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The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is a day (or two) late and a few brain cells late to a major gun-related news story. Writing for yesterday’s, Dennis Henigan excoriated Senator Coburn for joking about carrying a gun on Capitol Hill, referencing the possibility that presidential candidate Rick Perry might have a CCW. Why not let pols pack heat? “It is the same reason that our national parks are less safe because (due to legislation sponsored by Senator Coburn himself) concealed carry of weapons is now permitted within their borders . . .

It is the reason that our streets, restaurants and coffee houses are less safe in states that have made concealed carry easier.  It is the reason that college campuses remain far safer than the gun-saturated communities that surround them, because the gun lobby has been foiled in its efforts to force colleges and universities to allow concealed carry.

Citation? Stats? Facts of any kind? Crickets chirping. I thought not.

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  1. All gungrabbing balloonheads are liars and thieves. This jackass is no different than any of the others.

  2. Like all gun-grabbers, he’s just speaking from his own little world of rainbows and butterflies. Cowards are afraid to face reality; they know they couldn’t handle it, so they make up their own.

  3. I don’t have the stats to back it up, and it’s still rare, but I don’t see college campuses (campi?) as being more safe because of no ccw. In fact, it just seems that bad guys get to roam around longer.

    I don’t think I’ve heard of any shootouts at coffeeshops involving CCW holders ever and I subscribe to several sites like this. I live in a ‘shall issue’ state and we have hardly any gun crime here. I’d guess informally that more people per capita have guns here than in an ‘average’ state by a pretty significant margin.

    I’d guess that most states with high gun violence have a) ineffective gang policies and b) very high unemployment and the guns per capita is average or lower than average.

    Just my guess, but I have at least as many facts as Dennis available to me.

        David Codreau’s national gun rights examiner blog and all the regional ones.
        Any number of web sites where gun rights isn’t the primary focus, but the subject comes up and is discussed regularly.
        Apparently you don’t get out much

  4. seems to me his deadine was comming up so he just threw something together without giving it much thought…yep harvard grad here….:)

  5. They shrink from data like vampires from sunlight. Take the emotion and the misleading buzzwords away from an anti-2A person and what you have left is exactly nothing.

      • Now, that’s just not true. In this never-ending debate both sides can come up with supporting stats. That doesn’t prove anything.

        You have to yes your head, that ‘s why you guys keep losing.

        • How exactly does one “yes your head”, anyhow? And what supporting stats do you refer to, mikeb? Not that tired old Kellerman study, I hope.

        • Only difference is we can reference all sorts of government data and you never can mikee.

          Sucks when all that government data supports that gun control never works.

        • Heller and MacDonald are losing. CCW in every state but the thugocrat state of Illinois is losing? Drop in homicides in Washington DC after Heller is losing?

          I want to lose some more. Maybe after Holder is incarcerated for supplying weapons to drug gangs we will lose more even faster.

  6. It’s not hard to imagine a world without firearms. All you have to do is read some history that occurred any time before approximately 1400. That world was neither peaceful or safe. The difference was that wealthy people were primarily able to maintain a monopoly on force and people who were weak, either economically or physically, were helpless and vulnerable. Given a choice, I believe I’ll stick with what we have now.

    • +1

      I was going to state something along the same lines. But don’t forget, there was the anti-crossbow movement back then too. Seems the ability of the common man to stand his ground against an elite, armored, mounted knight pissed off the wrong people and put the crossbow in a bad light.

      • Crossbows were not owned by common men (in the sense of average) nor would a single man with a crossbow be at all wise to stand his ground against an armed knight.

        • Crossbow bolts were designed to pierce armor. You might only get one shot, but that was true of early guns as well.

          Oh, and footsoldiers were considered commoners by definition.

  7. thats funny that colleges are “safer”, my friend goes to syracuse and lives in an apartment. theres been 3 muggings on his street, and school doesnt even start for another week for him, so i guess thats super safe right? basically all the gangmembers come to the college part of town because these kids are easy to pick off, they usually stab or beat them up pretty bad. not to mention all the rapes that go on in college

    Well that didn’t take long.

