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Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender appeared on CNN this morning to discuss the council’s plan to dismantle the city’s police department in the wake of the George Floyd killing. What, you may ask, will replace the MPD? According to Bender, they will construct a “transformative new model of public safety.” Exactly what that means isn’t yet clear.

What was notable about Bender’s comments, though, was her response when CNN talking head Alisyn Camerota asked her what a citizen should do if someone breaks into their home in the middle of the night? Who should they call for help once the local cop shop has been repurposed as a social justice encounter space (or something similar)?

Here’s Bender’s answer:

Yes, I mean I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors. And I know — and myself too — and I know that that comes from a place of privilege. Because for those of us for whom the system is working, I think we need to step back and imagine what it would feel like to already live in that reality where calling the police may mean more harm is done.

Listen for yourself:

In Bender’s calculation, all police need to go because some of them are bad actors. No one should benefit from law enforcement services when those who run the city can’t manage to provide them effectively or equally to everyone.

If the city council makes good on their threat promise to get rid of its police force, residents who hear a bump in the night will be left to deal with the problem themselves. No more of these ostentatious displays of privilege like dialing 911. Minneapolitans better make sure they’re tooled up and able to defend themselves from home invaders and other criminals.

The old maxim, “When seconds count, police are just minutes away” will be completely out the window because no one will be coming to help.

How will residents and business owners respond to the knowledge that there’s no one to enforce laws in a de-policed Minneapolis? Those who don’t or can’t move out (this should do wonders for property values) or relocate their businesses will, quite rationally, arm themselves. Self-policing will be the new, more egalitarian standard in the City of Lakes.

Oh, and don’t expect gun stores in and around Minneapolis to be fully stocked any time soon. The run on guns that will result from the promise of an end to local law enforcement will make the coronavirus buying binge look like an average weekday in August. If you don’t already own Ruger, Smith & Wesson or Vista Outdoor stock, now’s the time to buy.

It’s still early days and there’s no word yet as to whether Council President Bender and her starry-eyed colleagues intend to repurpose some of the taxpayer dollars that used to fund the police toward the local coroner’s office. That might be a good idea, though, as there’s likely to be a lot more demand for that city service.

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    • I like that. May I take it and use it for the next time my oaf of a brother-in-law tells me something really dumb? Thank you, sir.

    • I would like to go ahead and apologize to you and everyone else in the universe for owning something worth stealing. I know it’s wrong and racist. I’m deeply ashamed and look forward to having nothing so that all will be right with the world again.


      Retarded in Roanoke

      • ” I would like to go ahead and apologize to you and everyone else in the universe for owning something worth stealing. ”

        Well, ya know, if you own stuff it’s only because of white privilege (even if you’re not white ’cause a white guy was probably involved somewhere in manufacturing it) so you didn’t deserve to have it to begin with. Be grateful you were able to enjoy it while you could.

    • You are 125% more likely to die if a cop is called than any black guy. Just because the mainstream media doesn’t really mention cops killing more white people doesn’t make those killings not exist.

      Stop thinking that calling for a trigger happy idiot in a bad situation is a good idea (or no situation, just people wallowing in imagined fear). You’ll end up on your knees, hands on your head, and still shot to death anyways since you uncrossed your legs like one cop ordered you to do, which angers a second cop for not following his counter orders. The other three cops screaming even more contradictory orders at same time just didn’t get a chance to shoot him for daring to follow the orders being screamed at him by another cop.

      Stop pretending that there are any cops left who are proud to of never drawn their firearm in fear or anger, there are no more cops like that.

      They will murder your stupid white ass in front of your children. And be allowed early retirement and the 31k pension along with it. But hey, at least you blindly believed the narrative fed to you buy the media.

      Oh, and dumping all current cops, and then hiring a new non-union police force would be the very best choice. Could be the exact same officers (if you weren’t in one of the way too common areas with a corrupt force) just no longer hired under a union contract. My only worry is this is all a show for a new dekulakization force made up of disenfranchized inner city thugs, but that’s only because the socialists are stupid, red flag enforcement shows how very many current officers would willingly do such work. But maybe it’s more for the show to get stronger laws just to jumpstart it all.

    • This ^^^^ Goodness Forest Gump is right, you cannot fix stupid. Every time you think these people cannot become dumber, they manage to exceed expectation. It will be interesting to see what the tax paying businesses and voters have to say to this nonsense.

    • I just can’t dumb this last month any more. The amount of compacted stupidness is imparting physical weight on my shoulders. Carrying the utter lack of logic around is tough for me and I see that they’re nuts. Imagine if they woke up one day and realized how dumb they are. That’s how black holes are made. Or maybe it’s a nuclear reaction? Either way it’s some awesome show of power and destruction.

    • “The Left poisons everything that it touches.” …. Dennis Prager

      Art, music, higher education, journalism, news, media government, K-12, and on…

      And just killed recently….. NFL, NBA, Boy Scouts, girls sports, United Methodist Church, …

      On its death march….science and engineering

    • There’s a subtext to Council President Bender’s comment. When she responds to a who-do-I-call question by saying the call is an example of “privilege” this seemingly non-answer exposes something a lot darker. A favorite interpretation of black-on-white violence, is that the racial distinction make the acts as much political and criminal. What Bender is actually saying is that, because of white privilege, society and the legal system should interpret black-on-white crime is a form of political protest with property theft serving as retribution for past white-on-black wrongs. It is this decidedly woke viewpoint that is being used by progressive DA’s and popo in the coastal cities to refuse to investigate prosecute property crimes under $1k. The homies get to take what they want because they’ve been oppressed. The cops ain’t commin’.

      • I believe you are reading between the lines again.

        We’re not supposed to do that I’m being told. Over and over again.

    • Remember people, this isn’t about getting rid of the police. This about cultural revolution. Private property is one of core tenets of American culture and it must be destroyed to further the revolution.

      To understand what the left is doing right now, I highly suggest y’all brush up on Mao Zedong. Everything, everything the left is doing is right out of the Maoist playbook.

    • The left consider current police to be “politically unreliable” and want a police that is more politically motivated and more focused on crimes of a political nature.

      Actual crime will be at best ignored and be considered political in nature because someone who had something worth stealing from must be a class, and therefore political, enemy.

    • ECCLESIASTES 10: 2 The heart of the wise inclines to the right
      But the heart of the fool inclines to “the left”
      ECCLESTIASES 10:3 And yes, also when he that is a fool walks in
      his own ways, his wisdom fails him, and
      he shows to everyone that he is a fool—

      • Amen! I’m sure none of them would believe that’s where the term came from. It has to be from French politics right? After all, Google says so. Baahaha.


