Canik Mete SFT 9mm Pistol
Courtesy Paul Markel
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Canik USA took the nation by storm several years ago with the TP9SA 9x19mm pistol. The rock solid handgun was priced to move below $400 and would not quit. Since that time Canik USA has introduced numerous models with many improvements. They have just outdone themselves with the launch of the METE pistol line and the SFT model.

When you open up the FDE colored hard-sided polymer case you will find that it contains not just a pistol, but a host of accessories and features. The SFT pistol is a 9x19mm striker-fired, semi-automatic handgun in a full or duty sized configuration. 

The METE SFT has a FDE colored polymer frame and steel slide that is finished with a black Cerakote coating. Atop the slide, steel sights are dovetailed in place. The rear sight has a slightly angled front edge to allow the user to rack the slide one-handed in an emergency. This was a very intelligent touch on their part. 

Canik Mete SFT 9mm Pistol
Courtesy Paul Markel

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Directly in front of the rear sight is a removable plate to allow the installation of a mini red dot sight. Unlike previous models, where the rear sight was part of the optics plate, the METE SFT’s the rear sight remains when you mount a red dot. This change allows the shooter to have a co-witness both the iron sights and the red dot. The co-witness capability is one of the improvements put into this new pistol.

The trigger functions like every standard striker-fired gun you have tried and it is smooth and crisp. Canik pistols are famous for their superior factory triggers and this new pistol is no exception. I would put the SFT factory trigger up against any other factory striker-fired trigger on the market.

The pistol kit comes with three different backstrap sizes; small, medium, and large. A tool is provided to allow you to change them by removing a single pin.

The METE SFT uses traditional full-sized Canik magazines in 18 round capacity. The kit comes with two standard 18 round mags and one “+2” version with extended base pads for a total of 20 rounds in that magazine. The slide has typical front and rear grip serrations and the frame is textured in all the right places with the M1913 Picatinny accessory rail we have all come to expect.

Canik Mete SFT 9mm Pistol
Courtesy Paul Markel

Canik improved the beavertail grip area, upgraded the trigger guard with a slight undercut, and put an internally beveled mag well on the frame in addition to the external match mag funnel that the user can install if they so choose. There are also holster “grip points” on the left and right of the frame to give a bit of extra purchase and ensure solid seating in whichever holster you decide to go with.

NATO-Tested Tough

What many American users might not be aware of is that the factory in which Canik pistols are made is not just a gun company. Within that NATO-approved facility, numerous types of military hardware are manufactured and the plant is ISO 9000 certified. 

Canik Mete SFT 9mm Pistol
Courtesy Paul Markel

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The Canik pistol line is used by military units overseas and as such, the gun must be up to the task when it comes to passing hardcore torture tests. When you take a close look at the back plate on the METE slide you will notice the absence of the usual hole that most every typical striker-fired pistol has on the back plate. This design feature was put in place to eliminate an area where dust and dirt could enter the action.

Canik pistols have met and surpassed tens of thousands of round shooting torture tests. They have been buried in sand, dug up and fired without fail. When you purchase a METE, you are buying a handgun that has already undergone rigorous testing in the field to ensure reliability.   

Accessories Available from Canik USA

For those who like to shoot quietly, Canik offers a drop-in threaded barrel that doesn’t require additional gunsmithing. The threads on the barrel are 1/2×28 TPI right hand twist. This is naturally the most popular option for pistol silencers/suppressors in the United States.

For those who really like to shoot and shoot a lot. Canik offers replacement recoil springs, striker assemblies, and other parts. After  all, a pistol is a machine. If you run it hard enough, you might have to change out a part or two. This is no different than your motorcycle or your truck. The good news is that the Canik METE is user-friendly and part exchanges can be performed at your workbench.

Canik Mete SFT 9mm Pistol

The Canik pistol line has been out long enough now that not only are there holsters available from Canik USA, but also from numerous other makers as well.

My preferred concealed carry rig is the CrossBreed Holsters Supertuck. With that holster, I can wear the gun comfortably for ten to twelve hours without feeling the need to take it off or adjust it. 

Range Work

All of the above is nice, but the true test is in the field and at the range. During my evaluation period, I fed the METE SFT a wide variety of 9x19mm ammunition. For my testing I used ammo from Black Hills to include their new Honeybadger ammo.

