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According to this report, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has stopped hemming and hawing about whether or not he’ll sign the magazine capacity bill. The Hickster says he’s gonna do it to limit lawful gun owners’ ability to shoot deadly assailants. Or maybe it was something about criminals. Anyway, Mapgpul execs are busy packing both heat and boxes, ready to move to somewhere where their standard capacity mags and mag-making machinery are more welcome than Sandra Scholz at a Playboy crayfish festival. Hickenlooper understands the economic fallout but reckons the loss of 200 jobs won’t hurt his political career. So that’s that then.

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  1. You can always tell when California Liberals have invaded a new state. Too bad they don’t stay and deal with the mess they created in California. FYI If notice these scum of the Earth starting to invade your state I advise you do all that you can to make them feel unwelcome. People in my state got sick of Californians a few years ago and started pushing back. Some were victims of crime because of this. Although I don’t advocate crime at least it helped rid our state of these vermin. There are still some here but the extreme liberal ones that love to force their beliefs onto others are mostly gone.

      • New Mexico. I didn’t do anything except be extremely rude to them. They attempted to stop a lot of traditions that are part of our culture simply because it didn’t fit with their liberal ideals. I heard of some of them getting beat up, houses and vehicles vandalized etc.. A lot of them have moved away over the years, thankfully. Some say they moved because of the recession but I think there is more to it than that. Whatever the reason is I am glad they are gone. For a while there we were getting hundreds of Californians moving here weekly.

        • There is something I want to add to my last post. It’s no big secret the majority of gun grabbers are liberal democrats. When was the last time you heard of your gun rights eroding away when republicans had a super majority? Never, but the same cannot be said about democrats. In fact it’s pretty much a given that your rights are on their way out the door when they run things. Anyway I got off topic, back to the CA liberals. Our side needs to realize that we are not going to get anywhere by debating, negotiating, or compromising with these people. Attempting to be the bigger man is only going to cause us to lose the entire war. The only thing they understand is FORCE. If force weren’t used against the extremist liberals from California in our state they would still be here screwing everything up. We would probably be in the same boat as NY, CA, and CO. Unfortunately our side will not start fighting back until it’s too late. After all our doors have been kicked in and most of the guns confiscated.

        • “When was the last time you heard of your gun rights eroding away when republicans had a super majority? Never, but the same cannot be said about democrats. ”

          To be fair, “conservatives” didn’t complain all that loudly when the Black Panthers were denied their right to open-carry in California. ISTR Reagan signed that law (the Mulford Act IIRC).

    • “Too bad they don’t stay and deal with the mess they created in California”

      Truer words have never been spoken. Same goes for a lot of trashed blue states.

      I’m 100% behind anyone and everyone moving here as long as they leave their destructive politics at the border and quit trying to change our state. I don’t get the logic. If they love their policies so much why move to Arizona then bitch, moan and protest because it’s not like back home.

        • That would be funny. “Can’t leave till you fix what you’ve done!”. When I was little I couldn’t go outside till I’d cleaned up my mess inside…

        • The Repubs are so much better. Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is fraternizing with Schumer. John McStupid supports gun control at some level. Lindsy Grahamnesty wouldn’t know the Constitution if it smacked him upside the head. The Candidate that all of the idiotic republicans chose for their Presidential bid signed a permanent “assault weapons” ban in the far left state in which he was a medium left governor. It’s not Ds or Rs, it’s Progressives. The problem is that most of the uninformed voters out there believe there is only two parties. Even worse, a good number of gun owners vote against their own best interest. As long as they get their welfare (social security) check, they’ll vote for anybody the promises them more free shit.
          I have seen the enemy and he is us.

    • Wow, stereotype much? Its not “Californian Liberals” its just Liberals. And fyi most of these “Californian Liberals” are not from California, they moved to this once great state because of this stereotype pushed by the rest of the country by people like you that helped perpetuate this idea that we are “the land of fruits and nuts” that appealed to them so much. So as much as you blame California for your problems, I blame people like you that lack the ability to use logic to educate your problem and pushed it off on us Native Californians to deal with. Thanks man.

