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Lots of us go easy on the weekends as far as our EDC gear goes. Even though we’re free to dress as we want, which may mean carrying a bigger gat, with all the errands, chores, soccer games and whatnot, plenty of carriers choose to keep things as light and non-restrictive as they can.

That seems to be Mark’s plan. Even though he’s retired and can, pretty much carry what he wants all the time — or so you’d think — he keeps his weekend carry gear small, concealable and easy to carry. You too?

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  1. The LCP II was a pistol I really wanted to like. The original LCP has been excellent for me, but the new version was nothing but malfunctions from the time I purchased it. Sent it back to Ruger for factory work, it came back still malfunctioning. They finally accepted it back and exchanged for another pistol. The Ruger CS rep was pretty candid saying that the company needed to earn the trust of the shooting public again.

    Some people have them and they run flawlessly, but even after quite a bit of time on the market, there are still many reports of significant persisting malfunctions with this firearm. Such a disappointment.

  2. Several of us bought the LCP II within the last 8 months and they run flawlessly. Far superior to the LCP which has an awful trigger.

    • Good to hear. Totally agree about the trigger, the LCP II has an impressive one for such a small pistol. Better sights, last-round lock-back and a better grip too.

      Wish I knew what to make of the reliability issue. They are either a train wreck from day one or they run flawlessly.

      • Try buying another one. I seriously doubt you will be unlucky enough to get two lemons. God, I’m so jealous of the free state problems you people have!

        • Normally I’d agree with you but the fact that even the “repaired” one functioned even worse than before has me feeling snakebit.

          It’s a defensive pistol and for me the trust is broken. So at least in my case it’s a no-go.

  3. My EDC ( rural) = tt33, cheap IWB, one cheap but stout poket knife. When I visit the “city” it’s tt33, spare mag, holster same, pocket knife, Kabar, 1911in a cross draw two spare mags for it , .25 in the front pocket, and an AK in the trunk. Kinda says which way I think the pressure lies don’t it

  4. I had fifty cents once… now I just have a DeSantis City Slicker loaded with pesos…
    I wonder if the Franklin Half Dollar is just there for scale or is that his lucky coin?

  5. That looks a lot like my own EDC. I don’t carry 17lbs of random gear in my super-jumbo custom cargo pants (which they must have to carry some of the crap I see on these EDC posts).

    I’ve got a get-home ruck for the rest. 😉


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