I also used rounds from CCI, Federal, Hornady, Fiochhi, and the Red Army Standard from Century Arms. The cases were polished brass, nickel, and lacquered steel. The projectiles were full metal jacket, jacketed hollow point and Critical Defense bullets from Hornady.

Canik Mete SFT 9mm Pistol
Courtesy Paul Markel

All told, before I sat down to write this, I put somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 rounds though the SFT. Sure, more ammo would have been nice, but have you priced and purchased ammo lately? I deliberately dropped the gun from chest height several times and I even buried it in the sand, dug it up and went straight to shooting. 

The slide is cut to accept the new RMRcc from Trijicon, as well as the Shield Sights micro reflex and a new model from Holosun. I installed the Shield micro reflex sight on the SFT for testing.

After applying threadlocker to the base screws and torquing them, I was pleased to find the red dot sitting right on top of the front sight post. The sight is adjustable, however, after clanging a steel half-silhouette target at 25 yards, I felt the dot was right on. After my first session, I installed the medium-sized backstrap and found that it fit my hand the best.  

During several range sessions, I used a strong two-handed hold, fired from my right hand and then my left hand only. I engaged targets from close up out to around thirty yards. As long as I did my part, the pistol performed admirably. Not one time did I experience a stoppage or failure to feed. Before I began testing I applied some EDC CLP to the inner slide rails. 

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Specifications: Canik Mete 9mm Pistol

Caliber: 9x19mm
Action: Striker-Fired
Overall Length: 7.56 in.
Barrel Length: 5.47 in.
Weight: 27.9 oz.
Capacity: 18+1
MSRP: $519

Ratings (out of five stars):

Style and Appearance * * * * *
Great looking gun. The two-tone finish will please many buyers.

Reliability * * * * *
100% reliable with a variety of ammunition types and bullet styles. Dropped multiple times, buried in sand, zero stoppages or failures.

Ergonomics * * * * *
This is a full-sized pistol so recoil is essentially a non-issue. Three different back strap sizes and a deep grip (beavertail) mean 99% of people should be able to use it.

Customize This * * * * *
Ready to accept a variety of the new mini red dot sights such as RMRcc, Shield Sights micro reflex and Holosun. Drop-in threaded barrels available for suppressors. Will accept any light/laser that will affix to an M1913 Picatinny rail. Dovetailed sights are relatively easy to replace.

Overall * * * * *
This is an extremely well-built, well-designed fighting handgun. The improvements over previous models just add to it. The METE SFT is ready for harder use than most people will ever subject it to. My only wish is that they would have done away with the ridiculously amateurish 3-dot sights, that would have saved me the time of blacking out the rear sight. They could easily charge $200 more for this gun and be justified in doing it.


Paul G. Markel has been a United States Marine, Small Arms & Tactics Instructor, Police Officer and Medical Trainer for some thirty years. Mr. Markel has trained thousands of military, law enforcement, and citizens nationwide in the use of arms. He is the founder and host of the Student of the Gun radio and television show and the author of dozens of books. 

You can listen to Paul every week on Student of the Gun Radio. The show can be heard on demand on iTunes, iHeartRadio, or your favorite media player. 


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      • Says the GLOCK fanboi (made in the homeland of Hitler), drives a Mitsubishi (produced Japanese Zeros), and luvs him sum AK (socialist murderers) but likes to shoot his Mauser 98k on weekends.

        This is moral-posturing BS.

        • Tim, you are talking history. Turkey right now has a lot of religious fanatics of the Islam flavor. To top it off, Turkey’s leader is doing his best to be a dick of a dictator. It is fine to base your buying habits on current events, but to base your choices on history that doesn’t reflect current reality of those countries doesn’t make much sense.

    • Two, Four, Six, Eight! Who Do We Appreciate?!! The Caliphate! The Caliphate!

      Nah, just kidding. I’d rather buy a good gun from a Free State than a great gun from a Caliphate.

      • boy are you stewpid…To funnel the warts of an entire country down to firearms manufactured in Turkey and to paste such “wisdom” on a firearm purchase is pure stupidity. Such stupidity usually comes from “Gun Experts” who rely on a Gunsmith to wipe their nose.

        The good news is…There is not one f-n thing you can do about free trade. Hopefully you are not stewpid enough to try. Nothing worse than a pompous pos who points fingers and would prefer to use their bias to deny others their freedom.

        • I have the freedom to vote with my pocketbook. You are of course free to do the same.

          In closing, I would like to point out that at least I know how to spell “stupid”.

    • “Is that anything like Mil-Spec?”

