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Just when you thought bad cop Robert Mueller’s witch hunt couldn’t turn any crazier, the sun rises yet again. Today, news of Mueller’s FBI “Russia Collusion” investigation turns to America’s oldest civil rights organization, the National Rifle Association.

Yes, now that all other avenues of the FBI Russia investigation have turned up nothing, a new leak has come out from Mueller’s team. Supposedly some Russian banker named Torshin has a cozy relationship with the NRA and Putin, and funneled money to the NRA to defeat Hillary at Putin’s behest.

Mueller 'Russian Collusion' Witch Hunt Turns To NRA

It’s true.  Alexander Torshin attended the 2016 NRA convention, so that makes him cozy with the NRA.

Mueller Russia Collusion Investigation Witch Hunt Targets NRA

And he once stood next to Vlad Putin.

Putting the evidence together, Mueller and his crack(pot) team of investigators believe they have a Eureka! moment. Torshin funneled money to the NRA to help Putin help Trump to win 2016’s American election. Presto! Collusion between the Russians and Trump to take down Hillary! Obviously, right?

Of course, the Russia Collusion investigation has run non-stop for many months now and has bupkisMcClatchy has details of the leak

The FBI is investigating whether a top Russian banker with ties to the Kremlin illegally funneled money to the National Rifle Association to help Donald Trump win the presidency, two sources familiar with the matter have told McClatchy.

FBI counterintelligence investigators have focused on the activities of Alexander Torshin, the deputy governor of Russia’s central bank who is known for his close relationships with both Russian President Vladimir Putin and the NRA, the sources said.

It is illegal to use foreign money to influence federal elections.

Those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome gained yet another little tingle down their leg at this little tidbit from McClatchy’s story:

Disclosure of the Torshin investigation signals a new dimension in the 18-month-old FBI probe of Russia’s interference. McClatchy reported a year ago that a multi-agency U.S. law enforcement and counterintelligence investigation into Russia’s intervention, begun even before the start of the 2016 general election campaign, initially included a focus on whether the Kremlin secretly helped fund efforts to boost Trump, but little has been said about that possibility in recent months.

In reality, the only thing this latest unprofessional leak signals is desperation on the part of Mueller and his team.

This whole Russian Collusion thing is a scandal. Putin helped Trump because the Russians want to Make America Great Again? Because more American jobs, a stronger American military, lower oil prices, and tougher trade deals are good for Mother Russia?

Well, certainly a stronger American economy is good for Russian ammunition sales into America, so Mueller’s team might have something there… Maybe I’ve stumbled onto a plausible reason why the Russians wanted Trump to win: so they could sell more ammo to American gun owners.

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  1. Well, certainly a stronger American economy is good for Russian ammunition sales into America, so Mueller’s team might have something there… Maybe I’ve stumbled onto a plausible reason why the Russians wanted Trump to win: so they could sell more ammo to American gun owners.

    I thought O put the kibosh on Russian ammo imports. The supply of 7.62x54R spam cans has all but dried up. Anybody got info?

    • Most of the 7.62x54R imports dried up around the same time the business in the Ukraine kicked off. I believe most of it came from that region and as a result it’s now getting used in PKMs rather than Mosin Nagants.

    • And yet the libturd demoncraps will eat this up like a monkey eats bananas. As Winson Churchill said, “a lie is halfway around the world, before the truth even has it’s pants on”.

  2. This whole thing is worse than when Trump kept claiming that Obama was a secret Kenyan. It’s going to seriously cost every Demtard involved in it this year.

    • Actually, hilary began that issue when she sent two of her minions out to shop that story to the press. It wasn’t until later that Trump tried to find out the truth.

    • /facepalm
      I didnt vote against Hillary because the NRA told me to – I figured that out on my own.
      I didn’t support Trump because the Russians told me to – I did that by default when Cruz didn’t get the nomination.
      I don’t expect any accolades for the vote I cast, but it would be nice to have it acknowledged as being mine and mine alone.

    • I ate a blintz yesterday for brunch and the FDA raided my house in a no knock warrant and agents with MP5’s spent hours going through my possessions.

