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Milwaukee police chief Ed Flynn (courtesy

“How does [open carry] impact policing?” asked Milwaukee’s Police Chief Ed Flynn [above]. “I’m a New Yorker, and in New York City,” the unnamed interviewer reveals, “if you walk around with a gun showing, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble very quickly.”

Chief Flynn responded thusly:

Yes, well that’s true wherever I’ve lived as well. The law is, quite simply, lunacy. It’s lunacy in an urban environment. These laws get passed overwhelmingly for ideological reasons, and, marginally to offer comfort to people who live in rural areas, where everyone knows everyone, and where the casual carrying of a hunting-style weapon no doubt causes little alarm . .  .

It’s a foolish, reckless law in an urban situation. Legislatures that pass these laws could not care less about the violence in the cities. Couldn’t care less, because they perceive cities to be populated by people who wouldn’t vote for them anyway.

Color me confused. Not about Chief Flynn’s opposition to Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. That’s standard big city police stuff from a cop who obviously grew up and worked in big (i.e. liberal) cities. One who considers “downstate” voters heartless, insufferable hicks.

I’m wondering if Chief Flynn thinks it would be OK for folks in rural areas to break a law against open carry because everyone knows everyone. That seems pretty . . . casual. But there’s nothing casual about Chief Flynn’s antipathy towards open carry. He’s mad as hell.

Are you hopeful this [open carry law] will change?

No. Not at all. Nope. I mean, you can’t kill enough babies [to change the politics of guns]. I don’t think you can kill enough police officers. Despite these dreadful casualties, nope, they’re not going to change.

Sure. Open carriers are killing babies and cops. That happens just about every day. As I said, a happy camper he is not. F-bomb!

It’s very depressing to spend as long as I have in law enforcement, and be involved in this fight, and just be defeated [on gun control] constantly. This isn’t just pessimism. We’ve been suffering defeat, after defeat, after defeat.

A lot of law enforcement frustration with the Black Lives Matter movement type issues isn’t nay-saying people’s rights to be concerned, fearful, or want accountability, it’s that that’s the only thing anybody talks about even now.

We’ve been trying to get attention to the crime in the cities issue for years. State legislatures don’t care about it. Congress doesn’t care about it. Nobody cares about it. We’re left dealing with it, and the vast majority of department and individual cops are trying the best they can.

This thing breaks, and boy we’ve got 10,000 people on the streets about the cops. Where the fuck are they when we need them to change the kind of laws that are giving us record body counts? That’s a genuine, sincere angst that I see when police chiefs meet.

Angst for the memories, Chief Flynn! Maybe it’s time to join so many of your fellow big city police chiefs in retirement? Sounds like Chief Flynn is ready for a push to accomplish that feat.

Do you think other police chiefs share your sentiment?

You pick your target. Obviously, attitudes are affected by regional differences, but if you’re in a major city chiefs meeting, and we’re talking about this, there may be some differences about how much gun control is really needed, but there isn’t much. I haven’t seen much dissent about this notion about the assault weapons among the major city chiefs. The ones that police jurisdictions characterized by diversity and violence, they’re very frustrated.

Garry McCarthy, who got fired in Chicago, was one of the most vocal, passionate guys on this issue that I know. So was Tony Batts, who got thrown out in Baltimore. These guys are trying hard in polluted political environments, and in neighborhoods that were suffering from generations of crappy politics, as well as violence. Of course they’re going to be the first ones thrown over to the side.

Heave-ho, Milwaukee!

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    • I don’t get why inner city police would care about semiauto rifles? They aren’t being used in inner city crime. Handguns are. All rifles contribute to about 250 deaths a year.

      • And that’s the best part about the “assault weapons issue”; it’s not an issue at all.

    • Exactly. The chief has the mandate to carry. Anti gun progressives can afford to live in ” good” neighborhoods, or gated communities. The rest of the peasantry needs to be muted in the kind of musketry they can carry. Ms Clinton and her spouse get 24 he round the clock security. It has always amazed me that those in power are the kind of people who say, “Do as I say, not as I do.” The peons are angry, Chief.

