milwaukee woman parking place shooting
Courtesy WISN
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Men who attack women are cowards. Men who challenge others over whether they’re entitled to park in a handicapped parking space are annoying prigs with far too much time on their hands. Put them together and you have what happened yesterday in downtown Milwaukee. Right outside of police headquarters.

WISN reports that . . .

Police said Joseph Drier, 59, attacked the woman after arguing that she should not have a handicapped parking placard in her car.

After challenging the woman and being told to buzz off, our civic-minded hero and wanna-be parking monitor, Mr. Drier, returned to his car and grabbed a steering wheel lock from his car…basically a metal club. He then advanced on the un-named woman.

She said Drier swung it at her as she held him off with one hand.

That’s when she reached into her purse and pulled out her handgun.

“I’m screaming for help at the top of my lungs. No one would help me. I was scared. I felt like my life was in danger,” she said.

When seconds count, police are only minutes away…even right outside police HQ.

The woman, who has a concealed carry permit, fended off the attack and shot Drier once in the leg. The sound of the gunshot brought help a-running.

“An FBI agent came out of nowhere and told me, ‘Freeze, FBI, put the weapon down.’ I put it down, he said put my hands up and step away from the weapon, which I did, because I was afraid,” she said.

She was not parked in a handicapped spot and had paid to park.

“I didn’t want to shoot to kill… I felt like I didn’t need to do anything more. All I wanted was help, and that was my help,” she said.

Drier told police he thought she looked too young to have a handicapped placard and was sick and tired of people gaming the system. The woman has reportedly been cleared by police and the district attorney.

Now Drier is facing charges of criminal damage to property with a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon and he’ll get his chance to observe how people game the system from the inside.

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  1. “I didn’t want to shoot to kill… I felt like I didn’t need to do anything more. All I wanted was help, and that was my help,” she said.

    Dangerous statements to make… if you are not in fear for your life, use of a deadly weapon is not usually justified.

    • She said she felt her life was in danger. She stopped the threat to her liking. She shot the asshole in the leg and he stopped. Swinging a steering wheel lock at someone is attempt of deadly assault. Clearly by the article she is being cleared and asshole is being charged. Justice is served with a dose of bullet hole in the leg.

      • “Swinging a steering wheel lock at someone is attempt of deadly assault.”

        She may have thought she was using less-than-lethal force by shooting him in the leg, but had she hit the femoral artery, he likely would have been dead.

        I don’t fault her actions in the least, she wanted to stop the threat, and that’s what happened. Score one for the good guys and gals…

        • Too bad she wasn’t just a tad higher and a bit more towards center
          A shot to the junk should stop the threat in it’s tracks.

    • Evidently you didn’t read the entire statement…

      “I’m screaming for help at the top of my lungs. No one would help me. I was scared. I felt like my life was in danger,” she said.

      Next time, read the entire statement…

        • Internet Lawyer! The pay sucks, but the temporary feeling of vapid self-importance is priceless.

        • This was a pretty poor quality article. The author was trying to be cute with a bunch of nonsense and/or irrelevant statements such as:

          “Men who attack women are cowards. ” – Obviously a true statement, but starting the article with it sounds like a white knight trad-con trying too hard to pander to females.

          “Men who challenge others over whether they’re entitled to park in a handicapped parking space are annoying prigs with far too much time on their hands.”

          Anyone (male or female) who freaks out, and viciously attacks someone, with a club, over a parking spot, is far more than an “annoying prig”. He is a violent madman with a dangerous weapon.

          Annoying prigs should be cut down with a few sharp words, not a bullet. Violent lunatics with clubs merit bullets.

          “civic-minded hero and wanna-be parking monitor”

          The author is trying to be cute again with this sarcastic statement. The facts are very simple. There is no reason for trying to be funny here. A violent 59 year old thug (probably a liberal) attacked a woman with a club, and got shot. The shooting seemed totally reasonable. The woman had good reason to fear for her life.

        • To: Art Out West. You missed the most salient point of all, that the perp went back to his car to retrieve the club, thus negating any “hot response” on his part (you know, the kind of emotional response and immediate reaction which demotes murder to manslaughter, that kind of thing). No, he had plenty of time to cool off, particularly if she wasn’t hounding him (rather, the reverse). That, plus the screaming, etc. means she’s clear, at least criminally. Now, of course, the a’hole will sue civilly, hope she has an umbrella policy. Still, you deal with what life sends your way, and maybe the prig (you’re wrong about that) will find someone to piss off in jail, and he won’t be suing anyone, ever).