    • And they call Texas the Wild West??
      I think we haven’t seen anything yet if they continue down this terribly ignorant path.

  1. I reckon that dopey, white liberal females like Bender are going to get all the anti-privilege they can handle, and lots more that they can’t.

    Good and hard, too.

    • Yup, the “Stupid” is strong in that woman.

      It is not “Privilege”, it is fear of being murdered by some thug willing to bust into a home when he knows people are inside. There can be few more dangerous and frightening crimes, and it has nothing to do with anyone’s “Privilege”.

    • Y’all just don’t understand. They from the ‘hood. How else they gonna’ get money for school and stuff? (This is a paraphrase from an actual comment made about a guy who got killed stealing from someone’s house. You just can’t make this stuff up . . .)

      • So glad you brought that up. I remember exactly the article to which you are referring. The color of one man’s (or woman’s) skin entitles him to no more than the color of another man’s (or woman’s) skin entitles him to. If you want what I’ve got, then get it the same way I got it. Work for it.

    • I’m imagining somebody waking up in the morning and turning on the radio to hear that the mayor of Minneapolis has been the guest of honor at a gang rape in city hall for 16 hours now, reinforcements are arriving from around the state. TV crews are setting up for nationwide coverage, as there is talk of a world record. The governor and the President have said they refuse to inflict privilege on that righteous lady, will not intervene.

    • Looks like Kurt Schlichter wasn’t writing fiction, he was predicting the future.

  2. Wait, didn’t the uber-Leftist Mayor of Chicago just advise her constituents last week to refrain from using guns to defend themselves, and to instead call the police? Now this Leftist gal is saying that’s a “sign of privilege”? Does that mean a single black mother who hears someone trying to pry open her front door at 2:00am, and who calls 911, is doing so out of a sense of “privilege”?

    No, Madam Moron of Minneapolis. The ability to call 911 is my right due to the City’s collection of taxes via my phone bill under the line item named “emergency services”.

    I **really** hope the November elections cycle a lot of these idiots out of office…

      • Speaking of “I just can’t dumb today anymore.”- if you believe the polls out right now, you’re still “dumbing today”. I agree with the prayers but to think that a majority of Americans are not able to put the 2 + 2 together concerning the latest round of rioting, regardless of how ignorant the public school/university system may have left many, I believe you are way off course. It’s one thing to watch video or get news about some event that happened far off in some liberal bastion but when it happens near enough that you can hear the sirens and see the rising smoke in places like Souix Falls, SD, it’s pretty difficult to fool them. Disregarding a lot of macho on TTAG, most people in a civilized society do not want to have to defend themselves every minute of every day, especially in light of the amount of taxes that are extracted from their personal wealth every year.

        One of the real losers, should the whack-os in large metro areas do away with the cops, will be any local business since insurers are unlikely to cover anything where there is no police to respond, report to or protect, such as it has become. And if the cops go, it won’t be long before the firefighters also leave. Pop some corn…


          So, facts n’ truth n’ shit, you know. Oh yeah, and “science”.
          You like “science”, don’t you?

        • Unfortunately, I’m not basing my concerns on national polls. I’m basing it on the reactions of people and politicians in my slightly purple suburban county.

          Either two of the three county commissioners are committing political suicide by embracing the 1619 Project and attacking law & order or they have carefully analyzed the majority of the voters in the county and found that they now support Leftist Marxism. Since these two commissioners are not politically stupid and also based on the tenor of the local social media posts from my neighbors, I fear that it is the latter.

          Many of these potential Marxists voted for Trump in 2016 but switched up in 2018 and voted in Democrat or RINO Congressional representatives.

        • 1619 is the year that the first ship arrived in Jamestown, VA with “20 and some Negroes” who became the first plantation slaves for the original English colonists. It’s considered an historical benchmark.

      • Impossible. The Democrats are already pre-filling ballot papers and visiting graveyards to register more voters.

        This is why there needs to be an audit of registered voters. To be a valid vote the elector must have submitted a tax return or collected a welfare check in the last year.

    • “Now this Leftist gal is saying that’s a “sign of privilege”?”

      Consider this possibility –

      Those of us who don’t have a felony record and can legally own and carry firearms will be considered ‘privileged’ and will not receive scarce LE resources.

      But if we DARE to use them…

    • The mayor of Chicago is simply another example of degenerate liberal delusion.
      She asked people to refrain from using guns in Chicago and the very next weekend the city had the single highest incidence of shootings in recent history. Seems to have worked out well … like the business-killing lockdowns, ignored social distancing rules and all those past gun control initiatives.
      These people and their policies are proving to be be more criminally stupid by the day and it’s bound to affect the dwindling taxbase that’s left over at this point.

  3. It kinda sounds like she believes that calling the police about a burglary will result in the death of a black person.

    Says some interesting things about her mental image of a burglar.

    • No, that is not what she said. She said “imagine what it would feel like to already live in that reality where calling the police may mean more harm is done.”

      Because when Officer Badgeheavy shows up he will shoot the dog in the backyard, want everyone’s name to run for warrants, poke around looking for any thing he can make an arrest for.
      Got Grandma’s pills in a day by day tray? Did the pharmacy package it? If not you are now a criminal.
      Live in a state with “safe storage” laws and your shotgun is behind the door, you are now a criminal.
      Need help with a mentally ill patient sitting in the road playing with a toy truck? Officer Badgeheavy will just shoot you.
      Miss a step in Officer Badgeheavy’s Simon Sez game? Too bad, now you are dead.
      Grandpa not wanting to be taken for an invasive medical procedure and he picks up his cane? Better taze that bed ridden threat to officer safety.

      All too often calling the government for help ends up in an innocent being dead.

      • Look I’m all for anti authority and not calling the police, I’d rather defend myself…

        But you are talking about a group of people who do not have a self-defense mindset. They have a “protect me” mindset.

        So what is going to protect them? Laws? Lol.

    • …and that this black person is “privileged” to take your stuff. Therefore the police shooting him would be racist. I guess the homeowner shooting him would be too, but there is a privilege called self-defense that trumps the burglar’s privilege to steal.

    • Not calling the police and dealing with a B&E/home invasion will definitely increase the probability of a black death. I don’t shoot for the legs….center of mass until the last quiver….er, sign of threat…is gone.