      Justice system has been broken in America.

  3. I got subpoena as well my rusky comrade, must’ve been my Adidas track suit and Aqua-Velva aftershave. In Russia track suit wears you!

  4. You can’t say WITCH in a story about Hillary. #cankelstoo

    That NO ONE in DC has shut Mueller down is pathetic. Senate Judiciary (chaired by Iowa Senator Grassley), The House (supposed to control the budget), Attorney General (get a pair and UNrecuse yourself Sessions)

  5. The real concern with this story isn’t that Russia may have funneled money to the Trump campaign via the NRA. My concern is what will Torshin do with all the weekly or daily solicitation mail from NRA, asking for donations, and is all the NRA swag (hats, roller duffles, jackets, vests, cleaning kits, etc.) he signed up for compliant with ITAR export regulations?

  6. OMG! We are Putin’s puppets! Mighty, mighty puppets.
    The accusations of bias, corruption and incompetence against Mueller are clearly off the mark. His problem is obviously opium. I say put down the hookah Mr. Mueller, put it down!

  7. The FBI is different from the KGB/NKVD/Stasi/Gestapo/Kempetai in what way? Answer: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. TV propaganda shows.

  8. This just seems to be an attempted cross breed of “The NRA is a terrorist organization” with “Russian Collusion.” Personally, I’ll wait for the evidence.

  9. I would like to make sure that at every single instance of anything about Russia hacking the election, or Russian collusion, that we remind everyone of what the Russians have been accused of doing.
    They (allegedly) exposed the election fraud perpetrated within the Democratic party directly between Hillary Clinton and the head of the DNC.
    Remember that’s what actually happened. That was mainstream media news. The DNC chair quit over it (to be immediately hired by Clinton). Senator Sanders was in an uproar. The DNC admitted the emails proving that fraud were real. All of that happened before the media realized what a mess they were in and rebranded the whole thing as “election hacking” and “Russian collusion”. They stopped all references to the DNC and the Clinton campaign.
    The Russians (allegedly) exposed primary election fraud inside the DNC. They exposed Hillary Clinton’s successful efforts to undermine the US election system. Keep reminding everyone that this is what it’s all about.

    • Yep. And let us never forget that the ‘hillary won the popular vote’ crap is due entirely to the illegals voting in CA.

    • Well, there is actually more to it than that, most of which most people were completely oblivious to. The Russians maintain an extremely well funded troll/propaganda army that fills the net with fake news intended to influence voters all over the world and in many different languages. One prime example was the story that Pres. Clinton and the head of Ms. Cinton’s campaign John Podesta were involved in a secret child pornography and sex ring run out of a pizza parlor in D.C. Remember the guy who actually believed this and visited the parlor with a AR and put a bullet through the ceiling? Russian fake news. A lot of the “deep conspiracy” allegation stuff is Russian. Ukraine was flooded with Russian propaganda before the Crimea campaign and after, and Estonia and Latvia are under constant attack because of their relationship with NATO. There is much involving the Syrian War, and any news must be looked at with a critical eye. And now France is complaining of all of the trolling going on there, linking it to the Russians.

      How any of this amounts to “collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Russians is anyone’s guess. Were there meetings with Russians? Yes, after they indicated they had dirt on Hillary. There were other contacts as well, none of which were illegal–allthey have so far on two of the guys who plead out were lying to the FBI, and nothing of substance. Then again, Hillary and the DNC did the same thing,, and only now is that being investigated, since it as the DNC paid for dossier that led to wire taps on Trump confidants.

      • The Comet Pizza nonsense was just that — a nonsensical distraction meant to discredit those who noted the very real connections between the Clintons, the Podestas, and known pedophiles and human traffickers. Look up Jeffrey Epstein — a bigtime Friend of Bill — and then try to tell me the Clintons and their inner circle didn’t at least protect, if not participate, in that crap.

    • But all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies said that Russia maybe did the hacking. (In the lingo of the intelligence game, the conclusion was not very strong). Those Coasties can’t be wrong! Seriously, that’s one of the intelligence agencies that “concluded” that the Russians leaked the e-mails.

