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Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)
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By Larry Keane

Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg is at it again. He’s throwing around money and demanding things, not even noticing that Americans aren’t listening to gun control mantras. Instead, they’re arming themselves at historic rates.

Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund is dropping $3 million to recruit “grass roots volunteers” to run for elected offices ranging from school boards to Congress in the 2021-2022 election cycle in a new program called Demand a Seat. That’s in addition to the gun control work of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action.

That’s a lot of demanding. It’s also a lot of money. It looks like Bloomberg’s getting an early down payment on buying himself potted plants in public offices instead of grassroots. It’s a strategy that Bloomberg likes. Everything looks green when it’s papered over with piles of cash.

Look at the last election cycle. Bloomberg’s Everytown pledged $60 million in the 2020 Congressional and Presidential races. He raised the stakes when he burned $500 million on his own flirtation with buying the presidential ticket for himself. He also sprinkled in $100 million into Florida as insurance money to make sure President Joe Biden delivers on an antigun agenda.

At the same time, he – and gun control Congressional allies – are ignoring that over 8.4 million people bought a gun for the first time in 2020. There were 21 million background checks for a gun sale last year, a record number. In 2021, there have been over 11 million background checks for gun sales, tracking closely with last year’s pace.

More Cheddar, Please

So far, President Biden has shown he knows where his bread is buttered. He nominated former Everytown gun control alum David Chipman for director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and President Biden’s Department of Justice issued two proposed rules to clamp down on Second Amendment rights.

Michael Bloomberg Everytown
(AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

The first proposed rule would ban home-built firearms by redefining frames and receivers and the other would ban braces on AR-pistols, disenfranchising wounded veterans for whom they were originally designed and make the owners of untold millions of these devices into felons overnight.

At just $3 million, it almost seems like Bloomberg’s getting bargain basement pricing. For that kind of money, Bloomberg expects to buy 200 “gun violence” survivors and activists to run for elected office and get more engaged in politics, volunteers training to “build and run winning campaigns as a gun safety candidate.”

The Demand a Seat website says, “The program will provide educational training on the nuts and bolts of building and running successful campaigns.”

Everytown Demand a Seat

The Demand a Seat program will feature training with Atlanta’s Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, former New Orleans Democratic Mayor Mitch Landrieu, former Moms Demand volunteer and U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga.) and former Republican Rep. David Jolly of Florida, although The Hill noted Jolly has since left the Republican party.

Tea Leaves

Bloomberg and Everytown might be misreading the tea leaves. Although President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took The White House, Congressional races in 2020 didn’t provide a gun control mandate.

The U.S. House of Representatives is narrowly led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the U.S. Senate is evenly split. Since the election, gun sales have skyrocketed and now includes more African-Americans, Hispanics and Asian-Americans.

Gun control bills that were rammed through with no debate in the House are stalled in the Senate. President Biden’s nomination of gun control activist and lobbyist Chipman as ATF director is stalled and the outlook is looking worse as more allegations of racist remarks and failures to disclose speaking with Communist Chinese media are coming to light.

Looking ahead, gun control advocates know their chances in the 2022 midterms are evaporating. Census results mean districts are being redrawn and Congressional seats are moving away from Democratic gun control districts to Republican pro-Second Amendment districts. The party in The White House typically suffers Congressional losses.

On top of that, gun control groups, including Everytown, Brady United and Giffords, are all targeting NSSF because the firearm industry trade association has pointed out the obvious when it comes to Chipman. He’s a gun control advocate, not a serious contender to run the ATF.

It would be putting the fox in charge of the hen house and he would implement gun control through regulations that Congress hasn’t authorized. He’s testified to that in Congress before. He’s never held executive-level leadership and he’s denigrated gun owners as “Tiger King” and zombie apocalypse preppers.

With more reports that serious allegations of racially-charged remarks were made, Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is demanding the Department of Justice investigate and hold another hearing.

That’s got gun control orgs fuming. It’s also got them geared up. November 2022 is already in their sights and with as much defense as the firearm industry has employed in the first year of the Biden administration, Everytown’s “Demand a Seat” announcement is a reminder there’s nothing Bloomberg won’t buy to achieve his gun control agenda.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.


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  1. We have known this was a strategy for a few years now.
    They can’t get gun control at the federal level.
    They can however get progressive anti gun zealots voted into office at school boards, and city councils. They you get like what we have in San Jose California with gun insurance required and hosts of other laws, like Sunnyvale California’s ban on possession of standard capacity magazines. It creates a hog podge patch work of unenforceable laws, which then need to be challenged. It strains our gun rights organizations to fight this onslaught of local laws, and also at some point they hope allows them to claim precedent.
    Much like as we creep ever closer to 25 out of 50 states having Constitutional Carry, it will cause a tipping point.

  2. That top photo. Kinda reminds me of war time Germany.

    Hey ant7. There’s the guy that bought your movement and blended it in with dacian and miner49er. You guys are now allies. Ain’t it grand.

    • “Hey ant7. There’s the guy that bought your movement”

      you’re sort of in the ballpark. similar tribal warfare, but different tribe. and guess what – you’re not a member of that tribe.

