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This could well be the world’s best example of someone talking out of both sides of their mouth at once. Well, not at once. Sequentially. But in short order. Which raises an interesting question: is documentary filmmaker Michael Moore truly incapable of seeing the logical inconsistency of opposing government tyranny and seeking to limit citizens’ right to keep and bear arms? Is he lying to himself, the pubic or both? I think the answer’s obvious but what do I know? I thought Bowling for Columbine was like Dialing for Dollars, only less suspenseful. [h/t DrVino]

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  1. Michael Moore can seldom speak out of EITHER side of his mouth; it’s too stuffed with tacos and burritos.

  2. Michael Moore makes money off stirring up liberals, same way Rush and Co. make money of stirring up conservatives. The more stirring, the more money. I never liked him even when I did vote pretty much straight Democrat. These days, my opinion of him has sunk to the exact same level as Rush, Beck, and O’Reilly.

    • Yes, pretty much this. I think of Moore as the anti-Rush.

      Beck? I don’t know. You might not like his oppinions, but he does his homework on history. Watch-dog groups often hammer him for making crazy predictions for the future, but not so much in the fact check department.

      O’Reilly is a different animal I think. He is definately right-leaning in this views (though not so much on gun control), but he’ll give a fair hearing to any fact-based, well-thought out argument. He just doesn’t have any patience at all for bullsh*t. He’s editorial, not hard news, but I think “no-spin” is pretty fair advertising.

      • From what I’ve seen of O’Reilly’s thoughts on how tides work, he’s either got a running joke I didn’t get (i.e. it was out of context) or he’s a deliberate dumbass when it comes to science.

    • 1) Rush, Beck, and O’Reilly are very different people.
      2) The above are all pro-gun. Michael Moore advocates policy consistent with communism.
      3) Presentation is one thing. What you believe matters.

    • Piers Morgan, Olberman, Scarbouro, and a million other minnions spouting vile hatred against america and wet dreaming about the French Revolution and Stalin’s genocide?

    • Is it that hard to ‘stir up conservatives’ when there is so much the left does to stir them up? Simply reporting the actual words and actions of the left is enough to send conservatives into a tizzy since they are so disgusting and frustrating, and that’s what these guys do. They disseminate information the network news stations totally ignore, censor, and manipulate.

    • She needs to learn these words: “Second Amendment.” There is no Right to Drive, as my driver ed teacher hammered into us. That’s the difference.

      • There is a right to drive. The only people who say otherwise are usually government employees with a direct stake in making people think otherwise.

        • A privilege is not a right. A privilege can be revoked. A right, theoretically, cannot.

  3. He just assumes that the law abiding citizens that will be impacted by civilian disarmament are against his cause, and that his cohort wouldn’t bother following the law and will thus be armed when his opponents are disarmed.

  4. Everyone should look up the documentary called “Michael Moore Hates America.” It shows what a joke he is, used to be on netflix not sure if it still is.

  5. Moore doesn’t talk out of either side of his mouth – he “talks” out of his big fat ass. When they do start rounding up “troublemakers” I hope they nail him first.

    • Well, maybe. Obviously, he thinks he’s aligned himself with the Winning Team. But the game’s not over by a LONG stretch.

      Pity the people who’ve, like him, aligned themselves with what they think is the winning team?

      NAH. They need to pay for being such tools.

      • I used to work with some people – “artsy-fartsy” & egg-head types – who thought it was cute and radically chic to be a revolutionary and later had to flee for their lives, several from Moore’s pal Castro. Tyrants don’t like “wise-guys” and Mr Moore may find this out at some point.

  6. he thinks that he is a liberal fascist he is immune from any government control and only the masses need to be punished. This fat freak also say we should be like Cuba. RF ignore this fat freak pls.

  7. less than 2 months since the election and the Crypto-Commies have launched an all-out assualt on all things American.
    We are being beaten down into a slave race and the Dark Lord has been planning for the “Counter Revolution” for decades. There is a private army waiting to be turned loose to plunge the US into chaos and civil war so that the NWO can be established.

    • But take heart; you’re right, but this private army, (call it ‘Obamacorps’) will consist of mindless sheep and ObamaZombies. How much chance do they stand against determined American gun owners? Eagle Scouts? Poll workers? We’ll take ’em down like those blue helmet guys.