    • I could open carry here in Texas, but continue to conceal my weapon as I have for several years. I think in the overwhelming majority of situations that it’s in my best interest to stay under the radar should an incident arise so that I could have the element of surprise on my side.

      • In situations where you’re the one reacting to a surprise, you may wish that you were open carrying. In other situations, where you might be able to leverage the element of surprise, you may prefer to have been carrying concealed. Perhaps do both.

  1. The officer, servant to the people, and the reporter, slut of the media, are both suffering from acute cranial rectal immersion.

    There is no know cure.

    • More like blame shifting.

      Truth is this. He isn’t going to retire for a few more years. He just got a new four year appointment. He really wants to keep cashing that paycheck. Since he owes his current position to his local political masters, he can’t call them out for understaffing and underfunding the department.

      It also means he can’t call out the DA’s office and judges who routinely put repeat offenders back on the street under “restorative justice”.

      He’s given up actually trying to do anything so he throws up this smokescreen, blaming others for his failures and the failures of urban leadership.

      He’s probably also upset Milwaukee didn’t get him to a”real big city” like DC or NYC.

      The recent Milwaukee riots are a testament to decades of liberal policy. The city is a failed state with a failed mayor, failed city council, and failed police chief. Avoid if you can.

    • I’m glad somebody else has noticed police chiefs’ habit of anointing themselves with the insignia of a full general. Personally, if I was a police chief (not likely in this life) I would be embarrassed and ashamed to appear in public so adorned. A less arrogant approach would be to wear insignia based on the size of the department; e.g. 40 or 50 personnel gets you the butterbar of a second lieutenant platoon leader/commander. 180-200 or so gets you company commander captain’s bars, and so on.

    • Unfortunately for him, he lives and works in Wisconsin. The chances of anything changing with open carry laws here are next to zero. This is one of the biggest deer hunting state, where 700k gun deer hunting licenses are sold each year. All of the gun hunting is done the week of Thanksgiving. It’s pretty much an unofficial state holiday around here. And do you know how we go about our deer hunting in the fall? We pick up our rifles and walk the fields and forests. Even before Walker enacted CCW, open carry was the law of the land. The Milwaukee Police Department would arrest those who dared to open carry pistols in the city with disorderly conduct bogus tickets, so they haven’t had a lot of love for us for a long time. Nevermind that outlawing open carry would do NOTHING to curb the gun violence in Milwaukee’s inner city. When you can’t solve a problem, you might as well try to appear like you can do something productive with your time. The city of Milwaukee is so ideologically isolated that the Sheriff of Milwaukee COUNTY is David Clarke. Pounder that for a second. The county of Milwaukee, which incorporates the immediate suburbs surrounding the city, is so conservative that we get David Clarke to counter this chief.

  2. Where I live in Virginia, open carriers are pretty much ignored. Maybe that’s why Virginia never passed a law against open carry.

  3. I used to walk around Loveland and Fort Collins open carrying when I was visiting my son. Nobody knew me yet nobody went off screaming in fear for the lives. The last time I checked open carrryers weren’t the ones shooting up Milwaukee or any other city.

    Looks like it’s time for me to make the 3.5 hour drive to Chief Flynn’s domain for a little walkabout.

  4. I think e needs to go back to NYC and pander to the people there. I am hoping that the good people in Milwaukee can see through this, as this guy would have no issue restricting the upstate New Yorkers so that he could make NYC “safe.”

    He said that cities have been going through loss after loss on carry rights. Why is it that for all the people like him that immediately proclaim “blood in the streets” there has not really been blood.

    ED:It is the stupidest thing I have heard this week for him to bemoan pro gun laws being passed strictly for ideological reasons. Ideological reasons are the #2 reason for passing gun control laws in most cases besides harassing law abiding gun owners.