        • We need to move toward moving funding from the police and to the coroner. He’ll need more and bigger trucks and additional personnel, who will require almost no training. Also, may be temporary, you may want to lease the trucks, the crime rate may drop precipitously after a few hundred deaths.

    • They do at first, because they can virtue signal about how progressive they are, but once it starts affecting them, they’ll move to a red state a continue to vote the same kind of people in to office the same a way a Downey toddler smears shit on the walls.

  4. The mayor somehow found the fortitude to disagree but the council has a veto-proof majority.

    And let’s be honest about those mental health situations she’s talking about.. how many social workers are going to show up to a call for a psychotic episode without armed protection?

    • “The mayor somehow found the fortitude to disagree but the council has a veto-proof majority.” Frey didn’t have any fortitude- he was completely ignorant of what he was walking into, almost a idiotic as him becoming mayor in the first place. That video of him dressed to look like he was “one of them” and watching him hustle out of the crowd after they started booing him was a hoot.

    • It’s the police or the emergency crews that show up for mental health issues usually. Can’t speak to MN but social workers are not the first responders for a person on a psychotic break. That does raise a good point, if there is a person with a mental health crisis Who’s going to respond? In my community police/sheriff transport and do the OIECO. Paramedics don’t usually take those calls.

    • Then maybe the cop who shows up the the mental illness call needs to have a riot shield and leave his pistol in the car. But that might make Officer Badgeheavy late for his date with the badge bunny. Can’t have him waiting out the person with mental illness.

      • The more you talk, the more it seems you will be wanting when you are in your time of need. While bad cops abound, you lump them in together with all cops. Your big talk indicates you are likely unprepared for reality when it sets in. Your opinions do have consequences. You just haven’t realized them yet.

  5. “Yes, I mean I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors. And I know — and myself too — and I know that that comes from a place of privilege. Because for those of us for whom the system is working, I think we need to step back and imagine what it would feel like to already live in that reality where calling the police may mean more harm is done.”

    In a way, she is correct. Someone invades your home at 2 AM and you call the police and they mistake you for the perpetrator or you shoot the intruder and then get attacked by police and prosecutors as if you are the criminal.

    Lets simplify it to someone invades your home and you defend yourself and you call the coroner to haul the corpse away.

    There are a lot of other issues (think Hatfield & McCoy) that arise when there is no independent law enforcement to apprehend criminals of investigate lesser crimes that do not rise to homicide. What she is really talking about is doing away with civil society, law and order, and due process.

    The whole concept is probably unconstitutional.

    • ““Yes, I mean I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors.”

      Sure- when you live in a gated community far from the looting and rioting, people tend to lose sight of reality.

      • Calling 911 for police assistance also looks like privilege to those that live in rural areas where the police are an hour away.

  6. But remember, Minnesota law does not allow the use of deadly force to protect property, and has a “duty to retreat” before using deadly force to defend your person. (See Branco’s book for the details.)

    So when that crew of “disadvantaged youths” show up at your business to clean it out, if you shoot them then you can expect the ever-so-woke, Antifa-supporting, former Nation of Islam member, Minnesota AG Keith Ellison to charge you . . . especially if you are of the “privileged class.”

    Any business in Minneapolis that isn’t making plans to get out immediately is committing suicide. Like Detroit before it, Minneapolis is about to have a cascade of businesses and productive people leaving, which will mean less tax revenue . . . which will then lead to less services and further disintegration of the community, which will then accelerate the exodus and further deepen the fiscal woes. Remember, Detroit went from being the fifth largest city in the country and boasting the highest average income in the 1960’s to being a dystopian wasteland in less than a generation. I suspect it’ll take a lot less than that for Minneapolis to similarly implode.

    • Lets face it, the Leftist Democrats are the party of criminals and Communists. They are against law-abiding citizens, traditional American values, and the US Constitution.

      They are the enemy. A military enemy that must be destroyed to save the Republic.

      Get ready.

    • Who’s going to be there to arrest anyone? The answer is no one. Yes a video may pop up from time to time but what evidence do you have it’s me? What there’s no one to collect that evidence? Well I guess you can’t do shit in court then.

    • “Minnesota law does not allow the use of deadly force to protect property, and has a “duty to retreat” before using deadly force to defend your person.”

      “So when that crew of “disadvantaged youths” show up at your business to clean it out, if you shoot them then you can expect the ever-so-woke, Antifa-supporting, former Nation of Islam member, Minnesota AG Keith Ellison to charge you”

      No Police, no police report, No names on a police report for Ellison to prosecute.

      It would be kind of like the Upper peninsula of Michigan when it comes to wolves. Shoot shovel and shut up.

      Would become more like a 3rd world Shiite hole.

      • I’m sure Ellison’s office would eagerly set up a way whereby people claiming to be victims of racial injustice (read: got shot by whitey) would be able to contact his office and have the AG’s office / state police investigate and prosecute.

      • I may need to start looking for a used ATV, with a length of rope I could drag corpses away from my door, without cops no one would suspect, right? I’ve already got the powerwasher.

    • That’s what Detroit got for Ford importing the ghetto garbage workers. The Dutch in South African were correct all along. I’ve completely adopted their Philosophy.

      • There is also the example of Boston in 1919 when three quarters of the Boston Police Department went on strike and the Massachusetts State Guard (not the Massachusetts National Guard) along with local college students and businessmen filled in following widespread rioting, looting and other disruptions of social order:

  7. Minnesota is fun: basically, pistol grip guns including the AR-15 and semi auto turkey shotguns, as well as pistols, require a “permit to purchase” or a “permit to carry”.

    Those are gifted out by the cops. Who won’t be there.

    • A bit of kydex takes care of the pistol grips until you take it off. It’s not like the disbanded police force can arrest you.

      • I suppose we need to defund the ATF before we can open up the select fire bag o’ tricks, huh?

      • “So who will enforce these strange gun laws?”

        Your new local “Community Justice Representative”… 🙂

        • He and his crew will be around pretty quick to collect their taxes. Need to hurry with setting up disposal plans.

  8. What this know-nothing City Council member forgets is, you can’t simply “defund” the police. They are no-doubt unionized and covered by a strong collective bargaining agreement. So, you can disband the department, but you will still be paying all those (still) city employees, providing pension benefits, healthcare for them and their families, etc. While they are at it, also disband the Fire Department, while you still continue to pay them too.

    • BWAHAHAHAHAH never even thought of that. Then again Chicago hasn’t had a contract in what 3 years now?

      I also wonder if the police unions are going to break away wholly from the Democrats at this point even in big urban areas. It’d be really interesting to see.

