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Zack did a full review of the Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 for his Glock 19 back in October. He an appendix carry devotee, and figures this deep concealment option is pretty much the bee’s knees. Now that Raven’s expanded the V2 line to include M&Ps, he’s busted out the video camera for an update. So pop some popcorn and hit play.

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  1. That looks super uncomfortable. I’m blessed with a similar adonis-like physique as the gentleman in the video, and wouldn’t want the back of the slide poking in my gut. I wonder how one bends over or sits, but I guess if you’re mostly standing and walking, it could be slightly less of an issue.

    Another thing is contact with fluids. On a medium warm day you always sweat a little. Of course with all women throwing themselves at me (“Is that a 9mm or are you just happy to see me?”), there’ll also be warmth and not-very-dry air around the groin. Not an issue for all, but something to be aware of.

      • +1 OFWG, cary .40 cal at 3:00 w/remora holster against skin. I never leave home without it. So comfortable, I forget it’s there most days.

        • In the classiest of ways I carry a full size 92FS in an N82 around 3 o’clock. Always ready for some afternoon delight, one might say.

  2. All that is is mexican carry with a holster. It puts the muzzle too close to important bits to be a good idea.

  3. Being a 130lbs male appendix carry is A very uncomfortable for ALL situations and B the printing makes me look a little too excited when I meet people.

  4. I have one if these and it has become my everyday carry for a glock 23. I carry just between 3and 4 o’clock. I’ve got a by of a spare tire for a waist and it is actually quite comfortable. I usually wear and undershirt of some type so i don’t sweet directly onto the gun when it’s hot I live in Tennessee and travel down to Texas frequently. I find this method most comfortable for me in the hot weather. Reholstering does take some time but I am of the mindset that once the weapon is drawn it stays out until the problem is solved. It’s not for everyone but it replaced the three other holsters I had from El Paso saddlery and bladetech as my go to holster for ccw.

  5. I am a big fan of appendix carry ( 5’10” 170 lbs). I was using a cheap uncle mikes for a while but just switched to a peach state concealment mini me kydex and I love it. Only way I’ve found to carry where I don’t have to reconsider my clothing choice before walking out the door.

  6. ditto on 4 o’clock.

    Seems like if you grab your crotch in a Walmart, they’re going to look. Just saying. It ain’t a gonna be cell phone there. Everybody know that….

  7. these type of holsters are good for carry when you have two shirts on so the gun does not rub the skin but all in all I love AIWB carry. I can grab my junk and be close to my gun at the same time

  8. Like the other commenters said, this is just classed up Mexican carry. For the same reasons I wouldn’t pocket carry I wouldn’t use this. What if you have to quicky re-holster your gun? You can’t.

    • Can you name an actual situation where you have to quickly holster your gun? And this has an important difference from Mexican carry: the trigger is encased. The funky designs that have a rod down the bore? That’s just classed up Mexican carry.

  9. I have been carrying my Glock 19 with one of these every day for the past year. I carry at 1 0’clock (6′ 185lb) and have never found it to be uncomfortable sitting, driving or bending over. In fact I did a complete demolition/rehab of a house all while wearing it. No problems whatsoever. I actually find it much more comfortable than carrying in my crossbreed supertuck at 4 o’clock.

  10. I’m not pointing a gun at my junk. I’m just fine with strong side OWB or IWB. Sometimes a crossdraw, but never pointed at my junk.

  11. Been using one of these with my G19 for several months and have never had an issue. I’ll sometimes have to re-adjust when sitting down but mostly the gun just rides up along my stomach. I could see how if you have a few extra pounds this may be an issue, but for me once I tried appendix carry with this holster I haven’t used anything else. I even managed to shovel a foot of snow off my driveway this past winter wearing it and it was perfectly comfortable. Different set-ups work for different people I guess…


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