    • Why do you think they would view the harassment of gun owners as a good thing? It’s ideology, through and through.

  5. Its cops like him that give cops a bad image in general.
    To me its a simple thing.
    If you cant carry concealed and open carry is legal and one wishes to carry. That’s the individuals decision. Me I don’t believe Id open carry. But as I live here in Florida. I don’t have that choice.
    We traded open carry for concealed in 1989.
    It sucked then it still sucks now not having the choice.

    • ^YES. This.
      (SW Fla here…)
      That’s why the compromise issue NEVER works for laws that are already in the book.
      NO, WAIT… The U.S. Constitution IS the book.
      Please reference 2A!!!

  6. That’s what happens when you get a huge pack of a-holes living on top of us like a ball of snakes. Drain the swamp, make them move (out of the country, not out-to the country). Your damn cities are a rot, all of them are steam heated 24/7/365, all of your essentials are imported and your garbage gets exported to the vanishing country surround or barged around the tip of Florida.

    FU WI especially Milwaukee, you are your own (AND OUR) problem (NO THANK YOU). You are a piss ant little city and your fing state BARELY makes the top half of U.S. States in area. FU if you think you should dictate to the rest of us. Go #NaCl.

    Where I live, it could take an hour before the Sheriff gets to you, and that ‘s after wasting time trying to call. Cops are not a protected class, and WI HAS NO JURSIDICTION IN OK.

    • Wow, seems like someone doesn’t like Wisconsin. We have open carry, concealed carry, nfa weapons, and cheap permit fees. Oh, I’m not scared of little ole Chief Flynn, I carry concealed in Milwaukee whenever I’m there. Plus, the Chief Law enforcement officer of Milwaukee Couny is Sheriff David Clark (Look him up). Plus, I don’t give one rip what the city does. The liberals and progressives that have run the city of Milwaukee for a hundred year can lie in what they ruined.

      • You lost mw @ WI has low permit fees. You also (Clark excluded) breed people, like this Chief, a little too often (68% (D) population too often). Funny, empowered a-holes, like this chief-a-hole, sometimes become community organizers and run for prez.

      • You lost me @ WI has low permit fees. You also (Clark excluded) breed people, like this Chief, a little too often (68% (D) population too often). Funny, empowered a-holes, like this chief-a-hole, sometimes become community organizers and run for prez.

        • I just renewed my CCL and it was $22 for 5 years, I consider that cheap. I have never breeded any person like Chief Flynn, and your comments on only Wisconsin citizens breeding liberals is trashy. So, you can tell me that not one liberal had been breed in your state? I think you need some tinfoil!!!

  7. “We’ve been suffering defeat, after defeat, after defeat. ”

    Suck it Chief. You should quit so you wouldn’t have to worry about violating people’s rights in your fantasy world.

    • ^ This.

      How many times does your government have to tell you that they cannot protect you before you believe them?

      If your government OR ANYONE, tells you that they “cannot protect you, unless / until you do _X_” then only the first part of their statement is true.

      “Common sense will tell us that the power which hath endeavored to subdue us, is of all others the most improper to defend us. Conquest may be effected under the pretence of friendship; and ourselves, after a long and brave resistance, be at last cheated into slavery…. Wherefore, if we must here-after protect ourselves, why not do it for ourselves? Why do it for another?” ( Paine Common Sense pg. 47)

    • His biggest defeat was taking on Dave Clarke in the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s primary.

  8. As a long retired Police Chief (albeit without any General’s stars) I can state definitely that he is a political appointee and merely spouting whatever the Mayor tells him to say.

    You know, basically a tool of the elected establishment.

    If you want to know what real cops think, go ask the cops who are actually on the street enforcing the law.

    • Every political chief started out as a probie on the streets at one point. Where and how do they go astray on their climb through the ranks?

      • That is sadly overly optimistic.

        You’d think that would be the case, but it’s really not necessarily so.

        One hack chief of a PD of 50,000 that I knew had a grand total of maybe a few months actually ON the street and that was in a town of 2-3 officers.