  2. The Crypto Commies believe that all future elections will be Single-Party, single outcome elections just like the Cuban Utopia

    • Not really Commies. It’s never been practiced on Earth. Thank god.
      You’ve been fooled into think DESPOTS who CALL themselves “communists” are the real thing. They’re simply hanging their despotism on a name. It’s never happened on the planet.

      Lenin was the closest. Stalin? Mao? Pol Pot? Castro? Kim Jung Whatever?

      Where was “from each according to his abilities; to each according to his needs?” NAME ME ONE.

      It’s a SHAM. It’s a DISGRACE.

      • It’s funny how true believers always say real communism hasn’t been tried yet only after their latest Workers Paradise collapses and is shown to be a deadly scam that leaves millions of dead and tens of millions of impoverished citizens.

      • You’re wrong. The communists that took over in Russia just conveniently refused to move from dictatorship of the proletariat to stateless society. Why? Because holding absolute power is too much fun, comrade. When their bullsh*t didn’t work as planned they created all sorts of enemies to demonize and destroy (sound familiar?) even after they’d won the civil war against the White Armies.

        Kulaks, wreckers, saboteurs, nationalists, imperialists. There was a reactionary conspirator behind every bush to justify the dictatorship and spreading terror. Lenin and his boys very much believed in what they were doing and their cause.

        This “no true communist” nonsense is fallacious. They’re all ****ing thugs. The only way you can achieve anything resembling a communistic society is through the use of force (and even then it won’t work out because of its inherent contradictions). That’s part of the reason why communism is a lie.

        Governments run by ideologue control freaks that rely primarily on force and coercion to get what they want will inevitably fall. The question is: how many innocent lives do they take with them?

        I think we’ll know here in America in the next 10 – 20 years given the way things are going and the increasing power and reach of the fascist collectivists in charge.

        As I see it, we became monsters in order to fight monsters in the Cold War. Unlike the hot wars before it, the security system we put in place to win the war didn’t go away once we were victorious. It expanded, it got worse because of the nature of bureaucracy to grow and the collusion of corporations and government. Look at the surveillance state we have now. They almost didn’t have a justification for keeping it at the level it was at until 9/11 occurred. There’s always a new threat or new reason to justify overreach.

        All that combined with the useful collectivist ideologues have ensured a grim future for this country. There is no political solution here. The only realistic solution is to live as free as you can under the radar, which is going to become increasingly difficult, or move to a place where government isn’t as concerned with controlling its citizens’ daily lives.

        I personally would prefer a crook to a totalitarian.


      • “Where was “from each according to his abilities; to each according to his needs?” NAME ME ONE.”

        This is the most destructive idea ever promoted.

    • Commies are just a subset of Statists.

      There’s Statists of all stripes, pushing all sorts of agendae.

      If you’ve ever thought “Gee, it would be nice if I could use the power of the state to “, followed by _anything_, then you might be a statist.

      Whether that thing be:
      * “prevent others from having abortions”
      * “force private organizations to admit people they don’t want into their ranks”
      * “take money from someone else and use it to fund *”
      * “disarm other people”

      Or any of a nigh-infinite number of things that could never possibly be turned against “you”, because “you” are a right-thinking person that the State will always be friendly to.

      Just remember, the State that you empower to do some things, will use that power against you someday. Best to reduce that power to the lowest level possible, and disperse it as widely as possible.

      • “Gee, it would be nice if I could use the power of the state to:
        -prevent people from murdering me
        -robbing me
        -raping me

        Am I a statist now?

        • “Gee, it would be nice if I could use the power of the state to:

          -prevent the state from taking my right to defend myself against murderers/robbers/rapists

        • Yes, because the State will NEVER do what you are proposing. It is simply not in their best interest to protect you from criminal attack. How are they going to grow their:

          Oppressive laws

          Looking to the State to keep you “safe” is a fool’s errand.

  3. Sad, I thought he seemed reasonable this last summer after the theater shooting. And, yes he will have issues this next election. People like me were busy voting third party and other things like that. He is not going to slide into the office like he did last time. We’ll make sure of that.

    • Sure he will. Because as a third party voter you would rather stick to the least worst alternative because they are not as doctrinaire as you on your preferred issues. As for our deer-in-the-headlights liberal gun owning voters, they will continure to vote themselves free stuff and tell themselves that their party won’t really take away their guns.

