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Young criminals with guns run the show in Chicago. Between the Soros-funded prosecutor Kim Foxx decriminalizing crime, the state’s decarceration policies, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot defunding and denigrating the local police, the bad guys victimize people with impunity. As Tucker Carlson says, “it’s what the collapse of civilization looks like.”

How bad is it in Chicago? On Wednesday afternoon, gunfire broke out across the street from the Chicago Fire television show production set directed at a group of people nearby. This was while the NBC production team was filming a scene with the entire cast present. One of the rounds actually ricocheted off some of their filming gear.

Welcome to Murder City USA.

Local rules require police “supervision” of film sets, mainly to discourage ne’er-do-wells from snatching equipment or robbing production crews or cast members. Specifically, production sets are required to have at least eight uniformed Chicago Police officers present. And present they were as the gunfire rang out.

In this case, the suspects in a dark SUV didn’t care. They didn’t have anything to worry about either.  They knew they wouldn’t be pursued by police. Again, it’s the collapse of civilization.

CWB Chicago has the story . . .

A gunman opened fire just yards from where NBC’s Chicago Fire television show was filming on Chicago’s West Side this afternoon, according to law enforcement and industry sources. No injuries were reported, but a film industry source said the “full cast” was on-scene, and three cameras were rolling when the gunfire broke out around 1:55 p.m.

The hit show’s crew was filming exterior shots at A.A. Rayner and Son’s Funeral Home, 5911 West Madison, when a man began shooting from the opposite corner, a source said.

Law enforcement officers were already on the scene to provide security for the film set, and one of them called out shots fired on the local police radio channel. Listen:

Audio source:

The gunman, a Black male with braids, walked out of an alley and “fired several shots at people” while standing on the northwest corner of Madison and Mason, according to the cop.

He said the shooter jumped into a black SUV and fled through an alley after firing. It’s not clear who the “people” were that the officer saw the gunman firing toward.

Tucker Carlson opened his show earlier this week with a discussion of how far Chicago has fallen and how the Democrat machine that runs the show has abandoned the law-abiding people who live there.

People are more likely to be the victims of crime than criminals are likely to be caught, according to Carlson.

And it’s about to get worse. On January 1st, 2023, Illinois’ new “No Cash Bail” law kicks in.  Jails will be releasing half or more of their inmates, most of those who couldn’t make bail.  And those arrested for felony crimes will not be held, even for charges like 2nd degree murder, arson, kidnapping, armed robbery, DUI, burglary, drug charges or pretty much anything else.

Once again, this is what the collapse of civilization looks like, all thanks to generations of essentially one-party rule and zero accountability for anyone involved…politicians or criminals.

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  1. I lived in Chicago back in the early/mid 1980’s. Crime was a problem but not anything close to what it is now. And at that time, the CPD would be happy to bend a nightstick across the head of anyone, black or white. Today, the criminals are treated with kid gloves and deference.
    Oh well, the city and the state are pushing the blue dog progressive agenda and will continue to reap the benefits. No sympathy for the residents because they have promoted and voted for the politicians and the agenda. The voters wanted the agenda, and voted for it. Enjoy the show, you wanted to see it.

    • Actually, it’s the residents of Chicago that control the state. Some Democrap governors have lost every county in the state except for one, Cook (Crook) County. That was enough to get them elected. It’s basically the same in the legislature. There are so many from that area, and almost exclusively Democrap, that the result is pretty much control of the entire state. The rest of the state is held prisoner as a result.
      Cut us a little slack.

    • I’ve been at a relatives home where this crap was on TV, told them it’s unrealistic.
      When asked to elaborate I explained they never have storylines that cover issues the CFD have faced in reality.
      Stuff like a chief who wrecked several FD SUVs while driving drunk, then being found passed out drunk in his FD issued replacement SUV while his DUI charge was playing out in court……….or CFD personnel who were going out and setting fires to extinguish during contract negotiations……

      When the lamestream media or .gov tell you who your heros are, ALWAYS be skeptical.

      • the head dispatcher took down (among other things, wink wink) a light pole at howard and western. she’s well liked, mum’s the word, no breathalyzer.
        if the show was real it would portray more people found on the toilet than anything else. heart attacks create urges.

  2. Pedowood productions and sportsball entities are all so quick to relocate away from locations for virtue-signaling social justice reasons. Will they be so quick when their crews and employees are being hunted and robed? Or is it more social justicey to leave them there to experience all the glory and grandeur of rampant leftism?

    • RE : “Young criminals with guns run the show in Chicago.”

      Reality is: “democRats and criminals run the show in Chicago.” Obviously young, old and those in between criminals use anything and everything they can get their hands on. Singling out “guns” puts guns under the microscope which is exactly what Gun Control zealots need to apply their Gun Control rot to law abiding citizens.

      Many well meaning 2A defenders get headline sucker punched and wind up carrying the Gun Control football. Perhaps they should think outside the box…

      1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

      2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

      3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

  3. Shitcago. Why waste so much verbiage, when one word tells the story? That city was about the most corrupt city in the US even before they elected a queer moron for a mayor.

  4. if there is any hope, if there is any one thing that might encourage blue city fuktards to wake up, it’s this.