      • She probably did say too much.

        Just say “My life was in danger”

        Saying more just opens up a door for a zealous DA to charge you with assault with a deadly weapon.

        It helped that she was a SHE, and that he had a club.

        A guy might have been charged. Best to say as little as possible-

      • “Next time read the entire statement…”

        Thanks, I did read it. That is why I posted my comment. As you can see from many other comments, the concern is that an aggressive prosecutor would jump all over that statement with questioning such as:

        “Ma’am, if you were in fear for your life, why did you only shoot to wound him? Surely you know he could have still killed you…”

        The ONLY good answer is “I was in fear for my life, and I did what I had to do to STOP him from killing me.” Then STOP TALKING.

        She is very lucky this happened in a self-defense friendly jurisdiction.

        • WRONG! The only good answer is none at all! The 5th amendment is your protection, and you can give a statement AFTER you talk to an attorney! One innocent “slip of the tongue” can mean years of regret and maybe incarceration!

        • Please, let’s clarify a very important point in any self-defense shooting: One does NOT, repeat NOT, ever ‘shoot to kill.’ Cops don’t do it, and regular citizens don’t do it either. They shoot to ‘stop,’ and ‘stopping’ is enough.

          One shoots to STOP A THREAT. Only a fool, who wants desperately to be prosecuted for murder, would say that they ‘shot to kill’ to terminate a lethal threat when death is not the desired result.

          One shoots an assailant ‘just enough’, but never MORE than ‘just enough.’ If one bullet does the job, that’s where things stop. If two is the trick, the two is ‘just enough.’ If it’s a full magazine of 17 rounds (especially with 9mm, of course), then THAT is ‘just enough.’

          If, by shooting an assailant in the leg, or the foot, or the abdomen, or the chest, or in the left eye socket, one stops the threat, one has accomplished one’s purpose of self-defense; The person thus shot stops being an assailant, and that is all that is desired–nothing more.

          Now, if by some unfortunate happenstance the person receiving the bullet or bullets to whatever part of the body is perforated happens to die as a result, that is just a sad side-effect of being shot.

          Remember this. Unless your intention is murder, you do NOT ‘shoot to kill.’

        • Hey john,

          I agree with the statement and the sentiment behind it. Just want to point out, that every single video I see that has cops shooting a bad guys, seems to show that they need at least 1 and usually 2 full “high capacity” (at least in my state) to “stop the threat”.

          Apparently the allowable force to stop threats does change quite a bit depending on who’s holding the gun and what they’re wearing.

    • Fear is all you need. At least if you are a cop.

      The general “rule” is in danger of great bodily harm or death. Women are at a disadvantage against men.

      I wouldn’t be surprised people refused to help and decided to film with their cell phone instead.

      • “Men who attack women are cowards. Men who..”

        Clearly the man was a jerk, and another jerk is your TTAG writer, cowering behind anonymity (STAFF WRITER), for attempting to make this about gender.

        Pretty shameful of you TTAG.

        • This site has really gone downhill in the past couple years. The quality and selection of articles, the lack of gun reviews, the BS click bait …….. Internet know-it-all’s and wannabe lawyers commenting who need to see themselves as the smartest guy in the room makes for tiresome reading. Arguing about the most inane points in poorly written articles does not make one seem smart, only boring. Wasn’t that long ago that I checked this site several times a day for new, interesting articles and thoughtful, insightful remarks in the comment section. May be time to move on. To paraphrase B.B., “The thrill is gone”.

        • Damn Patron, everyones gotta be a critic. I still find it enjoyable. This is a standard, victim stops attacker story. Seems like its a reasonable thing to put onto this site. How many more gun reviews for the Glock 19 do ya need?

        • To PATRON49IFT
          Nice and accurate comment about TTAG, I have it come in automatically everyday and read them, at least skim, them all but something sure has changed.
          I like BB King, I can play some of his stuff in most of his style on my old SG.

      • Whether she is sufficiently proficient in human anatomy is completely moot.

        What she DID do is ‘shoot to stop,’ to terminate a threat to her life. Shooting someone in the leg is an EXCELLENT means of getting them to stop advancing and then fall to the ground, scream a lot and/or die within about 4 minutes without intervention.
        In any case, people who fall to the ground and scream a lot, or those that do those things and then die within a short time, no longer pose much of a threat.

        Mission accomplished.

