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You, yes you, think you can defend yourself and your family but you can’t. And you won’t have to anyway. You aren’t competent and you’re more like the Tiger King. Whatever that means (I just assume he’s calling me a gay, meth addict, lip-syncing, big cat connoisseur…which is also clear proof that the ATF has been reading my emails).

In the video clip above, the Biden administration’s nominee to head the ATF, David Chipman, shares his unwelcome opinion on all of the new gun owners who purchased a gun during the ‘rona. The transcript is something like this:

…in their mind, uh, they might be confident, they might think that they’re die-hard ready-to-go, but unfortunately they’re more like Tiger King and, uh, they’re putting themselves and their families in danger. And so what I would suggest is for those people who were first time gun owners, if they did go out and buy a gun, um, I would secure that gun locked and unloaded and hide it behind the cans of tuna and beef jerky that you’ve stored in a cabinet, and, um, you know, only bring that out if the zombies start to appear. Um, and I don’t think they are.

It’s shocking that Chipman’s nomination has lasted this long. He’s so radical, has so many issues and so much baggage, I think it’s fair to say that we expected him to be rejected long ago. But, alas, defeating his nomination isn’t a done deal so you need to call your representatives — Congress and Senate, D and R alike — and tell them they need to actively oppose Chipman’s nomination.

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  1. I’ve contacted both senators (both seem to share my opposition), but what is the benefit of reaching out to my representative in the House (who has no say on the nomination, is decidedly BIG D, and probably in favor)?

    • If nothing else, it’s a data point for them on the mood of their constituency.

      • “…it’s a data point for them on the mood of their constituency.”

        Any elected official in office needs data showing them the mood of their constituents. It’s a survival mechanism.

        If they see their numbers tanking, it may convince them to not vote for gun control.

        So invest a bit of time and contact them informing them you’re not happy…

    • I believe the confirmation only takes place in the senate, so your congressman is of no consequence.

      • Yep. You is right. Representatives have no part in the process.

        Doesn’t keep them from expressing opinions.

    • Mirror-image situation here. The senators from WA are foul “progressive” harpies; contacting them would be a complete waste of time.

      The representative from my congressional district is as solid on most things that matter as any politician in this timeline can be; she doesn’t need a bunch of letters to convince her not to support anti-2A garbage, and has no vote on this anyway.

      I do need to get off my butt and put comments in against the ATF’s attempts to ban home builds and pistol braces, though. There’s a small chance that those might actually help.

  2. The crash and burn is epic however I fear this blatant display of unhinged mental illness makes him more appealing to the lefts base.

  3. ‘Delusion’ is thinking people will no longer be murdered, killed, or otherwise lose their lives by taking away all the guns.

    • well if you take away all of your enemies’ guns then your own people definitely will no longer be killed. nothing delusional about that. what’s delusional is continuing to presume that you and they are somehow on the same page in any way.

      • “well if you take away all of your enemies’ guns then your own people definitely will no longer be killed.”

        That makes no sense at all. Your trying to make a point by saying something that doesn’t work. People have been killed all through history with no gun involved….COVID for example

        So, what’s your point?

        • “People have been killed all through history with no gun involved”

          I was speaking generally, not absolutely.

          “what’s your point?”

          if you don’t get the general inference, I’m not sure I could explain it to you. you appear to be a particularist who understands things singularly and who doesn’t grasp the principles behind the particulars. no offense, lots of people are like that especially on the right, it just goes with the territory.

        • Just to spell it out to you in simple terms, criminals are “their” people, and if citizens are disarmed their people won’t be harmed or killed if they forcibly demand money or valuables from the citizens.

        • ” if you don’t get the general inference, I’m not sure I could explain it to you. ”

          Well, if you can’t explain it to someone else, that means it only makes sense to you, which also means it’s an invalid point.

        • “Well, if you can’t explain it to someone else, that means it only makes sense to you, which also means it’s an invalid point.”

          that he would not understand does not mean the point itself is invalid.

          Southern Cross gives a good explanation.

      • Because people who’ve had their guns taken away can’t obtain, or manufacture, guns to replace them, whether illegal or not, amirite??

        ant7, sometimes you sound almost rational, and other times you write the stupidest s*** imaginable. Your ability to encompass cognitive dissonance, and positively revel in it, is impressive.

