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Matthew Griswold “Matt” Bevin is the great state of Kentucky’s third-ever Republican governor. The former Army officer, businessman and Tea Party darling’s electoral victory foreshadowed Donald Trump’s; Bevin confounded the pundits and pollsters to win his party’s nomination and the Bluegrass State’s governorship. Unlike Mr, Trump, Bevin’s support for gun rights is long-standing and consistent. The concealed-carrier has opposed any effort to restrict modern sporting rifles (a.k.a., “assault rifles”) and supported national reciprocity.

The pro-gun Governor’s reaction to Louisville’s firearms-related murder rate (above) is both predictable and a breath of fresh political air. “You have a cultural problem,” Bevin opines. “You have a spiritual problem. You have an economic problem. That’s what you have, period. And people who want to pretend that it’s something that can be legislated, that some more government rules are going to fix this, is delusional.” While I wish Bevin had used the “G” word (gangs), he earns TTAG Gun Hero of the Day Award for speaking the truth to power. Namely himself and his legislative colleagues.

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  1. Well THAT was halucinatory. In the the 1minute I googled the gov. everything disappeared. KENTUCKY looks like it has a goodguy at the helm?

  2. I seriously want to hear Trump (more likely it would be Pence) say something similar on national TV. And use the word Gangs. And also Welfare, the real curse-word that underlies all the rest. Let’s say round about the evening news on 1/20/17. Or maybe in the inaugural address, if Donald can stick to the script. To set the domestic policy tone on a whole raft of issues for the next 4 or even 8 years.

  3. “Mass shooting killing 2 men”? How is 2 people a mass shooting? If 2 is a mass shooting, then they have mass shootings in the biggest cities every day. 2 People is NOT a mass shooting!!!!!!!!

  4. It is also the first time in nearly 100 years that Republicans have taken a majority in both houses of the state legislature. It has been a great change in both the Governor and the legislature.

  5. Bevin is a gun rights guy who was endorsed by the Gun Owners of America when he challenged Mitch McConnell.

    On November 8th, the Republican Party won the Kentucky House of Representatives for the first time in about 100 years, taking control of the the last Democratic legislative stronghold in the South. The Republicans didn’t just win, they crushed, winning a supermajority.

    The chairwoman of the Kentucky Democratic Party said, “It was extremely difficult for any Kentucky Democrat to overcome the Trump tide.”

  6. After hearing a couple of interviews of Mr. Bevin, I donated to his campaign.
    Really glad he won.

  7. Gangs are only a symptom of Piss-poor Parenting. The parents of gang members should be held accountable and suffer the consequences. Kick them out of public housing and Section 8 housing, reduce or eliminate their welfare and SSI payments and jail time for failure to reign in offspring.
    All violent offenders should be put in high security no-perk prisons where inmates are locked up into individual cells and don’t leave their cell until their sentence is up. The only food would be a minimum sustenance tasteless mush piped into the cell. The only entertainment would be old Barney and Mr. Rogers re-runs shown 24/7.No phones and visitation by intercom only.

  8. “Bevin is the great state of Kentucky’s third-ever Republican governor.”

    Wrong, nine men have been elected to the office of Governor of Kentucky as Republicans. Of course one of those fled the commonwealth after having a political rival assassinated.

  9. I’m quite proud of our governor, as long as he can leave the social media shenanigans where they belong!

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