        Bluntly, shooting someone ANYWHERE on the body is considered an application of lethal force. There is no real prohibition on ‘shooting to wound’ when the intent is simply to stop a lethal threat, as it is understood that a ‘wound’ is a precursor of ‘death’–you have to do the one before the other can happen. There IS a prohibition on ‘shooting to kill,’ however, as that shows intent beyond simply stopping a threat that indicates malice and a decision to kill, not just to stop a threat.

        Fine points, but they can make a difference to a prosecutor or a jury.

        • This may be a little off point, but I wonder if anyone on here has a USCCA membership, or some other form of supposed legal representation, if you do become involved in a shooting ???

          I know that there is at least 1 other offering out there, and I DON’T mean CARRY GUARD .

        • USCCA here. The proper response is; The man tried to kill me. I’m willing to sign a complaint. There is his weapon (steering wheel lock in this case). Those people saw the attack. Officer, I will cooperate 100%, but first I need to speak with my attorney. THAT’S ALL. Then immediately call the USCCA Critical Response Team and wait for your attorney to show up.

        • Tremendous advice. Everyone should write it on a card and keep it in their wallets for emergency use.

      • Doesn’t matter, she has that right to protect herself with deadly force if necessary. Try coming at a police officer with a club and see what happens to you. They will and have used deadly force many times.

    • Everyone’s dunking on this guy but he’s absolutely right. Never, ever, make a statement like what she did. You know who loves to take statements like that out of context? The media and attorneys in a civil suit. Remember what happened to Bernie in NYC? He was found not guilty of the assault itself (guilty on the gun charge) but got REAMED in civil court.

      • …and a big part of that reaming out was thanks to the statement he made “You don’t look so bad, here’s another” regarding one of the ‘victims’ upon deciding to fire again. In reality he may have never said that out loud but after he said it later and the media got hold of it, well, the horse was out of the barn- and Bernie got hit with over 40 million dollars from the one guy.

    • If he were stealing her car she had every right to shoot him. Pretty clear you have the right to defend not only yourself and others but also your property with deadly force if needed.

      • Wow are you ever wrong! You do not have the right to use deadly force to protect your property unless your life or the life of someone else is in danger. You better learn the laws before you end up in an orange jump suit.

        • Depending on the state he’s right and you’re wrong. The states that don’t allow ultimate protection of property as well as life are also wrong. The simple fact of the matter is if being alive and not having extra holes is important to someone than don’t be a peice of crap criminal. Society needs to stop making it ok for criminals to be criminals. If trying to deprive another of life or property gets a criminal a one way ticket to a dirt nap than so be it. There should be a handshake and a thank you for the individual that provided the one way ticket.

        • Wisconsin law allows a person to use deadly force only in very limited circumstances. Section 939.48 of the Wisconsin Statutes authorizes this use of force only when the actor believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself. We are talking about Wisconsin law since this is where this incident occurred. Stay focused. Yes state laws are different but lets focus on this incident. We are talking about what the law is not what you believe or wish it was. No, you are wrong and are headed for trouble unless you learn exactly what the laws say. I didn’t say I necessarily agreed with the law but that is what it is. There is so much ignorance of the laws being shown on this site it is easy to see why so many people get themselves in trouble. I teach this on a regular basis and it does not surprise me to see so many misinformed people. Good luck with your criminal and civil battles in court and if you say it’s better than “being filled with holes” then you must have feared for your life which is much different than shooting someone you see trying to break into your car in the driveway and you are merely protecting your property. Geesh!

        • I guess that’s the difference because in Missouri I have no duty to retreat and I’m not going to stand by and do nothing while someone tries to steal or destroy my property which means the fight is on and I’m coming forward. At that point they will either stop there action or push me to the point of lethal force because at that point it’s going to come down to them or me.

        • I like to think of myself as a reasonable person and would not jump directly to deadly force for theft or destruction of my personal property. Deadly force is not the only form of defense though. If in the use of those other forms of defense I reasonably feel my life has become endangered that would make deadly force viable at that point. That’s what I meant by I’m not going to stand by and let someone take or destroy my property. The criminal will have the choice of it’s not worth it or whatever happens, happens. My actions will be on principle that criminals need to be given a very clear message that their actions will not be tolerated and their actions could possibly cost them their lives.

    • um, did you miss the part where he was swinging the steering wheel lock at her? She stated she did fear for her life, yelled for help and no one came. people, read the whole story before commenting.

  2. Now that is justice! Jail time with a bullet hole in his leg hopefully. All because he thought being an asshole was a good idea. 😂

    • He wasn’t shot for being an asshole. He got shot because he violently attacked someone with a club.

