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Leave it to Donny Deutsch to distill the entire mindset of the Gun Control Industrial Complex into a simple phrase. “Technology equals terrorism.” The thrust of those pushing for more Second Amendment restrictions, and Democrats in general, is, after all, control. They want the .gov to have a say in every aspect of our lives, from telling us where to go to school (fighting school voucher programs), to what to think (Department of Education, standardized testing) and even what size soda you can purchase (thanks Mayor Mike!). But the result of technological advancement is, more often that not, a weakening of centralized oversight. It allows an individual, in the privacy of their own home, to create their own news website, publish videos expressing their opinions, or print objects without the government being able to see what they’re doing. The specter of that kind of freedom, with a lack of government dominion über alles, drives the Donny Deutsches insane. And I love it.

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  1. PRIVACY? OWN HOME?? Here’s a flash: EVERY computer, laptop or tablet is a potential surveillance node, provided they have a camera and mic.

    You don’t need to take my word for it: do a search – NSA has boasted of this capability for years…

    • Jump off the Windows bandwagon. Or you could at least turn it off, go to another room or disconnect it from the ‘net while you’re boinking something you oughtn’t.

      My Linux box doesn’t do anything of which I do not approve.

      Freedom starts with knowing ones surroundings, and total control of ones computers is integral to that knowledge.

      • Russ, I dont know much about computers or operating systems but I know enough people who use Linux to assume it is mainstream. My question on that is what makes it safer than Windows? Not trying to undermind you or anything, I just dont see how a readily available product will keep the government away. I think I may have asked you (or at least someone else here) a simmilar question a while ago, if so sorry.

        • The Windows kernel (the part that runs the PC) is around a million lines of code long. It’s been written by many firms and people all over the world (Hey Redmond, I did NOT just violate my NDA!). Nobody knows completely what’s in it. Only Microsoft and designated minions are able to see the inside of it; hence, it’s called “Closed” or “Proprietary” software.

          The Linux kernel is also written and maintained by people all over the world. The difference is that EVERYONE can see what’s in the source code, and propose a change which is then tested and voted on by the “Linux Community” on the open Internet for anyone to see. This is why it’s called “Open Source” software. Also, it’s free of charge, so the price is right too.

      • News flash to Linux users (and I am one) — The open source nature Linux makes it easy prey for the worlds’ intelligence services. I can assure you that the NSA, MI-5/6, FSB, GCHQ, CSIS, FSB MOSSAD and any number of other organizations out there have complete run of your computer.

        • Nope. A back door would be spotted and corrected quickly. The easier way in is through the application layer. You must never patch.

      • And something that it doesn’t appear most people on here are aware of… The US government REQUIRES that all software be able to be ‘hacked’ by them.. no lie. Research it if you want… That is scary, no?

        • Not all – PGP does NOT have the NSA backdoor. Phil Zimmerman told them to pound sand, and went to jail for it. It’s so strong that GnuPG (PGP’s public domain “son”) is used and recommended by the NSA.

      • That’s nice and all, but your security only lasts up until the bits leave your home. Unless you encrypt all of your traffic, never store information on remote servers, and only participate in privatized/encrypted discussion groups, your shit is as good as public.

      • Windoze IS a virus. But Apple is worse; pretty much everything you are allowed to do is open to Apple perusal. Personally, I like Fedora Linux on the “Frankenbox” that I built. I like to control what’s running on my machine, not the other way around.

    • Short version: 4 well-off Obama voting TV personalities engage in “coffee-talk” for all the low-information Moms at home. One topic included the newer Liberator. Lots of NE media elite fear of firearms. Unbearable to a non-Obama voter.

      My seething cauldron of Obama-voter hatred rises a degree or two in temperature.

  2. Government trying to control all aspects of our lives is right!! The other day, a police officer pulled me over because I was driving 87 miles per hour but supposedly I was in a “65 mph zone”! Really??? There was NOBODY around, and I was in MY OWN CAR going to MY OWN HOUSE! When I’m inside the privacy of my own car, you can’t tell me what to do!!! I’m an intelligent human being – I know how fast is too fast, thank-you very much officer! Besides, since there was no one around, if on the off chance I crashed, the only person that would be hurt is ME!

    We’re about ready for a new revolution…

    • You were on government-built roads. If you use their stuff, you follow their rules. That’s pretty fair. If you were on private property you would be right.

    • I’d probably write that ticket also. If I can pace a speeder at 87 in a 65 mph zone while driving my fully-marked 18 foot long Crown Vic before be slows down, that’s probably going to be a ticket. I don’t usually use Radar or Lidar do to fair chase issues. I’ve also personally investigated about 1000 crashes – from fender benders to fatality collisions – and speed is the proximate cause in about 70% of the crashes.

      You have the right to take the officer to court and contest the violation, and to request a dismissal if the officer cannot make the court date.

