Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (Richard Tsong-Taatarii/Star Tribune via AP, Pool File)
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This is not a manufactured crisis, nor one of sensationalized stories. The statistics are staggering. According to a May 20 meeting with local leaders, year-to-date homicides in 2021 have more than doubled compared to 2020. The police department has seized 100 fewer guns this year — approximately 300 total — compared to last year.

Gun thefts from vehicles are up more than 100 percent. The atrophied police department simply lacks the resources to chase them down. As a result, street criminals use these weapons to take aim at each other, with horrific consequences.

The Minneapolis Police Dashboard reveals that violent crimes have increased from 1,696 during the first five months of last year to 1,940 through the same period this year. Homicides have increased from 18 to a stunning 35, putting the city on a trajectory that could well surpass the record-setting number of 97 in 1995, when national media regularly referred to the city as “Murderapolis.”

By contrast, the city experienced just 11 homicides during this same period in 2019. The 35 homicides through May 31 represent a 94 percent increase from 2020, and a two-year increase of 218 percent from 2019’s total of 11 homicides. Robberies in the city are up 31.4 percent over last year, and 82.2 percent over 2019. Aggravated assaults number 1,034 so far this year, an 8.5 percent increase over 2020 and an 18.7 percent increase over 2019.

— Jenna Stocker in Freefall

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  1. When politicians disrespect the LEO, then then the criminals take it as approval of their actions.

    • It’s interesting how the endgame to the defund the police movement is to replace local LEOs with a federal force, yet these local politicians are so loyal to the communist party that they are not just willing but eager to cede their own authority to DC.

  2. You presume the residents voted for this government. As Stalin said, it’s not the vote that counts, it’s who counts the votes.

  3. Funny how we always have more people complaining than the ones who voted! One can only hope that the ones most affected are the ones who elected the clowns, but we know that’s not the case.

    • I expect criminals to be stupid because their heads were filled with demoCrap. On the other hand the same level of stupidity runs parallel with some gun owners who get their panties in a wad whenever a review of a Made In Turkey firearm is posted. Never mind a firearm that received a deserved positive review it’s “caliphate.” It clicks every time like bigots who see Black and the N-word pops up between their ears. Never mind viewing products equally from a nuts and bolts and value perspective it’s holier than thou pompous pinheads who would rather lay the warts of a country on the doorsteps of a firearm manufacturer, staff, employees And numerous buyers like myself.

      This Made In Turkey spew comes via their Made In China device while they are surrounded in their own homes by products made worldwide; some from not so nice places. They put gasoline in their vehicles that originated where? The hypocrisy is enough to sink a battleship.

      Oh but Debbie the money goes to bad people. You mean all the overhead money the factory spends to go through the red tape just put the product on the store shelf and all the money the factory put in the pockets of English speaking marketers, distributors, dealers, etc. goes to bad guys too? Surely you jest.

      There is a disgusting version of a caliphate on this forum. Ii consists of those who take their complaints and lay it all on the doorsteps of firearm manufacturers trying to participate in Capitalism.


  4. Meanwhile the national news is consumed with nail-biting over what is to be done to protect the women and girls of Afghanistan from the nasty Islamic Taliban! Yup, international virtue signalling has precedence over internal destruction and devastation wrought by the “goodthinkers” who elected the moronic, self-loathing white politicians along with the black parasites who seek to gain at the expense of the taxpayers and business owners. The people of Afghanistan will simply go back to their status quo ante, viz., sharia law. When will the people of Minneapolis return to their status quo of being “the safest (i.e., whitest) city in America”? Although I feel sorry for the folks over in Afghanistan who will be oppressed by the Taliban, I equally feel sorry for the people of Minneapolis who did not vote for the interloper urban international secular jew currently sitting as their mayor along with the majority of City Council black nationalists and social justice warriors, they should have seen it coming and done something about it years ago.

  5. They just need to apotheosize a few more drug addled violent felons and everything will work out.

    • Sorry, they just don’t have the budget to do that… Saint George was worth a $27 million payout, two more dead felons are awaiting canonization for $10 or so million each, and the best that dacian’s hero Soros could come up with was a half-mil, and that’s to fund a ballot referendum to “reimagine” the MPD. So nope, just getting to be too expensive, and MOST of the Minneapolis residents are okay with Frey staying camped out under his mom’s bed.

  6. “Minneapolis Residents are Getting Exactly the Government They Voted For”

    Do they tho?
    Since 2020 i’m always wondering, did we get the government we voted for or the government with the most ballot dumps at 4am when counting was stopped for the night?

    • Oh, I believe the people of Minneapolis voted for Frey and his progressive idiots.

      I live half the year in MN (up north) and it’s been obvious to me for 30+ years that there is a huge, guilt-ridden bunch of fairly well-to-do people who reside in MN always trying to spin the “Minnesota Nice” BS far beyond that which can be even remotely considered “nice”.