      Assholes suck, but they don’t deserve to be shot. Violent thugs wielding clubs are another story.

      • Tomato/tomoto
        Asshole swinging club violently got shot in the leg. Just goes to show an armed society is a polite society. Or like in this case being impolite and violent get a bullet in the leg. Justice is served. Gave me a good laugh. Hopefully since he lived he’ll mind his own business next time he sees something he feels like being an asshole about.

      • I also think it is quite a bit overboard saying that people who challenge people who park in handicapped spaces are assholes. There are far more non-handicapped people who take those spaces than handicapped, I see it nearly every day) and it doesn’t hurt to confront someone who doesn’t display the proper decal or tag, just as veterans confront “stolen valor” frauds. But it is NOT okay to assault someone over this crap!

        • That sounds shaky. How in the world do you see non handicapped people parking in handicapped spots nearly every day? I don’t know if I’ve EVER seen that. I’m sure it happens, but even then I’m unsure how many times it’s because somebody has a sprained ankle or something, temporary handicap, no placard.

        • I don’t understand why so many respondents feel a need to be “parking lot police”. If you believe someone is violating a law, ordinance, regulation, etc, just CALL THE AUTHORITIES! (Very) occasionally we may witness a violent attack in which we feel a moral obligation to intervene. This incident did not qualify as such until the man attacked the woman with a potentially deadly weapon. At that point, the “feebee” (spellcheck wants to substitute “feeble”; maybe it’s on the right track) could/should have intervened. However, he waited (condition white??) until after the woman screamed for help and defended herself. Hopefully, the attacker does time (unlikely given the low level charges) and the victim recovers without permanent emotional scars.

        • Not everyone who has a handicapped tag is obviously handicapped. I have a friend who is missing his right leg below the knee. We were at work a when he noticed a lazy cop writing him a ticket for parking in a handicapped spot and he ran out to point him to the tag on his dash. The cop said “you don’t look handicapped to me!” In response to that he leaned up against his car, pulled the release on his ankle, and held out his shoe, foot, sock, and all to the cop.

          I had worked with him six months at that point, and had no idea why he was using a handicapped parking space. Don’t assume you can spot someone with a legitimate handicap.

        • Jake, the perp said he “thought she was too young to have a handicapped placard”…. exactly how OLD do you have to be? And who is he to be able to decide if someone is disabled or not? If they have a tag in their car it would be up to the cops to decide if it was being used fraudulently… Guy’s a total tool, got what he deserved.

        • you do know some handicaps are not visible, right. epilepsy, heart disease, or, in my case, hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain, in case you’re wondering) among others. if you think someone is parking there illegally, you let the authorities know and they will ticket them (and they do. have had ocso do this many times where I work, so don’t tell me they won’t). do anything, but what that jerk did. what he did was threaten her life, which makes him a dangerous animal in my book

      • Who the Fk do you think you are????? It’s shocking to read your pathetic gibberish comments….gd dude…. Stop being so pathetic and pessimistic and find a hobby….

        The dude WAS shot for being an asshole…. AN ASSHOLE WIELDING A DEADLY WEAPON….
        The shooter has WITNESSES that she was being attacked… HER IMMEDIATE COMMENTS DON’T MATTER….


        I can’t even read the comments because of DICKHEADS such as yourself ruin it with your constant banter….

        • Dude some advice, stay away from parking near handicapped spaces. I think it might be dangerous for your health.

        • Dude complaining about people being childish goes off on one of the most childish rants I’ve seen on this site.

          To the person who talked about confronting people in handicapped spots, that’s not your job. Yeah it annoys me too when I see it but that’s what the police and the traffic authorities are for, not us.

  3. Perfect reason to take a few classes. Just down the road is USCCA. Join, watch their videos on defensive use of a weapon.
    So where was the FBI guy a few seconds earlier? Didn’t want to confront the crazy guy, but right there to confront the woman who just peed in her pants.

  4. Being Handicapped myself, I’ve survived many an incident over Handicapped Parking. By wouldbe do gooders would think their the Social Righteous Police of Parking Lots. Until they see the Wheelchair coming out of the car, then pretend that Nothing Happened and it was All A Big Mistake…

    • still,..perhaps the “annoying prigs” are the ones who park in handicapped spaces when they have no right to do so….

      • They usually are. Or the ones that Park like assholes anywhere, especially no parking zones. See it five to six times on a daily basis here in Montana. I even once helped a handicapped veteran who frequents my area because some asshole was parked in a handicap spot when he shouldn’t have been. Poor guy parked way in the back.