        He then played the system…buddies with the right political people at the right times. He got hired in a slightly bigger town in admin, went from there to a bigger town in upper admin and ultimately ended up Chief of a department of over 100 officers.

        And, he knew jack squat about “being” a cop. What he knew was how to play kiss-a$$ with the City Manager, who was all-too-progressive with wishes to gut the department and fill it with a “kindler, gentler” group of folks.

        It was exactly the disaster you’d expect. (As an aside, that Chief could not shoot worth crap, either…couldn’t even qualify reliably on what was in practice a ridiculously easy CoF).

        Sad thing is, this chief was not unique to this “admin magnet” affliction. One Lt. in that same department had very little street time as well and he was being interviewed for chief spots in other towns.

  9. Sounds like his and Sheriff David Clarke’s ‘thin blue lines’ run perpendicular to each other.
    Saying things about open carriers killing babies and cops is just plain stupid.
    Holding Garry ‘McStreetlights’ McCarthy up as an example just digs the hole deeper.

  10. I do apologize if I offend any city gun owners but overall this cop is a great example of what happens to people who get used to city life and are disconnected from nature. Open carry is like wearing shoes for most farmers and outdoor enthusiast. Don’t get me wrong, in town there’s no need to open carry and scare the libs. I already see the trend spreading to yuppy backpackers who would rather I not carry my Redhawk into bear or cougar territory.

    • Suggest to any yuppie hikers that they put little bells on their bootlaces and carry some pepper spray….

  11. FU&K you Chief. Got a Voodo doll for you as well. Cute blue uniform and a tiny badge to match your little buttons.

  12. The Chief is flabbergasted because people refuse to bow down to his feelings.

    Was he a spoiled child? I cannot figure any other reason to explain why the Chief expects other people to do what makes the Chief feel good.

  13. He’s just mad because Sheriff Clarke probably puts him in his place and makes him look like a fool all the time.

  14. “These guys are trying hard in polluted political environments, and in neighborhoods that were suffering from generations of crappy politics, as well as violence. Of course they’re going to be the first ones thrown over to the side.”

    First off, if anyone dropped a deuce in the punch bowl, it’s big city police chiefs, who run around ridiculing firearms owner and calling them racists.

    Second, as we’ve seen repeatedly over decades, the first ones thrown over to the side are lawful firearms owners. Sure, occasionally a P.D. chief gets fired, but they just resurface somewhere else. When was the last time one of these hacks got drummed out of the business? Hell, sometimes they even run for mayor, contributing another toxic layer of sludge to the system.

    • “and in neighborhoods that were suffering from generations of crappy politics”

      Hah! Whose politics are we talking about here?

  15. Police Chiefs rarely speak their own minds. He is employed at the will of either the Mayor or the city council. My town had a popular, hands on, community oriented chief and he was fired because the new city manager didn’t like him.
    I don’t have a high opinion of the way most Chiefs get the job anyway.
    It usually ends up going to someone who tows the line and kisses the appropriate asses throughout a career.

    • This is why it’s somewhat wrong to bitch about the thin blue line. Gary Mcarthy was sacrificed for Rahm Emmanuel and Anita Alverez to right their political boats, yet they were the ones who suppressed the Laquan Mcdonald video. The dude was a tool but the issues started up the food chain from him.

  16. What amazing logical disconnect. Gary McCarthy tossed overboard because he was in favor of gun control? I think not; it has more to due with the climbing “gun violence” rate. They’ve suffered loss after loss after loss? Where? Not in California, NY, NY, MA. or Connecticut, where things are going down hill fast for gun rights.And it’s not like Wi just passed some open carry law–it has been open carry for a long time, AFAIK, it was concealed carry that just got passed. (Not that the Milwaukee police would not arrest someone open carrying, “just because.” ) All of these chiefs, including the NYC Police Commissioner, Beck in Los Angeles (and recently indicted on multiple felonies for obstruction of justice former LA County Sheriff Baca) were adamantly against ANY carry, as were the last two Sheriffs of SF County (I assume the current Sheriff is true to form.) These guys ALL believe that “more guns = more (gun) crime. Even if they cannot point to a single study that supports them–“It’s common sense!”

