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Why do gun control advocates care so little about the welfare of women? That’s a fair question given the fact that women are most often the victims of domestic violence and abusive current and ex-boyfriends and husbands. Combine that with the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex’s perpetual efforts make it as difficult as possible for Americans, women included, who find themselves in bad situations to defend themselves with the best tool for the job, and you have a situation where smaller, weaker individuals are easy prey for larger, more aggressive attackers.

We don’t want to imagine what might have happened to a South Carolina woman whose ex broke into her home, beat up her significant other, and kidnapped her last week. Fortunately her attacker, Rodney Nixon, probably wasn’t the sharpest tool on the workbench.

After kidnapping the un-named woman, Nixon’s car broke down.

Nixon and the woman went to a nearby home and asked a man to drive the two to his car and give it a jump start, Shore said.

“The homeowner agreed to do that, and he lets them get into the back seat of his car and puts the jumper cables up front,” (Anderson County Coroner Greg) Shore said. “He’s going to drive back to where their car broke down, but when he backs out of the driveway, he (Nixon) pulls a gun out and says, ‘Just keep driving.’”

The man Nixon nabbed told him his car needed gas. Nixon let him pull into a station, and then got out of the car to fill it up himself. But he apparently left his handgun in the backseat with the woman.

Nixon got out of the vehicle to pump gas, and the woman got control of the gun, shooting Nixon, who collapsed and died at the station, Shore said.

“She fired while he was outside pumping the gas,” Shore said.

And with that, the woman likely saved her own life and that of the homeowner.

Firearms are the great equalizer. They allow victims who are overpowered or outnumbered a fighting chance in life-or-death situations. That makes no difference to those who willfully disregard the millions of successful defensive gun uses in the US every year. And why we remind readers of them every chance we can.

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    • That should be the greeting at the NRA conventions.

      (With a wink) “Are you getting ahead, friend?”

      Nope some group I paid to protect my rights just gave away bump-stocks.

  1. ““She fired while he was outside pumping the gas,” Shore said.”

    Ohhhh, I bet her ears are ringing.

    She probably considers it an equitable, trade, however…

  2. “Why do gun control advocates care so little about the welfare of women? ”

    This pretends that gun-grabbers give a fuck about anything other than subverting the Constitution, destroying America, and doing tyranny with impunity.

    Deny the assholes any semblance that their bullshit about “safety” is anything other than a bold-faced Fing lie, demanding an immediate FU in response. Then, kick them in the junk.

    • Because we are “acceptable collateral damage” in the pursuit of utopia.

      Progressives make the mistake of taking other people as they wish them to be. Not as they are.

    • “This pretends that gun-grabbers give a fuck about anything other than subverting the Constitution, destroying America, and doing tyranny with impunity”

      They only care about “The Narrative(TM)”. Truth, lives, etc. do not matter. Only The Narrative.

  3. He really wasn’t the sharpest tool if he left the gun in the car with the 2 people he was keeping against their will. Oh well, at least he’s out of the gene pool now.

  4. Personally I have always advocated the RTBA for wemon. However wemon seem to be pretty hot-headed and act upon emotions with out forethought. You could say a woman is impulsive..Two people I do not wanting having a gun pointed at me is a woman or a 12 year old kid. … If I was a woman, I’d be one yoga kung foo, voodoo, ninja bitch with a gun. My second Xwife was abducted and raped, chained in a shed, until they took her out to dispose if her body. The tuff little bitch survived the physical but the mental, wow, fucked her big time. Do I want her pointing a gun at me in one of her hallucinogenic states, HELL FUCK NO, does she need the right to be armed, Oh Hell Yes.

  5. That poor man was just about to turn his life around. All this could have been avoided if she just got a restraining order.

  6. Wow, what an unfortunate woman. Not only did she hook up with a psycho somewhere along the line, but her parents didn’t even name her. Sheesh.

    • Can you imagine going around having people call you “Hey you.” Some people are cruel with the way they name their kids, but no name at all has got to be much worse!

  7. my wish is that the Anti-American anti-constitution terrorist Democrats could enjoy some of the hospitality of what these twisted one’s wish for about gun control, along with all the illegals and radical Muslims camping in their back yard and squatting in their houses freshening up their lawn and flower gardens with fresh Feces!

  8. Dead right there. Refuse to be the victim. Use all resources. If he planned to shoot her, her ears would still be ringing.


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