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On 3 May, 2015, Governor Rick Snyder signed a sweeping reform of the Concealed Pistol License laws into effect. While much of the law went into effect immediately, the reform that removed the power of county gun boards to arbitrarily deny concealed pistol licenses did not go into full effect until 1 December, 2016. Coincident with the reform, the number of CPLs have increased dramatically. From mlive.com:

Michigan has seen a 25% increase in concealed pistol licenses in 14 months, when state law changed to make it easier to get a CPL.

A total of 621,327 Michigan residents had a concealed pistol license as of Feb. 1 compared to 497,016 as of Dec. 1, 2016, according to Michigan State Police data.

Dec. 1, 2016, was the effective date of a state law eliminating county gun boards that ruled on CPL applications. The boards could deny a permit if they determined the license would be detrimental to the safety of the applicant or any other person.

Under the new law, county clerks and the Michigan State Police are now responsible for processing concealed weapon applications.

In 2018, there are 7.24 million people in Michigan over the age of 21. Of those, .621 million have Concealed Pistol Licenses (CPL).  On average 8.6% of Michigan residents over the age of 21 have a CPL.

Other reforms passed in the 2015 law:

– No charge for second set of fingerprints if required by the state.

– If no permit or disqualification in 45 days, receipt acts as permit.

– Plastic, not paper used for the permit material

– Notification of expiration 3-6 months before expiration

– Allow online application of renewal

– Active duty military and reserves to be able to apply for renewal by mail if on duty outside the state.

– Expiration date of permit extended if renewal made in time.

– Range time for renewal requirement met with certification on renewal form that applicants have complied with 3 hours review of training, 1 hour range time, within 6 months of renewal.

– Record keeping by the State patrol of offenses committed by license holders.

In November of 2016, Hillary Clinton received 2,268,839 votes for president. Donald Trump received 2,279,543 votes for president, winning with a margin of 10,704 votes.

President Trump campaigned on strong support of the Second Amendment, and particularly, support for concealed carry reciprocity across the United States.

An increase of 124,311 CPLs in Michigan suggests an increasing base for President Trump in the state. Much may depend on how President Trump treats Second Amendment and national reciprocity issues in the months ahead.

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  1. Well, much depends on Trumps ‘flexibility’ in giving the stalinists what they want…he seems (and I very much hope only seems) to be about to snap and give away the farm. National reciprocity won’t do much for him (though I doubt it would even remain on the table) if he caves any further on 2A issues. He’s already damaged himself with the bump stock garbage.

  2. The topic of concealed carry seems to be the one area we are winning. But at least we have a republican majority in congress and a NRA endorsed president to protect our rights🙄😤

  3. These days when the President speaks about a controversial topic, especially one he’s campaigned on, he is wheeling and dealing. The issue of DACA and the possible amnesty of a group of illegal immigrants is a good template. First he mentioned he was supportive of amnesty. Only after everyone got excited (both for and against), he mentioned the conditions: the wall, ending chain migration, lottery migration). The result is no deal because the Democrats weren’t willing to compromise.

    He’s starting the same way with gun control. What has he said he really wants, what he campaigned on? The Second Amendment generally, and concealed carry reciprocity specifically. Dollars to donuts, President Trump will be bringing that up when he judges the time is right. Will Democrats allow concealed carry via reciprocity in New York, California and other bastions of progressivism? Likely not.

    • Oh, I think you are on to something.

      Trump dangles a bump-stock ban or raising the age to purchase rifles to 21 …… and then when Democrats are chomping at the bit, Trump politely states that he will sign just such a bill as long as it also includes national reciprocity, removing suppressors from 1934 NFA, and removal of federal gun-free school zones.

      Of course Democrats will never agree to that since they are incapable of compromising and Trump gets to shove it in their faces and tell voters that he tried to give Democrats what they want. I love it.

      The more I think about it, the more I realize that is an outstanding tactic. Announce something that someone really wants. Let them get all excited and wound up about it for a few weeks. And then tell them that they can have it today as long as they give you what you want today. That is quite ingenious really.

  4. Trump’s going to cave. … On a happy note, just talked to a veteran who said he had no use for guns, he’d seen enuff in Iraq,He told me lthat two years ago. Today he said ” I buy at least two guns a month, I’ve got a heavy bullet proof vest and some grenades”, .. No he wouldn’t sell me any, the greedy fucker

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