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“Around 5 p.m., a woman was driving her daughter to the airport when her estranged husband, Qian Ming, 66, intentionally crashed his truck into hers,” Albuquerque’s reports . . .

According to APD, Ming then got out of his vehicle and fired a couple of rounds into the wife’s truck, striking his daughter on the shoulder.

Police did not say if the reason Ming’s estranged wife and daughter were headed to the airport was to get away from him.

The daughter is still in the hospital but is expected to be okay.

At that time, Officer Drobik said a 34-year-old Good Samaritan pulled up to what he thought was a crash. He witnessed Ming beating his daughter with a gun in the middle of the street.

Hand on a sec. Here’s an important consideration for any armed American contemplating using his or her firearm in defense of innocent life . . .

If you haven’t witnessed an incident from its start, if you’re not 100 percent sure who’s the bad guy and who are the innocents, be extremely careful about loosing the ballistic dogs of war.

A woman screaming rape as two men attempt to subdue her could be a perp being arrested by plain clothes officers. Think about that for a second.

“Once he started walking up, he saw that there was a male violently pistol-whipping a female in the street,” Officer Drobik said. “He got out of his vehicle and had his firearm on him and told that male to stop.”

That’s when the Good Samaritan, who is not being named at this time because he’s currently not facing any charges, told police Ming pointed the gun in his direction.

Police say the man then fired at least one shot, hitting and killing Ming.

“Mom in the hospital said, ‘He saved our lives,’” Officer Drobik said. “You can’t get a stronger statement than that. So she knew it. Daughter knows it and good thing he took that type of action.”

Officers did detain the man for questioning. He was released later that night. Officer Drobik said the man is a 12-year veteran of the National Guard.

Thank you for your service Mr Good Samaritan! But here’s another pause-for-thought idea: action beats reaction.

Pointing a gun at someone who has a gun and telling them to stop using the gun is a good way to get shot before you can use your gun. If there’s an imminent credible threat of grievous bodily harm or death, there’s a faster way to end the threat. Skip the command.

I’m not saying you should always draw-and-fire in a life-or-death situation, but there are plenty of people who would.

Police did not say if the reason Ming’s estranged wife and daughter were headed to the airport was to get away from him.

The daughter is still in the hospital but is expected to be okay.

I wonder if the mother had a gun, too.

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  1. Terrible state of affairs. Praying for all of them.

    Just another case of ‘It’s a bright, sunny, day, all the way up until it wasn’t’.

  2. Sure, if you tell some one to stop, you risk getting shot. But if that person aims a firearm at you, you can be damn sure he or she is the bad guy. It really sucks if you shoot the good guy.

    • While having a pistol aimed at you is a very good indicator I would have to say that walking up on someone who is pistol-whipping an injured woman is probably a really good indicator that he is not a cop making an arrest.

    • It is difficult to be the lounge chair quarterback, but there are several reason a verbal command may make sense. First, bad guys don’t usually plan for the conceal carrier, and an authoritative voice can cause them to freeze or reposition their gun when you need it. Second, it would sure help convince a jury that your defensive shoot was last resort if you issued a command. Of course, with time dilation, you may only give the bad guy 1/2 second to respond. Oops. Third, it really depends on what the guy is doing with the gun. If he had it by the barrel using it like a hammer, it is going to take him a few seconds to be capable of inflicting deadly force. He may not be that determined, drop the gun, and run away, which is the usual response. BUT, every situation is different, and in some cases, there is more than one right answer…and more than one wrong answer.

  3. Fake news.
    Michael Moore just assured us the other day that civilians legally defending themselves or others with guns is a myth perpetrated by the NRA.

    • well no, this was a highly trained national guard member.

      a real average joe would have shot either the mother, the daughter, a bystander, or themselves, because something something regular people can’t do hero things?

      (sarcasm all the way)

  4. From the way the story is portrayed, that guy did everything right, and did a huge solid for those people. Sounds like they were about to dip out, the husband caught wind of it, and hightailed it to stop them before they left.

    Forgive my lack of caring for a piece of dog shit that beats his own kid with a pistol. Good riddance.

  5. A man pistol whipping a woman is the bad guy. Period.

    That’s when you unscrew the pommel of your sword and end him rightly.

    • That is the most stale over used sword joke there is. It’s so bad that it might be okay once, this not being Skallagrim or Scholagladiatoria. Next time I make a voodoo doll though.
      I can think of a few women that I would not assume was the victim in that circumstance.