      Here’s what really happened. James Clapper, the guy who perjured himself while testifying in Congress about how the NSA “isn’t” spying on “us,” was the DNI. The DNI is in charge of the intelligence agencies. It was his statement (a known perjurer) that 17 agencies reached that conclusion (almost certainly meaning he reached that conclusion for political reasons).

      Julian Assange, the guy who runs Wikileaks – where the emails were published, said that they got the emails on a flash drive outside of DC from a DNC insider who was definitely 100% in no way a Russian operative (it might just have been implied it was a DNC insider). Also, Clinton’s campaign chair’s, John Podesta, password was password, the FBI told them there was a credible threat to the server’s security, and they refused to take help from the FBI.

  10. So, the allegation is the Russian government provided funds to the NRA to fight for my civil rights by electing the guy who wants a strong economy and stronger military to grow and protect the US. Sure, right. Just like I believe that the red headed kid upstairs is mine.

  11. Russia helped the NRA help Trump? That’s news to me!

    So Russia made Hillary say that she was interested in gun confiscation? Because I’m pretty sure she did that on her own.

    So Russia made Hillary say that the Supreme Court was wrong about us having the right to keep and bare arms in the home? Because I’m pretty sure she did that on her own.

    So Russia made the NRA interested in Hillary saying she was about as anti-2nd amendment as it gets? Because I’m pretty sure they did that on her own.

  12. The narrative was determined on election night when the legacy media’s candidate lost. Trump will have a scandal-plagued, divisive presidency — at least, they’ll make sure it looks that way.

    Just like they made sure Obama’s tenure was remarkably free of scandal: the public can’t be outraged by what it doesn’t know, so they did their best to make sure nobody knew.

    • I would suggest you actually take some time to read up on those individuals. You will find the indictments are not for collusion with the Russians. How well would your life hold up, legally, to the level of scrutiny these people are receiving?

      • “How well would your life hold up, legally, to the level of scrutiny these people are receiving?” – Do you know how many felonies I’ve accidentally committed that I didn’t even know were crimes? Hint: It’s more than one. Thank you statute of limitations. Do you know how many felonies kids committed a day back in the time of Napster?

  13. “FBI counterintelligence investigators” a.k.a. no constitutional protections were applied in the gathering of this information that was collected by an administration targeting its political enemies.

    Another point, there was collusion between a political campaign and the Russians in the election. Hillary Clinton’s campaign hired Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump. They used retired British spy Christopher Steele. He used his Russian government contacts to dig up fake dirt on Trump and his associates. He put together a dossier that most disreputable news organizations would take. Seriously, it was shopped around for months. Then the FBI took it and started the “collusion” investigation.

    By the way, “collusion” isn’t a crime. Conspiracy is, but that hasn’t been alleged because it is a real thing with specifics that require further specifics.

  14. Ok, so it is illegal to use foreign money to influence an election. BUT, is ity illegal for a Russian to donate money to the NRA? I really don’t think so. And the NRA was strongly campaigning against Clinton. Was that illegal? Umm, no. Was the NRA using “foreign” money? Now THAT’S a stretch, Instead, once the donation was made (assuming one was made), it was no longer “foreign” money but the NRA’s money, and the NRA could do with it what it wanted.

    • Also, the NRA wasn’t using that money. They were using the other money. At least that’s how it works whenever the government is giving money to some organization that is doing bad things with it.

  15. According to Fire and Fury Trump never wanted to win. Russian collusion to lose then? Funny to hear lefties tout Wolf’s book as glorious gospel and claim elaborate KGB/Trump connections in the same breath. It’s as if they can’t hear their own words.

    Oh, and Trump is a Nazi and a racist so let’s vote to renew fed surveillance powers near unanimously. Makes sense to me.

  16. “[T]op Russian banker with ties to the Kremlin….” Is this guy serious? If you’re a person of any importance in Russia, you’ve got ties to the Kremlin – whether you like it or not.