      • What tribe would that be? I was raised hellfire and brimstone southern baptist and I do not claim a religion of my own. The only other tribe I belong to is the US of A tribe.

        If you mean I’m not a part of his and your tribe, then I’m happy.

        • Do you think he’s planning a Rwanda type action? Just watch for sudden shortages of machetes and mattocks.

          Although Bloomberg might just buy them from China wholesale.

    • He will spend billions to either cheat death in the temporal world and then to guarantee his place in heaven in the afterlife.

      But won’t spend a penny on actual helpful charitable work.

  3. mini mike and his brown shirts will keep on marching as long as there’s fools who see Gun Control as sugar and spice and everything nice and do not see Gun Control as the Racist and Nazi based diabolical turd that History confirms Gun Control to be.

    • “Racist and Nazi”

      and never boolshevik. don’t even think it’s boolshevik – that would be racist and naazi.

      • commies murdered 100-150 million people before they went out of favor. Fascists murdered 25-50 million or so. Once they’ve both committed a mass murder arguing which of the two is worse is, at best, a false argument.

        • The Nazis liked to take pictures of what they did. But the communists hated the camera. And they shot people who had them. And that is why they always say “you have no photographic evidence to prove what you say”.

    • That’s what I’m wondering…how about a few select POTG sign up for this Demand a Seat training (taking up several quotas) and then either decline to run at the nth hour or “magically” see the light and profess respect for 2A?
      Sure you have to put up with some screening and listening to the harpies, but you’d be wasting everyone’s time and Blowhard’s money. I’d say that’s a big W for the home team. Any takers?

    • Man, I wish. Forbes has Bloomie as $59 billion net worth and at least $10 billion in gross revenues. It’s gonna take an awful lot of subterfuge, grifting, and scheming to break *that* bank.

      I’m all for trying, however. Maybe if I changed my named to Shannon and screeched like a hoot owl on social media 24-7?

      • Bloomberg OWNS the world financial market through his own financial information system which every brokerage around the world pays to access.

  4. I live in Illinois so Bloomberg doesn’t bother me much.
    We have had a corrupt system in place for decades with Michael Madigan.
    He funneled money into anti 2A peoples campaign funds.
    He gerrymandered districts to get his political picks elected.
    Kathleen Willis was a Kiwanis volunteer before she became a IL representative.
    She “wrote” some of the most Anti 2A bills in Illinois.
    It became obvious she didn’t write or understand them when she tried to get them passed.
    She took $588,821 from Madigan to get elected.
    The following link is a list of Representatives who took money from Madigan.
    The one thing they all have in common? They are all anti 2A.
    $15 million dollars, 281 votes and 64 people elected.
    Illinois has it’s own Bloomberg and that person is Michael Madigan.
    Don’t be fooled by the fact he stepped down, he still runs the show from behind the curtain.
    The governor is a billionaire and doesn’t need any money to re-buy his office.
    He is already running TV commercials about his reelection.

    • That’s my message but it isn’t Bloomberg.
      The reason Illinois is so messed up is we have a smaller version of Bloomberg.
      It’s one mans agenda to do harm to the Second Amendment.
      It’s not on the scale of Bloomberg but this man has done this for 40 years.
      People on TTAG do not understand that a lot of Chicago’s problems are from Madigan.
      The state of Illinois as a whole problems are Madigans doing.
      The point is now imagine what a billionaire with an agenda can do.
      He can rig elections, the courts and whatever he wants.
      He is rabidly anti-gun and can stay in the shadows untraceable.
      He can use his money to put “his” people in office and change laws.
      With the amount of money he has the ability to do SERIOUS harm.
      Add George Soros to that and between them they can buy many offices.
      George Soros gave 2 million+ dollars to Kim Foxx’s campaign.
      The filthy rich are buying elections and it isn’t for fun, it’s for their agenda.

  5. Michael Bloomberg, Hope he doesn’t have an accident, God forbid. ( in my best eyetalian accent)


    Mass shooting event reported in Plymouth England. It must be false news because according to Dacian, Vlad, and Miner49er, this never happens in civilized countries.

    • Need more gunm control . That’s the ticket. More laws equal less criminals, everybody knows that.

    • By golly yer right…so they’ll ban guns? Oh wait. Prayers for the killed & injured. If it’s an eastern/southern fella expect a cover-up.

    • “according to Dacian, Vlad, and Miner49er, this never happens in civilized countries”

      Mass casualty events occur in every nation, it’s just that the civilized nations have much fewer mass casualty events because they are not taught ‘violence is the only answer’.

      • And this perp was a licensed shooter. He left messages about not being able to attract female company so was probably a frustrated incel. Among the dead is his own mother.

  7. Bloomberg is so arrogant, and has such a big mouth, he would not last five minutes in the worst areas of NYC without his armed guards. Strip him of his own guns and guards, and he is nothing more than a weasel. Also, every time he opens up that hole he calls a mouth, I go out and buy more of the very thing he hates the most.


      why am I shouting?
      NTexas was in artillery I think and blowed his hearing .

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