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Yet another prominent national politician — this time Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — has displayed once again, for all to see, just how little the people who make the laws in this country know about the aspects of daily life they want to regulate.

In this case, Schumer is pretending to be deeply concerned about about home-built firearms. Sorry…the now widely used political term of art that’s caught on for these perfectly legal firearms is, of course, ghost guns.

Worse than the obvious stupidity at work here, however, is the fact that Schumer is thrilled that the “ghost gun loophole” can be closed, he believes, with a stroke of the executive pen.

Schumer could barely contain himself when he told reporters this . . .

This can be done without legislation. That’s the beauty of it. So we don’t need Republican support. We don’t need anybody’s support except the administration. 

It would appear that one of the executive orders that the BidenHarris administration is promising to issue would be a reclassification by the ATF of 80% frames and lowers in an effort to outlaw home built firearms. Few things make a certain breed of elected official more nervous that the idea that the average citizen can construct his or her own firearm(s) without a government permission slip or record of any kind.

The Second Amendment Organization’s Rob Pincus is someone who builds guns himself and he isn’t happy about Senator Schumer’s obvious authoritarian tendencies or his conspicuous ignorance.


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    He isn’t ignorant. He’s a lying traitor.

    • Correct. ENTIRELY missing the point.

      THEY DO NOT CARE about facts, how you feel, how many lives are saved, rights, etc..
      The faster Pro Gun people grasp their minds around this the faster we can fight back.

      Explaining everything to them does nothing.

      Take real action.

      JUST SAY NO!

      NO NO NO!

      Trillions of tax dollars are wasted having Dems come up with and push anti gun legislature.
      You are literally paying them to take your rights away.

  2. these idiots don’t understand that a lot of the guns that won this country’s Indpendech were homemade or made in a blacksmith shop or at least a lot of the parts were

      • And they don’t care.
        These people would throw all firearms including museum pieces into a shredder if they could.
        But they are completely not against being protected by the military and law enforcement, since they write the laws…..

  3. I passionely hate Rob Pincus. He’s anti- open carry and only in the gun world for money.

    I watched the video. He said nothing of relevance. He’s a hypocrite.

    How do you supposedly support the 2nd Amemdment while not supporting open carry?

    • R Pincus speak with forked tongue. Like saying,

      R Pincus speak with forked tongue, similar to someone saying they support the 2nd amendment, “but”.

      support the 2nd amendment, but”

      • I am super cool with someone not liking me… but, I’d love a citation for anything I ever said that qualifies as “put my foot in my mouth” in regard to ARs ??

        • Well you’ve got to put your foot in your mouth if you’ve got a thorn or something stuck in it, how else you going to pull it out.
          Silly human , take your shoe off.

  4. Schumer is a power hungry moron who is perfectly comfortable out right lying to people’s face. This is what I was talking about earlier in another article. To many people in the general population will take his word as gospel. His hatred of Trump is part of it. His hate for American greatness is part of it too.

  5. I just bought my first 80% and kit for my AR
    I bought a couple of 80% in case I screw up the first one
    I must have about $1,000 into it and there are still a couple of tools I need
    Moral of this story is that I should have decided to do this a year ago and it would have cost a lost less
    Because this is my first build, I have also spent a fair amount of time researching this
    The idea that all the “bad guys” have to do is buy a kit and simply have a working gun would seem to be a myth from my point of view
    Seems a lot easier to steal one. just saying

    • Steal a “ghost gunm” then file the serial numbers off, that’s what the smart criminals do.

  6. Our enemy politicians are brilliant. The know exactly how to manipulate their incredibly stupid voters

  7. Here is a stunning example of Gunsmithing excellence replicating the techniques and procedures that were no doubt common at the time of our Nation’s founding. What’s not seen but should be noted is that in this era American Politicians (I use the word loosely) were probably not crafting laws to infringe activities such as this.

    • Damn. I never knew colonial gunsmiths used modern hacksaws! 😉

  8. But what does bloated land whale and President William H. Taft cosplayer Geoff PR think about this matter?

    Just kidding. Seriously, nobody cares.

    Also, who listens to Rob Pincus? He’s only slightly more relevant the Geoff!

    • Hey, you’re back for another round of self-gratification! Did you get any on you? Wipe it off, before it dries; Just remember that it’ll show up under black light until you wash up.

      • The basement in his mom’s house that he lives in likely stinks of dried semen ’emissions’ from all the furious wanking he does down there… 😉

    • “Just kidding. Seriously, nobody cares.”

      Nice to see you’re finally admitting to everyone you’re a nobody.

      Isn’t the widdle troll cute, humiliating himself 😉

  9. Well, if they can reclassify a stock as a machine gun, they can reclassify a nonfunctioning block of material as a firearm. Oops, the Sixth Circuit says they can’t…


    • It “fits” into the law just fine right now. No need for any further infringement of our rights. Schumer is a rat faced tyrant!

  11. It doesn’t matter if the gunm controllers call a barrel the bullet tube or a magazine toilet paper. What matters is they have the power to take away a Right.
    ” remember if you plan to stay, those who give can take away”<—Steppenwolff, Power Play, ironic protest songs of the 70's fit so well today, and back then OFWG's who voted Republican were the enemy.

