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The passage of the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which blocks Missouri police from enforcing a variety of federal gun laws, has alarmed gun control advocates and sparked concern that it could hamper police efforts to arrest violent criminals or confiscate their guns.

Emails obtained by The Kansas City Star show federal prosecutors in eastern Missouri have asked at least a dozen police departments whether they will stop participating in federal gun crime investigations. The FBI has also queried a southwest Missouri police department, and is assessing the responses of local police statewide.

At least two departments have pulled officers from assignments with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, spokesmen confirmed.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has suspended its participation in an ATF task force, to which one trooper was assigned full-time and three part-time, Lt. Eric Brown said.

“With the passage of HB 85, Patrol members can continue to serve on federal task forces except where the task force’s primary focus is on weapons violations,” Brown said.

— Jeanne Kuang in Some Missouri police cut ties with ATF as feds assess impact of new gun law

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    • This is harder to do when the number of agencies and states with 2A sanctuary policies becomes significant. As just one pointed illustration, the State of Virginia’s population is highly concentrated near the DC beltway. These Progressives/Democrats have seized control of the VA legislature. Almost the entirety of the rest of the state has declared it’s jurisdictions to be 2A sanctuaries.

      Now, how do Congress or the executive agencies apply retribution selectively to the overwhelming majority of VA counties while not affecting the beltway counties? It get’s tough to do this. Not impossible, but tough enough that the Feds are likely to largely abandon their enforcement attempts.

      That seems to be what is happening with marijuana and immigration sanctuaries. And it is this which constitutes the power of Nullification

      • I live in VA, once a bastion of freedom, it is now a hot bed of treason and sedition. The number of communist voters from around the DC area, called NORVA, down through the eastern half of the state to the NC border, out number the Republican voters in the entire state. There will never be another Republican, patriot, Governor, senator, etc in this state,

  1. The Good, Bad, and Ugly.
    We shall see what we shall see. I believe the states will cave when the heat’s turned up. .gov has many ways of forcing compliance.

  2. That’s right Gun Control Zealots…The goal of Law Abiding Gun Owners Protecting and Defending a Constitutional Right is to coddle criminals like the democRat Party does…NOT.

    Useful idiot brainwashed busy body do-gooders supporting Gun Control march around trying to dictate what you can have to defend you and yours all while getting their marching orders from their six armed guard protected fuhrer mini mike bloomberg. The kind of insane little man fuhrer who would be a complete nothing, NADA without his money.

  3. “…has alarmed gun control advocates and sparked concern that it could hamper police efforts to arrest violent criminals or confiscate their guns.”

    This is the pure, flowing crap of the anti-gun industrial complex on display. They’re not concerned in any way with arresting violent criminals; the Second Amendment has never stopped anyone from doing that.

    What the Second Amendment has done, however, is to keep anti-gun totalitarians from turning gun ownership itself into a crime. It just got a little bit harder to confiscate guns from peaceful folks and persecute innocent people in Missouri — and THAT is what they’re whining about.

  4. The is a sign of the “great separation” to come. And it’s a wonderful first step. Now we will just see how many so-called “conservatives” and so called “Libertarians” really support nullification and decentralization. The tenth amendment center rules!!!

      • As far as I can tell this is the only place where real Libertarian’s exist. I have followed their work for decades now. All others are suspect until they prove themselves.

        • Please ask your pro gun libertarian friends to stop supporting open /no borders.

          Biden will give citizenship to millions of new illegals and then more easily vote in the communist gun grab that you claim libertarians oppose.

  5. Power and Control once attained is Never Relinquished Willingly. History as well as how Our Nation was Founded is proof of that. I have Zero confidence in the Federal Government regardless of which Party is in Power ever giving up their Control. This goes for all 3 branches of Government. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  6. It doesn’t bar prosecutors from referring “violent felon with a gun” to the feds though, right?
    *violent* felons

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