    • You offer no proof of your claim that they cannot win. They have won. They’re going to continue to win. The courts may strike some of it down or they might not.

      Live under the radar as an outlaw, move, or resist. Those are your options.

      • Michael B.,

        You’re just a name on my laptop screen. Hardly scary.

        Run along now before I hurt your feelings.


        The legislation will fail. Perhaps you should figure out why, and write about it. I know why already. Because I have no need to play my hand, you utter ignorant protestations.

        Fail. Troll. Buh-bye.

    • Passed the house and senate. The governor will sign it. I fail to see how the issue is not over. You can fight it in the courts, but there are no guarantees there. I don’t see the point of attacking Michael for pointing out the realities of the subject.

      • Chuck,

        Three words:
        Colorado Supreme Court

        This ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Don’t be discouraged or crestfallen. This is not over. The Law is impartial. Either this legislation is five by five, or it is lacking. I know it is lacking. The SC of Colorado will rule justly, given the facts.

        • Which facts? For which bills? From what basis is your argument? Was there are prior ruling in the SC of CO?

        • Colorado Supreme Court did rule for campus carry in recent memory. I haven’t checked, but if CO Constitution has RKBA, maybe some of the new bills could be challenged. Even then, it seems like a pretty long shot with this crop of bills.

      • Strictly speaking, it passed the House, but it has only passed out of a committee in the Senate, so the whole Senate still has to vote on these bills. The split in the CO senate is 20 Democrats to 15 Republicans, and one or two Democrats are on record opposing at least some of the bills. It’s not clear there will be a third, but perhaps it’s best to wait and see exactly how it plays out.

  4. wow, i bet a lot of Colorado residents wish they could have their Nov 2012 vote back. Nope, wont hurt me – famous last words. has the recall petition started yet?

    • That “dumb governor” may well run for President. The Colorado strategy has been vetted at the top with full consideration given to how it will play nationally. I like TTAG, a lot, but political prognostications here leave a lot to be desired.

      • No CO has nothing to do with the national debate. Its a Dem only state and passing gun bans will do nothing but make Dems again the fascist party.

  5. Dam them. Dam them all !!!
    I see that this world has come to the point of MODEL REGISTRATION. By god how did this happen? You can’t even have a beautiful Swedish babe walking around, without having her registered. Will there be no end to this madness ?

    Name: Sandra Scholz
    Model ID: 37741

  6. Well this sucks.. .what sucks worse is the price gougers are going to be way worse until July 1st… They totally have the right to make money, even at my expense, I just wish they didn’t! Anyways… how the hell can I start a recall?? And where the hell was the NRA at???????????

  7. The liability bill there seems even more scary. The magazine limits aren’t new in the end, NY’s seven rounds being the exception, but the liability business would be a total disaster. Makes you wonder if that’s the bill Hick will kill, if it passes, in order to look a bit more “pro-gun”. Or will it be campus carry? Or maybe none of the above – as he says, he has nothing to fear.

  8. Hopefully he won’t have magpul & will lose in court. That would be a tough sell come election time. Most of these people can’t turn back so when the road ends here sign comes up, they will just put her to the metal, Randy

    • I have a hard time seeing how a 15-round magazine size limit would lose in court. New York’s 7-round limit could possibly be argued to interfere with the right to self-defense, but 15 is pretty standard for pistols, so it would be harder to overturn. I hope I am wrong, but I am not holding my breath, not even on SCOTUS, if it ever gets there.

      • Especially given the fact that 10 round mag bans have been around for years now in places like CA and MA. Plus they existed for 10 years at the Federal level during the AWB. A court challenge to 15 rounds would need to be predicated on a legal argument and I can’t think of one that could be used. Even Heller is too vague to be of much help here.

        What is clearly evident (or should be to most people now) is that in a party-based system such as what we have in America today, it makes sense for all governments (local, state, and federal) to be split between the Democrats and the Republicans so that neither side can ramrod unsavory legislation down out throats. If we did not have a Republican majority in the U. S. House, the Feinstein plan would be looking a lot more likely than it does now. We can also see in states like NY and CO, what single party rule buys you.