  3. “Technology equals terrorism.”
    and “War is Peace”
    — Orwell

    One of Obummer’s Ivy League PhDs once called for requiring all news and media websites that publish different accounts than the government’s version to also publish the government’s version too. Do the fools in the mass media really imagine they will continue to be Left alone by government to publish as they choose in the NWO?

    • I don’t know. Let ask the Associated Press how they feel after the DOJ was caught red handed wire tapping almost a 100 of their reporters.

  4. “What do you do about this? What do we crack down on?”

    Wrong question, wrong answers, terribly stupid assumptions all around. I bet these people would have been right at home in the grand old Spanish Inquisition, trying to crack down on that pernicious vulgate Bible and the insidious technology of the printing press.

  5. What sort of childhood (interupted?) does a man-child like Donny have to endure to lead him to such a sad state where he has NO Citical Thinking Skills?
    Donny has been hanging on the lower edge of the Cable world for decades, well I gues TPTB have found a second use for that mouth (Gunsel)

  6. That’s embarassing. Not a single person thought to say “Why is it wrong?” No, they immediately jumped to “Guns are bad, get rid of them”. If the producers were capable of feeling shame, they would’ve stopped the broadcast and got some new commentators. Screw those rich people with their heads up in the clouds. They have no right to tell me what to do or how to do lawful actions. FOAD.

  7. You people who fear “terrorism” today…if only you were around when the Mongols were turning entire villages into piles of skulls…that was terror.

    Terrorism today is not but a bogeyman to be deployed at opportune times. All these schmucks keep falling for it and cheer whenever the gov takes away more freedoms in the name of fighting terror.

    • ^^ This, +1001

      Sheeple live with an irrational fear of terrorism. And they vote away their freedoms with no thought to what they’re doing. What was the quote?
      “those that give up their liberty to gain a little safety, deserve neither.”

  8. Meh. If you watched to the end where they talk about the kid questioning the cop about parking a motorcycle on the sidewalk and they all decide the kid was “entitled” and needed to learn proper respect for police… In other words people need to learn to be proper little serfs. Make proper groveling to the authorities and if they have any authority never question their actions, because of cause they must be right if they are in authority.

    • That attitude of subservience for them exists only between the time they get a ticket (“Do you know who I am?”) and it gets fixed. Look at Lindsay Lohan as the poster girl of the Entitled.

  9. Limosine Liberal

    Career [edit]Deutsch is the chairman of Deutsch Inc., an advertising agency founded by his father, which he sold to the Interpublic Group of Companies in 2000 for US$265 million.[2]
    In addition to his work on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Deutsch has appeared as a regular guest on MSNBC’s morning talk show Morning Joe. He also appeared as a judge on TV, when he appeared on NBC’s reality-television series The Apprentice.[3] He now appears regularly on the Today Show, in a segment called “The Professionals”.
    In April of 2013, Deutsch’s prime-time CNN talk show, “(Get to) The Point”, was cancelled after just one week after the Nielsen Company said the show attracted just 268,000 viewers. The show was also mocked by comedian Jon Stewart during his Comedy Central show

  10. Fear. It is one of the most powerful motivators of mankind and the NBC Politburo is using it to press their agenda.

    The fact is that anyone with ill intent is going to get a gun the same way nearly every single criminal does: buy it on the black market or steal it.

    3-D printed plastic weapons are less effective than ‘zip guns’ that culd be made in any workshop or basement in America. They are a novelty at best at this time. By the way we also need ‘undetectable’ ammo for these weapons before they actually are what the comrades at NBC claim they are.

  11. I turned it off just after Wendy Williams said something about “going to get on a plane and kill us all.”

    Not sure how someone’s going to “kill us all” with a single shot gun.

    “Hold on a minute while I change out part of my gun so I can shoot again.”

  12. Here’s one factoid that NO ONE mentioned. The printer required to make the parts for this cost tens of thousands of dollars. I’m building a $500 printer and the plastic it prints is not strong enough to withstand the chamber pressures. Something our so called “journalists” failed to investigate. Too bad the news organizations no longer actually do any research about the things they spout from their cookie holes.

    Why don’t they hit the root problem and pass laws against murder? Oh yeah, those don’t work either…

  13. I heard Deutsch blurt out on one show”we gotta get the guns!”They slip up and think only their left wing admirers are listening-Deutsch would really make my day coming for my guns-Chris Mathews has said the same thing-Deutsch is a douche!!

  14. “I worry for my children… technology is getting ahead of prevention”

    Their futile believe in prevention is forever unabated. When will it end?

    Then… discussion continues to Christie’s weight? Weight? Is there nothing more important to talk about? Typical Today show.

  15. Ultimate hypocrisy. The libtards (democrats) say they want more individual freedom, while all the time are working to take it away. ‘Big Gov’ hell….and they are to dumb/evil to know/care…..til’ its too late.

  16. If technology = terrorism,… Then sheeple moms that have teenagers with cell phones, tablets, iPads, iPods and laptops are raising mini terrorists!


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