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Yesterday, RF wondered how mini-mogul Michael Bloomberg intended to spend the $50 million in pocket change he ostentatiously announced that he would dedicate to the cause of gun safety disarming law abiding Americans. After all, how much could he possibly be paying to employ an ineffectual sockpuppet like Shannon Watts and her dozen or so “moms”? Well thanks to a press release today from the GOA, we now know that he intends to use a good portion of that tranche to influence elections around the country. May he enjoy the same degree success in Mississippi that he did in the Colorado recalls. The GOA’s press release is after the jump . . .

Michael Bloomberg just gave Mississippi gun owners 250,000 more reasons to vote for Chris McDaniel in the Republican primary runoff election.

Bloomberg, who has pledged to spend $50 million to push gun control this year, put a quarter of a million dollars into a “super pac” that’s supporting the incumbent, Thad Cochran.

With just one week to go before the election, the other side is obviously getting nervous and is going all out to prop up the establishment candidate.

But Gun Owners of America is all in for Chris McDaniel, a state senator with a record of standing up for your gun rights.

McDaniel will be more than just a good vote in Washington – he will be a pro-gun leader.

McDaniel’s record in the legislature earned him GOA’s highest rating. Here are a few things McDaniel accomplished recently:

* Sponsored the Mississippi Firearms Freedom Act.

* Sponsored a concealed carry reciprocity bill that was signed into law.

* Co-sponsored legislation expanding concealed carry in three consecutive years.

* Sponsored a “tax holiday” for gun owners and sportsmen in 2012.

These are the bold, principled stances we need U.S. Senators taking while in Washington, D.C.

There are already too many wall flowers in the Senate who won’t stand up to Barack Obama and Harry Reid. We need more fighters.

That’s why GOA is supporting Chris McDaniel in this election next Tuesday.

And that’s why I’m asking you to get involved today.

Please visit Chris McDaniel online and chip in $5, $10, or $20 to help this pro-Second Amendment warrior.

We may not be able to keep up with Bloomberg’s millions, but if gun owners across the country unite behind Chris, he will be able to keep his message on the airwaves to get voters to the polls.

So please go McDaniel’s website today to join in this important battle.

In Liberty,

Tim Macy

Vice Chairman
Gun Owners of America

P.S. The Mississippi runoff election is just one week away. Michael Bloomberg has poured in $250,000 to defeat Chris McDaniel, the true pro-gun candidate in this race. So please take just a moment to visit Chris online to make a contribution to protect the Second Amendment and deliver Bloomberg a defeat.

Paid for by
Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

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  1. This race is close, isn’t it? if word gets around about the donation from Bloomberg, that could tip the race to McDaniel.

      • I heard an interview with McDaniel on the radio the other day…here’s hoping he pulls it out despite Mikey’s attempted influence.

    • I gave what I could for his campaign, but this has been a seriously expensive past year for Bill of Rights supporters. I think I may have spent more on campaign/gun rights group donations than guns (not ammi though.) Seriously hoping the news gets out on Bloomberg meddling in another state’s politics like in Colorado.

    • It’s hard to believe Bloomberg is that dumb, but he is. McDaniel is +9 in the runoff polls as of 6/18. There are rumors of Dems voting in the R primary (I think its open) but I doubt it will save Cochran.

  2. Anyone checking to see where his $ is coming from? If it’s OCONUS, then he’s probably just working for the enemy (no prob these days).

    The enemy of my enemy is, if not my outspoken friend, also my enemy. If being my friend makes it difficult for those people with their friends, then they have to tie a pork-chop around their neck, because that is their-dog. TERMS, J.M.Thomas R., 2012

      • Super secret operator term for when you are operating outside the US, possibly in the sandbox. When you return to ‘muricah you are back CONUS. Make sure not to tell anyone though, its a secret to everybody! /sarc

        • Simmer down, sonny. It’s military shorthand for Outside of the CONtinental US. No operating involved at all.

  3. Some additional research needs to be done, Bloomberg is also interested in immigration reform of which Thad Cochran is a big supporter. — although Bloomberg is big on gun control, this may not be for gun control but immigration reform — might want to dig deeper.