    Our First recipient of the IL-Gun Lobby Ned Beatty Squealer Award, (a.k.a. Bobby Trippe from Deliverance) is none other than Dennis Henigan for his hysterical ranting about Gov. Rick Perry. Calling the current political climate on guns in America a “nightmare”.

    Mr. Henigan sounds like the squealing of the preverbal stuck pig, and seems to be doing his best imitation of Bobby Trippe.

  9. Some thoughts:

    Tiananmen Square: the “citizens” took over the square calling for a change in government, with peaceful means and intent. They had no guns. The government, with *all* their guns and tanks, went in and murdered most of the protesters. The rest went to “re-education” camps. Most everyone born in China since that date (1989) has no clue that a protest happened, let alone that it was quashed with an iron fist. They simply do not know that history. They may know the square, but not that history.

    Virginia Tech: In 2007 a madman methodically went through the campus, killing 32 and wounding 25 more.

    Norway: In 2011, a madman detonated a bomb near a government center, then went to an island where innocent children were slaughtered.

    Libya: Between 2010-2011, rebels have been fighting against Moammar Gadhafi using guns and other weapons. Today, Tuesday, August 23, 2011, they raised the rebel flag over Gadhafi’s residence.

    What’s the difference? Class? Class?

    Exactly: when the citizens have guns, they have the potential to defend themselves from terrorists and from unjust governments. When they don’t, they are slaughtered.

    • It seems that NATO and some Arab nations armed the rebels in Libya, and if truth be told, the revolution would have failed if not for NATO airstrikes (which might well have been un-Constitutional intervention, even if it might have saved the uprising and many scores of rebels). Individuals armed with handguns a rifles would not have toppled Khadaffi, nor would they have saved the students in China.

      CCW could well have saved many in Virginia

    • And, at home, what would have been the likely outcome of the following events if Dennis Henniger had his way:

      MS homeowner shoots burglar
      Robbery suspect shot by store owner
      Armed robber shot and killed by WVA gun carrier

      and many, many more

  10. Emailed this to the site a while ago but it fits this story so well…

    The “my little pony” defense: If everyone in the world would just spontaneously stop making and carrying weapons everything would be rainbows, unicorns and lollipops and our days would be spent dacing around a camp fire and singing “Kum by ya”.
    Might even be true…and if the world ever reaches a state where such a thing is possible we will find out. Actually, we already have seen what happens. I’m not talking about Britain, I’m talking about South Africa…
    Back around the end of the last century the “homelands” system was set up. These were quasi reservations for the indigenous peoples aranged by ethnic group, for which they were allowed limited autonomy. Since what they really were was prison ghettos, weapons of any kind were of course made illegal. One Zulu group claimed however that they should be allowed to have ceremonial spears for religious purposes. This leaf spear design was thousands of years old. What could go wrong?
    As it turns out: a lot.
    They sharpened the spears, trained in classic phalanx tactics and went around massacring their neighbors. Even while they were doing it they claimed that it was untrue and not really even possible, till someone finally managed to smuggle video of one of the massacres out.
    To get where these naive idealists want to be you are either going to have to change the nature of man or ban everything down to rocks and sticks. Even then, human will just beat each other to death with their fists (martial arts. Another time when weapons were removed)

  11. Jeff Cooper > Quotes > Quotable Quote
    I wish my ‘community’ was gun saturated.
    “The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.”
    — Jeff Cooper (Art Of The Rifle)

  12. Dear Mr. Henigan:
    You being afraid is entirely different than you being safe. There are things that should frighten you, but my owning firearms is not one of them.

  13. Liberals believe:
    If the facts don’t agree with your opinion, then the facts must be wrong. If the facts are wrong, then make up new facts that do agree with your opinion.

  14. College campuses are far safer than the surrounding neighborhoods. Even after you calculate the few big incidents, they don’t have the day in and day out gun violence. They’re safer and that’s because they’re gun free. It’s exactly tha opposite of what you guys keep saying.

    • That’s quite a claim Mike. Data? Link? Or are you flying by the seat of your pants (a.k.a., applying “common sense”)?

    • Mike,

      I don’t think you can justify that with data. In my area that is definitely not correct of our local universities.

      I think even if you can find some cases where it is true it is definitely not categorically correct as you claim.