        • You could always have some fun with the illegal parkers.
          Go to the hardware store, pick up a length of cheap chain and lock and when you see douche bags parking in handicap spots wait till they go into the store and place chain and lock on the right side rear wheel, wait till they come out and watch the fun start.

  5. Not just a dumbass……. a violent dumbass.

    Unfortunately, a violent person like him will probably end up killing someone over a fast food order or some such shit.

    Someone in the future will probably wish she had aimed a lot higher.

    • It’s Milwaukee, man. Can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a moonbat in that town.
      Trump should build a wall around it & lob incendiaries inside.

    • While in prison he’ll likley pick a fight with the wrong dude and end up getting his colon rearranged.

      • If he was in Chicago, they would tell him to stay home for a while in lieu of prison.

        I mean hell, 1st degree murder gets house arrest in Chiraq. This wouldn’t really count.

  6. Lots of young vets with IED induced PTST use handicapped parking to avoid the triggering event of walking through a crowded parking lot like what they experienced in Iraqastain. Careful who you judge.

    • I have personalized DAV plates on my car. I could have my doctor give me the paperwork I need for an actual handicap placard but I don’t want it because I feel there are people out there that are worse off than I am. Besides that I need the exercise so a little more walking won’t kill me. The only parking I take advantage of is parking that is reserved for veterans like Lowe’s has for example.

      • I was at Lowes this morning with the wife. When I went to park, my wife ask “why not park in the Veteran’s parking spot?”And i said “another Vet might benefit more from it than me” (still have my health). Back on topic, in CA, folks can report to the DMV, suspected handicap parking abuse.

        • True that. If the veteran parking is full up I don’t get mad and attack who ever might be parked there. Instead I park elsewhere. I get to go about my day with a little more walking and no bullet in the leg. Definitely a win!

    • There’s plenty of other young people with other handicaps, too. Someone I know lost a lung due to a traumatic accident. Looks alright from the outside- no wheelchair, etc- but has a pretty significant limitation on how far she can walk without getting faint.

    • Seems to me swinging a metal bar at a person is attempted murder. She did right shooting him, would have been perfectly justified if he’d died from it.

  7. This is hilarious. It’s happened to my brother several times, twice when I’ve been with him. He usually pulls up his pant leg and shows them the titanium from the knee down and gives them the Marine Corps Death Stare until they walk away.

    • these issues seldom get beyond the “dirty looks’ phase…going verbal usually invites a response….

  8. Unless Wisconsin has passed a law that allows the FBI to enforce local laws the very special agent was way out of line

    • Actually, any LEO in any jurisdiction has an obligation to intervene in a situation where there is a clear perceived danger to life. That’s why they are permitted to carry their weapon no matter where they are, even if they are several states away from their jurisdiction. In fact, unlike civilians who can’t be sued if they don’t intervene, a suit by a victim or a survivor against a LEO who didn’t intervene would probably have a very good chance of flying.

      • I don’t know who fed you that line of pure BS, but in the United States, LEOs have NO legal duty to intervene – even in their home jurisdiction, as well as no legal obligation to protect anyone. THAT has been settled by the US Supreme Court.

        • Yes, SCOTUS ruling is beneficial for the LE Agency and its employees from getting sued. It won’t keep the Agency from terminating your employment for failure to act.

        • He didn’t say a legal duty to intervene, he just said an obligation. There are plenty of policies at agencies that obligate a LEO to act without it being a “legal duty”.

      • And very well exampled by Scot Peterson, the well known “coward of broward”, who drew his gun to hide behind his car until the Parkland shootings were all over. Got retired with a 100K/year pension as a reward for that behavior.
        Yeah, I think Mikael must be talking about some other country where the police might be expected to help people under attack, and not just kill them, and their dog too.
        I think he might be thinking of Iceland, about the last place on the planet that has a govt that helps their citizens sometimes, instead of just show up with a donut and a report book.
        That is, IF you’re lucky and roll a seven. If you crap out, you get killed by those you expected to help you, just like what happened to Justine Damond in Minnesota, and hundreds of others.

        • Good thing the he (FBI = 14th Amendment carve-out) stopped that woman 🚺 with a gun 🔫…We wouldn’t want those Damn Pro2@ folks running around like their Sovereign Citizens!

    • Uh, it has: statute 175.40(7)(B)

      And even without it, if you think a federal agent can’t stop what he reasonably believes to be a potential murder, you’re nuts. If nothing else he can act under the same guidelines that any citizen can. And if some idiot in the state tried to file a charge on him in this circumstance it would be quashed by federal court and dismissed if it was judged ‘in the performance of his duties’ (which it would be).