    • No they wouldn’t not after the city of Madison was forced to pay out big bucks for arresting open carriers.

  17. This! This is why I OC. I OC because it annoys statists like the chief here.

    Chief, if you’re reading this, GFY. Thx.

  18. Sounds quite similar to Indiana. Lots of Sturm & Drang over open carry. I know Wisconsin took to CC like gangbusters when they got it in 2010(?). After the Milwaukee fun last week this “chief” may have to buy himself some new panties…

  19. Just to put his ideas/thoughts into perspective:

    Open carrying a gun is lunacy.

    Everyday cops open carry a gun.

    Therefore, cops are lunatics.

    So I ask, how many non-lunatic cops are ok with this?

      • But they volunteered for that job. If open carry is lunacy, then police officers don’t get a pass on being lunatics because it’s a job requirement. They’re the ones who subjected themselves to that job requirement.

  20. “The law (open carry) is, quite simply, lunacy.”

    Then stop doing it and stop allowing your officers to do it. However, I suspect that you don’t really think it’s lunacy. You just think allowing people outside your control to open carry is lunacy. It’s a good thing we don’t need your permission to exercise a right.

  21. The name sounds familiar.
    Is this the same Milwaukee chief who threatened to have ‘his troops’ ‘prone you out at gunpoint’ for exercising your rights under the law a few years ago?

    Yep, that’s him all right. Running the MPD as his personal organized crime ring for 8 1/2 years and counting.

  22. A commish who came from MA and this surprises people? Couldn’t get a unrestricted ltc in springfield unless you knew someone.

    He has a proven track record of being an asshole and then does asshole things.

  23. Chief Flynn also blames his city’s problem with gang shootings on Wisconsin’s concealed carry law. Yes, Milwaukee’s gangbangers all have WI CCW’s did you know that?

    What a jackass.

  24. So first they invent the “right to feel safe,” now there’s a “right to be fearful?” Is there likewise a right to feel every other human emotion for whatever reason? Jeez, what a confused sucka.

  25. I have no use for “sovereign citizens”. But one thing they say that tends to make more sense every day is, they support elected sheriffs and do not recognize appointed police chiefs. Milwaukee could be the most stark example of this foundational belief.

  26. This article is nothing more than counterfactual hypothesizing. (See: “I’m wondering if Chief Flynn thinks it would be OK for folks in rural areas to break a law against open carry because everyone knows everyone. That seems pretty . . . casual.”)

    As he said, open carry is “lunacy in an urban environment.” Every word he said is accurate. Gang bangers can open carry legally and not be stopped to determine if they have warrants, drugs, etc. Police are repeatedly called on open carriers for legitimate safety concerns by the public. (Which makes me wonder why open carriers say that no one sees them.)

    Very few pro-gun people care about reasonable policing issues because they can’t see past “their rights.” Rights can be regulated, folks.

    • Yup, all those deaths in the big cities are from all those otherwise legal open carriers. Oh, wait, no its not. It’s from urban yoots wid a glawk fowty stuffed into their waistband. Big cities are literal cancer.

      • They can open carry and not be stopped as there is no probable cause. I’ve never understood why criminals illegally conceal when they could legally open carry.

        • “They can open carry and not be stopped as there is no probable cause.”


          The requisite probable cause is their *youth*.

          Under 21 years, no gun for you.

          “Pardon me, young fellow, you look awfully young to be legally toting that ‘gat. Got some ID?”

          So simple, even you should be able to grasp the concept…

  27. For fucks sake, really? Someone show me the gangbanger that open carries. This guy went full retard and never came back.