  8. I look forward to Michael Moore running breacher on the SWAT team that has to come through my front door to take mine. I can come up with a variety of colorful ways to describe the complete and utter worthlessness of Mr. Moore, as well as a series of unnatural acts that he can perform on himself, but there really isn’t much point. The only thing that he can “do” is open his mouth, either to let some inane and ill informed comment pass from his lips, or to stick another sammich into them.

    • Exactly my position. I don’t drive; it’s better that way, because I drink a bit. But guns? Who wants to try and take ’em? Someone’s gonna DIE.

      • You would be tougher than most to grab from. I hear they don’t like to go to a residence(its that slaughter thing) & pounce on a person at a traffic stop, Randy

    • As a Los Angeles native I see driving is a right, no matter how often people seem to claim it is a privilege bestowed by the government.

      Being a right doesn’t mean that it is unfettered, though. There are rules of the road that are necessary so that people don’t crash into each other, and are able to get to where they want to go. In order to make sure that everyone knows these rules, we teach it in schools, and we have a licensing scheme. So what happens if you drive without a license, without the ‘privilege’ bestowed by the state? Well, if you follow the rules of the road, then nothing happens. If you break the rules, and are caught, then your penalties are more severe if you have no license.

      I do see similarities to how a ‘compromised’ position might exist with gun control. If a semester-long class was taught in high schools on firearms safety and passing your concealed carry license test, then I think I would be more likely to accept laws that required a permit to buy a gun.

      And if I was able to purchase my weapons with pre-tax dollars in exchange for voluntary registration, I would probably take that deal too.

      But back to driving privileges – in the days before the car, would you have claimed that walking is a privilege, not a right? How about riding a horse? How about driving a buggy?

      In today’s day and age, would you claim that riding a bicycle is a privilege or a right?

      I would claim that all of them are natural rights – the right to travel. Driving a car is not so different.

  9. He starts off fine & then morphs into a feinswineske gun grabber. I was shocked that he was coming down on barak”i have a dream” obama, Randy

  10. Why do you need a drivers license? Why don’t you have a right to just drive?

    Why have you never read the Bill OF Rights? Why do you not understand the difference between a right and a privelege?

    Why am I wasting my time on this?

  11. “is documentary filmmaker Michael Moore truly incapable of seeing the logical inconsistency of opposing government tyranny and seeking to limit citizens’ right to keep and bear arms?”

    He does not see any inconsistency. This is the problem.

    Michael believes that government should have an absolute monopoly on the lawful use of force. It is similar to the reasoning in democratic socialism: we have a democratic government, so why shouldn’t that government (which represents all the people) be in control of the means of production?

    Likewise, why shouldn’t government have a monopoly on the use of force? Government is the good guy.

    His reasoning. Not mine.

  12. All citizens have rights. Those rights are constrained by the rights of other citizens. I have the right to travel. I don’ t have the right to drive on the sidewalk. I have the right to Kaba. I don’t have the right to fire indiscriminately into the air. Seems simple enough to me.

  13. The only correction I would suggest for the article is that Moore is in no way, shape or form a maker of documentaries and should never be labeled as such.

    He is, however, a propagandist of the highest order and competence.

  14. Do you think if we cross the streams we can get him to just vaporize and cover NYC in sticky white goo?

  15. Speaking of history, here’s the ONLY ‘politician’ who would dare promote AR15, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before it were ever acceptable to the NRA & Sturm Ruger, or “tacticool,” or “evil.”

    Ron Paul holding an AR15… in a 1989 TV ad!!!!

    Ron Paul 2nd Amendment 1989 [Rare]

    This is from the famed U of Chicago ‘freemarket’ economist Milton Friedman’s foundation & their “Free to Choose” series.

    Since an AK (or multiple AK’s) was used at the 1989 “Stockton Schoolyard Massacre”/Cleveland School Massacre, not sure if this ad was a direct response to shooting’s aftermath and the Commufornia’s usual liberal/RINO pussies and the predictable MSM vilification of all “black rifles” and the pseudo neologism “assault weapons” in general, but the Ad’s from the same year.

  16. Moore is as laughably insane as they come, and represents the dark pit present in every progressive fascist mind. To be allied with him is to be immediately ridiculed, so we should be glad he’s on the fascists’ side.

  17. He’s the reason I joined the NRA. His hatchet job of ‘documentary’, fake camera shots and selective editing, but the way he treated a gracious Charlton Heston was enough to send MM to the lowest levels of Hades, with the child molesters and people who talk at the theatre.

  18. Capitalism has to go says a Millionaire Capitalist. When is HE going to give up his moolah? Silence and crickets…………


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