      • They continue to operate under the previous contract. I am certain all those police and firefighters would be happy to collect full pay and benefits while sitting at home. And while she is at it, she can disband the Trash Collection service…I am certain that is also white privilege.

        • I can’t remember what the circumstances were but they didn’t have trash collection in East St Louis for about a year. Probably 20 years ago. Ugly stinking mountains of trash on the sides of the streets. Piles of garbage so high that they started leaching out rivers of garbage soup at the bottoms of them. They also didn’t have cops for that time so the Il State Police had to step in and provide basic service.

        • Somebody disbands their police, I for one will be objecting strenuously to the State police accepting that responsibility at my expense. Let them rot. 3rd world shithole is what you demanded.

      • Local to me in a very liberal north east town, the local police union did endorse trump. I suspect that is not uncommon around the country. And that, more than anything else, is likely the root cause for the dems suddenly deciding to defund the police.

    • The only way the city will avoid the inevitable lawsuit – which alone could potentially bankrupt them – is to continue to honor the current collective bargaining agreement with the police officers after they “disband” them. Now, what will they do when other city workers are, inevitably, victimized by criminals, who knows? The cops aren’t obligated to protect citizens but an employer is held liable for NOT providing a safe work environment. Think of the lawsuits from a muni street worker getting violently mugged for their trucks, tools, etc… I foresee receivership for the city government of Minneapolis, full default and a court ordered takeover by state officials. Hope the voters are satisfied with their council members and mayor…

    • You say that as if having the government hand out taxpayer money to people for doing nothing was somehow against Leftist principles.

  9. This is awesome. I feel like we’re weeks maybe days away from every self-loathing, pinko leftist suiciding Jonestown style in the ultimate final virtue signal.

    When not being burgled, assaulted, raped or killed is declared as “privilege” simply being alive must then be an offensive display.

    • “simply being alive must then be an offensive display.”

      We’re already there. They pretend it’s about skin color, but look a little deeper, and you’ll see it’s really about political affiliation. Take note how they treat black people that dare to think for themselves and begin questioning Leftist dogma.

  10. Sure hope they still plan on holding the dem convention at the same time they defund and dismantle

    • In Milwaukee!……..oh yeah, baby………bring all teh h8 in a Hefty trash bag…….

  11. There is “privilege” and its a good thing. It is what you get when you become an American Citizen under the Constitution of the United States of America. All the privileges each and every Citizen is entitled. Like Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Any POS that doesn’t get it or understand it should be re-educated, because they must have flunked high school Civics. They certainly should never be allowed to run for public office. But then you really can’t hold it against these fools because it is their inherent nature. Ecclesiastes 10 (NIV) “2 The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. 3 Even as fools walk along the road, they lack sense and show everyone how stupid they are.” Bring on November so we can flush this stuff.

    • Phanton30,

      High schools have not taught Civics in probably 50 years or more. Rather than teaching Civics, they teach “Government”. In other words high schools have been teaching how the currently installed dictatorships governments work rather than teaching the fundamental truths of human nature and how governments should work.

      And the reason is very simple: if high schools taught Civics, all the students would see how horribly wrong our current governments operate and demand change for the better.

  12. I wonder what ultra-woke corporations like Target are thinking right now? They’re about to find out that all of their virtue-signalling over the past few years isn’t going to save their ass!

    • Who cares about target? Their stores in many cities have been “target” of the looters. Personally I don’t go to targets anymore. Remember when they wouldn’t allow Salvation Army bell ringers? That sealed the deal for me.

      • Target permanently lost my family’s business when they began allowing men to use the women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms.

        • The Target in my nearby suburb has a couple single-person restrooms. I think it’s because no mom would let their kid use one big unisex restroom. Also, Target is MUCH cleaner than any Walmart around here. That’s why we go there, sorry. I disagree with their politics. But, I think they’re just trying to keep the violent activists at bay. We regular moms have never thrown a brick at a store, never will.

    • They will do what leftists always do when their crazy policies inevitably backfire: double down on them, realizing that they didn’t go far enough.

  13. You are and always have been your own first responder.
    The police are under no obligation to protect you.
    I learned this pretty quickly living in a major metropolitan area.

    • BusyBeef,

      Not only do police have no legal obligation to protect you, the reality of the matter is that police are almost entirely incapable of protecting you simple because they cannot be everywhere at all times.

  14. I once had a prisoner who had assaulted and seriously injured a man one evening. I asked him why he did this and he merely stated that he liked the shoes the man had and would not give them to him. This is the mentality of some people. Fortunately for the general population who lives in innocent bliss there are laws and police to enforce those laws. Disband the police and those of Bender’s ilk will quickly be initiated into the world of victims.

    • In an ideal world it would only happen to those who asked for it. Unfortunately, it will happen to those who did not.

      I hope it not only happens to people like Bender but their parents, children and siblings as well.

  15. She never answered the question…
    so I can shoot and kill with impunity…drop the corpse at the morgue at my convenience…right?
    no questions asked…right?

    • It is the new criminal buy back program, no questions asked. You get a $200 Amazon gift card!!!

  16. Leftards strive to prove they truly are retarded and beyond any redeeming value.

  17. Uhm… DERP ALERT!!!
    Seriously WTF was she saying? This is like Biden dementia and AOC stupidity all rolled into one!
    What it means is vigilante justice. Call them citizen patrols or what ever you want, it isn’t going to end well.
    Next thing you know, one portion of the population will demand reparations, and well look to South Africa on how that will end.

    • They’ve demanded reparations for 20 years. Started out at 10T now it’s 14T
      Inflation you know,.

      • If they would just STFU about it I’d put it on my AmEx and worry about the bill collectors later.

        But I’d buy gold and invest in hair extensions first.

        • There’s a joke on there somewhere about the money going there anyway. Sorry I couldn’t help myself. People of any color that demand handouts usually spend money on some really dumb things. You know the rims on my rusted car or a big screen for my leaky roof house crowd.

  18. During the Middle Ages, our ancestors were probably really ignorant, but they and an excuse as knowledge was not readily available thanks to oppressive powers such as the Vatican. Nowadays you really don’t have any excuses, particularly in a great nation like ours. If they get rid of cops, who is this fool going to call when she spots dangerous white “supremacists” who are not respecting social distancing? What about that car going 2 miles over the posted speed limit, with NRA and Trump bumper stickers! Is she going to call the USPS to report such dangerous crimes against her comrades?

    • We only thought the cops were dangerous wait until the mail=person is strapped !