        • “ant7, sometimes you sound almost rational, and other times you write the stupidest s*** imaginable”

          (nod) I try to follow facts rather than what I want to be true. I think you’ll find that whether I’m smart or stupid closely correlates when I conform your personal narrative and when I don’t.

  4. Lock your gun up, unloaded, deep in the pantry, behind the cans of tuna, beef jerky, and old Y2K prepper stores, where you would never get to it in time in case you needed it.

    • I’m prepped somewhat. Anyone who doesn’t prep a little is an idiot. Got some 556 freedom seeds yesterday…

      • I’ve been through a war. Earthquake. All sorts of nasty weather from sub zero cold to 100+ mph wind.

        Yes. I prep.

        • Homeland security had multiple suggested prep lists for emergency supplies/equipment. Actually following their guidance = crazy apparently. Government level schizophrenia shouldn’t be so common.

        • SAFEupstateFML

          To be fair, “actually taking the government seriously” would normally qualify a person as crazy.

        • Publius having worked for them at multiple levels you are normally correct but we do get some basic hard to screw up things correct occasionally when our supervisors/directors aren’t looking.

    • “where you would never get to it in time”

      well a very popular prepper admonition is to bury guns somewhere to hide them from confiscators. that way when you’re in the camps you’ll sleep well knowing your guns are safe.

      • buy all you can, any way you can and hide them everywhere you can….NEVER allow yourself to be disarmed!……

        • ” read somewhere that squirrels can’t find 1/3 of the nuts they hide everywhere …. ”

          As opposed to the lefty liberals who know where every nut is, all the time

        • “lefty liberals who know where every nut is, all the time”

          (laughing) they do. strength in numbers.

  5. Chipman’s nomination has lasted this long because there has been no final action to reject him.

    Biden is not going to withdraw him, neither are the rest of the democrats, because he is willing to kiss their asses and thinks like they do on the subject. In the mean while they let him spit this stuff out so the media gets it to the general non-gun public to sway them to reconfirm their anti-gun allegiance because a lot of them were beginning to sway towards gun purchases especially minorities. Chipman is Bidens “zombie”.

    the facts are clear – we live in a violent world. That violence touches people over 6,000 times a day in the U.S. in the form of deadly force violence. It is the “zombie apocalypse” world in that violence is rife in crime but instead of zombies we have bad guys.

    A person would be a fool not to take measures for defense against deadly force, and that means guns.

    I know a man who was strict anti-gun. I had offered numerous times to take him to the range to shoot but he always declined, and then preached about the evils of guns using all the same old tired tropes and crap we see today and claimed that if he needed to protect himself or his family he would do it with his aluminum softball bat.

    One day he went to run some errands. He was approached by a guy asking him for directions. Out of his peripheral vision he saw two more guys coming up on him. Almost a perfect text book setup for defensive gun use, instead they beat the crap out of him, stabbed him once and robbed him. He spent several days in the hospital. When he got out I asked him how this could have happened with him having a ball bat for protection. He looked at me and started to say something but then there was this look of understanding in his expression and he asked me “do you have a gun you can sell me?”

    Today he is armed everywhere he goes as is his wife. Both of them have turned into genuine bad asses, they have taken just about every gun defense course they can find, every tactical gun course they can find, they take martial arts, they look at things from a “defensive” aspect now and no longer with the “sheep-waiting-for-the-wolf-grazing-until-then” attitude anti-gun people have. They have taken the responsibility right for their own defense, a right granted us as a inalienable natural right in our cherished founding documents.

    It paid off too. Five years ago the wife was attacked and dragged behind a building by three men. She fought em off and got loose long enough to draw her concealed Glock and shot all three killing one. Had she not been able to do that, have that gun, she would probably have been killed. According to one of the two that survived the plan was to rape then kill her.

    Chipman would have probably preferred she died.

    • “they let him spit this stuff out so the media gets it to the general non-gun public to sway them”

      imagine the mindset that chipman would be influential.

    • “He looked at me and started to say something but then there was this look of understanding in his expression and he asked me “do you have a gun you can sell me?”

      There’s a large grain of truth in the old saying of “A conservative is a liberal who was violently mugged”.

      Have you approached him with the idea of him evangelizing the Leftists he knows about the necessity of self-defense?

  6. If you don’t have two weeks of food, water, basic medicine and enough guns and ammo to hold a horde of joggers, you’re doing it wrong.

