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There’s no law that says you have to equip yourself with the latest and greatest (not to mention most expensive) EDC gear. In fact, there are lots of good arguments for making your daily carry compliment a collection of reasonably priced, easily replaceable items. If you’re going to be carrying it around all day, every day, it’s going to show signs of wear and tear. Some people don’t want their Nighthawk Custom Falcon Commander showing holster burn.

Along those lines, we have SoCal Jack’s gear, featuring a light, dependable, inexpensive Ruger LC380ca (California compliant model). There’s nothing here that will make him lose sleep should he drop it, dent it, ding it, or lose it. Make sense?

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  1. Of course it makes sense. I was at a jewelry store that sells beautiful handcrafted pocket knives costing $1400 or more, and I think to myself, why the heck would I carry around something that expensive that might just get lost? Like, no way Jose! A solid, reliable handgun under $1000 is all you need, as you know if you ever need it, the police will be taking it away. It is no big loss if you don’t see it for several years(if ever) again.Some counties in California have made it incredibly difficult to recover a weapon that has been seized, requiring more than the fact that they took it from you (and is presumptively yours), that it is “registered” to you in the State database, and the DOJ has sent a letter allowing iots return, requiring proof of purchase, etc etc, just because they don’t want to give it back. And even if you do give it back, they won’t give you your bullets.

    So my EDC cost less than $400 (plus taxes and DROS). I just bought my daughter a Ruger EC9 that cost $250 including shipping. Something to stick in her pocket when walking her dog at night that won’t matter if it goes bye bye.

    • I would say go sub $500 on the hand gun. Seriously, if you maintain your guns even the cheapest will work reliably.
      My EDC knife is like $19 from a local big five. Are there better knives out there, sure!
      But no reason to carry one.
      I would leave something better in my bug out bag in my trunk.

      • I dunno, I wouldn’t get the cheapest. Nor the smallest. Sometimes cheap means small or useless sights, or a gun that is uncomfortable to shoot due to recoil, being too small, or bad controls, bad economics, heavier than it needs to be, bad or no warranty if it breaks, etc.

        I would say first, buy a good pistol, and second, practice regularly with it (take classes, get instruction), and third, carry it everywhere you legally can, and lastly, buy another pistol (preferably the same one in case of loss, broken parts, police confiscation, stolen, boat accident, etc)

        Some people will buy a hi point, not my preference, and some might want a Wilson, revovler, semi auto, Glock, hi power, Ruger lcp, I don’t think it matters so much which one as long as you learn it, shoot it, and carry it. The worst guns are the ones that don’t work, you can’t shoot well, or lock away and never use.

      • Well I don’t know , my edc knife most days is a Hinderer XM 18 , about $400. My reasons ,other then I wanted one are, build quality,performance , Ricks lifetime warranty , the fact that I can at anytime sell it used for way over what I paid is just a bonus .

      • I don’t disagree, but some insist on carrying a Sig, H&K or a 1911, or a quality revolver, none of which are generally priced under $500–so I left a little elbow room. My EDC is a sub-$400 Kahr that is rugged and reliable.

  2. The manufacture of guns has gotten good enough that cheaper guns are a legit option.

    IMHO this does not apply to knives unless you’re buying them as complete beater jobsite knives. Same with flashlights.

    With both these items getting below a certain price point isnt saving money, its buying shot, that is throwing away money. Like Walmart Jean’s, unless it’s all you can afford, invest in a better quality item.

    To me these things are like buying a compass. Saving money is something I’m all for. Don’t go wasting money just to say you bought the high dollar item, but don’t buy crap either. If you actually understand the difference between a $6 Coleman compass and a $30-$100 Suunto then you’d never consider the Coleman.

  3. “reasonably priced, easily replaceable items”
    Yes. Because a lot of people in the PSRK practice their own version of Constitutional Carry.
    AND they know that if they get busted carrying without a permit, it’s only a misdemeanor. AND the gun will likely disappear in the evidence locker…..

  4. to get something here in australia for that sort of money it is something like a margolin .22 target pistol. even a ruger MKIII in reasonable condition goes for $300 or more and new you are looking at upwards of $600. a basic model wilson combat is $2500

  5. The reason to carry inexpensive/easily replaceable……

    It’s not for fear of “holster burn”……if it’s kalifornia, it’s reasonable concern for confiscation.

    • If it gets that far, you should be more worried about your assets because they wont have the balls to take it. too many of those who they rely on to take anything, will be the ones who turn their backs.

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