      Plenty of people right here on my lake who feel absolutely devastated and guilty about having the means to own a half million dollar lake place just for the summer. Always standing up for the government giving back something to those less fortunate. Ditto the MN Catholic and ELCA Lutheran heirarchy. When, however, one suggests that they just go out and give their own resources to their pet projects, one is met with incredulity and disbelief. Doesn’t even figure into the mix.

      Seriously, I’ll be surprised if Frey doesn’t put forth DiBlasio’s extortion scheme to pay gangbangers at least a grand a month not to commit violence. There are many in the more wealthy areas of MN who would absolutely agree with it.

      • Mn has been run by Scandinavian socialists (marxists) since they where thrown out of their homelands (and immigrated to Mn/Dakotas) in the late 1800s. The “grange movement”. In Mn they even call the demtard party “The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party”. American Marxists. Then Obumer brought is thousands of Somili socialists who infest the Twin Cities.

  7. Just looked on Google maps, I’m 19.9 miles from the Mpls. Govt. Center – how far does nuclear blast fallout travel ?? Asking for a friend.

    • Blast and Fallout are two seperate questions/issues. STILL. And EMP.

      How after 75yr can people know diddly squat about nucs?

      • How can people have instantaneous access to Petabytes of information by simply asking their phone, yet they keep getting more ignorant?

        We’ll be at full Idiocracy in less than 75 years.

        • That long, huh? I don’t think you’re giving our society enough credit where credit is due. I mean the public education system is off to the races with particular support from politicians like Gov. Kate Brown of OR suggesting the removal of (*racist*) school tests to prove that a student can read, write, or perform arithmetic in order to graduate from high school. I’m thinking maybe 30 years at that oh-so-very woke and ‘progressive’ rate.

  8. Your post title is an out right lie. Just like here in CA there are lots of good folks who did not vote for this .gov. But we’re stuck with it. Victim blaming is not good optics.

    • Your point is taken and well received, but I understand the author’s generalization. I’m from Colorado and I certainly did not get what I voted for either. However, our state suffers the burden of “their” or “our” choice.

      Having lived in CA I can attest to the huge disenfranchised conservative population. It’s hard to find them though – mainly because they are at work!

    • so it should be

      “Some Minneapolis Residents are Getting Exactly the Government They Voted For”

  9. Can I punch you if you stand there? No

    Can I punch you if you stand here? Yes

    Then don’t stand here.

    (First lesson for new Jiu Jitsu students, as portrayed in the movie “Redbelt”)

  10. heres the deal:
    theres 87 counties in minnesota
    biden “won” only 13 of them
    minnesota is a red state except for minneapolis/st paul
    when america splits in two along the red/blue axis
    minnesota will be one of the dozen or so states that break away from their one or two big blue cities and join the rest of the 83 percent percent of the red counties that voted for trump in 2020 to form a new united states of america
    and it will have:
    all the water food energy raw materials and transportaion networks
    none of the abortion clinics
    none of the gay marriage
    none of transgender bathrooms
    all the gun and ammo manufacturers
    and a 2nd amendment that will guarantee that theres an ar or ak variant rifle with a 30 round magazine in it behind every blade of grass ready to engage anything or anybody who attempts to change any of that

    • 1st line: Here’s, or Here is
      2nd line: There are (because 87 is plural)

      Various lines: missing punctuation (commas, periods), spelling errors, and for some reason there is not a single capital letter anywhere to denote either any of the names mentioned or the beginning of a thought/sentence.

      Engrish is your friend. Use it correctly, and you’ll command your audience effectively. Use it poorly, and readers might dismiss your comment(s) altogether due to a belief that you’re a teenaged Russian troll.

      • Changed to Acual Patriot because tp=asswipe hurt your little feelings?
        I think I shall name you AP = ass pirate.

    • sound awake – See also

      NY – NYC
      Illinois – Chiraq/Cook County
      Nebraska – Lincoln
      La – NO
      Indiana – Indianapolis
      Ca – LA/SanDiego/SF/Sacramento
      Wa- Seattle
      Or – Portland
      Co – Denver
      etc etc etc

      Seeing a pattern here? Too damn many brain dead people in this country in to damn many POS big cities. Blow them up or leave them?

  11. I’m sure some people in Minneapolis didn’t vote for or support the current Mayor or city council members. Problem is, a simple majority did. Before I left the area, we were already calling it Minne hopeless. That was now 25 years ago. And St. Paul is not much better.
    It used to be Minnesota nice. Now it seems to be Minnesota stupid.

      • Fed Gov pays out SS in every state in the nation. At least while there is still inflated $ to pay. Just don’t come to Iowa. Unless you plan to settle in/fix Iowa City.

  12. The killers in Minneapolis are mere kindergarteners compared to the gang and drug revenge blood feud murderers that exist in Chicago.

  13. “As a result, street criminals use these weapons to take aim at each other, with horrific consequences.” As long as they are killing each other I dont see a problem.

    • The problem is gangbangers aren’t the best shots, so many bullets miss and connect with unintended victims.