  6. Gibson and Yale has always been an area that sketched me out. It’s also, funnily enough, pretty darn close to where they put you up the night before you go to MEPS… which is in an even worse part of Burque.

    • Truth be told, he ain’t been the same since ‘Querque.


      The Duke City. A-Town. Captain Kirk.

      Who the hell calls it Captain Kirk?

      I don’t know.

  7. A man pistol whipping a woman is indeed a bad guy, and it would be very tempting indeed to terminate him without warning.

    But to paraphrase Don Corleone, “That is not justice. The daughter is still alive.”

    Best to get the drop on the bastard, tell him to stop, and let him decide whether to live or die.

    • What part of the article did you miss? Oh, the part where the good Samaritan got out of his vehicle and had his firearm on him ( NOT DRAWN )and told the male to stop. Ming then pointed his gun in the direction of the good Samaritan. When Ming did this he made his decision whether to live or die! Thanks to good Samaritan with gun lives were saved when he shot Ming before Ming could shoot him.To recap: 1. Ming was told to stop 2. Ming pointed gun at good Samaritan resulting in his decision to live or die 3. good Samaritan drew his gun and shot Ming. This is justice. I hope you are not a CC person who has the belief you should draw your gun without the full intention of using it. Stay safe. DAVE

      • I am absolutely the type of person who in this particular case would draw my weapon in order to get the drop on someone before I announce my presence. Anything else would be stupid.

        • Food for thought. Always, your right to make the decision. Once you bring your firearm out others could consider you to be a lethal threat. Since you accept that possibility wish you luck in the future. Never pull your gun unless you are going to use it because to many bad things could happen to you once you pull out your gun. Just think deeply about this. Stay safe. DAVE

  8. Albuquerque has become an impoverished criminal cesspool, overrun with illegal aliens, homeless, and countless drug addicts. The cops here are afraid to leave their cars, and no longer make arrests. Cartels own and run the streets, violence and human trafficking is the norm, and shootouts are so common that the police rarely respond to them unless there is a body in the street, or injured requiring medical intervention.

    The violence portrayed in “Breaking Bad” is mild compared to what is really going on here. Within the last month feds raided a house in the South Valley only to find only a house full of corpses (unreported in the local and national press), and according to a State Police buddy of mine, this is not unusual. Headless bodies, and murder victims are being found “posed” are turning up all over the city, with barely a mention in local and national media.

    It is literally beyond belief. If you’re a gun owner in Burque ( or “Burque-stan”), you carry. Period.

    It’s really not surprising that a military member was on the scene in this scenario, because in a bizarre juxtaposition, while Burquestan is quickly becoming the nation’s ‘official’ crime capital, it is also a training center for elite military and security forces from the US and around the world.

    This is by no means the first time a special operator who was just minding his own business and doing time in “Burque” has had to defend himself and the innocent, and now that you know the real story, you can bet that it isn’t the last.

    Unless you have business in the State of New Mexico, and have to come here, my best advice is to simply stay away. This is no longer a vacation destination, or a charming throwback . It’s a true war zone. # 1 nationally in property crime, #1 nationally in car theft, and officially as of 2016, statistically #2 in violent crime, but realistically now #1 nationally.

    This is a very bad neighborhood. Very bad. The best thing you can do for this place is #stayaway

    #Shithole, #Burquestan, #Stayaway

  9. Why isn’t incidences like these all over the media. It seems only when firearms are used in the bad that gets attention. As a matter of fact when someone shoots an attacking animal, that’s a DGU that should be on the news.Only the dirty laundry gets aired

  10. “Hand on a sec” and “Loosing the ballistic dogs or war”
    At the risk of being a spell check queen….OK, I’m being a spell check queen, but those errors are giving me a rash.

    • Yeah, type it up in a word processor and spell/grammar check before you copy and paste into the web interface. Of course, auto correct on a “smart” device could always be at play. The day is coming where only AI will know how our language is properly written.

      Might not be the worst thing. 😉

      • @Yadaddy
        Unfortunately most spell check programs aren’t going to detect those errors because the errors are spelled correctly although you will virtually never see “loosing” used.
        It really comes down to a solid proof reading skill. One must train himself to read the words, not what the brain thinks the words are or should be.
        as lng as th corct ltrs are in a sents, the humn bran figrs it out.

        In the end there is no replacement for solid proof reading, but overriding the brains natural tendency to fix the sentence and allow us to read what it meant is a true talent and skill.

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