  28. “These laws get passed overwhelmingly for ideological reasons…”
    Yeah so was the Constitution

  29. He wants open carry banned so if the BLM crew comes to your neighborhood to burn things down, he can arrest everyone attempting to protect their homes, businesses, and property. Wouldn’t want anyone taking someone right to destroy away!

    • In most states its perfectly legal to open carry ON YOUR PROPERTY, and within your business. So you can protect your property just fine. Of course understand that contrary to popular belief you cannot simply shoot looters of a business. In some states, and I disagree with them wholeheartedly, shooting a burglar who did not represent a imminent threat could be a concern. Unless they represent a threat to your life shooting them would not go well for you.

      Just be logical. Your tv is not worth someones life. A box of snickers from the quicky mart isnt worth the life of a kid who just doesnt know any better. They should be punished. By the law.

      YOUR LIFE….The life of your family, to protect the lives of others from those that would do them direct harm, yes. Do what you feel is right under those circumstances.

  30. So, is it fair to assume that he will order all of his officers to cease openly carrying a gun and all officers under his command (himself included) will only carry concealed?

  31. As a gun loving cop, who happens to work in a major metropolitan city. Hes right. Open carry is stupid. It has nothing to do with those persons who are licensed to conceal carry who are now open carrying. It has everything to do with the person who is NOT licensed to carry now open carrying and removing the ability of LE to challenge that person. What many of you fail to recognize is that these laws do not in any way limit your ability to own or carry a firearm. You wanna walk around the mall with your rifle, no problem. Put it in a case and carry it. Or you can keep your handgun on your hip under a shirt. Its no great sacrifice. Ive been conceal carrying my Glock when off duty for 18 years. First a 27, now a 42. I bought a bag so that I can carry a Kel-Tec SUB 2000 without being noticed. Again. No great sacrifice.

    I dont want or need to question the sanity of an armed subject walking around my local grocery store carrying an ar-15. Its a douchy thing to do. Wanna carry your gun out in the open for all to see, become a cop. Otherwise get a CCW license and become a member of the lowest crime rate club.

    • Huh, guess I missed that part in the law of the land that says “open carry is stupid”. If you’re worried about someone openly displaying something in public while not threatening anyone (not a crime) you’re focusing on the wrong behavior.

    • Thank you for admitting that cops hate the Second Amendment because they want to feel special by being the only ones with guns.

      • Cops hate criminals with guns. Getting into a “Right to Carry” argument isnt feasible when you have 1.4 seconds to determine whether this person is a threat to you or others. My 4 year old daughter needs her dad. If that upsets you, remember that I spend all day long going TO places where people are angry and upset. I deserve the chance to retire and enjoy old age. Is my life so worthless to you that you would throw it away so you can wear a smaller shirt?

    • John Thank You for your service! I completely understand where you are coming from! If there is 5 people at the mall open carrying and 1 of 5 has bad intentions how do you as a law officer “guess” at which one you should focus on? I am not anti-open carry but not a fan either. Yes open carry is a right but use common sense. Now I sound like a liberal, common sense open carry?

      • ” If there is 5 people at the mall open carrying and 1 of 5 has bad intentions how do you as a law officer “guess” at which one you should focus on?”

        The one that shoots first.

        If there [are] 5 people at the mall [conceal] carrying and 1 of 5 has bad intentions how do you as a law officer “guess” at which one you should focus on?

        • Bingo. Cops want to have the mentality that everyone is a suspect, thus no one should have rights. People are only guilty of a crime AFTER they commit a crime.

        • The one that shoots? Isn’t that like closing the barn door after the cows get out? You kind of made my point for me. If there are no open carriers then there is no one that draws attention more than others. No one is drawing unnecessary attention. Not everyone is a suspect, only those that draw attention to themselves are suspects. You are in a mall not open carrying and dozens of people around. You hear gunfire and duck for cover. You scan the crowd to see who is shooting and notice someone with and AR strapped to their back. You wouldn’t try to put 2+2 together and assume it may have been that person?