  14. Nice to be sitting on five acres, with a nice stone wall around the house, a safe full of firearms, storeroom and freezer full of grub, a generator, and friendly neighbors that are armed to the teeth.


    • Stone wall around the house…. don’t kid yourself.. who is going to take night watch… EVERY night.?

  15. Or they don’t really care. They believe that vote is an effort by a “collective”. And they refuse to be part of any collective.

    But then they will b!tch and complain about something that they refused to try and effect a change, by voting, in the first place. The Libertarians Liberals and the Left all got what they wanted, in Minneapolis.

    Libertarians are only good for legalizaing butt sex and and drugs. And I support legalizing both. But that Libertarians are worthless for anything else. The year 2020 has proven that.

    Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward. video 1 hr long

    • Oh look, Chris T, the black, pro gun, Kentucky Republican yet again links to a video with 250 views as an example of how all Libertarians think. Do you ever get tired of being a prick? Libertarians (and libertarians) are overwhelmingly pro gun. Unlike black voters who vote 90 percent commiecrat. They also elect marxist retards in areas where they’re the majority. Since you like to paint others with a broad brush, your people are the problem. For every Colion Noir, there are 100 Hank Johnson’s. For every Kim Klacik, 1000 Sheila Jackson Lee’s and Frederica Wilson’s are out there eroding our rights. Regarding people who DO vote. In 2019 over 28,000 people voted for the LP candidate for Kentucky governor. The Dem won by a little more than 5,000. I guess those voters only cared about weed and buttsecks though. Next election, try to be more like Florida. Don’t monkey it up.

      • You are not hurting my feelings. But I know I’m hurting yours. (smile) I have developed a very, very, thick skin in my “long” life time. I suggest you try and do it for yourself.

        From 2016
        “Unlike Mr, Trump, Bevin’s support for gun rights is long-standing and consistent.”

        “The pro-gun Governor’s reaction to Louisville’s firearms-related murder rate (above) is both predictable and a breath of fresh political air. “You have a cultural problem,” Bevin opines. “You have a spiritual problem. You have an economic problem. That’s what you have, period. And people who want to pretend that it’s something that can be legislated, that some more government rules are going to fix this, is delusional.”

        Gun Hero of the Day: Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin

        “[The proposed law] doesn’t break new ground. It simply says that people do indeed have the right to keep and bear arms,” said Gov Bevin. “… For those people who are offended at this idea and don’t like it, there are other places in America where they could live.”

        Kentucky Gov Matt Bevin: Those Offended By Second Amendment Rights Can Live Elsewhere

        “As Peter Suderman noted last night, Republican Matt Bevin beat Democrat Jack Conway in the race for governor of Kentucky by a comfortable nine-point margin. One interesting wrinkle in that contest was that Bevin said he would seek to legalize medical use of marijuana if he were elected, while Conway vehemently rejected the idea.”

        Kentucky’s Incoming Republican Governor Supports Medical Marijuana

        The atheists at Reason Magazine would later write “how glad they were that Republican Christian Governor Matt Bevin was not re-elected”. And a pro big government Democrat was elected to replaced him in the governor’s office.

        As I have been saying on TTAG for quite a while now. Atheists do not support the First Amendment. Because most atheists are socialists Progressive in their political orientation.

        The number of atheists who support Liberty couldn’t fill up 4 or 5 old style telephone booths.
        And I know one of them is Slap Ing. (smile)

      • btw
        I suggest you check out the “Libertarian news” if you can find it. Because when Maj Toure ran for City Council in Philadelphia PA. He received such a negative reaction from the white libertarian establishment there. That he ended up calling them racists. Which is a word that Maj Toure is not known for using flagrantly.

        • ‘Racist’ is one of the most meaningless words in this country. Right next to ‘sexist’ and ‘homophobe’. I found a Philly Inquirer article regarding Maj Toure. It seems he had a dust up with a LP donor. Seems like money was the issue not race. It always comes down to money.

  16. Ronald Reagan said “when freedom is lost it never comes back”. Well freedom has been lost on most major cities controlled by democrats. And freedom has been lost in California. And those conservative rural counties in the former golden state had better learn about the word “nullification” really fast. Because you are on your own.

    Start “interrogating” anyone running for any public office. Vote for only those who support nullification from the craziness that comes from Sacramento.

    The rural people from eastern North Carolina can teach you about resistance and nullification when the FBI was looking, for two years, for the Atlanta Ga Olympic bomber.

    Anyone can always try to prove Reagan was wrong.

  17. Build a 50 ft wall around every city controlled by Democrats. Throw guns, ammo, and explosives over the wall until the noise stops. Then go in and shoot the last person standing. Problem solved.

  18. ” street criminals use these weapons to take aim at each other ”

    OK, so I’m still waiting to hear the bad news.

  19. May I suggest an additional 40% cut, and invest that in gender discovery counselors and equity outcome basketball leagues.

    If that doesn’t, then cut another 40% – we’ll get there at some point.

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