    • If you know how to read and google, maybe you should review the government report identified on the INCREASE in violent crime on campuses eh?

      The U.S. Dept of Education, the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service recently released an extensive research report (“Campus Attacks – Targeted Violence Affecting Institutions of Higher Learning”) that indicated the incidents of college campus violence had drastically increased in the past 20 years.

      Lets review the following 10 mass shootings, and note what the body counts were where resistance occurred versus no resistance.

      October 16, 1991, Luby’s Cafeteria, Killeen, TX, “Gun-Free”: 1 gunman, 23 murdered, 20 injured.
      December 17, 1991 Shoney’s Family Restaurant, Anniston, AL: 3 gunmen, 20 hostages, one ARMED customer (Thomas Glenn Terry). Police finally arrived to find one dead robber, one wounded robber and the third had fled when the shooting started. NO INJURED INNOCENTS.
      October 1, 1997, Pearl High School: 1 gunman, 2 murdered, 7 injured: Stopped by ARMED vice principal.
      April 20, 1999, Columbine, “Gun-Free”: 2 gunmen, 13 murdered, 24 injured. Many were murdered AFTER the police were “on scene”.

      January 16, 2002, Virginia Appalachian School of Law: 1 gunman, 3 murdered, 3 injured. Killer was stopped when confronted by two ARMED students.
      April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech, “Gun-Free”: 1 gunman, 32 murdered, 25 injured. Most were murdered AFTER the police were “on scene”.

      Dec 9 2007, Colorado Springs, New Life Church, 1 gunman 2 murdered, 3 injured, gunman stopped when armed woman shoots gunman, who then turns gun on self and commits suicide, while 100 other church members are in church.
      Feb 14,2008 Northern Illinois UNiversity, 1 gunman, 5 dead, 18 injured, gunman kills self long before police arrive to engage.
      May 4th, College Station Georgia 2 gunman, 10 victims, 1 dead gunman, 1 victim wounded. The 2 thugs robbing a party begin discussing if they have enough bullets to do the job. One man retrieves his firearm, kills one thug, chases the other off.
      Nov 5 ,2009 Ft Hood Texas, 1 gunman, 13 dead, 30 wounded. Military personnel on base are BANNED from having a weapon, but the shooter did, and it was almost 9 minutes before police responded

      Gun Free Zone 5 incidents

      Defenseless victims murdered: 86
      Defenseless victims injured: 117

      Where murderers encountered ARMED resistance 5 incidents

      murdered: 7
      Where murderers encountered ARMED resistance; injured: 14

      Wow, where no resistance occurred 9 plus times higher body count.

      Yep, a higher body count is morally superior to a lower body count based on Mike’s beliefs.

    • I attend classes every day and do so armed heavily enough to deal with any criminal threat. I am a person, not a statistic and will defend myself like a real person. If you feel the need to TEXT DELETED, that’s your choice. It is not a choice you have the right to force upon others.

  15. The crypto totalitarians of the left NEED gun control in order to control the masses. They couch it in a false public safety argument and the feed it to their feminized nanny state sheep as they pat their heads saying “don’t worry we’ll take care of you’re every need, just give your souls to the STATE”. Not me… MOLON LABE!

  16. I don;t think Dennis interprets news and world events like other people. Someday he will be faced with reality, if he’s lucky he will be afforded the same kind of consideration he offers to the rest of us.
    Think of the streets in context of a national park.

    • Man, that poor grizzly is going to get sick eating that spoiled meat that is Dennis eh? Have they developed a Grizzly bear type of Pepto Bismal yet?

  17. in every state that debated CCW the anti said/claimed that the streets would run red with blood IF CCW was approved anyone can prove that that has happened inany state where CCW was approved?
    since florida became the first state over 30 yrs ago this still has not happened yet
    when the state of virginia voted down CCW of collages the president of VT made a statement that ” NOWthe students of VT are truly safe there will be no guns on campus”
    shortly after that, well we all now know whaat happened there 32 students an teachers were murdered when another student DGARA bout a GUN FREE ZONE
    yep the students were really safe
    had just one person would have been carring there would not have been 32 murdered

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