve the Consequences of Our Inaction.

    • Three days they aught to be bled out pretty good , usually I’d let them hang a couple weeks. Its starting to get warmer so I’d wrap cheese cloth around it so’es the blow flies dont get to it. Unless your lucky and have a cooler.

  4. Unfortunately that horse has already left the barn. The MSM salivated with joy over the opportunity to use the 10 deaths by this scumbag to forward their agenda driven reporting. The only difference between today’s media and the media of 1930’s Germany is their ability to reach a larger audience faster. Their Agenda and Tactics are akin to media outlets like Der Sturmer that was one of the largest proponents of the Nazi’s. As “We the People” see history repeating itself before Our very eyes with PC and Cancel Culture for not following the prescribed Dogma. Will those who believe in Freedom and Liberty follow the path of the Jews by Complacent Cowardice into the fires of Tyranny or Will We choose to fight against the Insidious Evil that permeates Our Society by choosing Courageous Sacrifice for something Greater than Oneself and a future Free from the scourge of Tyrannies Boot. The Midnight of Our Nation is approaching. It is plain to see for those unafraid to look. Will the fear of a possible outcome allow the darkness to prevail or will We as a Society remain in the light and face the Evil regardless of the fears each person must face. As the great WWI flying ace was quoted as saying: “Courage is doing what you are afraid to do. There can be no Courage unless you are scared”. Keep Your Powder Dry…

  5. Thanks Chris T in KY for shutting down the cop haters on TTAG because about 95% do hate the police here. They were into defunding the police long before it became a “fad”.

    • The word Democrat is missing from the lips of the Libertarians Liberals and the Left. Because it’s the Democrats who control the cities. it’s the Democrats who write the police training policies in their states. People who complain about the Republicans when there’re talking about bad cops, are just trying to distract, and protect the Democrats, who run these districts and are responsible. For what happens there.

    • The cop haters can support a smaller government by eliminating the police and eliminating jails and prisons. Because there will be fewer criminals to arrest. Because they won’t survive encounters with law-abiding citizens like myself. So there will be no need for the prison system. Because the cops haters, hate the prison system too.

  6. Those of us you say “hate to police”, do not hate police, we hate the “thin blue line” which is (in some departments) the same as a gang is. We hate the “us against them”(when everyone who is not a cop or his mom) attitude. In other words we hate the militarization of the police. When police speak about civilians, they are talking about everyone who is NOT a LEO. Cops are civilians, military is military – thank God for that.

    This attitude grew from Chief Parker in L.A. in the 60s and is prevalent in most large cities. This makes LEOs the enemy of any skateboarding kid or teen/young adult that has a hot rod or a shagging wagon. I remember how heavy handed the L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies were, to the point we all knew where their turf started and like gang turf, we were not safe driving in that territory.

    Don’t say something like, “if you do no wrong, you are safe”, because they were well known for planting pot in your car, and busting you later. If we got pulled over one night, we made sure to clean the car completely and the things we would find…….

    • Did you support the liberal City governments when they ordered the police to stand down? And allowing Rioters to loot, burn, destroy, murder, and rape? Did you call them “Trump’s secret police” when they came to arrest rioters who tried to murder people, inside a court building? By blocking the exits and setting the building on fire?

      All the things you said about bad cops are true. Now just be honest with me. And support disarming the police as I have called for. This way I can go out and start shooting rioters and not have to wait for the government to decide whether or not they are going to do it.

      I’m not joking and what happened in the year 2020 was not a joke either. I have always know you can’t rely on the police for anything.

      • “I remember how heavy handed the L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies were, to the point we all knew where their turf started and like gang turf, we were not safe driving in that territory.”

        I remember when the cops broke the bones of christian anti abortion protestors in L.A.
        I also remember, in the 1980s, how happy the Libertarians Liberals and the Left, were when the cops did it to them. It all depends on who’s ox is gored.

    • It was common for police departments to set performance benchmarks, or quotas on arrests and fines. And you didn’t want to be the officer who failed to meet their targets.

  7. Maybe the hate comes from the realization that when the order comes down to confiscate guns that the vast majority of cops will follow orders when their paycheck/pension is on the line.

    • I supported the Bundy family and their supporters 1st amendment rights. When the Feds pointed loaded guns at them. And in returrn they pointed loaded guns back at the federal cops.
      When the time came did you support the Bundy Family? Or did you support law enforcemnt???

      I have already said on TTAG that people need to pray for the families of police officers. When their husband or father comes to confiscate the guns of law-abiding citizens.

      • The Bundy family is a bunch of welfare grifters, stealing from you and every taxpayer in the United States by getting free grazing rights on land they don’t own, in violation of a federal judge’s (Reagan appointee) order.

        How about I come and put a couple hundred head of cattle on your local National Forest land, don’t mind the cowpies do you?

  8. If that father does not give you inspiration to fight sick Gun Control zealots harder nothing will. What Jim Crow Gun Control democRats run to propose has a long despicable track record throughout history. To give Gun Control standing is to give the agenda of nazis and racists standing.

    Sincere Condolences to the family.


      • Exactly, the only reason to walk around with an AR 15, etc. slung across your shoulder is because you feel inadequate regarding your Gunn.

        Open display of full size hardware is an unnecessary aggravation of ordinary citizens.

        Why inflame the normies?

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