    As long as the J-media-industrial-complex encourages fiery, but mostly peaceful protests – because a jogger died of a fetanyl overdose and COVID…

    You need to be PREPPED!

    • a month would be better…but anything is better than nothing…and don’t forget the toilet paper!….

    • With an ever extending lock down in Sydney (Australia, not Nova Scotia), it is a good idea to have reserve supplies.

      • “…it is a good idea to have reserve supplies.”

        The Mormon church is strong in this area. In some areas, they have programs where they instruct food canning, and even assist with an offer to let you can with their equipment…

  7. I imagine my persistent troll Geoff the Pervert looks like a fatter, less masculine version of that goober in the picture. Man what a 🤡 and FUDD GTP is.

    I’d also like to add that gun rights should be inviolate, except in the case of mind corpses like GTP…

      • Can’t you just *smell* the desperation of that fuckwit, JWM?

        It puts a smile on my face, a spring in my step, and a *snicker* on my lips when I see him humiliate himself like that.

        Dance, troll, I order you to keep it up… 😉

  8. David Chipmanis a liar and a fool and he knows it. I am not prepping for a Zombie Apocalypse. I am prepping for the


    I would never be so inefficient as to prep for only a single factor.

    Also, I am making a study of Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale and Kellly Overton. Their Vampire and Zombie hunter successes are legendary.

    Especially when doing so in minimal attire.


    Just saying, it’s about way more than just prepping for the Zombie horde. Chipman is a total idiot thinking he can over simplify and distract people from the dangers we face just to score points in his cultural war.

    • natural disasters occur all the time…and you can often find yourself on your own for awhile…this moron completely ignores that…just one of many law and order breakdowns that can occur…

    • Before you work on your prepping skills, you should get your ragging case of TDS under control…it’s not a good look.

      Especially when “your guy” and his heels-up ho (who you voted for) nominated Chipman.

    • well what they think about you (or are told to think about you) leads to what they do against you, so you might want to at least consider it.

  9. Pretty good proof right here that Chipman lied during the hearings regarding this vid. When asked about this vid he said that his Tiger King and jerky comments were about himself. Wrong. He was talking about first time gun owners. So unless dude wants to lie again and state that he never owned a gun until 2020 we should not listen to word he says.

  10. I prep because most don’t. Same reason I have a fire extingusher, because you can never be sure what bad things can happen. One thing you can be sure of is if you live in any Dem controlled city or region, things are going to be bad. Better be prepared.

    • Wally1……Thats something i included in my list was several 20 lb and several smaller extinguishers , just in case.

      • most of us are probably going to need one of those even more than a gun in our lifetimes….good tip….

      • wide-mouth plastic bottles filled with baking soda work pretty well too, and cost a whole lot less.

    • “One thing you can be sure of is if you live in any Dem controlled city or region, things are going to be bad”

      actually they’ll be worse in the rep/red areas.

        • because the blue/dem areas are where the political, financial, and transportation hubs are, and they will have logistical, payment, and voter-driven priority over anything that is available.

  11. Even if he’s right so what? It’s not illegal and even those out there doing that aren’t hurting anyone. As for the rest of us the same applies.
    Oh there I go using my pesky 1st that he says gets in his way too

  12. Ya’ll need to watch this movie, all of it. It lays out exactly what our constitution is and who is really in charge. And who is in charge is not the federal government. The lady in the movie is right, this is what they should be teaching in school.

  13. I’ve already submitted comments to the relevant sources long ago. Personally, I’d much rather submit my own directly through the ATF site than go through the link here which goes through FPC’s “action center”. By submitting one’s own it’s difficult for the commies to claim one is espousing someone else’s POV.

    It’d be nice if TTAG put up the ATF comment link as well for those who don’t need an intermediary.

  14. “David Chipman, Thinks You’re a Delusional Prepper”

    (shrug) quite a few are. “man them government critters won’t know what hit ’em!”

  15. I am glad Xiden hasn’t withdrawn him nor the Democrats told him to fall on his own sword!

    Why? Because the longer this cr@pshow goes on the more damage it does to the Democrats and that might just help us get rid of a few more of them. Additionally it makes it much less likely that Xiden will put up some other less well documented anti and will just let AFT continue to rot with the latest of the less effective acting heads. The less effective AFT is the less we will see of them trying to change the rules.

