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“[The Missouri] Department of Revenue [DoR] is working with the Department of Homeland Security to install new hard and software to obtain data on Missouri citizens and transfer this information to DHS and unnamed third parties.” Well they were until Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder filed a Temporary Restraining Order against the DoR. [Press release after the jump] The move follows a complaint from Show Me State resident Eric Griffin. When Griffin went to renew his Concealed Carry Weapons permit, the Department of Revenue [DoR] refused to issue same unless he surrendered ID documents for their records. Griffin brought his complaint to Kinder. It’s possible the practice is repeated in other states, as part of the Real ID law. Let us know if you’ve bumped-up against and we’ll keep you posted . . .

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder backs fee office

lawsuit in Stoddard County
Legal action taken against fee offices over privacy concerns

JEFFERSON CITY – Lt. Governor Peter Kinder today hosted a press conference in the Capitol to announce a lawsuit filed over the collection and scanning of private documents by the Missouri Department of Revenue for residents seeking concealed carry gun permits.

The lawsuit was filed Monday by Russ Oliver in Stoddard County. Oliver is Stoddard County’s prosecuting attorney. He filed the lawsuit as a private attorney on behalf of Eric Griffin.

“I fully support Mr. Oliver in this important legal action in Stoddard County Circuit Court,” Kinder said. “This case has issues of statewide importance implicating serious privacy concerns for law-abiding citizens. These folks have followed the letter of the law and been approved for concealed carry by the proper authorities. They must not be required to share that information with any third parties or the federal government.”

Oliver said Mr. Griffin went to his local Department of Motor Vehicles fee office after passing the application process for a concealed carry gun permit. When he refused to let DMV employees scan some of his documentation, he was denied the permit.

Oliver said Griffin acted within his rights. He said the Department of Revenue apparently installed new computer equipment to record the information as part of the federal Real ID Act of 2005.

But state laws prohibit the department from retaining and collecting these types of documents and from complying with that portion of the Real ID Act. The data the DOR collected was being forwarded to Morpho Trust U.S.A., a Georgia company that specializes in partnering with state and federal governmental agencies.

“There are important privacy concerns for concealed carry holders who justly fear their information being sent to a third party or the federal government,” Oliver said. “Missouri law makes it clear that what is going on here is illegal, and serves no legitimate purpose since the county sheriff is solely charged with the duty of determining applicants’ eligibility for the endorsement.”

The lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order to stop the Department of Revenue from collecting and sharing the private data and declare their actions unlawful.

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  1. So Missouri lawmakers passed a law some years ago to prevent state agencies from complying with portions of REAL ID, yet the plaintiff has to seek a restraining order to get the DMV to stop complying with a law that they are already prohibited from complying with? I LOVE state government.

    • Executive branch may have no direct control over DoR, not sure in this case, but alot of states elect the heads of (some of) their agencies.

    • MO license offices fall under the direction of DoR. But, here’s the fun part, they are run by private third-parties. Even better, up till like 3 years ago, offices were a patronage gig – now they bid them out.

      Honestly though, this sounds like a typical bureaucratic fiasco. DC says jump, MO law says no, clerks are soulless drones who’s greatest joy in life is demanding data they aren’t legally able to have, then denying you licensing when you know the law. Been there, done that.

  2. I’m doubtful DHS has any authorization to register guns. Not legally, anyway.

    Since when does that stop them from encroaching fascism? No one will stop it if we don’t.

  3. Search/read on Morpho Trust U.S.A., a Georgia company and consider. Morpho is a “security” company serving the Feds (and state/local) is NOT a Georgia company. Morpho is a FRENCH company owned by Safran (French transnational military industrial conglomerate.

    So your nifty new digital/biometric (Fed dictated) drivers license photo and personal info/data is transfered not to your state DMV but to a FRENCH “secuity” company also on the FED (Obama) payroll. Cool.

    Other than Obumer, and his progressive ilk who love the French, most thinking Americans would not regard anything about that Eurupeeon marxist, neoIslamist cesspool as a friend of the US. Now the FRENCH (read UN) are in charge of US security including aggregating our “Real ID (drivers license) records? Lets just call it a National ID card. Beria never had it so good.

    And we learn that the US “progressives” want to tie firearms (carry permit) info into the same database on US citizens? What a surprise. Enough to consider making one a aluminum foil helmet.

    • I listen to her every afternoon, and have met her on numerous occasions with all the tea party and grassroots get togethers, way hot in person..

  4. along the same lines, back when there was ammo available to buy, whenever I went to walmart, I got asked if it was for a rifle or a pistol, and when I went to DicksSportingGoods, they asked if I was a citizen. This is in Illinois, does anyone know if that’s the law asking or just nosy retailers?

    • Yes, I am buying .338 Lapua Magnum for my CCW pistol, haha! It’s none of their business what it’s for. Did you answer them? I wonder what would happen if you gave them an answer they didn’t like. It’s for neither a pistol or rifle, it’s for my tank. I have never been asked any of these questions, hopefully it was just a case of a nosy cashier.

    • The point is to determine if the ammunition purchase is for either a handgun or a long-gun. Some states require the purchaser of handgun ammunition be of the same age as required to purchase a handgun (21). Simple, straight-forward thinking common sense laws that think of the children with no exemptions for ethnicity or creed made that possible…sarc off/
      Yes. Age requirements, and in some cases (states), who can and cannot now possess ammunition. Vote accordingly, these pussy farting scum sucking liberal shit smears are everywhere. I dare the sensors to figure that out.

      • “be of the same age as required to purchase a handgun (21).”

        Okay, I will admit I am a bit of an ass for pointing this out Mike but people who are 18, 19, or 20 years old may purchase handguns unless state law forbids it. The federal law restricts licensed dealers from selling a handgun to anyone under 21 but the younger set can lawfully purchase handguns from an individual seller if there is not a state law against it.

    • They can’t sell you ammo for a pistol if you are under 21. Probably they are directed from corporate to ask everyone so they don’t get caught in a sting.

      I bought a rifle/shotgun combo and a box of shells at Dicks a month ago, don’t remember the citizen question.

  5. Just got mine in MO.
    DMV did scan my documents,
    my concern was that when I was fingerprinted I asked the deputy who gets my prints and he says the state troopers and the FBI.

    • FINGERPRINTS to get a drivers license??? GTH DMV

      Some stores ask for phone # (Cabelas) or zip code (GanderMt). Marketing info gathering I’ll assume. “You don’t need that info” or just make something up. Or use 202-456-1111 and 20500 (the White House).

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