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You remember Katie Couric, right? She’s the failed nightly news anchor and failed daytime talkshow host who’s fallen out the bottom of the media machine and now has a “show” on Her most recent guest is the diminutive former mayor of New York, bilious billionaire Michael Bloomberg. And as is reporting, he’s flaunting his prodigious cash pile. “’I will support individual senators and congressmen that vote to make my kids safer and your kids safer.’ ‘You think you can really outspend the NRA and the gun manufacturers?’ Couric asked. ‘Oh sure,’ Bloomberg responded.” But watch your phraseology – he doesn’t want to call what he’s after “gun control.” Yes, Bloomy’s billions are more than the NRA’s millions. And in other breaking news, the sun rose in the east this morning and is scheduled, against all odds, to set in the west. Carry on.

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    • Exactly what I thought when I read the headline.

      He already outspent the NRA (by $500k, if I recall) last year. It didn’t work.

    • +1

      Bloomberg is the poster child for the plutocrats who think they can buy anything they want, including elections.

    • That’s what the liberals forever miss. The NRA is comfortably funded, I suppose, but their real power comes from their ability to organize and mobilize, what is it now? 5 million members? And that’s not counting family/friends/neighbors of those members who may share similar views, but not be NRA members themselves. The real energy is in the votes, the money is just a catalyst.

      • Yes, millions of members with actual membership dues, to boot! Mom’s Demand Action counts 150K “likes” on their Facebook page as membership. The much-loathed “gun lobby” consists of men and women of all creeds, ethnicities, and income levels. MDA and MAIG is wholly owned, financed, and operated by snobby, cocktail drinking @$$wipes from Manhattan.

      • And yet the more the leftards spend the worse their position gets. Imagine that, treating people like sh*t pisses them off and they don’t do what you command them to do.

  1. Ugh, it bugs me that people like this think it’s somehow more moral for them to bribe people than it is for something like a gun lobby to do it’s job. SMH

  2. Bloomberg bought Colorado, Maryland, New York (MAIG wrote the SAFE Act), Connecticut and the three top state offices in Virginia. There’s no question that he’ll try to buy the rest of the country. The real question is — how cheap? Because the US has the best politicians that money can buy.

    • He didn’t buy Colorado. The Democrats got control by way of pure Demographics. When Bloomberg pored money into the recall elections in Colorado, he lost. He spend millions electing an immediate lame duck in Virginia as last week’s vote in the House of Delgates shows.. He may have spent money in the other states but those states are populated by gun grabbers. His money will not elect anyone who wasn’t going to get elected anyway. The NRA will use political Jiu Jitsu to turn his money into the kiss of the death for anyone who takes it in contested election. Pocketbook issues like Obamacare will decide elections not gun control.

    • As past posts on TTAG have reported, he has already been buying Manchin and Toomey — can’t wait to see what the voters say about that/

      • I can’t really speak for West Virginia as a Marylander, but I hear they just love gun-grabbers, Yankees and billionaires over there /S

      • Toomey and Manchin paniced after Newtown and bet the farm on gun control winning the day. They chose poorly

        • Bloomberg threw a multimillion dollar fundraiser for Manchin after his UBC bill went down in flames. Manchin’s future is strong. Toomey did not get the full Bloomberg shower of money, so we’ll see about him.

    • The “best” candidates that money can buy, He’s like Napoleon, without the shrewdness.

      But don’t underestimate the powers of Satan’s Minions!

    • McAuliffe didn’t win in Virginia BECAUSE of gun control, he won in SPITE of it. Once Bloomberg came to the table, McAuliffe’s lead shrank dramatically, as voters who were planning to vote for Sarvis, the libertarian, jumped ship to Cuccinelli. The Democrats won in Virginia because the top two Republican candidates were full on nutbags. And the AG race kinda rode in on that wave. If Bill Bolling had gotten the nom rather than KC, he would in all likelihood have won. And the Republicans changed the nominating process from a primary to a caucus so they could have their Anointed One fer shure, and locked their base out of the process, which pissed a lot of people off. So it’s fun and easy to blame Bloomberg, but that ignores what the problem was. The blame for that lies squarely at the feet of the RPV, like it or not.