    • What law was he enforcing here? How would he have been any more out of line responding to a shooting than any other LEO or even CCW holder? This wasn’t a warrant-less search, it was emergency response.

      • Absent the statute cited by Hannibal his status would be exactly the same a private citizen. He would have no official power of arrest and identifying himself as Federal Agent would have been irrelevant.

  9. Having both a CC permit and handicapped tags on my car, I can certainly sympathize with this woman. It just shows to go ya. Would love to see more stories like this. You sure won’t see this in the NRA mags.

    • Try picking up an NRA magazine sometime. There’s always a page dedicated to defensive gun uses with an invitation to send in more instances to be published.

    • Defensive use of a weapon is in every NRA magazine. Every – one. That wasn’t even a good try at being anti-NRA. You need to step up your anti-NRA game.

      • They probably will if someone submits the information to them.

        Magazines aren’t printed instantaneously; there has to be some lead time from when information is submitted, until it is printed and put out for distribution.

        • What the NRA prints (or at least used to print) was reprints of newspaper articles, so if the local newspaper did not cover it, you won’t see it there. I think that’s how Concealed Carry works, too.

    • Every month there are over a dozen articles just like this in the NRA magazines. They get sent in by people all of the time. Maybe instead of just looking at the pictures you should try actually reading whats printed on the pages

    • Yes you will and you will see it every single month. It’s called “The Armed Citizen” and it’s always in the front portion of the magazine.

  10. I used to work for a normal looking guy in his 50s who walked with a slight limp and had handicap plates, because his childhood Polio had left him unable to walk 200′. Back in the 1980s, the do-gooders were more polite and less SJW, they’d tell him things like ‘that’s a handicap spot’, or ‘you’re gonna get a ticket if you park there’. He’d just smile, say ‘I know’ or ‘I don’t think so’, and go about his business.
    If they weren’t behind his car they couldn’t see his plate, and if they were behind his car they probably didn’t look.

    • I don’t appear particularly handicapped, my only problem seems to be a tendency to fall on my face due to lack of a stable equilibrium, and inability to feel my lower legs. But, while sympathetic, attempting to impose your crazy shit on me will get you shot. Maybe I look like that, in 15 years of using the plates I have never been confronted as discussed here.

      • Same here… I carry a cane because of balance issues. And lots of pain. But I can walk just fine. I’ve never had someone give me grief.

        If there is an open spot near a handicapped spot I am likely to park there, and leave the handicapped spot available for someone who needs it more than me.

        • I don’t expect them to mess with you for parking in a handicap spot if they see you using a cane.

          The jerk in the article may have assumed the victim was falsely using her mom’s handicap pass or something, but for crying out loud, she wasn’t using the pass, she parked in a non-handicap spot.

  11. Drier is your typical bully . pos coward with an authoritarian complex. Going to hit a woman with a steel bar over where she parked. This is why every law abiding citizen should carry. If not for being armed , the young lady could have ended up with a split skull. I’m glad she is ok.

    • Yo, reread! It was not about where she parked, which was not a handicapped spot and she paid the parking fee. His bitch was she POSSESSED a handicapped tag. Really, really crazy. Like, dangerous crazy.

      • “Really, really crazy. Like, dangerous crazy.”

        Yeah, it clearly says “Milawaukee” right in the article. Duh.

  12. Many people drive a car that has handicapped plates/placard because they frequently drive the handicapped individual around. If they use it for preferred parking, they are doing wrong. But driving that car with the plates placard is ok.

    • To clarify it is not “wrong” to use it for preferred parking when they are picking up the handicapped individual. As my healthy wife often does for me.

  13. Would have never happened in Md.. May issue means she would probably not qualify. Unless she makes bank deposits then she could get a CC with ‘restrictions’ (i.e. only when making bank deposits)

  14. The world is full of assholes. That’s why we carry.

    Anybody says we shouldn’t be allowed to carry is outing themselves as assholes.

  15. A lot of people think that a handicap plackar means wheelchair or difficulty walking. I have nerve damage to both arms so I walk normal but pushing a shopping cart and lifting items out into my car can be difficult.