          • I was going to debunk your statement line by line but it would take too long. I’ll just say that everything you just said was complete and utter bullshit. I’ll just give the benefit to all other readers on this site to recognize that you are not making any sense.

        • TedinWi says: “You hear gunfire and duck for cover. You scan the crowd to see who is shooting and notice someone with and AR strapped to their back. You wouldn’t try to put 2+2 together and assume it may have been that person?”

          Actually, I (and most others here) would assume it isn’t that person. It’s really hard to fire a slung AR.

    • “It has everything to do with the person who is NOT licensed to carry now open carrying and removing the ability of LE to challenge that person.”

      You’ve just identified the fundamental contradiction between the 2nd amendment and extra-legal restrictions on The Right To Keep And Bear Arms. You may find this hard to believe because its so far outside your experience, but as more citizens begin carrying guns—both concealed and open carry—you’re entirely likely to have a much more civil society. Decades of gun-control measures, including restrictive licensing, have not been successful. Constitutional carry, the original intent of our founders, might just be a idea who’s time has finally come . . . again.

  32. Well, should Chief Disarmer get his way, I expect the cities to be as safe and peaceful as prisons, where no weapons are allowed at all.

    I gotta assume he’s talking about banning by another name. But, maybe not. Universal concealed carry would get all those scary guns out of sight, so he could be for that. He never flat out says: “Ban them all.” How about we make the offer – “You can have yr universal open carry ban, if we get universal concealed carry.” – n find out?

    He does say that *some kinds of people* can open carry just fine while *other kinds of people* can’t. I think there’s a word for dividing people into groups based on a characteristic, not behavior. And another word for treating these groups differently. And a word for people who think that way.


  33. Maybe this IDIOT should look at Chicago for there GUN LAWS and ask them if it’s working? What a liberal idiot. The babies being killed and cops are not from open carriers but from thugs concealing a weapon to do HARM.

  34. So 45 States are run by lunatics who passed open carry.
    Just try carrying concealed here in South Carolina where the heat index runs over 100.
    You sweat in 30 seconds out the door.
    Open carry would be a great relief.
    Unfortunately, we have lunatics in the Legislature that keep killing the open carry bills.
    In case you’re wondering, RINOs and Democrats.

  35. “…We’ve been suffering defeat, after defeat, after defeat.”

    The first time, ok you just really weren’t ready for the fight. Common sense and all that.

    The second time, ok you are still getting your head in the game.

    The third time, and everytime after….. maybe you should stop and take a look at what you are trying to do. Consider the possibility that what you are trying to do is not right. Consider the possibility that you are on the wrong side of the issue.

  36. I am in the suburbs of Milwaukee and I will never understand how Flynn has managed to stay in his position. I am not an open carrier but I am a strong proponent for it. I choose not to open carry as it seems to be a tactical disadvantage if SHTF, I always feel like if I was opening carrying I’d be a priority to the perp. With that said Flynn and all of the “anti’s” are trying to fix the problem by curing the symptom. The symptom is gun violence or more correctly violence. My thoughts are that the problem is a social problem not a gun violence problem. These criminals that Flynn is claiming to fight are never held accountable for their actions. In fact I bet that the offenders do not even know that what they are doing is wrong.Repeal the 2nd amendment and watch how nothing changes. The mojority of the issues we have are non-law abiding citizens that commit crimes will not mysteriously stop because guns are outlawed. How does Chief Flynn not understand that? How can someone in a postion of power not have the common sense to know that gun control/no open carry etc. does not correct the issue. Or like a lot of people say, they don’t care if it fixes the problem. 

  37. It may have been said but don’t police officers open carry all the time? Even their cruisers usually openly display loaded firearms? Why is it OK for thee but not me then? Oh yea the government (and their representatives) are above the law for us common folks. Being a retired LE officer I have had to deal with this attitude. It comes down to the political view that society/governemnt is the main cure for individual wrong behavior and because of that they must control all individuals’ actions through “legal” means from which they are exempt being the all knowing benevolent bestorer of order and rights.

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