  4. I donated to McDaniel. I live in Florida. Came from Illinois. We need to take back the Senate. This upcoming election is important. They all are. But this one could be the one that keeps our country strong. For the Children.

  5. Bloomie contributed over 2 MILLION in my Illinois congressional district just to have a total anti beat another Democrat in the.primary for Jesse”jailbird” Jackson Jr’s seat. Carpetbagger is a way too nice adjective.

  6. I’m confused…Thad Cochran has an A rating from GOA. Why are they supporting his opponent so strongly? And why is Bloomie supporting the guy with the A?

    I can understand supporting the new guy in terms of liberty v. cronyism, but on gun rights, it doesn’t seem worth getting involved in.

    • Because his a hard core flaming “moderate” RINO and professional pol (hanging out in the Senate club since 1978). Voted for Obumacare among other libtard progressive bills jammed down the throat of the US in recent years.

      He may vote right on guns but firearms are not the only issue in preserving your Constitutional freedom. It is the last resort. Still (perhaps) time to salvage this Republic at that ballot box.

      • But GOA is a gun rights group, not a libertarian group.
        I understand why Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty support McDaniel, but not why two groups that focus on gun rights (or restrictions in Bloomie’s case) care so much.

  7. Don’t forget to mention the French Republicans who do not stand up to Mitch McConnel, John Boehner, and Eric Cantor.

    • NRA grades pretty easily, giving credit for just voting right. The more telling rating is from GOA, which demands proactive measures to expand firearms freedoms. GOA rates Cochran as low as 30% in some years and only reaches up to the 60’s and 80’s as election years draw near. Moreover, Cochran isn’t great on immigration, either. Being lax there means adding millions more Deomcrat voters to the rolls, which dooms conservatives and gun rights in the future, regardless how he might vote today.

  8. Bloomberg seriously thinks he can pull this crap in the deep south? That carpet bagging swindling from the swine himself may be all the rage up in them northerner states but it doesn’t fly down heure.

  9. What a gift for McDaniel! Running in Mississippi against Thad Cochran is hard. Running in Mississippi against a little New York City b@stard is easy.

    If Cochran is smart, he’ll decline the contribution and make a big show of it. Then he can run against Bloomberg and take some wind out of McDaniel’s sails.

  10. Sponsorship is Good– However, Lots of Bills go thru Process and never Get Ratified–What has he Gotten PASSED ?— Seems only OBAMAS Illegal ones Against the People, are PUT- on- Books.

  11. You guys are pretty late to the game. The word of this spread like wildfire a week ago down here in Podunk Holler, MS.

    The 2nd amendment was not a factor in this campaign until this, and even then I think it just served to galvanize the McDaniel side and annoy the Cochran people. This election is simply a case of a moderate GOP establishment U.S. senator being forced to actually return to the state and campaign for the first time in thirty years against a TEA Party-aligned MS state senator. It has more to do with Bloomberg preferring the re-election of a “reasonable” Republican than another potential Ted Cruz than gun control.

    • Oh yes, he does know his asshole from breakfast.

      Bloomie is the classic example of “How do you think he got that rich”

  12. And then he lost. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like this would be the death-nail for any southern/conservative primary.

  13. I am from down here in Ms , my family had a reunion over the Memorial Day weekend , we all decided , all 31 in attendance that we are tired of politics as usual in DC , along with the fact that Thad has been in office for over 4 decades and has forgotten where he comes from , let alone that he has gone liberal , as for the NRA backing him , it is not heard loud enough , but word has it that they are now backing Chris Mc Daniel , oh and the 31 of us have been out there politicking for Chris , I do hope he wins because it really now is time for change ! Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  14. Everybody that commented ought to throw a few bones McDaniel’s way, just like when Bloomberg went after the NRA.

  15. What if Bloomie makes a donation to tip the scales the other way hoping the primary goes to someone who is easier to beat by the dems in the general?

    There were a bunch of seats we should have won 4 years ago but lost because of candidates that could not win a general giving the dems and Reis control


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