  19. I was at the LGS this weekend to get a late Christmas present, 45-70 lever gun. I already have all the other ammo and bang sticks I need right now so this was a course correction for a bad purchase in November 😆The background check line was half the length of this rather large store and it took almost two hours to go from back of line to gun in hand. They worked as best as they could but it was crazy. People from NoVa were driving down here. Most were buying handguns and AR platform. Many appeared to be first time gun owners.

    I wish there were two lines, one for hunters, sportsman, or other shooting activities and one for panic buying pistols and and ARs. If they had a line alone for ARs it would have cut the main line by a third at least. I can’t speak for BAss Pro this weekend, last time I was there all but a few boxes of pistol ammo were sold out, but Cabela’s gun counter was completely empty on Saturday and the gun library only had around 20 or less pistols on display, all long guns were gone.

    I don’t think .45-70 is going away anytime soon so aside from the cost of an already money hungry round I should be ok.

    • You just described a large part of her supporters. How much do the vermin pay in taxes relative to what they cost “?

  20. If the appropriately named Ms Bender thinks she’ll get special protection or something like that for giving the mob what they want she’s about to make a big mistake. Once evil takes over the city it’s not going back into the bottle.
    She’ll probably move far away from the shit storm she created and take up residence in a nice safe conservative area where she can start all over again, destroying what makes it safe.

    • That would mean she has the resources to move.

      Sounds like some sort of… privilege…

  21. They are crazy because of one cop because the other three had not been on force but a few days and they put this idiot in charge of there training they were not thinking and the other men did not know what to do

  22. Let the voter decide, if they keep her, then they deserve her.
    This will be a lisson to everyone in every state on what happens, with out police department.
    Gun control could go out the window, like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

  23. Time to wall off all the major cities.
    Pull the voting records, and the people that voted for these idiots get to stay behind the wall and reap what they have sown.
    Once the animals have reduced their population by a minimum of 50%, send in the military to finish the remaining animals.

  24. She is clearly an idiot. But she raises some valid points.
    There are clearly problems with modern policing. Especially in places that lack solid leadership.

    Imagine destroying a police department and replacing it with:

    1) A culture that doesn’t aggressively enforce what my LE friends call “chicken5hit” offenses.
    2) A culture that does not expect “professional courtesys”
    3) A culture with no thin blue line.
    4) A culture that has not been imbued with a warrior mentality but rather a protect and serve mentality.
    5) A culture that understands that if they do something to reduce risk to themselves but increases risk to the community at large, then that thing is unacceptable.
    a) no knock raids
    b) use of flashbangs and other explosives
    c) use of SWAT teams on non violent suspects
    d) middle of the night warrant service
    e) use of quasi military vehicles like the Lenco Bearcat.
    f) red flag warrants

    Imagine all of this along with a new force with training and standing orders that value
    1) protection of 1A rights to say what you want to police as well as record them.
    2) protection of 2A rights. A man with a gun can not be assumed to be a criminal.
    3) 4A rights. No coercive tactics to get a person to allow a “consensual” search.
    4) Policies and procedures around Blackstone’s postulate – Better that 10 guilty go free than one innocent is convicted.

    Imagine all this. It could be a huge and fantastic shift. It would require replacing nearly all police. Except maybe for those who are Oathkeepers or otherwise “get it”.

    Of course, this is not what will happen. But its fun to imagine.

    Imagine all these things and you have a police force that is just as

    • My point on this varies from yours. Yes, there is entrenched attitudes and discrimination in every Department across the country (and probably the world), but it’s behaviors brought on by the increased frustration and lack of appreciation. Public Servants are heroes when they get little Sally’s kitten out of the tree, but they’re just as easily demonized and condemned when something goes wrong (sometimes it’s the Officer’s fault, and sometimes it isn’t). I can only imagine the frustration of working your butt off and putting life and limb at risk to capture and arrest some scumbag criminal, only to see them released from jail, with no bail, and therefore no incentive to show up for their trial.
      If we’ve a problem with the way the Police Department’s being run, then we need to hold the people that hired them responsible, our Mayor’s, City Managers, and City Councils. They’re the ones whose job it is to oversee the services the city provides. They’re the ones who are ignoring problems. Police Chief’s aren’t elected, they’re hired. City Governments need to step up to the plate and admit they own this. Ignoring a problem is nothing more than tacit approval of the policies and procedures causing the problem.
      Sure, there are bad cops, just like there are lousy lawyers, doctors and nurses, but they’re in the minoriry.
      The majority just want to do their job the best they can, and be able to go home and see their family at the end of their shift.
      I’ll be real surprised if we don’t see a Nationwide mass incidence of the Blue Flu, before this is over.

  25. “I think we need to step back and imagine what it would feel like to already live in that reality where calling the police may mean more harm is done.”
    Spoken like someone who has never been the victim of violence… Perhaps she’ll have her opportunity?

    • I remember that from a College Government Class I took waaaay back when in the late 70’s. If memory serves, we spent nearly a week on it, and the general consensus was that no policing authority is a sure fire way to ruin that city. Gangs and Organized Crime quickly move in to fill the void that’s left, and crimes against persons shoot up and stays up.

  26. The cops are racist and will shoot you, but only the cops should have guns, but you don’t need a gun and should dial 911, but there are no cops. The “defund the police” will finally make most of the gun grabber arguments nonsensical. Not that they ever made sense.

    If there are no cops, who will investigate all these non-self defense shootings of misspent yutes. No one, I guess. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  27. Let them burn. Either good folks leave, or retake the leadership of city and state. They can’t be helped unless they want it.

  28. Communist view point; since private property is immoral you have no right to claim it, nor to call anyone to help you reclaim it.

  29. Sure glad I don’t own real estate in Minneapolis or anywhere close to it. Houses there are going to be about as valuable as in Detroit!

  30. Well I GUESS we don’t have to call the po-leece about that pos in the woodchipper either! Jus’sayin’ 😃😎😋😏

  31. “Minneapolis City Council President: Calling the Police for a Burglary is Exercising Privilege”

    No problem, don’t want to be “exercising privilege”,
    I’ll just call for the body pickup then…

    The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America ISN’T a “privilege”, it’s a Constitutionally protected right, and I WILL exercise that right…

  32. I’m going to take a counter point here.

    Calling the police and having them come out is a privilege of the higher wealth classes, which tends to disproportionately be white. Wealth equates to more protections and quicker response times.

    However, the best response is not disband police. The best response is more money for poor school districts (not going to pensions but going to books), community outreach, appropriate social programs, scholarship programs, and after school programs. Imagine a world where we: teach our kids self-esteem, discipline, morals, work ethic, and provide some sort of decent education.