  16. Unfortunately, Chipman is emblematic of the thinking of almost the entirety of government bureaucrats and politicians at all levels.

    You are stupid and evil and must be controlled by “the better sort” for your own good.

    Shut up, comply, and do as you’re told…it’s the new American way to “freedom.”

    • “Shut up, comply, and do as you’re told”

      of course. that’s how every farmer treats his cattle and crops. don’t you?

  17. how they could consider this “Waco wacko” is beyond me…you’d think ATF would want to put all that behind them….

    • “you’d think ATF would want to put all that behind them”

      perhaps they want to put a whole lot more of it behind them.

  18. “….labels American gun owners as “Tiger Kings” preparing for a zombie apocalypse.”
    Naw, Shitman, we’re preparing for Defective Citizens and tyrants like you and Xiden/KamelHO/Pigloosi/Slummer/et el.
    Reportedly, somewhere between 500,000-2,000,000 times annually a gun owner stops Evil/Violence/Mayhem that has come to their life door. I doubt that LEOs come close to preventing that many crimes. When seconds count, LEO is only minutes away. They are rarely there to protect, and have no duty to protect you per SCOTUS. You are on your own. Better to have a chance, than no chance at all. LEOs merely show up post-crime to draw a chalk outline and summon the Medical Examiner/Cororner and the cleanup crew, write a minimal report, and head back to the donut shop/Quick Trip.
    Of course, Shitman knows this, but his Libturd diseased mind won’t allow him to deal with reality in a rational manner.

  19. Well, friends and neighbors, this is where “our Republic” becomes a democracy: only 51 votes in the Senate to confirm Chimman’s appointment. No, not a direct democracy by the public, but a simple, one step removed democracy in the Senate; the majority rules.

  20. Guess I’m 1 of the delusional preppers then. Been called worse.
    We’re out here where even a simple thunderstorm can knock out the powerlines for 2 weeks. Hurricanes shut off the power for a month or more. 1 of the reasons I went off grid. Phone/DSL cables are buried, so, unless some fool hits it while digging, or knocks out 1 of those post connectors, whatever their called, that is somewhat secure.
    When we get a major storm, 1 of the bridges between the farm and the nearest grocery store floods out. Sometimes just water over the bridge, and sometimes the bridge is damaged/washed away. So, we keep food supplies on hand. Mostly our own production.
    Been collecting guns for more than 50 years. No desire to ever have to shoot anyone. Got all that out of my system during my first combat tour. But, I enjoy shooting some of my older guns, and the mechanical and engineering/design changes over the last couple hundred years. Fun to see how small changes make big differences.
    As for not being qualified, 22 years as an infantry grunt/NCO should qualify me with weapons. As should being a trained and licensed gunsmith for 20 years. Was 1 of those bad old kitchen table FFL dealers. Fixed a lot of broken, jammed up, poorly maintained guns. Sold a couple dozen over that 20 years. Turned in the book and let the license expire when liability insurance requirements went sky high.
    So, Chippy can kiss my prepper butt and take a long walk on a short pier.

  21. Hate to be Negative Nancy, but I fully expect Chipdickhead to be confirmed. I wrote, called and emailed our two Senators (Both SOS Democommiecrats) protesting his appointment. Both Sacks of Scheiße will vote for him anyway.

    I won’t be shocked if MurCOWski and Rotton Romney side with the Dems on this, just as an FU to Conservatives.

    Lock and Load. It’s been a good run. Goodbye America.

  22. Not only did I write my two (D) senators, I also worked with our local republican committee and had an email sent out encouraging everyone in earshot to do the same.

    Will it help? Who knows. But they need to know we care, and when the time comes we will leverage it for election purposes.

    • At least Hank’s got what you don’t.

      And that’s someone to sleep with, little boy.

      What a joke little chewie is! 😉

  23. Thank goodness I’m not a first time gunm buyer, I’d be categorized as one of those idiots who bought a gunm to fight zombies.
    I have high hopes David Chipman will run for for POTUS in 2024.

  24. My Grandparents lived thru the depression. It was instilled in their children to prepare for whatever could happen. I kept that attitude as it was taught to me as well.

    When everyone freaked last year and bought out everything, I didn’t feel insecure, we had the necessities. We continued as if all was normal.

    Chipmunk can belittle all he wants, he is ignorant. He thinks he will be at the top of the heap, but he is expendable like the rest and that is how they will treat him.

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