      • Funny, most of Bloomie’s money went to the 3rd party candidate, and yet publicly he spoke in favor of the Democrat Party candidate. If he spent all that money on the 3rd party guy, but vocally supported someone else that makes him a hypocritical, lying c**t, and people are now seeing him as exactly that.

  3. Bloomberg is a fool. He is one of those NY Liberals who think they can tell Americans what is good for them. He has spent too much time in liberal land. Maybe NY will let him do that. The rest of will not. We will ignore him, Obama, Feinstein, and the rest. They can try tom pass whatever they want. We will defeat it or ignore it.
    Will Not Be Infringed will mean exactly what it says.

      • There was a lot of opposition to his policies and ideas the last four years of his term. Once he got the council the change the laws so he could run again and then immediately had them change the laws back after he won, he got it into his head he could do anything he wanted. Some of his worst ideas were thankfully never allowed to pass.

      • A conservative by New York standards is someone just to the right of the Cal Berkeley professor of Anti-American Imperialism Eco-Feminism Studies.

        • “Anti-American Imperialism Eco-Feminism Neo-Socialist Studies”

          Fixed ‘er right up for ya!

  4. “A foole and his monie be soone at debate,
    which after with sorrow repents him too late.”

    Thomas Tusser

  5. Blommie spent $2000000 getting anti gun Robin Kelly elected in my Illinois congressional district. Mainly in the PRIMARY so she could defeat a fellow Dumbocrat who had an “A” rating from the NRA

    • … but you have to remember Jesse Jackson Jr. who vacated the seat had the same anti-gun positions with an NRA rating of F. Bloomberg spent $2 million dollars just to keep the status quo. In my book that’s not a win.

      • In my book that is a win. A few more $2 million peccadilloes like that and he’ll stop spending interest and start spending capital. Then the losses will start to hurt, and he’ll take his ball and play elsewhere. NUKE THE WHALES!

    • If he offered, say, $100k per vote I’d be tempted to sell him mine.

      As a one-time thing. And for a primary.

      And if, say, 100k NRA members took him up on it, that’s $10Bn he’d be down.

      That’d be a fair trade, I’d say.

  6. Somehow folks like him think that being good at making money means something more than being good at making money. Millions of good people spend their own money to join and support the NRA. Bloomberg, by contrast, has spent millions of his own money to subvert the will of the people, as in his ridiculous campaign spending in order to become and remain mayor of NY.
    A sad, silly little man (and I am not referring to his physical height when I write the word little. )

    • It’s a variant of the doctor’s disease.

      Not everyone who’se highly educated and/or very successful thinks that just because they’re good at one thing they’re good at everything. Or that they know what’s good for everyone.

      But enough do that, for instance, the Bonanza light aircraft has the nickname “Doctor Killer”, and Ph.D.s have a bad rep with many financial planners.

      Plus, those jerks really annoy those of us who actually *are* the smartest guys in the room… 😉

  7. Billions of damn dollars and he spends all his time trying to usurp our rights. Go play at the beach, Mike. And feel free to go for a dip immediately after eating.

  8. I’m really tired of this ass clown. Please spend your money, lots and lots of “your” money. Man up and foot the bill yourself. Tell you what Bloomy, combine with that Soros fellow too, spend, spend, spend, pay lots of brown nosed yes people lots too. It will get to a point where it won’t matter, to paraphrase Billy Beck, ” I don’t need the 2nd amendment ” my right to private property and god given right to defend myself and family doesn’t need any money to fight you off.
    Burn through that money like a crackhead Bloomy. It won’t change those of us who are not complying, not registering a damn thing, and could care less about you and your nanny agenda. Have a big soda Mikey.

  9. Yet he still can get grassroots support like the NRA. So him spending millions of dollars is all for nothing. Just look at the wasted money he spent in Colorado for John Morse and Angela Giron. It didn’t keep them from getting kicked out of office.

  10. Okay. My first post here of the day, and I am informed “you are posting too quickly”. Am I typing “too fast”, also? Simply put, that’s infuriating.