        • I can see at least trying to argue against a 10-round limit for handgun magazines, because the standard size is more around 15. But arguing against 15 seems hopeless.

          It’s interesting that nowhere have they yet proposed different limits for handgun and rifle magazines – I’ve only seen this possibility broached in Delaware this year, but that was a month or two ago, and I don’t know what the status is. But then, California has a bill that would require all rifle magazines to be fixed, so if it were to pass, it would be a different way of approaching rifle and handgun capacity differently.

  9. God, I hope this sentiment continues nationally. I knew several shooters that had better things to do than vote in the 2012 elections.

  10. I wonder how much tax $$$$$ Magpul paid to Colorado last year? Oh well no more of that.

    The good part of this is it lets an opponent not only paint this guy as anti gun but also as anti business. Hopefully the White-Liberal Ex-California Carpet Baggers who have infested Colorado will be beaten back come the next election, if not I hate to say it Colorado will be well down the path to being the California of the “Rocky Mountains”

  11. As a Colorado resident, I am utterly appalled, and PISSED OFF!!! This is what happens when one party controls the House, Senate, and Governorship. Many of the gun control testimonials yesterday were from out of state individuals, not even Coloradans. I’d love to know who funded all their travel, arrangements, etc. Beware the Democrats’ “Victim Parade” in your state.

    Colorado as a whole is not nearly as solid blue yet as many think. Showing their complete disdain for anyone other than a Denver/ Boulder voter might be the undoing for some local Democrats come 2014. It is always harder to fight a law in court than to prevent it in the first place, but the fights will come.

  12. Wow, that is one ARROGANT politicrat! “…I’ve talked to about 100 people… blah blah blah” – must be a hand-picked 100. Bloomberg’s $$, Obama’s minions, & a visit from “a looney-tunes character shot my wife so I’m now a gun violence expert” Giffords & these bunch of asshats commit wholesale treason against the 2nd Amendment.

  13. people need to stop spending $$ there as well. no more skiing or tours or visits. CO needs to be boycotted. I alreay don’t spend $$ in IL or NY or CA so easy enough to add them to the list.

    • I read on GSL that Colorado Fish and Game is currently running a campaign to lure out-of state-hunters there for elk season. Apparently in-state elk tags have dropped quite a bit and it’s hitting them in the pocket pretty hard.

      Mr. Boch recommends telling them to pound sand and I agree 100%. The more ways that state gets hit in the pocketbook for stomping rights the better. I’ll be letting them know I’ll no longer be buying a future tag.

      I’ve an uncle that lives in Olathe and in the past have ponied up for an out-of-state tag but no more. We can visit, drink and raise just as much hell after shooting prairie dogs as we can after bagging an elk. On the plus side field dressing isn’t an issue on pop-guts.

  14. Magpul will move! From the video I saw of their operations most if not all of the production employees seemed like they were all from south of the border. Whatever state they move to, it won’t be hard to find replacements!

  15. It may not do much, but why don’t we start boycotting businesses owned by CO elected officials who are supporting these ridiculous laws? Most of these folks own or are involved in some type of business. Let’s stop doing business with them. Last I knew Hickendufus owned/co-owned Wynkoop’s in downtown Denver. Let’s start there.

  16. 200 votes versus millions of liberal sycophants in Denver. Safe to say Hickenbockers done the math on this issue. Behold the tyranny of the majority, sane as that long ago confronted by Socrates.

    • Folks here’s what we do. The Governor may not care about 200 jobs, but as gun owners 120 million strong, we need to send a message with our wallets. Here’s a list of Colorado based businesses. We need to call these companies and let them know that “because they are based in CO” we won’t do business with them! Same goes for NY, California, etc. I’ve started a list of companies and politicians whom I will support and those I won’t. That list is on our fridge and my wife knows the names as well. Vote with your wallet. Let the Governors know that we have a plan to make them pay come election time.

      • Sports Authority is one of them. They might not care of MagPul leaves, but Sports Authority a different story. I’m sending them a message now. Let the boycott begin. Pass it along.

        • Maybe start by contacting Darrell Webb CEO of Sports Authority? I’m guessing his email is: [email protected] or some derivation of that. Let’s get some other businesses to exert pressure on the Governor.

