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Journalists who have become mouthpieces for gun control groups have loudly declared victory over the NRA following the recent adjournment of the Texas Legislature.

They announced the resounding “defeat” with Texas legislators adding funds to the 2020-2021 budget for the Department of Public Safety to establish and promote a statewide safe gun storage campaign. Since the mainstream media won’t, let’s set the record straight.

The Statewide Safe Gun Storage Campaign was a rider added to a 1,000-page budget. The campaign may include online materials, printed materials, public service announcements, or other advertising media. The public awareness campaign may not convey a message that it is unlawful under state law to keep or store a firearm that is loaded or that is readily accessible for self-defense.

It is not a mandatory storage bill. But just in case any state anti-gun groups or national gun control organizations backed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg missed it, here’s the actual language:

Statewide Safe Gun Storage Campaign. Included in the amounts appropriated above in Strategy G.1.1, Headquarters Administration, is $500,000 in fiscal year 2020 and $500,000 in fiscal year 2021 in General Revenue to establish and promote a statewide safe gun storage campaign. The public awareness campaign shall begin no later than September 1, 2020. The public awareness campaign may include online materials, printed materials, public service announcements, or other advertising media. The public awareness campaign may not convey a message that it is unlawful under state law to keep or store a firearm that is loaded or that is readily accessible for self-defense.

Maybe what the state anti-gun groups or national gun control organizations believed passed was House Bill 316 or, its companion bill, Senate Bill 1573.

These bills, which NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association opposed, would have directed the Department of Public Safety to establish a firearms safety campaign that would allow the department to publish its own materials “or distribute materials published by firearm safety advocacy organizations,” and would even allow for unchecked gifts and donations to pay for the campaign.

HB 316 would have allowed for outside groups to corrupt the Department of Public Safety with Bloomberg-backed blank checks and untrue, biased, and slanted messages.

It shouldn’t be shocking that journalists and gun control groups are stretching the truth, but just so it’s clear: No measures opposed by NRA-ILA passed during this legislative session in Texas.

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  1. “…It shouldn’t be shocking that journalists ”

    That’s so generous of you calling them journalists.

    I typically call them something that is no longer polite to say out loud in most places.

  2. I store my guns in safes, I have young curious kids! And sleep lightly, with a quick access ‘safe.’. But if someone wants it more ready, good for them.

    Although a friend that stored a gun in the extra towels of the guest bathroom should have known 2 towels wasn’t enough for 3 guests… No harm done, just saying…

    • The only house guests I ever host are responsible adults, and I tell them where to find few choice pieces, loaded and concealed here and about. In the highly unusual event that I host children I have a checklist that reminds me how many guns are hidden about, and where I put them, so I can ensure I’ve collected them all. I home carry, sure, but it’s nice to have more, and better firepower handy, and nice not to be unarmed when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night without having to bring my nightstand gun along.

      Mandatory anything sucks, and different people have different situations and priorities. The youngest child ever in my home is my 15 year old stepson, who is a shooter himself, and since he doesn’t live here, it’s not as if he ever has friends over. What I also don’t have is neighbors, or a police response time under 30 minutes under the best of circumstances. If, however unlikely it may be, the shit hits the fan here my wife and I are very much on our own, likely well after the conclusion of the conflict. Different strokes for different folks.

  3. When dealing with of all States Texas the money spent on warnings is like pissing in the wind. The shiftless and irresponsible out house denizens do not read any way and even if they did they would ignore the advice. Only a severe mandatory law that fines them heavily, jails them and takes away their right to own a gun will get their attention. Until that time comes many more children will died needlessly and many more guns will be stolen that were just lying around on the coffee room table. But hey I have been to Texas and I know what kind of people your dealing with there. I would class the extinct Neanderthals as geniuses compared to most of them with Raphael Cruz the biggest and most repulsive Moron of them all. I am surprised to elicit more political favor he did not introduce a new old law making it legal again to burn witches there.

    • This fella’s ignorance apparently includes physical anthropology as Neanderthals didn’t so much go extinct but bred into modern humans. Tests *are* available to see how much Neanderthal DNA you inherited from these survivors of an ice age. Not exactly on-topic but interesting.

      • to Dani

        “This fella’s ignorance apparently includes physical anthropology as Neanderthals didn’t so much go extinct but bred into modern humans. Tests *are* available to see how much Neanderthal DNA you inherited from these survivors of an ice age. Not exactly on-topic but interesting.”

        The only ignorance expressed here is yours. Your mouthing off about a subject you proved you know zero about. There has been a raging debate over the demise of Neanderthal for years. And the tests you speak of show such small traces of Neanderthal DNA in modern humans it could have easily come from Neanderthal Women who were captured in war and made into sex slaves. There is no consensus as to whether Neanderthal died off because of mass genocide through war or because of integration between the two species or through mere starvation because he lost too many big game animals to the spears of Modern Man who he could not compete against. In my own opinion if they had integrated through marriage on a large scale certainly the traces of their DNA would be much larger than it has been found to be. Its usually between 1/2 to 3 per cent and in some arguments up to 5 per cent depending on whether you ancestors were from Western or Eastern Europe or Asia with Asia and Africa proving to have the least Neanderthal DNA so next time you make a racist statement about Asians or Africans remember it is you who have more Neanderthal DNA not them assuming your European and assuming you ever made such a statement, my apologizes if you did not. And to make it more complicated the experts argue that Neanderthal never made it to Asia and the DNA found is actually that of Devisovan man not Neanderthal and some claim it is a hybrid of both. Now don’t you wish you would have kept your big mouth shut and not started this subject of which you know zero bout.