    • They’ve tried throwing trillions of dollars in to Dem programs and have Jack shit to show for it.

    • You can’t teach self esteem. It’s what you get when you’ve accomplished something, after hard work.
      All those gold stars and cute stickers and praise that my 1st kid got in grade school for average work meant nothing. He was a slacker who was very smart. It taught him to be lazy and get an A. Thankfully he changed.

    • If there is a group with overgrown self-esteem its criminals. Kids should get praise only for excellence and great efforts. Raising lazy slobs with big egos is a receipt for troubles.

      More money for schools is not the answer either. In my kid’s public elementary school every student from 2nd grade up gets a chromebook, starting next year they will issue them to first graders and even kindergarteners. Still the school rates below average. Ban teacher’s unions and then pay each teacher according to their student’s test results.

    • When the books they buy with the money are like “A People’s History of the United States” by avowed Marxist Howard Zinn, it is counterproductive.

      The best thing we can do with the cancer that has metastasized within academia and education is to kill the beast that the patient has become by starvation.

  33. “TRANSFORMATIVE NEW MODEL OF PUBLIC SAFETY!” WTH is that I wondered and pondered and then it dawned on me what she had planned:


    Who knows? It might work in Tree Hugger Funny Bucker Fantasy Candyass Land.

  34. “excuse me, could you please stop being a violent criminal? I’ll pay you.”

  35. The Somalis will be driving beat up Toyotas with PKMs on the back any day not. 2021 here we come!

      • That’s a given.
        Someone came up with the idea of first transplanting SE Asians to a Swedish based city then doubling down with Somali refugees a few years later. I bet it made for one helluva doctorate study.

  36. Maybe we can convince these morons to join the colonization of the planet Mars, there’s no police authority there.

  37. Lisa Bender doesn’t look like he/she was born a woman. I’m guessing it’s a transexual? Why would people vote for mentally ill politicians? Crazy.

  38. Stop all police patrols to all these brainiacs politicians homes!
    And post signs no police areas, and see how that works out!

  39. We will see how her “white privilege” holds up when the gangbangers knock down her door in the middle of the night. Woke=stupid.

  40. Virtue signaling at it’s finest.

    My bet is this is a lot of talk before they do zilitch. They’ll find some reason they can’t go through with it and spend the next cycle running on “fixing” that, which they won’t, and pretty quickly this whole thing will be forgotten.

  41. She should list her address on a bill board so that everyone who needs her property more than her can go take it since she won’t call the police.

    • Full combat load every time. big difference between us and people who just show up armed. You can spot the difference if you know what you’re looking for.

  42. Minneapolis aspires to surpass Camden NJ, Baltimore MD, and Chicago IL in the annual contest for murder capital of the USA. I believe they will achieve their goal.

    Can an entire city secure a Darwin award?

  43. And we thought Pelosi and Schumer were idiots? I swear they just get stupider and more spineless every day.

  44. I can see their point. I have lost property due to police being called.

    A neighbor noticed something untoward happening at my house and phoned my wife. I was out of the country. She promptly headed over to my house.

    When she arrived the suspicious individuals were long since gone, they left when they realized the neighbor was being attentive. However the deputies were there. They looked at the stuff that the failed burglars had stacked up. One thing that caught their eyes was an FN-FAL that I had picked up on one of my out of the country jaunts (rather obviously, I wasn’t working directly for our uncle).

    One of them noticed the THREE position “safety selector” and did a simple test that confirmed his suspicions. He told my wife that I could pick that up at the Sheriff’s office when I brought them the proper paperwork for that gun. I was there a year or so later, renewing my CCW and one of them ribbed me about it. He asked if I had my stamp to pick up my FN. . . What could I say? . . . I told them I didn’t know anything about an FN.

    I suspect that some deputy has that FN at this point.

    How is that related? Well, now we play what if. What if I wasn’t pretty well known as having grown up in that small town and was an individual that watched his step and was a guy who did well by local standards, and most importantly, I did it somewhere else (and at this point, I am just a school teacher, but that has nothing to do with the story).

    What if the person thinking of calling the police was a sketchy individual who may, or may not have a few warrants (no, this guy definitely has a few warrants)? What if this guy were known to the police in a very different way, or wasn’t known to them at all?

    This second guy isn’t going to be able to call the police for assistance.

    In this context, being able to call the police, and expect assistance instead of being arrested, is an expression of privilege.

    • “They looked at the stuff that the failed burglars had stacked up. ”

      Bet you got a safe now, right?

      • Yes, I do. . . but no FN-FAL to put in it.

        Worse, now I buy my toys on a teachers salary. . . and dammit! Now I have to pay for them too!

  45. 1) you are responsible for you
    2) cops are responsible for you
    3) no one is responsible for you

    You choose. Only one will lead to safety and happiness.

  46. Let’s go with sharia law in Minneapolis. I dont live anywhere near it and can watch what happens on TV.

  47. I don’t know what madame President is smoking but she’s either had a brain transplant or has been hypnotized. Wait til someone breaks into her home. I pity the population but they’re the ones who voted for the Marxists. If you want to see Marxism alive (more like a Zombie) and well, look no further, comrade.

  48. YOU go right ahead, we will just sit here and watch those thugs rioting take the extra step and come to your house to thank you by assaulting you, your daughters, sons, spouses or killing you while taking everything.. ALL of you who are law enforcement, Emergency response, EMT, Personal Security should walk away and let them have it. SECURITY should no long be guarding any of you, your homes, your children, your business since you need no hired guns. When ALL is said and done when the MILITARY has to come in and shut it down, they will beg for you to come back DONT DO IT……………..Let them find out that Minnesota will be no longer a state…………….PURE STUPIDITY on anyone today who believes in this bullshit and lawlessness.

  49. We would need a guide to determine when to call the police, here’s my suggestions.
    Burglary – no
    Arson – no
    Rape – only if by a conservative
    Murder – depends on victim’s race/religion
    Incorrect pronoun – YES

  50. Who needs police anyway? Not me. All they do to is write tickets for b/s while ignoring major drug trafficking. Break into my property and I already know who to call, the morgue. If they dismantle the police they will just bring it back under another name and same people to keep from being sued.

