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Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. met the press yesterday to give the po-po’s “official” account of 25-year-old Adaisha Miller shooting death. The Chief said Miss Miller was dancing with Officer Issac Parrish. She was positioned behind him and “touched his waist.” Godbee reckons Miss Miller pulled the trigger through the soft Neoprene holster on the officer’s right side. Miller was killed by a single shot from the cop’s .40 caliber Smith & Wesson M&P—which wasn’t equipped with an external safety. “In most incidents, a weapon does not go off without the trigger being engaged in some manner,” Godbee admitted. What’s missing from this version: how a holstered gun can shoot up and backwards. Godbee ignored a question asking if the cop had been breathalyzed. Pending the results of an internal investigation, Godbee reckons we’re done here. “[The shooting was] not intentional at all,” Godbee said, extending his condolences to Miller’s family.

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  1. Yeah, this one doesn’t make much sense. Also, cheap soft holsters on a striker fired pistol with no external safety? Why?

  2. The Detroit Police Department is not going to admit that one of its “finest” negligently killed a citizen.The truth might trigger adverse litigation & criminal charges.

      • I’m inclined to agree.

        What I hate about situation like this is of this were a normal citzen they would be tried an persecuted by the media as an irresponsible gun owner. I’m sure the Brady campaign would also jump all over it. But because it’s a cop the truth will be hidden and all will be forgiven. He’ll get a few days of paid leave at the worst. I don’t like that police are not held to the same lawful standards as normal citizens.

      • Endor is also shorthand for the forest moon of Endor, which orbits the gas giant. In any case, Chewbacca’s place of residence depends on era, but he was only ever a short term visitor to the Endor system.

        /even bigger nerd

  3. Chief Godsmack called it a “weapon” but it was not used as a weapon, therefore it was just a “gun” that went off when a dumb drunk cop and a dumb drunk broad got stupid.

    Bet the stupid cop was drunk too, which is against the almighty LAW to be drunk and carry a firearm, er, “weapon.”

    • Dumb drunk broad? How the hell was she supposed to know about a gun? She didn’t know the guy, she was just dancing.

  4. They should check her knees for abrasions. There’s only one way a pistol in a waist holster could have hit her in the chest.

  5. I don’t understand how a holster secured to a belt (even with a spring clip) can be pointed upwards in such a way to shoot someone behind you in the chest. May be he was in a three point point stance hiking a hotdog while she quarterbacked?

  6. Total BS. I’ve got a box of holsters, last night I tried to dry fire a Glock and a Taurus through all of the “cheap neoprene” (read uncle mikes) ones. Can’t be done, unless MAYBE it was in a holster several times too large, essentially if it was in a soft neoprene bag. I’ll try to pull the trigger on one through my neoprene wine bottle carrier later tonight. I’m sure lots of us have these holsters. Go try it.

    I don’t buy the BJ theory either because you still can’t pull the trigger through a holster like that. I still think the cop was just showing off and not following the 4 rules, and that’s how it happened.


    • Don, respectfully, you don’t need to spend any time trying to fire your waepons through holsters. The story is BS.

  7. If I was this woman’s family, I’d mortgage my life to hire the lawyers to get full disclosure on this. I want that dude with the red strings drawing lines and shit, because the math, as stated, just don’t add up.

  8. He went dirty dancing at a club serving alcohol with a round in the chamber of his semi-auto? Real smart. There are two sets of laws and types of investigations. One for the police, judges, politicians, super wealthy, celebrities, and then one for the rest of us.

  9. Many of the articles state that the officer was dancing with his wife at the time and that he didn’t know the victim. My gut is telling me that his wife shot her!! The police chief’s main concern is to protect the image of the department, which is sad.

  10. Civil suit. This isn’t the PD’s fault. Officer TriggerHappy was off duty and on his own dime when he accidentally shot the woman. The family can and should sue him for wrongful death/negligent homicide/whatever they call it up there, and the truth will become known (as much as it can) in that process.

    My guess: either the BJ theory or some other form of compromising position, or maybe he got drunk enough to show off by spinning the pistol around his finger, without thought to it being loaded. All bets are off when people are impaired and in a party mood. I can’t pull the trigger through my cheap nylon holster either, so the gun had to have come out before it was fired.

  11. Perhaps her family will still file a civil suit against the officer even if he doesn’t get criminally prosecuted.

  12. Sounds like shawty got too low while she was gettin’ her freak on. If the officer was partially (or even fully) bent over and she touched the trigger from behind him, it might be plausible.

    Let’s call Adam and Jaime – I still think this myth is busted.

  13. I don’t have a neoprene holster, but I have a couple nylon ones, so I tried those, and couldn’t get anything to happen with my P238 (safety off) or my XD(M).

    I also tried them both in the pocket of my shorts, and my jeans. I was able to pull the trigger on the P238 through the shorts fairly easily, but only after a seriously concerted effort through the jeans. I couldn’t pull the trigger on my XD(M) in either place. Grip safety FTW.

    • You’re not going to buy a particular gun now soley because of lies and mistruths about how a ND occured? An M&P has the same exact safety features as a glock by the way. There is a safety on the striker that prevents it and the firing pin from moving forward unless the trigger safter is depressed. Thus the guns cannot go off unless the trigger is pulled. It’s science. I have an M&P9 and love it.

  14. Obviously someone was handling the gun. I tend to think it was probably fumbled during hurried undressing/redressing and someone tried to catch it as it fell.

  15. “What’s missing from this version: how a holstered gun can shoot up and backwards.”

    Have they even acknowledged this glaring inconsistency?

    • Anyone who knows anything about handguns will know that the facts don’t fit the story. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population is gun-ignorant, and they will swallow this story ‘hook, line, and sinker’.

  16. Accidental? Sure, I’ll buy that. I don’t think he meant to shoot her. But negligent? Almost definitely. You can’t pull the the trigger on a gun in “soft neoprene” holster unless it’s several sizes too small or too big.

  17. The latest story in an interview with her family, states she was dancing on her knees behind him grabbing his waist/holster when the pistol discharged. They said alcohol wasn’t involved as far as the LEO was concerned, but I wonder if they checked her, not that that’s an excuse.


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