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TTAG’s reported on some of the revelations emerging from Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s recent remarks to a Centennial State sheriffs’ group regarding the magazine capacity bill the Gvernor supported and signed into law late last year. (Records Show CO Gov. Hickenlooper Lied to Sheriffs About Talking to Bloomberg Before Signing Gun Laws). Here’s another mag cap-related Hickenlooper whopper brought to you by the good folks at dailycaller.comHickenlooper Banned High-Capacity Magazines Because A Staffer Promised He Would. You don’t have to read the story to smell the cow manure on that one. Still, it’s nice – in an “I like root canals” kinda way – to clock the Hickster’s weasel words on the subject . . .

“Once you give your word, or someone who works for you gives your word for you — someone who has the responsibility and the ability to do that — generally you try not to go back on that,” he said. Hickenlooper didn’t identify the staff member, and his spokesman told the Denver Post he hadn’t been able to discuss it with the governor, who is in Mexico on an economic development trip.

So the Governor is a man of honor – by his own estimation. And the bill he signed into law? A POS. By Weld County Sheriff John Cook’s estimation. Not that Hickenlooper disagrees. Now.

John Cooke, the Weld County Sheriff and one of the main critics of the new law, pointed out to Hickenlooper that there hasn’t been a single arrest under the new law. “It just proves to me that it’s a worthless piece of legislation and it caused a lot of angst for no reason,” he said. “I wouldn’t argue that,” Hickenlooper replied.

Is there a special circle of Hell for people like this (i.e. politicians)? There really ought to be. Just sayin’ . . .

[h/t DrVino]

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  1. the governor, who is in Mexico on an economic development trip

    Colorado legalizes pot, Hick goes to Mexico on an economic development “trip.” Coincidence? I think not.

    • Big project coming to upgrade Colorado airports? FAA is one of the only fed agencies with REAL $ to spend/blow (from airline surcharges). Now that’s econ dev. Bulk airfreight of the finest ag products from South of the Border.

      • I’m expecting to see a special freight rate for top quality cartel ganja. Alas, Evergreen International Airlines folded its wings in December.

      • Maybe they could start direct flights from Guatemala. You know, for the kids. (Off topic: don’t a lot of those “kids” look like they need a shave. No gender slurs please.)

  2. “a special circle of Hell”: ya, it’s called the unemployment line. Let’s put him there, right behind Andrew Cuomo. Help elect Rob Astorino the next NYS governor. #HesNotCuomo

  3. When politicians say things like this the only thing I can infer is that they have zero fear of accountability. He basically said “Yeah, I did a shit job and I admit it. And what?” If I said that to my boss I am pretty sure I would get fired.

    • This. Blatant thumbing of the nose which is all to common of the fascist class nowadays. Gotta hand it to him, I don’t know how he can say that stuff with a straight face. I wonder what it is like to have no accountability whatsoever and know that even if you get fired you have a lifetime appointment in “The Machine.”

      • Chickenpooper only cares about ONE thing, and that is the Chickenpooper himself, just as the Obomber does. Everything outside that is irrevelant to these BLEEPS.

    • When I hear a politician explain anything I understand why we have the level of education we do in this country. If you have the stomach for it, listen to pelosi or ried ‘splane something. I don’t know how old you are but for me Professor Irwin Corey comes to mind.

  4. +1 Ralph…may I add “liar liar pants on fire”. The world is gettin’ curiouser & curiouser.

  5. He kept his promise…to a staffer. Too bad he didn’t obey his oath to the Constitution and the voters.

    • So he threw “Dennis the Menace” under the bus. Yes, the old “staffer did it” excuse again. Riiiiight.

  6. “Denver Post hasn’t been able to discuss it with the governor, who is in Mexico on an economic development trip.”

    Because he has no cell phone? Long distance to Mexico is soooooooo expensive….

    • No, because they have to yell so loud. And the Rockies get in the way. And the dog ate their phone…

    • The meeting must be in Cabo, and everyone is already passed out on a hammock by 8:00 mountain time.

      • Thanks! that is awesome. Yep, so hugely popular that they killed in for a maybe 20 grand in back pay. lol.

        This is actually a two-fer: liberal pro-union newspaper kills it after union takes demand raise and back pay to labor rep. lol.

        There is a joke in here somewhere about how many union reps it takes to screw something.

        Given how Farago and Nocera have gone at it, why pray tell was this not a big sticky feature on this blog?

        Victory lap for everybody. On the gun range with action targets, of course.

  7. How about giving your word to the people of your state not your sycophantic lackeys? I think it’s long past timr we made lying to the people by an elected official a felony. If we can get arrested for lying to the police then they should be arrested for lying to us.

      • I would not mind voting every week for that particular return on my effort to do so. It might help mitigate the damage they could do if they were only in office one week.

        Term limits idea on steroids….

  8. Governor,
    Are you stating you will use your influence to repeal Universal Background Checks, Magazine Restrictions and the $10 “poll tax” for every firearm that goes through a background check?

    An apology to the sheriffs in the state is interesting. But, it changes nothing. Show us your remorse by repealing this legislation.

  9. So. Hickey didn’t have all the facts, he didn’t bother to talk to the sheriffs,and he decided to sign the legislation because…one of his staffers promised somebody that Hickey would sign it.

    Da fish be smellin’, y’all.

  10. I’m much more interested in who this staffer was making promises TO. Remember, the governor *never* spoke to Bloomberg, so it couldn’t possibly have been him.

    But yeah, some unelected outside person can get promises from the Governor that he’s bound to keep, BEFORE the governor even sees the proposed law, and the governor thinks that’s excusable?

  11. He’s trying to dance around this and hopes it doesn’t stick until the general election. The Republicans are currently engaged in the usual fratricidal wars trying to nominate a candidate that can beat Hick. If things run the way they normally do, enough people will sit out the election because they don’t agree with the Republican candidate on everything. Plus the new mail order balloting mandated by the legislature last year really makes it easier for elections to be manipulated.

    For example, there’s currently a ballot out in Loveland on a fracking ban. It seems an unknown group is going door to door asking for the ballots and telling the residents that they’ll take care of turning them in for them. . .

    • No, the Hate against Hickenlooper is very strong in CO. People will vote for anybody if it means Hick is fired.

      • I hope you’re right. Most of the people I deal with daily don’t care for him, but I don’t spend much time in Denver or Boulder if I can avoid it.

  12. I’ve heard some funky excuses before, but Hick’s is only marginally superior to “I was stoned and I missed it.”

    • Stoned and I missed it I think people would forgive. A politician who mysteriously came down with an acute case of scruples over the wrong issue, not so much.

      • I’m beginning to think that the real Gov. Moonbeam resides not in Sacramento but in Denver.

  13. Is there a special circle of Hell for people like this (i.e. politicians)? There really ought to be. Just sayin’

    No, but I would put them in ring 8 or 9 — reading Dante he would have agreed.

  14. There is no circle in hell good enough for this man. Time to bring hell to his world. Approach put your hand out and give a firm shake. Then tell him your voting for the other guy and the Constitution’s 2A promise is higher on the ladder than your staffer.

  15. I’ve never liked Hickenpooper, an know he’s doin everything he can to turn colorado into kalifornia

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