  16. I have debilitating arthritis that limits my mobility and is quite painful. If I can park fairly close to my destination, I’ll skip the disabled spot, leaving it for someone who needs it more. I haven’t been challenged yet for my placard and hope it doesn’t happen. I’m not sure if I would have fired in this situation, but I’m not going to armchair quarterback this woman, her fear or reaction. From her account, it does seem that the (un)Special Agent might have intervened a little sooner, but I wasn’t there, so….

  17. If you don’t have a handicapped parking permit and park in a restricted space you have no respect for your fellow citizens. I wouldn’t confront you but might give you a dirty look.

    • Call the cops and have them issue a ticket. I understand that the fines can sometimes be rather large; usually a minimum of $25.00. Let the assholes learn a lesson, and maybe they will be more considerate of others who deserve to park in those places, in the future.

      • First the Cops have to be called in! And second most Shopping Center Parking Lot properties are Private Property, by whatever management company that owns the mall…

      • More like several hundred dollars around here for a fine. And handicapped parking spaces is a state concern which trumps private lots. Which is why even private businesses are obligated to post handicapped parking in numbers dependent upon the total size of the parking lot.

  18. “Men who challenge others over whether they’re entitled to park in a handicapped parking space are annoying prigs with far too much time on their hands.”

    GDIAF. Integrity matters.

    Some of us actually ARE handicapped and hate having to limp our gimpy asses any further than we have to. When I catch people parked without merit in those spots, I park behind them until the cops or tow truck comes.

    • But in this instance she wasn’t parked in a handicap spot. She parked in a regular spot and the asshole still attacked her. Apparently because he didn’t think she should live for having handicapped tags on her vehicle.

  19. “Drier told police he thought she looked too young to have a handicapped placard and was sick and tired of people gaming the system.”

    Go be a hall monitor somewhere else, I got my first handicapped placard at 27 years old. And when I am wearing pants the only indication I am handicapped is the grimace I make with every painful step.

  20. Golly I worked out with a fairly large black guy who had deadlifted 695. He was shot through his leg in batttle but didn’t “look” handicapped. I don’t get confronting anyone over a parking spot. And I need knee replacement. Some a-holes need to be shot😄

  21. This dick head came after her with a metal weapon. That’s going to cost him. He’s lucky she didn’t give him one in the face.

  22. If it becomes necessary to use potentially deadly force in your own defense, hold center of mass. The man involved comes off, based on available information, as a prime ass.

    • I submit it’s a far better outcome. He has gained national attention resulting from his supreme doucheism, shot in the leg and legal charges! I’d say that’s sufficient.

  23. I had handicapped placard for my 83 year old mother who had Parkinson’s. Occasionally some idiot would protest before I got out her wheelchair. Never underestimate the number of idiots in the world.

    Seems lucky / good aim he only has a leg wound.

    • Similar situation with a disabled family member. People look at you funny when you get out from behind the wheel. Some are even staring at you when you are getting your passenger into that wheelchair. As if the able bodied driver should have to add a long journey across the parking lot pushing that chair.

      Some people are so busy wanting to judge others.

  24. Wasn’t a recent ‘stand your ground’ case in Florida over a handicapped parking spot outside a convenience store?

    Recently my area started seeing more and more Purple Heart parking places, which I think is a good thing. I probably wouldn’t question someone over a handicapped spot but would probably walk up to someone in a Purple Heart spot just to talk. If finding out they were not eligible, I might call them out…but violence no.

  25. I’m not an internet lawyer; I’m a law school lawyer. There was a case in Missouri where a guy attacked someone with just such a bar. It was found to be a deadly weapon. The lady did everything right except one. I would have shot him stone dead and reloaded.

  26. Go swinging a heavy object at a peaceable person and you deserve whatever punishment you get. A steel bar could kill anybody, it’s assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder. That lady did right in protecting herself. Good odds her shooting him saved someone else from his violent disposition later on. Hope so anyway.

    With or without the placard or plate on the vehicle I do get pissed when I see an obviously healthy and fit person park in a handicap spot. But challenge a person on it? If it looks fishy to me, if there’s no passenger being aided (which is perfectly correct of course), let the cops sort things out.

  27. Where are the gun grabbers in this comment section?

    lol… nowhere. Wonder why? But they are all over the VA shooting one. Just goes to show our argument about being able to defend yourself stands very firm.

    • enuf is up there. Peddling his usual BS.
      It’s not that the trolls don’t show up on these pages, it’s that they can make no progress. It’s all they can do to tread water, and once in a while use a sock puppet to at least make it appear legit. But then they screw up and answer questions (to them specifically) from the sock puppet account, get caught red handed and sticky fingered, and then they split for greener pastures.

