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“1000 Yards Out of the Box,” Gunwerks’ website promises. Click here, buy your tickets to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival, then come and put the company’s claim to the test. Shoot Gunwerks’ 6.5mm LR1000 [above] and/or 7mm Rem Mag Magnus [below] at 1000 yards at Best of the West Shooting Sports on October 15 – 16. As it is for all of our 30+ come-and-shoot-it exhibitors, you pay one price for admission and your ammo is free. Speaking of money . . .

Gunwerks’ LR1000 starts at $5,750 and the Magnus runs $5,850. “People sometimes ask why our guns are better than other manufacturers who guarantee the same ½ MOA accuracy for thousands less,” Gunwerks’ Chris Ashworth admits. “I tell them that we make our own stocks and action, and our fit and finish is second to none. But it’s all about the complete package. It’s all about the feel.”

Gunwerks Magnus (courtesy

“For one thing, our guns generate around 20 to 25 percent less felt recoil than our competitors. Owners shoot their Gunwerks rifle more comfortably and more often, building their skills and confidence. Hunters can take shots they’d otherwise forget. It’s an investment in success.”

Again, Ashworth insists it’s a difference you can feel. “For some people, all it takes is one shot. They go, “Yeah, I get it.” Others have to compare our rifles to competitors’ or their current rifle. But once you do, you’ll know why a Gunwerks rifle is worth every penny. You’ve gotta shoot it to understand it,” Ashworth asserts.

Which is exactly what you can do when click here and buy your tickets to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. At 1000 yards. Come and shoot it!

NOTE: Buy a Gunwerks rifle at the Festival and receive 100 rounds of free Gunwerks hand-loaded ammo, worth approximately $5 a round.

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  1. Will there be a 1000 yard range? In Michigan unless you own a large farm 400 yards is about it.

    • Yup, BotW’s rifle range has steel targets at 250, 500, 650, 800, and 1000. (To use the portion of the range past 250, BotW usually requires you to qualify, but for TFF they do not.)

      I’ve shot Barretts, Begaras, Tikkas, Tracking Points, and others at 1000 yards at previous TFF’s. Definitely cool . . . the vendors have the scopes already dialed in and have a spotter giving you the wind calls.

  2. I’m highly interested in Gunwerks’ range finder. Slick, slick piece, that. May end up getting the SIG KILO2000 as it’s more in-line with my budget, but still debating it. The functionality built into the Gunwerks unit is intense.

  3. I like their TV shows and it would be fun to demo a couple of their guns but the price tags are just ridiculous. I guess they have to pay for those TV shows and safaris somehow.

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