  51. Fire and imprison every officer in every police dept across the nation with records of excessive force, and murder, as well as those with a history of willfully ignoring the law and citizens civil rights. Completely reform police training. Police must go to law school for x number of years so they know what the law is instead of just pulling laws that don’t exist out of their butts so they can throw who ever they want in prison and/or just kill a person because they can for what ever reason they deem. It happens multiple times every single day. Some one I know got a $300 “Speeding” Ticket because they passed an officer going 3 miles over the sped limit (63 in a 60). The officer stated he wouldn’t be “disrespected”. My dude was just trying to pass in the PASSING LANE. I was in the car I saw it. When officers complete law school trained officers would have no excuses for having ignorance of the law. All potential officers moving forward need to be licensed, pay annual licensing fees, and go through continual social training to stay in the police force. End ALL sundown town laws across the country immediately. These should have never existed in the first place. Remove any law that allows a police officer to enter a civilians property with out a warrant, with out stating who they are, why they are there, and without uniform. If violated, Immediate imprisonment and heavy fines. Any officer who uses excessive force that does not result in death needs their employment terminated, and like I mentioned above, imprisoned immediately for 7 years without any option to join a department any where in this country and barred from being employed any where that requires a worker to be armed. Any officer that purposefully murders a civilian needs to be arrested and put on death row. Don’t like these suggestions? Then tell the bad officers to stop killing innocent people. Almost a third of many police dept budgets are made up of asset forfeiture and police are incentivized to continue with this legalized theft by the state. Any funds resulting from state sanctioned auctions of valuables that belong to an arrested/detained individual needs to go to several different charities that are not affiliated with any one of any position in a government. If it is found that an individual transferred these funds to an entity relating to a government employee of any kind, governors to the boys and girls in blue, to the janitors at the state university or even to any one in government directly, then they need to be immediately arrested, thrown in prison, and heavily fined. Anyone who violates any of these forfeits their right to own a gun just like felons have to. Like all those people that got felony charges for smoking marijuana. The “horrible terrible” drug that is being legalized across the nation by the PEOPLE. The drug that has literally killed ZERO humans in it’s entire existence and even improved the lives of many more. Like those same people who can no longer rent or own a home, get decent job, and lost their right to defend them selves because of the wrongful felony on their record that joe blow officer brutally handed out because he was having a bad day since he didn’t get his morning jelly doughnut. Obviously these rules would need to be ironed out over time. You can’t right full bill in a few minutes.

  52. From her web page….

    Council Member Lisa Bender was elected to serve Ward 10 on November 5, 2013. Her first term priorities are:

    Reopen Nicollet Avenue at Lake Street
    Implement the Nicollet-Central Streetcar line
    Build a network of protected bikeways, starting with the adoption of a network plan
    Citywide composting with curbside organics pickup

    Tack on eliminating the police protection for her constituents and looking shocked when the wilding begins.

  53. Okay, if I lived in Minneapolis, I wouldn’t call the cops on the burglar. But I would call an ambulance for him.

  54. When some folks are more “priveleged” than others, why not look to extend that privelege to everyone?

    Kinda makes you wonder why this doesn’t occur to the wokescolds — oh, wait: they can’t do anything real. “Privelege” is like wealth, technology, services, stuff: it just magically appears, so the only game is who gets how much of the spoils.

  55. The circumstances of “white people’s” lives are not “Privileged”. What those who speak of privilege are really talking about is normalcy. I suppose many could make the claim, an honest one, that they live below the level of normalcy where the police and justice systems are concerned.

    Problem is there is a group that enjoys actual, real privileges above and beyond the rest of us. A set of privileges that has nothing to do with color of skin.

    The wealthy, the politically connected (thus, the wealthy) and the police are privileged entities above all normal citizens. Laws that do not apply to them at all. Or, laws are applied in a fraudulent manner to allow them to escape wrong doings. The ability to investigate themselves when charged with doing something wrong and illegal. The creation by the courts of Qualified Immunity, a case law version of “You can;t touch this”.

    The normalcy that us old white guys live is not privileged or easy. We cannot shoot someone under a reasonable suspicion or fear and expect to be paid to sit at a desk while a vast taxpayer and union dues funded machine of mutual defense not only declares us good and righteous for the shooting, but pays us to sit on our ass while we wait!

    Everyone has fewer rights than a police officer or a politician.

    In some cases this is the law, not mere practice.

  56. I wouldn’t say she has this all that thought out. Yes, the implications of what she’s saying is that if some people can’t avail themselves of police response, then none of us should have that. But I think she just doesn’t have a plan and is dodging difficult questions by falling back on scoring easy points for woke-ness.

    At some point they’ll start to think of what actually has to happen. It’ll be stupid. But right now I don’t think they’re operating with any real sense of what to do other than some hand-wavy “community resources mental health early intervention essential oils” pablum.

    For our part, we should DEFINITELY point out that when these people yell “just call the police!” at us, they are engaging in flagrant white privilege.

  57. Typical insane knee jerk democRats. The vaginal itch Lisa Bender needs a tattoo on her forehead that says…”Don’t Slap Sht Splatters.”

  58. They want to defund and remove the police? Let them do it. Mogadishu is the first place that comes to mind. Don’t ask us outside your cities to come distribute food because you will become a failed society. We did that before in a place far away, lost too many good men there.

    Sometimes you have to give them what they ask for. They can learn their lessons in blood.

  59. Ok, good. Let’s have this out. It’s like when people say that we should repeal the 2nd Amendment instead of pretending to respect it.

    I’m tired of politicians pretending that police are the problem when homicides are skyrocketing and police kill a tiny percentage every year. Let’s see what happens when a city gets rid of its police. And none of that getting the state police to take over, either. Let’s find out what happens so we can have an honest conversation.

  60. Well then, many people are just going to relocate to someplace more sane. Especially business owners whose businesses were destroyed while the police and fire didn’t protect them.

  61. What’s going on in Minne as far as food, water, utilities and health care. No one is reporting on the state of affairs in the city and the surround. How long before this mess seeps out beyond the city limits because they can’t get daily living supplies? And not just Minne, but N.Y., Chic., L.A. Who wants to deliver goods to the city? Just saying. Bender isn’t listening, she’s spouting what she was taught in the college from an anti-god, anti-America, proffessors. How is it that colleges that started as Christian Institutions of learning have become over run with Anti-God, Anti-America ATHIESTS? Can you name me one college out that has a balance with a conservative view? Some of These rioters I believe are students with nothing else to do, who have money or being supported by Soros and the like, to take down, and don’t forget the Chinese, America. This is bigger than Bender. She’s a pawn.

    • “How is it that colleges that started as Christian Institutions of learning have become over run with Anti-God, Anti-America ATHIESTS?“

      I can answer that for you!