  5. How in hell’s name can you ‘de-criminalise’ crime. It’s a crime or it is not a crime. It’s not dependent on OPINION -It’s dependent on LAW as regulated by your ELECTED representatives.
    So are you telling us that some lunatic fire ‘several shots’ at a crown of people across a busy road and missed the lot and somehow that equates to less gun control measures.ANd whatbis ‘DEFUNDING’ the POLICE all about. My intrerpretation of Defunding the Police is that ALL the monies required to run the Police Force has been removed so who’d paying them Defunding does not mean adjusting budgets that would not be so large in the first places if there was not so much gun crime. I’ve just accessed information on what gun crime costs the USA every year [ not all crime -just gun crime] that information says it cost over hald of whatvthe USA spend on Defence so that would be inn the region of $US200 – to – $US 250m BILLION a year. Now we can argue the figures but whatever it will still come to a bloody lot on money to soend on just one area of crime.
    I think I could argue that a fair % of of the money should fall at the feet of the Gun-owners in the form of licensing or purchase taxes and the Gun Industry in general . The gun industry could take most of it from the money they now spend ‘buying off’ politicians

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “I think I could argue that a fair % of of the money should fall at the feet of the Gun-owners in the form of licensing or purchase taxes and the Gun Industry in general .”

      So I have a gun I use for protection against crime and I should pay extra for criminals to commit crime?

      Guns are not the reason crime exists. Only 1 in 12 violent criminals use a gun. The reason for crime is because some people are criminals and others don’t stop them.

      I think all these democrat politicians with their tax payer funded private security forces to protect them, trying to disarm the rest of us without tax payer funded private security forces to protect us, shouldering the burden financially as they are the ones which have increased the crime rate.

    • Prince Albert the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter,

      1. Shouldn’t you be mourning your deceased Queen???

      2. When you get your own ridiculous, tiny Island of Misfit Toys sorted out, come back and let us know. PERHAPS then we’ll afford you some respect. Until then? Sod off, swampy.

    • 5911 west Madison?!? Are they out of their freakin’ minds? Definitely not a “safe space”🙄

  6. And where to all the illegal guns come from? Two Chicago studies and numerous police tracings as well as FBI Stats all prove the guns are coming from face to face second hand gun sales that are not regulated in most states. Large amounts of money are made by the “Iron Pipeline” that funnels in thousands of second hand guns into high crime big cities. Its not rocket science to sane people, it’s only the paranoid demented Far Right that deny reality.

    • Who paid for those Chicago studies? The corrupt city .gov? And the fbi? They’re more corrupt than the kgb was.

      If you were a sane person, obviously you’re not, You would never cite these bogus ‘studies’ again.

      • Well JWM.
        You’re dealing with someone who wore hockey gear every day as a child, yet never learned how to lace up a pair of skates.

        • Being a puck does not mean you get to wear the gear. You just get hit a lot with sticks.

          Winter sports in Ohio were painful for dacian. But at least people were paying attention to him.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      We’ve heard your repetitive, fact-free blather about “Iron Pipeline” so often, we could probably all repeat it from memory – only we’d actually be able to do it grammatically, and it would make more sense than the word-vomit you emit.

      You still have never addressed my (and others’) question: IF all these “crime guns” are coming in to Chitcago from states with “lax gun laws”, why don’t THOSE states have the same levels of crime as Chitcago??

      Or are you simply too stupid to see the inherent contradiction in your “logic”????

      Oops, answered my own question, didn’t I?

      • To the Lamp that went out in his head

        You are too ignorant to understand anything about crime or poverty or illegal guns.

        As I have pointed out many times before your lies and propaganda about red states not having high crime rates is pure bullshit. It is true that if a rural state has lower population levels naturally the occurrence of crime is less, that is simple math but way over your ignorance.

        Educational opportunities and higher paying jobs also lower crime but again what would you know about sociology or economics. Yes, The Lamp that went out in his head who claims to have 4 law degrees and has written numerous books, none of which he can seem to remember the titles too.

        Try again Moron but your howling from the rooftops about a subject you obviously know nothing about only makes it more likely the ATF will be investigating your deraigned rantings. The sooner the better, you are to deraigned to be permitted to own any deadly weapons.

      • to Double Cross

        Study the subject first before making a complete fool of yourself. Yes there are straw purchases but they amount to a minuscule amount of illegal guns compared to face to face sales of second hand guns from ordinary citizens that end up in the hands of criminals and lunatics. The studies prove it.

  7. Young criminals run the show everywhere not just Chicago.
    And it does absolutely no good to finger the criminals other then get yourself caught up in a war you didnt want because law enforcement wont do anything about it except arrest -me- when I defend us.
    I’ went to court last Friday with my girlfiend who filed a restraining order against an individual because of threats from them and their meth head flop house gangsters next door. All because she complained about it to the police, and OfficerOver talked to them about the property destruction that was involved. We are trying to save our neighborhood and law enforcement wont help.
    And ,Wow that really scared the defendant because on the way out of the court room they stated “This ain’t over yet.” The judge heard it, the bailiff too. Crickets.
    Fck the police, fck the court system. Eliminate that and good people could stop the problem.
    Kangaroo done hung the jury with the innocent

  8. Shots fired in Chitcago, in the middle of the day???? Unpossible – Chitcago is a “gun free zone”!!!!

    Now it would really be news if we went for a period of time sufficient to film and episode of that (absurd) show WITHOUT hearing gunshots.

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