  28. “Men who challenge others over whether they’re entitled to park in a handicapped parking space are annoying prigs with far too much time on their hands.”

    For those that don’t know suing people and businesses over handicap parking has become really big business. And a great cash cow for some folks. But if you call them out on their ambulance chasing they will sometimes call you an anti semite.

    • If we did not want the laws enforced, we should not have allowed them to be passed. And if LE won’t enforce them, maybe the courts (and million dollar jury awards) will.

      • I have personally watched as police have written tickets for parking in a handicap spot when they shouldn’t have. But law is a very low priority as far as I’m concerned. Everyone supported these laws at first. But now lawyers have created a very uncivilized situation in these “parking lot wars”. And our society is stuck with it sadly.

        OR, we could have willing private citizens who will write parking tickets. This way the law would be regularly enforced as you have pointed out. Its not being done now. The police would be free to chase after “real” criminals. How would you like that????

        Double Parked in 1984: Cities Deputize Your Neighbor to Ticket Your Car

  29. His leg should heal by the time he serves his prison sentence for aggravated assault. He will probably be fined in the near future for not having a valid handicap parking permit.

  30. Jail time ? First time offender , with two minor charges ? Disorderly conduct with dangerous weapon and damage to, property , maybe some week ends and a fine .

  31. TTAG staff obviously havent had a family member who is disabled and unable to buy their groceries because lazy prigs park in handicapped spots. What an irresponsible piece of writing.

    • This article did not involve any handicapped parking spot in any way. You may want to wake up, or sober up.

  32. Someone got an immediate, painful reminder of the error in their ways and a court date to boot. Can’t complain too much here.

  33. The guy ain’t going to serve no time. Maybe 3 days, he’ll be put on supervised probation for about a year. All women are not weak and helpless , in fact I know a couple that can give me a run for my money in a pillow fight. Shot in the leg, well that’s a limp in the right direction.

  34. On the other side of the issue FAR TOO MANY people have handicapped permits that don’t deserve them. 1 in 10 meets the requirements but all it takes is a doctor to sign a form. The same doctors that dole out Opioids like candy.

    • Aleric, do you have data on only 1 in 10 that have a HC tag deserve it? According to Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability Statistics and Demographics 2017, about 5.4% of those 18-65 in the general population and 11% of those over 65% have an ambulatory disability. My opinion is although some people might game the system, as an aging society we just have a lot more people with disabilities and generally not enough spaces. Our society is aging and more disabled people are encouraged to get out and live life independently, so we may need to adjust or add accommodations.

  35. “looked too young”….My daughter has had one since high school, Not all handicaps just do not shot on the outside and some even depend on the weather. Either way this A-hole got what was coming to him. I wounder what she would have done if the 1st one didn’t stop him….

  36. People who exaggerate their injuries to get or keep a tag, or simply help themselves to a handicapped parking spot for a little extra convenience, if they’re perfectly healthy are simply lazy a-holes.

  37. I have seen lots of people parking in handicapped spaces without tags or placards but it’s not my job to go confront them. Learned when I was young, don’t look for trouble, you just may find it.

    • Words of wisdom to live by. This day and age looking for trouble just might earn a dirt nap. While law enforcement may be lacking at times in areas that’s their job to enforce laws. It’s only my job to do something if it directly affects me and mine. Even then it has to be something I can’t just walk away from. Let’s face it in the case of someone actually parking illegally in a handicap parking spot they are a lower specimen of life and not worth my breath let alone my time. Karma is a bitch and I’ll just pray it comes back to them three fold.

  38. I’m going with the concept that she would have fired a second and third shot that were deadly if the first one hadn’t done it’s job and stopped him. He got stopped he goes to jail and that’s that.
    He had better be real glad the shot in the leg stopped him or he would be dead.

  39. All comments aside, in the article it says she was not even parked in a handicapped spot and had paid to park. He was just made that she had a handicapped placard in her car. Your age does not determine if you are handicapped or not.Many young adults are handicapped, even if it is not visible. Many young children are handicapped, in wheelchairs even, their parents usually have handicapped parking permits for that reason or for handicapped elderly parents who don’t drive, like we had for both of my parents. 1 was on oxygen, the other had MS and was wheelchair bound, may be both rest in piece. I have a handicapped placard for myself because I have breathing issues and mobility issues. Your physician decides if you require a placard or not according to the law, not some piece of shyte who decides she shouldn’t have it. Asshole got what he deserved and what she said didn’t mean anything. If it had been me I am not sure he would have gotten off so easy.


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