  12. No to mention those who collect old guns and refurbish them with springs and maybe some ejector work. I should be free to do this myself for my own guns, but limiting wear parts is like not selling spark plugs or brake shoes for old cars. And this is the goal. If you have old weapons, be aware of these bills coming to your state. I would get those weapons in order now, or sell them to someone that can, because without parts, ballpoint springs and the like will be used and creating unsafe guns will be the norm.

    • fixed a Taurus 24/7 when it kept jumping to the second stage trigger pull with a Bic lighter spring. 100% better then the original.

  13. I’ve meet Rob Pincus a few times – good guy who does a great deal for our community and our rights.

  14. They do understand, fully! We are beset by Communists supported by other Communists under the banners of UN and Globalism. There’s no reasoning or “working across the aisle” (Schumer’s sickening phrase) with them. Republicans should begin reading the names of people killed and injured by illegal aliens every time they bring up gun control.

    • “Republicans should begin reading the names of people killed and injured by illegal aliens every time they bring up gun control.”

      Yes, on the floor of the Senate and entered into the record. Except, Republicans as a group can’t seem to organize anything other than circular firing squads and Mexican standoffs. Too many of them are in this for themselves, and too few are do-or-die ideologues like those on the left.

  15. When you calculate the cost of parts, the effort, tools needed and time, I know I’m not saving a lot of money. That’s not why I do it. Just like the guitars and mandolins I build, I did it because I enjoy the satisfaction of making it myself. The law says I can make guns for my personal use. I cannot manufacture them to sell/ trade. Law abiding people follow the laws. I’ve not attempted a pistol build, but 4 of my 5 AR’s are builds. So, unlike the guitars/mandolins, I cannot sell/trade or give them away. I’m fine with following that restriction because it serves a valid purpose. Laws that are stupid, are a waste of time and money.
    Until I see accurate data that builds are being used in the commission of crimes and that the criminals are making them, I don’t see this as a problem, and I don’t think it’s “the growing concern/problem” the Media and Politicians claim it is.
    The Anti-Gun/Anti 2nd Amendment people don’t want “common sense laws” they lie about. They want the 2nd Amendment repealed, and civilian disarmament, period. They started chipping in 1934, and they won’t stop until the 2and Amendment is gone.
    Every Idiot For Gun Safety and Menopausal Moms Demand Blood, have an agenda for a utopia that is a delusional fantasy complete with rainbow farting unicorns.

    • Could you expand on why you can’t transfer the ARs? My understanding is that you can as long as they were not originally built for the purpose of resale.

      • Federal and state laws differ. ATF would tell you that you may sell or transfer your firearm to another lawful possessor if both seller and buyer reside in the same state. It does not matter if the gun was made in a factory or by a hobbyist in his home. So long as you are not in the business of making and selling and you do not cross state lines in any way, the ATF doesn’t care.

        California cares, badly. You can make your own gun but you have to register it with the state. The state sends you a steel serial number placard to affix to your gun. You must photograph it and send them the photo to complete the registration.

        After that, California gets even more complicated!

        So the answer boils down to where you live and what you are actually doing.

        If you are running a gun making or selling business off-book, the ATF will come after you.

        If you build up an AR out of an 80% lower or 3D printed parts, decide that was fun but you’d like to sell it and put the money to some other gun thing, in your own not-California type of state?

        Well, okay then!

  16. When someone’s mind is MADE UP, the FACTS don’t MATTER anymore . . . Neither does the TRUTH. This is what the Left Wing Democrats depend on. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  17. Wow, excellent comments, Rob. Thank you! I will testify to you can screw it up. Not pretty, but still works, and I learned a lot! Probably should have just bought that p365xl, would have saved money. But… Learning!

  18. Well, it’s a fine mess we’ve gotten into now
    Ollie… there have been power seeking, social engineering types around from the
    beginning. What has transpired is that they
    can now say anything and the masses believe it. I’ve tried to engage some of the
    mislead individuals with what I believe to
    be truths and it is not well received. The mislead become angry if you cast doubts
    on the left’s propaganda and it “hurts my feelings” is their way of hiding from conflicting points of view. What’s a fellow
    to do??
    When shooting remember, safety first, fun
    second… hitting the target is optional🤪🤪

  19. When you are trying to sell someone as you are whether it’s an idea or an item one must learn that showing the intended targets how smart you are with details is the best way to lose a sale. For the small group of enthusiasts who are into this a 10 min dissertation may me fine but me I fell asleep after min 5. Your monotone delivery and lack of intonation becomes boring. I appreciated you subject but you need to work on your delivery to get the average gun person and those on the fence to pay attention. I do like your website and training clips though. Unfortunately looks like Lee the Gunwriter does not agree with your content andI like him too guess I’m confused. 🤔

  20. BidenHarris administration is promising to issue would be a reclassification by the ATF of 80% frames and lowers to machineguns.

  21. Contrary to what politicians like Chuck Schumer think, freedom is not a “loophole.” Constitutional rights are not a “loophole” that needs to be “closed.”

    I’m a novelist, so I can easily imagine politicians like Chuck Schumer saying, “We need to close the self-publishing loophole by eliminating ‘ghost books’ (people printing their own books at home). Only corporations with a Federal government license should be able to print books! We need to ban printer paper, because printer paper is a ‘ghost book kit” that can be used to print books at home that have no serial number or registered copyright. And best of all, we don’t need legislation to ban self-publishing; we don’t need any Republican support. The Biden Administration can ban self-publishing with the stroke of a pen!”

    Hmm, that does sound like something Chuck Schumer will say next.

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