    “It is illegal to use foreign money to influence federal elections.” Maybe they should look into SHrillery’s campaign because I’m pretty sure they’d be more likely to find some foreign cash winding up in her coffers, no doubt funneled through the Clinton money laundering service Foundation.

    • You can’t pretend to care about money laundering. That has been Trump’s business model for years. He was involved with the Russian mob long before his presidential campaign. He continued right on through the campaign.

  17. This evening Congress will vote to release secret report which they say will expose massive intel community crimes related to Trump spying. Obama set in motion nearly successful coup detat…..

  18. This investigation has more “dimensions” than string theory … and less actionable / testable theories.

  19. lol now Mueller, who is as non-partisan and respected a law enforcement official as you can get at hight levels, is a “bad cop” because he’s investigating the politician you guys carry water for. Got it.

    • “Mueller, who is as non-partisan and respected”

      Mwahahahahahahahah! Hannibal, you’re funnier than Chris Rock. No, really. You should take your show on the road. You’d pack arenas.

    • The office of special counsel has to much power with not enough checks. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      The problem is that the special counsel is given a specific task, and nothing has ever stopped a single one of them from going well beyond that specific task. Paul Manafort has been indicted for things as far back as 2006. What’s that have to do with this election?

      Additionally, accusations of corruption are easy to make when compared to how the FBI conducted the investigation into Hillary. There is enough evidence in the news for me to get Hillary sentenced to 90,000 years in prison under the Records Act. (Assuming maximum sentence for each violation, consecutive and not concurrent sentences, and 1.1 page to an e-mail). Same assumptions, the financial penalty could be as much as 7.5 billion dollars.

      Even if the system treats/is treating Trump et al. fairly, it will look corrupt (because it was corrupt in the treatment of Hillary).

  20. “…bad cop Robert Mueller..” For six decades I have aspired to identify bad cops and separate them from good, honest cops. My conclusions: Good cops are the ones to which you are closely related, or ones you wish to become closely related. Honest cops fund or otherwise support your activities.
    Like Diogenes, I am still searching for a good, honest cop.
    I have a lower standard. That cop need only be good and honest two thirds of the time. Still searching.
    Those who want to respond negatively to this comment: I need to see your ID. Have you been drinking? Do you take drugs? Are you alright? Do you live around here?


  21. What miserable tripe from
    Boch and TTAG. Trump is bad for this nation. A nation that once stood for constitutional law now stands only for the word of a buffoon king. Disgrace.

    • “A nation that once stood for constitutional law now stands only for the word of a buffoon king. Disgrace.” The same can be more honestly said about Obama. He also broadly ignored the rule of law. There is a reason the SC repeatedly overruled his actions 9-0.

    • Who is not accepting the results of a democratically elected US president and doing everything they can to subvert the will of the citizens of the United States? Know the definition of “traitor” before throwing round your accusations. Please go ahead and tell us how the dossier was so true, or how the Russians used a facebook page for “BLM” to influence republicans to vote for Trump. Or how charging Paul Manafort for money laundering crime from 10 years ago is proof that Trump is dirty. I didn’t even vote for Trump, but people like you are exactly why I will vote for him in 2020. You whine and cry because you didn’t get what you wanted and make accusations with no proof of anything. Grow up, act like an adult and if you have something to say then say it without acting like a whiny spoiled child who lost. Maybe start with #Obamagate and see who the real traitors are in this country. Who used the IRS to target his political foes? Who promised the Russians that “I can work with you after the election” in a hot mic? Who elected Czars to cabinet positions? Who gave billions tax payer dollars to his rich corporate friends as part of a stimulus package (yes, Bush did it too)? Who used the FBI and justice department to spy on his political foes? Who subpoenaed the Associated Press phone records to find out their sources? Who called an opposition reporter a “criminal co-conspirator” because they wrote an unpleasing article about them?

  22. If it isn’t true I would expect the NRA to come out strongly, and set the record straight with verifiable facts.
    If it is true then anyone connected with the NRA that knew about it should resign, in disgrace, immediately.
    Lawyers on the NRA legislation staff would certainly know the law when it comes to foreign funding and U.S. elections


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