      Through the scientific method we have determined there is no evidence for the existence of any of the thousands of gods that believers have claimed.

      Intelligent men and women have developed an evidence-based, rigorous academic regimen that bases education on facts and not feelings. Through the use of peer reviewed research and constantly evolving methods and equipment, we have learned much about our environment and the world we live in.

      And we have learned that there is no good reason to believe in any particular sky daddy or mommy.

      • And that’s why most colleges are not worth a dime. They fuck young people up and charge them for it. You’re clearly a product of one.

      • As an avowed atheist for over 60 years now, even I can answer that. “And how is that working out for you?”

  62. We agree that SOME cops are bad apples.; as are some of every profession. Is the answer to get rid of all due to the failure of some? if it is then we can get rid of ALL the politicians and ALL of the media, etc., etc.

    • If a corrupt landscaper kicks in my door at 03:00 to rob me, I’ll shoot him and go on my merry way.

      If a corrupt cop kicks in my door at 03:00 to rob me, if I shoot him, I’m the criminal… if I’m not murdered with impunity.

  63. Your tax dollars at work, oppressing black kids.

    “March 2018, a group of black and Hispanic boys aged 8 to 14 were walking home, talking and laughing. Some of them played with sticks picked up from the ground, the CCRB report states.
    While on the sidewalk, multiple police cars approached. The officers exited their cars, one with his gun drawn, and told the boys to get against the wall. They complied and were all frisked by the officers, and no weapons were found, the report states. In all, eight to 10 police cars and 10 to 16 officers responded to the scene, the report states.
    The lieutenant on scene decided to take the 8-year-old and 14-year-old to the station and processed them for disorderly conduct after officers reported seeing the children running with sticks, the report states. The two boys were transported there while handcuffed and in tears, the report says.
    During the CCRB investigation, two officers said they stopped the group because a radio run reported that a group of Hispanic men in their 20s with a machete and a stick were chasing and fighting others, the report states. However, the officers gave inconsistent statements about what the children were doing before they were stopped, including whether they were carrying anything.
    Based on the investigation, the CCRB recommended charges against the officers and the lieutenant. The charges are awaiting trial by the agency’s Administrative Prosecution Unit, the report states.”

    For clarity, here’s what needs defunded:

    “In all, eight to 10 police cars and 10 to 16 officers responded to the scene, the report states.”

    • I agree. That department ought to lose funding for around 13 officers and 9 police cars. Very publicly and with the rationale spelled out in capital letters, followed by how many more instances it will require before the entire department is shuttered. Although I fervently believe we need police, we definitely do not need THOSE police. That’s why god created guns, so we can take care of ourselves if necessary.

  64. The Minneapolis city council is obviously totally composed of raving idiots. That is the fault of the people of Minneapolis, and it is up to them to change things in November. If they don’t, it will be like the wild west there, except it will be with modern weapons. Come to think of it, it was with the most modern weapons of the time then, so I guess it will be the same now. If the citizens there don’t change things in November, it is their fault. If a snake bites you once, it might be the shake’s fault, but when that snake bites you again, that is your fault. The snake has bitten the city of Minneapolis once now. If there aren’t major changes in November, that is their fault. The fact no doubt actually is that the city has been bitten by this snake several times already. At any rate, it is obvious that the city council including the mayor lack the spine to do the things that are needed to be done now, and they all need to be looking for jobs on November 4th.

  65. Of course, this is happening in the ONLY STATE that did not vote for Ronald Reagan!

  66. Privilege? You pay for the service. That is a transaction. People who don’t pay for the service get it anyway, and use it more. That’s a priviledge.

  67. Memorize:
    * Police have no legal duty to protect individuals.
    * Police have no legal liability when they fail to protect individuals.
    * Police not specifically assigned as bodyguards have virtually no ability to protect individuals.

    The police don’t protect individuals.  They draw chalk outlines around individuals unable or unwilling to protect themselves.

    If you’re not able and willing to protect YOURSELF, you’re just not going to get protected AT ALL.
    Anybody who tells you different is a LIAR.

  68. While police departments all around the US are being restructured (long long overdue) one big item that council members should restrict, is training OUTSIDE of the police force. Check out “Desert Snow/Black Asphalt” and if that won’t make your blood boil –move on to Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s –Killology Group. The later one is run by one sick MF’er. He says cops should shoot first-and let the chips fall where they will. With unions dictating law (where do they get that power from?) and protecting cops–they end up free of any charges. My father was the under-Sheriff of Kane County IL,back in the 70’s and he is spinning in his grave over all the killings of Black-White -Hispanic-everyone, by out of control cops. What makes me sick is that the present Kane County Sheriff is the national marketing director for Desert Snow/BA! NICE!!!! Wolf guarding the hen house!

  69. And how long before looters and home invaders hanging from street lights devolve into people who LOOK LIKE looters and home invaders (cough-Black-cough) begin hanging from street lights!??!

  70. Minneapolis has just invited all the thieves and robbers of the world to come to that city. Come rob our banks and jewelry stores. Rob all the mom-and-pop stores. You’re welcome in our city because we have no police force.

  71. Ok just tell me who do I call to pick up the body before it begins to smell? Or do I just drag it to the curb to be picked up like the rest of the garbage?

    • Throw it in a dumpster. A household bin can barely hold one body, and it may need to be trimmed to fit.

  72. If you live in Minneapolis and are not already putting your house on the market with a plan to move ANYWHERE, consider it today!

    If you plan on staying and fighting City Hall, good luck.

    If you agree with this council president, and plan on staying in your new-found utopia, please don’t complain about the end result. Nobody wants to hear it.

  73. “Oh, and don’t expect gun stores in and around Minneapolis to be fully stocked any time soon.”

    There are no gun stores in Minneapolis. They were run out of town long ago.

  74. Has anybody seen a very bad , but funny movie starring Luke Wilson called idiocracy? Why do I feel like I’m living in that movie?

  75. Has anyone noticed that blacks don’t complain about how many are being killed by their own race daily?

  76. During Katrina hurricane flooding New Orleans early on there was no police protection and looters, criminals looting, breaking into homes, raping killing robbing.
    As the flood waters receded and dead bodies being recovered discovered bodies with gun shots.
    Although no publicity, many people breaking in were shot and bodies kicked out in flood waters to float
    away.During anarchy law abiding citizens need to be armed.
    All the democratic left running there mouth all have hired guards.

  77. I suppose it also comes from a place of privilege If I blow a hole through someone breaking into my house in the night also….

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