    • It may just be 200 factory employees but they have direct family and extended family that both have a lot of caring friends that might not take kindly to the circumstances of that individual’s new situation. Factor in the same situation for all the folks working the ancillary jobs supported by Magpul that may be lost and you have a factor way over 200 votes.

      In economic boom times it might not make much difference but in this climate those that can’t make the move are now facing at the very least a minimum-wage job to make ends meet and that hits home to everyone they know.

      The legislature has thumbed their noses at these folks all in the name of chasing unicorns and if the next election comes down to a tight race those folks and everyone they know have a very real chance at making the difference.

  17. Congratulations, Democrats. Thanks to these bills, I’ve spent over $1000 in the last 2 weeks purchasing normal capacity magazines of over 15 rounds (12 in the case of shotgun mags), mostly for guns I don’t even own yet but plan to eventually. I normally only buy older C&R firearms, but now I’m getting into the tacticool stuff. You’re causing me to be far better armed than I would have been otherwise.

    Talk about unintended consequences…

    • Unintended indeed.

      If they’d kept their traps shut and pushed for better enforcement of the copious amounts of perfectly good existing laws there’d be plenty of AR’s and ammo on the shelves.

  18. before some of you group *all* californians into the same bucket, let me just say i’m trying to do my part fighting for what’s left here. those who left, well, they probably have other priorities.

    in any case, the governor’s remarks are very narrow-minded when it comes to what he thinks. 200 jobs in grand scheme of things isn’t much, but i sure as heck will spread my story to family members, relatives, and friends, so 200 can easily become several thousand voting people. couple that with those that did vote for him before and are going to switch sides, and you probably have enough to get a new governor next election.

    good luck hick (or not)

    • Considering he won in a 3 way race (and not by all that much) he’s vulnerable if there’s credible candidate who opposes him. And, if the people who don’t want him will actually turn out and vote.

  19. Was planning to move there In August to escape this liberal haven known as the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. Now with this legislation I’m looking at other options. Sure its a hell of alot better there than Massachusetts even with new anti gun laws, but it could always get worse. Once they get a little, and another gun tragedy occurs, they will come for the rest.

    • I moved back here 3 years ago and started a business after being stuck in the People’s Republic of Chicago. Now I’m stuck here for quite some time to come. Knowing what I know now, I’d have gone to Wyoming or Arizona.

      I’m afraid the camel has its nose in the tent. Nothing to do now but stand and fight.

    • It must be the same for companies. Leaving the State over magazine size limits, only to see it enacted Federally within a couple of years, would probably feel pretty dumb. But then, how long do you want to see how it all plays out.

      As far as MA, let’s just dream and imagine SCOTUS ruling for the “shall issue” concealed carry. Would that solve your “problem” there, or is it much worse than that?

      • That shall issue thing would be great considering Chiefs have final discretion over who can and cannot carry concealed in this state. They can deem a person “unsuitable.” I had to wait seven months for my right…to own a firearm, then hope that the licence I got was no restrictions meaning I can conceal carry. The city I live in has been sued by residents because of wait times of 6+ months simply to receive their LTC. Some cities issue restrictions on their citizens gun rights for no reason. The main issue here for me is what can be purchased through dealers. For instance you can’t buy new Kimber’s or XD’s…or Glock’s in this state. You can get them on the secondhand market, but at much higher prices. A Glock 17 Gen 3 or 4 could easily go for 700-900 here. Some companies refuse to ship to Mass because of the “confusing compliance laws.”

    • I would like to pitch Georgia to you folks. We have no magazine limits, republican majorities and governor, and are currently working to add more firearms freedoms (church carry and campus carry, both university and public schools, and maybe, hunting with silencers(we already have no rifle mag limit for hunting)). We also have open and concealed carry with a license, but there is no training requirement at all (as close as you can get to Constitutional carry without it). I’ve never had a problem OCing here. Also, there is no signage law here, so nobody posts signs at all.

      On a ranting side note, I’m working in NC right now, where signs hold the weight of law, and EVERYONE posts these damned signs, creating a defacto ban. Total bullshit.

      Anyway, come to Georgia, great gun laws, and generally nice people.


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