        The only thing I will state that is certain and that is that they were perhaps far more intelligent than we formerly used to think. I base this on the fact that their ability to make stone tools is so complex it took one Anthropologist two years to teach himself to make stone tools as sophisticated as they were able to make. On the other hand it is known that they were not intelligent enough to adapt to new ways of hunting and war fare. They used dogs to hunt and then simply speared the animals up close. This was inferior to what Modern Man was doing at the same time and that was Modern Man carried two throwing spears that were propelled with the addition of an atlatil making shots as far as 50 yards possible on big game and perhaps on enemy warriors as well. It put Neanderthal at too much of a disadvantage in big game hunting in lean years when competing with Modern Man and probably insured he would lose in most battles as well when Modern Man could hurl spears at him at 50 yards and he had only a stabbing spear. I am surprised Neanderthal lasted as long as he did when he came into competition for food with Modern Man and when he did battle with Modern Man as we can see his demise may have come from both problems with Modern Man i.e. lack of enough food and losing in most battles.

        Of course we still refer to Neanderthals as dullish brutes of low intelligence because we can hurl such insults at people we do not like and its not likely to ever go away and give Neanderthal the credit he is do, it would take away too much of our fun and the bulk of the population is not aware of the truth about Neanderthal and they do not want to give up their fun of using the word in a derogatory manner either even if they knew the truth or even cared.

        And of course we have not even begin to enter a 3rd problem into the equation and that was the existence of Denisovan Man and hybrids between Denisovan and Neanderthal but that is another long story and one you are to ignorant for me to go into now.

        • Even small percentages are significant as it shows that viable offspring were produced and they found each other to be attractive.
          They probably disappeared eventually because they left too many spearheads on the coffee table and the children kept finding them. 😉

        • Your third paragraph expertly describes the difference of the present day gun wielding individuals from the liberal gun control crowd. You are probably right in one respect, neanderthals inability to adapt to modern tools may have caused their demise, much like the anti-gunners of today; because, in case you did not notice, in the 50,000 years that hominids have existed, their penchant for killing each other has not diminished and the group that can adequately defend themselves are the ones that continue to evolve.

        • Holy crap, how did you make it to the third paragraph? I give you a lot of credit – I couldn’t make it past the second sentence of this troll’s lies! Skipped to the bottom of Vlad’s wall of text so that I could read intelligent comments once again…

        • LARRY IN TEXAS, took the words right outa my mouth. If you DOLT as you are, came to TEXAS and popped off all the BS you have here, YOU probably would go home with a FINE TEXAS ASS WHIPPIN!

    • Shut up, Wesley Vlad!

      This comment system sucks. We should be able to block obvious trolls like Vlad.

      • Even forums that require a sign in with password entry are plagued with shills, trolls, and troll bots. Though this forum is wide open for it.

      • Bathtubs are literally a greater danger to children than a gun in the home.

        Perhaps if you were able to read…

        • Oh, bathtubs are FAR more dangerous than firearms. Most years the very specific threat of drowning in 5-gallon buckets filled by rainwater, kills more children than firearm accidents. Largely because the numbers of each are in the area of 3-5.

  4. Journalists report the facts without adding unverified material or comments espousing their own political beliefs. When they do so they are not practicing journalism but are in fact writing ‘fiction’ and as such the newspaper should list it as a ‘fiction column’ and pay them as a contributor as opposed to a staff writer.

  5. The N.R.A. will not give in to those stupid one sided morruns, they have no right too even post false statements, and should be held responsible for their actions, fined or imprisoned, many people have been charged for less. Just because they don’t like guns are anyone that does, doesn’t give them the right too take from the ones who does.what’s good for some is not good for all,so to keep America free must be agreeable and fair to all the people, that’s what the N.R.A. stands for.FREEDOM for ALL, not just a few ungrateful, selfish, antiAmercia,people. If they don’t like being here, in a free country, and want that right taken from them, then they need to get the HELL out of this country and that goes for any anti gunners, protesters who believes in taking any of our rights from us that our forefathers died for, to keep these laws in place. And this country strong, proud and under the eyes of GOD. All The laws that the grovnment has changed has been for themselves not for this country making it weak,u can’t take God out and expect to remain in his grace.

  6. If a bill passed that advocated distribution of firearm safety organization materials the NRA should absolutely be the first in line. You want to talk about a way to troll Bloomberg? That’d be it. I would also advocate that groups like Bloomberg’s aren’t actually firearms safety organizations because they have minimal to no educational branches unlike the NRA and no mission to promote competency in firearms handling like the NRA.

  7. The antis got a million bucks in free fun-money, in *Texas*. That’s what they’re crowing over; they’ll take this inch, and they’ll run a mile.

    1,000,000$ is enough to pay a handful of Bloomberg lackies to make trouble for a full year. Or should I say, every year, since I bet this rider makes it on next year, too.

  8. There are no Journalists anymore. Not in the mainstream outlets anyway. The entire industry is a mouthpiece for government/corporate interests.

    • 90% of journalism is dead. There’s no investigation, or even trying to find an opposing view. They’ll either just paraphrase press release from a politician, agency, or other group, or they’ll declare that there is no legitimate opposing view, like for global warming. There are a few outlets that still do investigative journalism, like Vice, but they all pretty much have a political slant. You can still go to the foreign press to get the facts, but most are under government control.


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