      I hope not.

      There’s a ‘Mil-Spec’ for anything bought by a military, including high-quality crap (*gag*) like a bucket and a mop. If it meets a minimum specification, it’s ‘Mil-Spec’…

  1. In other words your glock just moved to the back of the bus. That’s where mine ride while my Sar9s do the driving and I devote the $600 I saved buying 2 Sars instead buying of 2 more glocks to an AR build.

    Gobble Gobble Made in Turkey. If that is all the bad there is it must be a good gun….And it is.

    • So you like to buy guns made in Turkey? In what other ways do you let the world know you’re willing to turn your back on your country just to save a few nickels?

        • Don’t complain if you job goes overseas then. This is how it happens. Stupid Americans worried about saving a few bucks which they will waste somewhere else. Will the last Screw-The-Ameican-Workers please turn out the light when you leave?

      • Exactly. Just remember, the job you might be screwing might eventually be your own. And if you think your Social Security checks will keep coming, or will buy anything, when the jobs continue to leave, think again.

      • gobble gobble…I don’t like it. I enjoyed the heck out of it. And if left up to a pos like you that experience would not have happened not once but 4 times now. In other words the real Turkey here is your pathetic worthless anal retentive behind.

    • You have a Sar 9 too? I really enjoy mine. I also have a Canik. I dgaf about a country’s politics if they make great weapons. To all the people complaining about Turkey, would you give up the chance to own a pre-ban Norinco Type 56, or a true Russian Makarov, or even a ww2 era Luger?

      • Those other guns you mention have already been manufactured in the past and the companies will not get a dime when you buy a used weapon. Not so when you buy a new gun. Sorry, not taking my chance on a gun made in Turkey when there are dozens of great handguns made in America. You want to support American workers or Turkish workers?

        • Lol, I dont worry about “American workers” when I buy a gun or anything else for that matter. My money is mine to spend as I see fit. If you want to buy American crap, good for you.

        • Red you ignorant slut…Lots of Americans make money when I purchased my Sars and Warthog. In fact I do not see how the manufacturer broke even after all the overhead. And look at Glock, etc. and the aftermarket bonanza. Sar, Canik, etc. can’t come in because of their location? Clearly you need to get off your Made In China device and go take a dump bozo.

          BTW…Notice how the holier than thou tough guys have not said one word about the author and his opinion. Gutless? You betcha.

          For those of you wanting a very good home defense shotgun after it’s properly tweaked look no further than They have Warthogs going for $224.00 plus very reasonable shipping to your FFL. They won’t last. I paid $316.00 delivered and even with the low price today I still feel very good about the deal. It runs on old shells new shells expensive shells, cheap shells, etc.

  2. I know of a couple of sand bars along the river. That’s about the only sand I know of I could bury my pistol in. Now if it was mud tested for burying I’ve got a lot of mud.
    Smart gunms still cant swim. I suppose being a dumb gunm this would sink like the rest.
    Nice Price.

  3. I’m still curious if anyone has been able to verify who actually owns Canik- all I’m finding online is an Iranian company. Figure folks would want to know if they’re supporting an Iranian company…

    About the Manufacturer:
    Canik is the trademark of pistols manufactured by Samsun Domestic Defense and Industry Corporation, a subsidiary of Aral Industry Corporation. The company was established in 1997 and is located in Samsun, Turkey.

    Aral Industry Corporation
    1st floor, No.27, Safar ranjbar St. N Ostadhasanbana Ave. Tehran/ Iran
    tel: +98(21)22539510
    Fax: +98(21)22535756
    [email protected]

    Inquiring minds want to know…

    • The Taliban sure like our milspec firearms though, don’t they?
      “Death to America, yadda, yadda, yadda”
      They understand what counts.

    • You go by “Red”.. I find that so freaki’n old school american that i just fell in love with you! F@C% turkey. I bought a “weatherby” shotgun last year and didn’t do my homework first.. yep, made in turkey. I sold it unfired 2 weeks later when I realized it is a “wino” (weatherby in name only).

  4. I’ve got a TP9SF that I bought a few years ago for $350 and that gun runs. It has a great trigger.

    The only issue – the recoil spring is oversprung from the factory. It hates light power factor ammo – you need to run full power stuff or swap to a lighter spring ($20).

  5. I had to laugh at the picture of the guy popping up between boulders to shoot the pistol. I have to hope that even the average Timmy thinks that is weird.

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