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That's so Raven (courtesy Denver Police)

Truth be told, we’ve already run a story about a woman who secreted a firearm in her vagina. In that case, Jennifer McCarthy was hiding her gat from her boyfriend. In today’s tale (so to speak), a meth addict hid a gun from the police in his butt cheeks. Talk about a shi*tty gun . . .

According to court documents, Denver Police Narcotics detectives arrested Vigil on May 14 in a McDonald’s parking lot after seeing him smoke meth. Vigil was busted for possession of drug paraphernalia and a warrant for assault, felony menacing and possession of a weapon from Adams County.

Police had called for a uniformed officer in a patrol car to assist them during the arrest because Vigil was “violent and aggressive behavior.” The officers needed a car that had a cage in the back to transport Vigil.

After his arrest, police say Vigil threatened several times to shoot the officers and that he wanted to die. He also allegedly told police he had been smoking meth for three days and did not want to go back to prison. He was searched before being put in the back of the police car, but officers noted it was difficult to search him because he was “highly agitated.” According to the DA’s report, Denver Police officers searched Vigil three times before putting him in the back of the patrol car.

Officers say when they arrived at the police district, Vigil refused to get out of the car and fired two shots from behind his back [cuffed to less]. That’s when police shot at him, injuring him in the stomach. reports that the Denver DA cleared the officers involved (of what charge the paper doesn’t say), who may now be advised to jam their hands into the rectal area of citizens taken into custody. Meanwhile, here’s hoping the firearm was destroyed in a sanitary manner.


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  1. If someone keeps saying they’re going to shoot you, assume they’ve got the technology.

        • Anyone who says a Raven (or any other cheap gun) would be “more effective if you threw it at them”, I’ll tell you what. I’ll load one up with Winchester Silvertips, and stand 3 feet from you and start pulling the trigger until I run out of ammo.

          If you walk away, I’ll apologize for saying that you are an idiot.

          Because you are…

          All it takes is ONE round to put you in a box. And even a “throwaway” gun can do that. Wake up…

      • “Vigil refused to get out of the car and fired two shots from behind his back [cuffed to less]”

        Two shots were all he could get off before it catastrophically failed.

  2. Rectum…killed him. What an a##hole. Props for shooting while cuffed behind his back(!)

    • Hey, here’s a new series of courses for trainers across the country. Tactical Crack Carry 101: only for operators!

  3. I wonder if Froglube resists that kind of corrosion… anyway, I’m kinda surprised the Raven actually worked.

  4. “…and did not want to go back to prison.”

    Wait, so this upstanding citizen has a prior criminal history? How surprising!

    • …..but he is such a good boy, he wouldn’t hurt anyone, he is just misunderstood, because of his bad childhood. All he really needs is a hug (Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha)

  5. Seriously. Cops need to be paid better. They need national representation like school teachers. Most of us can go through our lives and not need a cop but cops, unless they are on traffic patrol, gotta deal with the worst part of society. We need the right people to do that. You get what you pay for.

  6. Dont expect a junkie or tweaker to play by any rules or pursue any logical course of actions, life lesson for me.

  7. I guess being in prison gave him the ability to store said item in said location. Careful, by the time he gets out he might be “packin” a 12 gauge.

  8. Careful. Let’s keep the wise-cracks to a minimum.
    We needn’t make the poor soul the butt of any bad jokes.
    Something smells funny about this story. I mean really, the raven is a pretty crappy gun….

  9. The cops should have figured out that something was amiss when Vigil’s farts smelled like Hoppe’s.

  10. How painful must it be to use your butt as an IWB holster? Is that a blow back type pistol or is it a sh!tstol?

    And whoever frisked this guy needs remedial instruction there in.

  11. “Hey rookie, yeah, I’m going to need you to check that gun into evidence for me…”

    “Umm… No, we are out of gloves.”

  12. Is it really that hard to provide a hand-held metal detector for use in these situations?

    Better than reaching your hands into pockets/butt-cracks all the time.

  13. Just think if that thing went off (all by it’s self of course) A Colonoscopy less the camera.
    I’m hurting just thinking about it.

  14. Meth/Crack-head or not, there is just something fundamentally wrong with sticking a firearm in your @ss / butt-cheeks……but there again, I’m not real sure how a Meth/Crack-head thinks

    • I’m sorry, I could help but think about the thought process.

      “Where am I going to hide this thing?”

      ” I know! I’ll stick it in my a$$! What a great idea!”

      “No one will think to look in there”

      “Then I can shoot cops while I am handcuffed and locked in the back seat of a patrol car with nowhere to go. That will work out just dandy”

  15. I wonder if he uses his “pecker” for reloads, like a tubular magazine?? Something like a 25 caliber catheter.

  16. Like that Guy who smuggled a hand grenade into San Quentin by way of the Hershey highway.

  17. well if mexican carry is down the front is down the back German carry??

    that takes cc to a whole new level look for that to be taught by an instructor at some point

    man what a sh1tty IWB holster… ok I’m done

  18. Ya gotta give him points for creativity. Never when needing to hide a knofe/firearm on my body did I think “better stick it in my butt”.

  19. That would be one of the most uncomfortable places to store a gun. Up there with storing it in the back of a Volkswagen.

  20. A college buddy of mine is the district commander of that station. So far I’ve held off giving him a tough time, but with all the bad puns here I may have to join the party.

  21. “Meanwhile, here’s hoping the firearm was destroyed in a sanitary manner.” If you have ever changed diapers, you would know that it all washes off. Pretty much everything washes off. But seeing that this is a Raven and not a Seacamp, it may not be worth the cost of the germicidal soap.

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