    Mikey: you may or may not be able to “outspend” the NRA. However, you will NEVER be able to out-shoot the American people.


  11. Democrats supposedly hate rich, Caucasian males, right? Isn’t that how they paint the Republicans? So now a rich, white male is going around the country and buying ballots with his billions. Hmm, sounds schiesty.

  12. Maybe he thinks he can outspend the NRA, but he can’t outspend my liberty, or my life, at any price – period, end of story. And if he really thinks he can take said liberty by force, then I suggest he try it to my face. It might not start there, but it will sure as hell end right there. So Bloomy, all I have to say is this – f*** you and the high horse you rode in on.


  13. well, if he has so much $$ to throw around, how come his little group doesn’t show major cash coming in? I mean, if MAIG was supposed to be so powerful, how come, according to their IRS 990’s, they only operate on about $4.5M ?? If Bloomy was in charge, he would have sprinkled them with a cool billion and said to all of us neanderthals “suck on this B!tches!”

    • In my book $4.5M is not exactly chump change. Deduct travel, meals, and lodging and incidental expenses like cardboard signs and Shannon is not exactly in poverty town.

  14. “Michael Bloomberg: I Can Outspend the NRA” Cool. I love watching pasty white, old, rich leftards throwing their money in a toilet and then dancing gleefully as it vanishes into the sewer.

    Without money Mikee is a zero.

  15. I’m sick and tired of being told I’m “posting too quickly” today. This is not the case at all.

  16. The difference is he WILL run out of money or life during the next 1-2 decades. NRA members are born or converted every day, and we tend to raise 2-3 more NRA members eventually. Bring it on, that’s one less gun grabber with a check book. NRA members have jobs and disposable income. Bloomberg supporters have alimony checks or food stamps.

  17. No, he actually can’t. By saying this on tv it is now documented that he plans to violate campaign finance and contribution laws. Every single candidate who is antio-2A now needs to have all of their finances questioned by voters and the media and investigated. King Mike basically told everyone that there’s money being spent in violation of the law.

  18. How much is the NRA going to raise off of that comment!!!!!!!!! While the money matters it’s the votes that count and we just have to make sure we get out the voters.

  19. “…And on the pedestal these words appear:
    “…My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

    The NRA will be around long after Bloomberg and the rest of us are gone.

    Got it to -irritating
    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

  20. The NRA is only ONE of dozens, no hundreds if organizations. And 100 million gun owners….. Outspend them bloomy? You and your illegal mayors can waste your money, your lies are easy to beat with truth.

  21. Oh noes! He found our only weakness, monies! Oh great Bloomberg, we’ll be good, whatever you do, just don’t encourage your idiot millionaire friends to waste their…ahem DESTROY the gun lobby with your powerful monies!
    Also, it’s a little known fact that the NRA, the Gun Lobby and all the other gun boogeymen absolutely heart the NFA and the wonderful stamp program it created. If you were to spend some of that money on trying to get it repealed…oh noes! I’ve said too much!

  22. What a cunt this guy is. He wants to make kids safer then go to Brownsville and the South Bronx homeless shelters. He can spend an extra 100 mil and get those kids and their families some decent clothes, food maybe even give some of them jobs. No he wants to waste money on Shannon (T)watts traveling around the country spewing nonsense.

  23. So sad but great these idiots speaking out, to see them addressing We the People this way makes one wonder how secure they are and when a preper or a lose cannon wil decide who the enemy to our 2A and blight on Americs truly is and decide to start iliminating this type of political trash.
    Well we can only hope his money can buy him a real heart and a brain to go with it. Just need to find a monkey for a donor!!!
    Sorry not correct to bring a monkey into the mix as he has more rights than they would see us to have!!

    • Steve Jobs proves that Money cant solve your problems, and the NRA is Bloomburgs.. The NRA was here before he was born, and it will be here long after.

  24. No need to call Katie Couric a failed this and that when she has more money in her purse than you have in your IRA.

  25. It was sure nice to see that they disabled the comments on his Yahoo news story with katie curic, just goes to show the chickenshits they really are. Spend you money Bloomy spend spend spend. It sure worked well in Colorado.

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